A Bird View of Who I Am

Integration of Normative and Artificial Intelligence will be part of "KhaiPhong Technology" from at 1pm 23 September 2017.

Takeaway: Knowing more about oneself with Right Mindfulness or being Aware of simultaneously arising signals from [ body, feelings, mind, mental qualities ] and [ Dependent Nature between One and the Whole ] 'As It Is' one can sense the purpose of this Present Life and the Direction of further Evolution in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles: (1) Inter-Realm Competitions and Influences, (2) Continuity of the AwakeningBudh Movement, (3) Ontological Systems and Projection of a Golden Era.

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In that understanding, one can optimize and allocate scare resources such as Age, Health, Available Time / Capital, required Skill and Networking (including inter-realm worthy relationships) for the Present and next few steps beyond current life time in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. As a living Ecosystem - a Normative Persona of User / Organization - having a centralized Volition / Freewill to drive existence either toward Sufferings or Happiness, the Persona is fully responsible for its Action and the Quality of the environment in the complex Dependent Nature of Existence. Due to the Continuity of the Consciousness, the Normative Persona - Person / Aggregate - needs a cultivable wider and deeper perspective of 'Thing As It Is' to discover the Essence of the Right Effort toward "What Count"[R23].

We leverage breakthroughs in Science to explore from Global Perspective 'Who I Am and Essence of the Right Living / Effort'. In this wider Perspective, we ride on breakthroughs in Sound / Light and Consciousness technologies to have wider perspective that most explorers can sense it far beyond religious entertainments from different organized religions and movements[R18], [R18.1], [R5.3], [R13], or from actual events[R13.1].

Riding on the same Sound / Light and Consciousness technologies contributed by dedicated students in AwakeningBudh Movement and the availability of some living students (many are still out there, not yet connected), we connect the 'dots' together for an Engineering Roadmap to crystallize the Science of the Consciousness for the benefits of the Whole.

The outcome from this investigation is an ability to 'Know Oneself'. That sense of the Right or Unworthy relevant to one's present moment is the common definition of Conscience which we technically equate to Prajna to show a cultivable engineering process starting from one's present moment toward a Worthy Existence rather than Sufferings driven by Ignorance. The invisible part of Prajna is Sunyata where Emptiness is basically the Rejuvenation or "Empty of the Content" for required utilities.

There is a Tidal Shift from 'Evolution of Forms / from Consciousness to Forms' via natural selection of the fitness sustainable by sex energy to 'Evolution of the Consciousness / from Form back to Consciousness' sustainable by natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes in innumerable intelligent realms of existence. There are Greater Forces of Higher Consciousness according to natural laws in orchestration of this Consciousness Evolution to be out of the dark age of Ignorance due to the "Dependent Nature of Existence" and "Consciousness of the consciousness".

The Evolution of Form is necessary for the manifestation of Consciousness [ Consciousness to Sound / Light to Forms ]. The 'Evolution of Consciousness' Is Possible and has been driven by the innate Buddha Nature for a very long time in 'Learning and Doing' in the higher realms and in the entire human history to reach higher Consciousness [ Forms to Consciousness ] that transcends duality in Forms (male/female) and Abstractions (word, image, thought, right/wrong) for the manifestation of visible Higher Consciousness (ComPassion, Detachment-Born, HonNhien, Prajna). That evolution of the Consciousness has been reorganized by higher realms according to Natural Laws to be ready for the synchronization of the new cycle - starting from 2017 onward.

That manifestation is now deliverable in the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong with An Engineering Roadmap[D14] for the realization of Transcendental Consciousness (Gotama's Detachment-Born, Tranquility, Equanimity, Purity), Cosmic Consciousness (Gotama 's Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness), Unity (Gotama's Sunyata Nothingness, Border line between conditioned and unconditioned, Unmoving Sunyata).

Even more important than that innate realization of the Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity is to be [At Home] with Oneself, reactivating the process of Awakening to take care of the Root which is the Quality of the Core Consciousness to Change the driving forces of one's energy, physical signals, and one's outlooks toward the surroundings. To realize its importance in your Continuity of the Consciousness, first take an honest look at your Realities - the signals from your senses and the State/Stock of your being if you can - then ask why hundreds thousands man years in higher realms have failed that triggered down to thousands years of human consciousness evolution in philosophies, organized religions[R14], [R5.3], [R18.2], utopia of all 'isms', until you have few glimpses of the wisdom (Prajna) from scientific facts toward the Essence of the Right Effort.

1. Inter-Realm Competitions and Influences

Mankind has walked and evolved on this Mother Earth for many thousands of years, learning and doing through observations, testing and implementing to make life Easier and Happier. In this Quest, one has matured from a 'slave' for different forms of Natural Forces, Centralized Power and Personal Glorification to understand scientific facts operating behind natural forces, and the Dependent Nature of Existence.

That Dependent Nature is not only among themselves but with the entire World and the Cosmos. One sees the same Inner Quest for Worthy Existence and Greed / Ignorance from other intelligent Realms. Some have used Humanity as a playground[R13.1], [R20] (as men have used animals for all kinds of unnecessary Sufferings) for their experiments, competitions and influences through the 'first layer of their slaves' appointed to key positions for maintaining their Centralized Power in all forms of organized religions and 'isms' that have nothing to do with Actual Living which is 'Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings'.

In this struggling, one has regained the Dignity of Worthy Existence with discovered Unique Ingredients of the Right Living / Effort to show the masters the solution for their Painful Pattern (Dukkha) based on Greed and Ignorance that they themselves reap the ethical consequences of the Action according to Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction.

These ingredients are (1) the innate Buddha Nature in intelligent being capable to know the Right and Unworthy relevant to the present moment, (2) the invisible / helping hand of normative economics and accountable democratic process to avoid abused power imposed on the mass from one dictator or a group of selected leaders, (3) sound / light and consciousness technologies to directly access Fresh Unconditioned Consciousness from conditioned existence. It is the individual Volition / Freewill / Sankhara either driven by Ignorance or Prajna that in aggregate make up the Living Ecosystem, not the centralized Social Order and/or doctrinal Faith imposed on the individual in 'one size fits all'.

One is entangled in the entanglements (unnecessary and outdated Marks) of [ forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses, and consciousness ] that drive one's Volition / Freewill into Action, either toward a higher ground due to Prajna (Freewill and Conscience) to sense signals from the senses and the state of one's Being in one's optimum conditions (Figure 3) or deeper into Sufferings due to Ignorance (Table 2 of Causes and Effects).

Knowing more about oneself from the source of thought with an honest aspiration being a Good (kindness) Person (Samaritan) transcending all 'isms', one can use Right Mindfulness[D12] in Consciousness Simulation to see 'Thing As It Is' one's Realities such as excessive sex, uncontrollable urges, fears, phobia, undesirable patterns, etc, to enable the Realities manageable, and pounding the Right Mindfulness on the dominant issue to enable Prajna 'cut it off - dissolve it', exactly as the Buddha's answer to Ajita's Questions[D21]:

Whatever the streams [binding clinging forces] are in the World, it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna, they are dissolved

— Answer to Ajita's Questions

There are proven scientific processes rapidly changing for most to personally verify the statement since 2017 onward due to Consciousness Evolution. let's assume you can clearly sense and know the driving forces behind the signals - such as a sexual drive, an urge to commit a crime, a fear, etc - from the senses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind) including feelings, perceptions, impulses, and consciousness. Second, assume you can clearly know the State and Stock of your Being so you can rationally know the Right and Unworthy act - satisfying the unworthy desire or managing the signals - to properly allocate your Normative Resources at the present moment. Past criminals and professional scam artists paint these assumptions and utopia of their religions / isms to be masters of what they don't know nor have. Combining the two assumptions together you can optimally choose 'the battle / activities' - career development, business / marriage proposal, entertainments, travellings, etc - in this present Worthy Existence.

The above two assumptions (1) knowing the driving force behind the Volition / Freewill, and (2) knowing the state and stock of your being, plus (3) opening your potentiality are deliverable targets of KhaiPhong in Making Life Easier and Happier by combining both Consciousness and ICT (Information Communication Technology) technologies. Once you have your 'Heart' and 'Mind' settled on the potentiality of this 'Soft Power', you can make a good living based on your [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] to facilitate others achieving their potentialities as you know How that your 'Soft Power' Vision may last even beyond your life time.

The spread of that 'Soft Power' or to 'Know Oneself' extends to community, country, the World and Beyond to change oneself and the surroundings in the Normative Economics of [ Inner Order >< Outer Order ] in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. The driving force of [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] naturally solves both the efficient and ethical questions of macro economics where resources naturally flow to the most productive driving forces to generate Wealth and Happiness for others while the 'Hearts' of main stakeholders automatically direct them toward the Friendly and Compassionate Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings, directing GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and GNP (Gross National Product based on National Income) toward GNH (Gross National Happiness) in changing "both the patterns and behaviours of productions and consumption" toward What Count[R23].

In the evolution from Consciousness to Forms and back to Higher Consciousness of Worthy Existence, there are two major hurdle one has to overcome: duality in Forms (represented by male/female) and in Abstraction (represented in Binding Word/Image, Clinging Thought, and general Grasp-er/Grasped) in one's entanglements preventing Right Mindfulness to see 'Thing As It Is' for a possible Right Action. Techniques to move from Forms back to Higher Consciousness that transcend duality to reach the 'Unity' of Consciousness have developed. Similar to Yoga and Chi-Kung, Tantra is one of these techniques using the most dominant force of this duality - sex. But Tantra - due to its physical union and/or thought projection - cannot arrive at Purity of Utter Silence preparing for No Thought in Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness.

It is best used to release sexual pressure as an Art while learning the mutual benefits of self-respect and respect others. We will have more to say about this below on the claimed 'Ultimate (Wider) Truth' and Emptiness reached in the Highest Tantra[R14] Tantra: page 176, plus something more based on actual experience of a living student, knowing both the transformation of sexual juice to Chi with a human and esoteric partner, and the simulation technology to go beyond the clinging karmic force with an intimate partner then beyond sex. No Tibetan and Vajrayana monk can know this secret while most are addicted and scam others for very unworthy living. If you are a monk wishing to challenge this statement, see if you can have No-Mark of both sexual and painful pleasure.

Here is the Greatest Secret of Buddhist Tantra to manage one's sex drive, if it is correctly cultivated. It is a highly developed Art of Worthy Conditioned Existence, evolving from the principle of Self Respect and Respect Others (Dependent Nature) far beyond the Art of Courtship, Intimate Entertainment, and Actual Sex to the level of helping each others knowing more about one's six senses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind) and five entanglements (form, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness) to be beyond dominant karmic forces in one's Evolution of the Consciousness.

The Art of Tantra has been tainted due to the practitioner's incapability of knowing the source of thought, Not Mindful enough to be Aware of the Grasper and the Grasped in using Sex as a tool for power struggle, then totally corrupted when passed to Vajrayana[R13.1] of required stronger sensations in the Grasper and the Grasped. It is important to have Right Relationships in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles since the 'Buddha Nature' is Innate in every person and intelligent beings.

Without being fully Aware of the Grasper and the Grasped via Right Mindfulness[D12] to make one's Reality manageable and overcome the Dominant Issue with Prajna at the Intensity of Attention point, Tantra - intended to solve a Natural Need of evolution through species - has been further degenerated due to the Grasper and the Grasped from Ignorance and Greed to stronger form of sensations.

There is no difference whatsoever between sexual (most dominant) force and other dominant karmic forces such as Fears, Uncontrollable Urges, etc. The Consciousness Simulation applies this technique using the power of Right Mindfulness[D9] to disentangle the entanglement of one's dominant issue (Sex Addiction, Fear, Phobia, Uncontrollable Urge, etc) and Prajna to dissolve them. Tantra is there because sexual karmic force is so deep just like a big rock barrier on one's stream of consciousness toward Freedom.

The flow of one's consciousness needs to be like water, looking for the least resistant way toward its natural target of Innate Buddha Nature, while solving other more pressing issues in leveraging the Right Mindfulness and Prajna to disentangle the five entanglements (form, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness).

The Zen Koan in Right Inner Peace[D13] 'Everything is conditioned. How can I See and Live 'Thing As It Is' in a Worthy conditioned existence?' is very important since it demands a Right Mindfulness[D12] to see through Not Only heavy mask of the Observed but also the veils of binding forces on oneself that may lead to the state of even not recognizing one's true self. The solution of that "Koan" - serving as the guiding light for "Right Effort" is scientifically provided in the Heart Sutra[R2] that all practitioners can stand on their own feet to contribute and value add to the community knowledge base since they are observable, testable and reproducible at the known conditions, value added by the contributors.

Constant Right Mindfulness from Detachment-Born and Beyond Thought together with frequent Reflection (Bhavana) are important to keep one on the Right Track. The Wise tame themselves (Dhammapala verse 80 - attanam damayanti pandita): you are in part discover and in part create the Real You[R10].

That is why even before experiencing the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" through the Gateway-to-Oneness, the Right Mindfulness - qualified by Gotama as Equanimity from Detachment-Born and concretely described by HuiNeng as Samadhi-Prajna - to clearly know the signals from one's senses and the state of one's being for an optimal action relevant to one's present moment is the most practical. It is the process to activate one's Awakening Right Now in all daily activities, far beyond what known by most members of Buddhist monks and nuns.

That constant Right Mindfulness can be easier once one has direct Experience of Right Inner Peace at different depths. Once the Right Inner Peace is known with a natural Guard against the Grasp-er and the Grasped, one can extend that direct experience in all activities as long as the basis of 'Detachment-Born' (Vô Trụ) has been mastered. It is deeper than 'chicken and egg' missed by most members of Buddhist Sangha in the past 2500+ years since

  • we prove that one can start from the present moment of one's Prajna (Right understanding and Right Motivation) and dig deeper into the Right Inner Peace and Right Mindfulness,

  • the Noble eightfold Path starts from Prajna; do not turn it upside-down and falsely claim to be the gate keepers of the Buddhist Dharma which is Not a 'Right Livelihood',

  • Gotama's 'Charter of Free Inquiry'[D22] and western 'Freewill / Conscience' start with Prajna/Conscience to drive one's Volition (Sankhara).

This dynamic nature between "Right Effort" having "Self" and the "Not-Self" in "Oneness / God / Dharmakaya / Consciousness of the consciousness / Self Nature / Perfected Nature / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Verifiable Emptiness / Nameless Tao" has been summarized in the Insight from Trần Thái Tông[R7.3]

Chỉ sai hữu niệm quên vô niệm - Wrongly grasp a conditioned thought and miss the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict

In the wake of different esoteric religious movements, together with conspiracy theories leading to possible Consciousness Revolution, there have been tremendous efforts in the past 300 years toward a predicted reflection point at the end of 2012[R20] and onward. Parts of these connections have been exposed by others based on their deductions such as connecting the exoteric and esoteric dots in The Islamic Connection, searching for some meaning of the 'Redeemer' trap in the wake of irrefutable past acts against Humanity by the entire history of the Roman Catholic Church[R18], [R18.1], [R18.2]. Despite esoteric comparative advantages, we take scientific approach in observable, testable and reproducible of what beneficial and relevant to the present living, plus wider perspective of inter-realm relationships in one's continuity of the consciousness while "Making Life Easier and Happier". We use modern Ontology to clearly separate the "Truth" having some scientific value from false assumptions and models to cheat others toward the criminals' and professional scam artists' agenda.

In the followings, we try to connect esoteric dots as a possible angle of what may be significant to 'Know Oneself' in wider perspective. How much you accept the esoteric story does not matter. What does matter is to be beyond word / story / thought and used them as only tools for logical presentations until other more plausible explanation is available to enable explorer change oneself and help change the environment one a part. We try to present as closely as possible what we witnessed which could be very subjective. The story is quite a drama, beyond 'Journey to the West'[R4] talking about higher ruling classes and their competitions[D37], [D38], [R13.1], far more real than different series of science friction due to actual demonstrations and explanation directly from Extra Terrestrials (ET)[R20], while having more details about possible higher consciousness in both human and other intelligent realms.

Even more important than the dramatic events necessary for a wider perspective in the Essence of the Right Living / Effort is not only at the lesson learned, but also the significance at different depths of 'outside-the-box Prajna simply and commonly known as (1) Beyond the Observed to have some upper hand in practical living and 'successful' in relative manifested existence, with (2) Beyond the Observer to apply that 'comparative advantage' of beyond the observed to all activities of existence to know its Dependent Nature and the Essence of the Right Living / Effort.

Related to Figure 2, the comparative advantages of beyond the observed are noticeable in successful people from all fields of endeavour, including in higher God / Bodhisattva / Buddha realms of existence. But without 'Right Understanding' and 'Right Motivation' of Beyond the Observer in the Dependent Nature as the Essence of the Right Living / Effort, one may be very easily destroyed by one's own success, creating unnecessary Sufferings for one and all involved parties as we can commonly observe in most successful people, and esoterically in the leaders of the three degenerated esoteric forces that drove Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists.

There were two different opposing forces, riding on the 'Grasped' of the Jesus - tempted to be the Only Son of God - rewrote his life story differently in the Bible and Koran to serve their agendas[D9] based on their own assumptions: [Allah - The one and only God] versus [God or Yehowah / Yahweb]. Using formal Ontological System we show how "Allah" can pick up the weak points of "Omnipotent Omniscient Omnipresent God" to make the chain stronger to enslave others in their traps by eliminating the weak points of 'Redeemer' and 'Infallibility' that only in the last council to elect the present Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) on 13 March 2013, one Archbishop said the Almighty God should tell Jesus that Infallibility can only give to Angle(s), not man [so the scam can last a little longer]. From here one can see the differences between Islam and Christianity in the story of Jesus:

  1. While Christianity asserts that Jesus is both human and divine, Islam does not accept the belief in Jesus' divinity. Hence, while Christians worship Jesus, Muslims instead revere Jesus and believe in him as a prophet, using the Qur'an (not the Bible) as a reliable record of knowledge about Jesus;

  2. Although Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God, Muslims assert that God does not give birth and therefore has no son or children. God is not physical for Muslims; and hence for Muslims God cannot be a father.

  3. On the one hand, Christianity declares that Jesus was crucified. On the other hand, Islam asserts that it only seemed like Jesus was crucified, and that God miraculously "took him up to God, Himself."

  4. While Christianity asserts that Jesus died in order to redeem the original sin of mankind or human sins as a whole, Muslims do not believe in Jesus as a redeemer and saviour, since they do not believe in original sin and since they do believe God's grace, guidance (in the form of prophetic revelation--the word of God), and human effort are sufficient for redemption and salvation.

These esoteric forces created the Christian movement - after the early Christianity - and the Islam driving the Whole toward masters-slaves relationships according to their different views of divisional ethics. It was similar to Capitalism and Communism, driven by the same Greed and Ignorance to control the World, against the natural law of One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One.

Behind these two esoteric forces, there was the third one - even more cunning than the dark forces driving humanity through Chirstian and Islam movements - first trying to sabotage Gotama's discoveries and driving it toward masters-slaves relationships of faith and mystic powers, then plotting to take over both Christian and [Communism / Islam] under the same masters-slaves relationships familiar to most Christians and Muslims, but well-hidden under the conditioned within-the-box superficially rational explanations to hide the deep contradictions painted as mystic powers and Extra Terrestrials (ET)[R20].

Similarly, a New World Order (NWO) / Illuminati - from 'the first behind-the-scene layer to the second layer of ritualistic and esoteric slaves' - tries to maintain in different form the yoke on humanity that have created tremendous Sufferings for all involved parties. Parallel to the NWO / Illuminati is an Islam Esoteric Movement[R20] known only by a few in ruling power and those behind the scene, controlling an enormous wealth in comparable scale to the NWO. The third esoteric force had been actively competing with the other two to make noises and falsely claimed their influences as we saw so many false predictions about 2012. Those - partially influenced in the NWO - had recognized these esoteric influences and the noises from those who do not know nor have what they invisibly claimed.

Finally, here is the last attempt of impostors to revitalize Master-Slave relationships in Vajrayana[R13.1] esoteric circle, using the same technique in writing the Bible to write their own story based on frictional and factual events. Involved parties behind these forces in both the middle and human realms - Christian, Islam, Vajrayana, Pure Land - were significantly degenerated according to natural lasting Values that the higher realms of Esoteric Circle is reorganizing to be in sync with the new Cosmic shift toward Higher Consciousness.

These observable facts are irrefutable evidences on the mess-up of Humanity in Inter-Realm Competitions and Influences from different centralized powers, driven by Greed and Ignorance toward Master-Slave relationships against the Natural evolution in wider perspective of ComPassion, "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings". This time is different since the behind-the-scene leaders, their teams and competitors of the claimed original 'Omnipotent and Omnipresent Forever Creator', 'The One and Only Allah', and Vajradhara Buddha, Amitabha-Amitayus Buddha, together with hidden Saboteurs having the 'snatching technology' - changing the "soul" and sharing a physical body - are effectively 'Out', cannot be in the position to command their 'impostors / saboteurs' to relearn the Essence of the Right Living according to Natural Laws.

Brief note on the collapse of the God / Bodhisattva / Buddha Feudal System is an important event in this very special Space/Time, relevant to the Continuity of the Consciousness that one can draw a precious lesson for one's Evolution in a Worthy Existence. It can be either verified and/or corrected according to Scientific method to be a part of the Science of Consciousness[R6.4]. The writer tries to be as closely as what he esoterically knows without injecting his own opinion, despite many roles he had played in this long drama. Sharing this story, the writer hopes others can learn a very precious lesson as he did that

  1. There is the Continuity of the Consciousness,

  2. The Quality of the Consciousness - manifested through observable ComPassion, Detachment-Born, HonNhien, Prajna - has a one-to-one relationship with the Quality of one's Existence wherever one happens to be, and

  3. Relationships are what one is and will be connected through Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction hence be wise in building up one's Worthy Inner Circle and circles of inner circles.

This section was originally removed from Version 1.0 (24-12-2012). After its release, we came across Inter-Realm Communications and Collaborations[R20], [R20.1] that we personally knew and directly interacted through a Vietnamese channel 'Xuân Mai' seen from 1975 to 2007 in Vietnam, US, Canada for Avalokitesrvara Bodhisattva and her associates. This together with other widely documented 'ET channeling' events are what we need to expose the story, even though some one had told us - and we did check - that the inter-realm Communications and Collaborations have already been exposed in Buddhist texts such as in Saddharma-pundarika (Kinh Pháp Hoa)[D44.1] and Shurangama (Kinh Lăng Nghiêm)[D31] Sutras. By 2017 of version 3.0, the Inter-Realm Communications and Collaborations[R20], [R20.1] are epistemic Thing-As-It-Is realities.

Since these texts appeared at much later time than the Gotama time, and No one knows their origins, the need of Science of Consciousness[R6.4] is even more prominent as in the Engineering Roadmap to separate facts and frictions. It is the first step to kick start an Ontological System - already being established in many fields - to communicate the classifications discovered by Gotama and other great explorers such as Nagarjuna, Asanga, HuiNeng toward the target of combining the new Science of Consciousness with evolving Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Science of Consciousness - riding on the new cycle of Consciousness evolution - is an attempt to expand the scope of physical science (discovering physical laws) in Making Life Easier into the Normative Science of What Count[R23] to further explore natural laws governing the Mind and Human Nature in Making Life Happier as a part of the Whole in wider perspective within the Dependent Nature of Worthy Existence in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

We identified the third esoteric dark force trying to sabotage Gotama's discoveries and pulling the Right Relationships back to masters-slaves relationships, enforced by Fear and veiled by mystic powers of those who do not know that they are the slaves to the higher organizational structure[R13.1] of the degenerated ones. The outcome of this subtle sabotage is to turn upside down what Gotama has discovered to trap 2500+ years of Buddhist communities of monks and nuns[R14], [R5.3] into an ivory tower of confused egoistic philosophers confined within the 'Brick Walls' of below conditioned thought since self is owner of the thought. Very few in the entire history of Buddhist Sangha know the Transcendental states, recorded Gotama's actual experience in Samma-Samadhi[D28], [D29].

The Sound technology was mentioned by Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva in Shurangama Sutra[D31], known as the easiest and safest method in accessing Transcendental Consciousness without revealing the scientific process of moving from Thought to beyond Thought since a thought cannot go beyond thought in its within-the-box thinking process; hence there is no Transcendental States. Most people have infinite unnecessary Thought while recognizing the need to be calm of a vibrant alert and living organism without falling into the trap of retarded and addicted religious faith using calming beads to suppress the infinite Thought in turmoil of inner conflicts - outer conflicts. The Infinite Thought Bodhisattva in Saddharma-pundarika asked for possible solution from Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva. What he got from the 'claimed' Buddha Gotama - a blah blah blah advertiser of what he does not know nor have but the stolen image from others to glorify his masters-slaves relationships contrary to the Buddha Nature discovered by Gotama in all Intelligent Beings - was not a hint of actual solution, but a boosting story to subtly hide the hidden agendas when the 'trade secret' is slightly opened.

The 'claimed Buddha' is just an Impostor. Driven by Greed, Ignorance and Pride, many fall into the trap of mental construct Dharmakāya - not Actuality - that all of them do not know nor have and definitely Irrelevant to the Present Moment. It is exactly as what Soyen Shaku[R6] described: "God [Dharmakaya / Oneness] not in the world is the false God [Dharmakaya / Oneness] and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Oneness] is unreality". The grasping of power in special interest groups is quite clear and those involved in this power grasping have been significantly degenerated to relearn the Essence of the Right Living / Effort. Note that behind "Word" is infinite thought, and behind each thought are innumerable hidden interests. But there is something Beyond-Thought that the claimed Buddha has not touched.

Contrary to the Chinese claim in Mahayana texts that Shurangama Sutra will be the first one to be disappeared in the Dharma ending age, it will be the first one to be exposed to show the realities of these esoteric professional scam artists attempting to perpetuate the masters-slaves relationships. In delivering "Verifiable Emptiness" via Sound / Light Technology, many will be able to detect the scam process behind Saddharma-pundarika when they can personally know the off-switch between Infinite Thought to possibly Utter Silence of Gotama Purity before entering the process of transcending the Observer, not known by esoteric impostors who can only blah blah blah at their imaginary Words.

This will be the case - whether it is the right time for us or not - since there is a change in Cosmic Consciousness from 2017 onward, together with the scientific processes to be fully exposed having required infrastructure and professional services in Clusters of Open Innovation Network (COIN). All participants in Conscious Living - once directly knowing different depths of "Verifiable Emptiness" can dig into Mahayana texts to contribute their "secret sauces" in making their trails easier which may be helpful to many others of similar patterns that esoteric claimed Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have not known. That is the democratic Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings starting from the grassroots, rather than masters-slaves relationships guarded by armies of criminals and scam monks / priests / nuns. Each one is unique, so there are innumerable patterns to be value-added, similar to different secret sauces of the main recipe. Potentiality and appropriate conditions are there; it will be easier and faster if you can be a part for the benefits of One and the Whole, having immediate impact on the quality of your present living and the environment.

The http://bashar.org has publicised a series of tangible events - exposed world-wide over the Internet and actual seminars / workshops - making up sufficient Actualities for us to expose possible dark forces, preparing full speed ahead on 'The Path of the True Heart', a part in an esoteric prediction of [ Spreading the Dharma from the Cloud, and In large scale, Thundering the Dharma from Beyond Thought, Lightning the Dharma from inter-realms Communications and Collaborations[D40], [D41] - Pháp Vân and Pháp Vũ, Pháp Lôi, Pháp Điện ]. It is just a simple Truth between Light and Darkness that just a flick of Awaken Light, many thousands years of Darkness in master-slave relationships with billions lives thrown into an Abyss of Extreme Violence and Sufferings will be effortlessly wiped out.

The Righteous Heart for Worthy Relationship is very important for the evolution of one's and others' Continuity of the Consciousness. Since each has different pattern and no one is identical to others, there are different Esoteric Teacher(s) who have actually passed the trails one is exploring with one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles. The selected esoteric teacher while helping you can also help others having common vibrations of the pattern making no difference whether you are the Only student or Only Son so there is no need to compete for a position in the middle, left or right side as the recorded bargain from Saint Peter of the Catholic Church.

It is Idol-Free ComPassion - called by others as Unconditioned Love - based on Actuality that everyone can come to Share Happiness - Mitigate Sufferings. The Unconditioned Love is an actuality if and only if there is Beyond-Thought at the observed, No-Mark of one's Substance when the action completed, having Detachment-Born as one's basis to see and act according to 'Thing As It Is' due to Right Mindfulness[D12]. It is cultivable since we have identified its essential attributes from different angles of the Totality (Table 1.1); by cultivating the required ingredients, its outcome is a natural process just like a proven recipe.

Witnessing the collapse of higher-realms feudal system, we explore the mechanics and processes why many advanced entities, including recent well-known names in politics, finances, religions, etc, can be degenerated to even below human level for the nature to neutralize part of their steaming energy in violence, sex, power, money, etc. It is one's Continuity of the Consciousness, and how to have this knowledge stuck (a layer deeper than Word and Thought) as one moves through different realms of existence according to natural laws.

In the present sane state, one can apply the optimization theory in the Present Moment according to natural laws of Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction, while consciously build one's network of trusted Relationships that one is more than ready to give a hand wherever and whenever one can, and rely on that trusted network in critical time. It is a Friendly and Compassionate Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings. The Culture is [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] to concretely generate harmonious Vibrant Living Organisms at aggregates such as family, club / professional, community, region, country, the World, etc, in one's Doing and Learning according to real Values each one brings to the table of one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles.

According to Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction, there is a correspondence between one's current State of Mind with the energy and physical levels, subjected to inertia forces of the energy and physical forms. If one can be Aware of one's State of Mind and through Right Mindfulness[D12] one can have a (Prajna) Right Action out of the Clarity of seeing Thing-As-It-Is having an Insight in a wider perspective of existence, one can optimize the present situation wherever and whenever one happens to be in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, in different realms of existence to shorten the path of evolution while Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings with Worthy Guests in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles. One can jump the realms and get into the selected major event at the Right Place and Right Time with or without assistance of one's Inner Circle.

The solution is available to 'Know Oneself' from the True Heart and the Relationships between One and the World in One a part of the Whole to Change the Whole in a Right Direction of one's AwakeningBudh, not the other way from the Tyranny Whole which is only an aggregate name (such as the New World Order, Universal Love, God, Father Land, Communism, etc) to impose its false tyranny to enslave One. Tyranny is false since like darkness it does not Actually Exist if majority of the constituents do not tolerate; a flash of 'light' from AwakeningBudh, the darkness disappears. That is why the tyranny of feudal and dictatorship systems cannot last in the light of natural Right Relationships that we are currently witnessing, commonly known as "People Power" where What Count[R23] is shifted to the grassroots of intelligent constituents.

The Innate Budh or Buddha Nature is within every person which is the foundation of modern Human Right. Democratizing the AwakeningBudh means the master-slave relationships between God / Bodhisattva / Buddha and persons are No Longer Valid. One is fully responsible for one's destiny in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. Let's see how it is ended in the form of

1.1 Channeling and Extra-Terrestrial (ET)

By contrasting the channeling via Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva that we knew before the collapse in the Feudal System of the King of Gods with the ET channeling via Bashar[R20], [R20.1], [R20.2], and by directly counter-acting top leaders, we know the Bodhisattva's ancestors learned and modified the technology in higher realm to snatch the soul - current quality of the stream of consciousness - of one or many to other physical bodies. It is similar but much more sophisticated than physical organ transfers (1) to raise the ethical question of 'Who I Am', (2) the importance of 'Knowing Oneself' in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, (3) the relevance of outcome-base performance in Transparent and Accountable governments, not in personal glorification and/or Anointed / Christ / Messiah coming from some claimed authority, enforced by Nazi Fascism.

We later found out that the Lineage of the claimed One-and-Only Allah - driving the Islam movement - have successfully duplicated that technology while quietly staying behind the scene to manipulate the Illuminati and New World Order - connected to the Lineage of US president George Washington / the last Russian Tsar - toward their purpose of One Religion. The lineage of Amitabha-Amitayus Buddha in higher realms knows not only the snatching technology, but also (1) the simultaneously Appearing technology, (2) the Disappearing technology, and (3) the Swirling technology. They were the behind-the-scene driving force to manipulate the other two: the Omnipotent Omniscient Omnipresent God and the The one and only God Allah. Top leaders - Amitayus Buddha, claimed Allah and claimed Forever God / King of Gods - were out and evolved according to their Action-Reaction. The Islam Swirling is only the imitation of the outer appearance or the Swirling technology without knowing the scientific process to make the technology potent. It is similar to the case of Transcendental Meditation[D48] in the 1960's - 1970's period versus the Sound technology described in Buddhist Shurangama Sutra[D31] to be introduced via PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light at the right time.

The bottom line of this Lesson Learned is the lasting power of Kindness and Compassion from the Heart versus its manifestation in some form of Comparative Advantages, then wrongly manipulated by brain intelligence in any form of master-slave relationship. "Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself". The "Praying for Peace and Praying for the Deceased" from all organized religions are not any more "effective" if there is any claim since the dark forces of master-slave relationships have been wiped out. Do not waste your resources to feed "religious criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4]", playing on your Fear, Uncertainty, and Distress / Doubt (FUD), but consciously build your worthy "Inner Circle and circles of inner circles" since they will be with you in your Evolution of the Consciousness via Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction.

In our email with Bashar Communications, we receive two aspects needed to be clear to our readers: (1) 'we refer to the ET entity I [Mr. Darryl Anka] channel simply as Bashar, not Mr. Bashar, because it's not really his name. It's an Arabic word that means "messenger"', and (2) 'your statement regarding technology that "snatches the soul" is not consistent with the type if [of] information that Bashar would agree with, not has he really spoken about this. Therefore, please do not use Bashar as a reference for this concept as it does not match his philosophy'. 

We hope this is the case. That 'messenger' was known via the Vietnamese channel as 'Trạng' or the title for top of the graduated Ph.D. class under the Vietnamese  Lý, Trần, Lê, Mạc dynasties. It is equivalent to 'angels' in western monotheism religions. Nevertheless, we wish to make sure that the hidden 'masters-slaves' relationships and the 'criminal technologies' will not happen to humanity as past events of divisional organized religions by exposing what we esoterically know with indirect evidences and logical deductions from known events for the new era of Right Relationships. The foundation of this new Science of Consciousness which is empirically verifiable - is initially contributed from Sound / Light and Consciousness Technologies known by living students - to materialize actual discoveries of great past explorers as their gifts to humanity that everyone can add on their 'secret sauce' for innumerable patterns.

'Who I Am' is a complex question to normatively 'Know Oneself' in a wider perspective of Evolution of Consciousness to explore the Essence of the Right Living / Effort and the dominant issue to be addressed with current available resources. They are the 'Learning and Doing' trails that all intelligent beings having a sense of an agent must go through to discover the 'Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict', of 'Living and Being', of 'Conventional Truth and Ultimate (Wider) Truth', of 'Dependent Nature and Perfected Nature' to avoid the hazardous cracks of Imaginary Nature. It is more complex in the light of 'snatching technology' we touch below - used by esoteric entities to mess up their own lives and the environments in the past thousands man-years - and the achievable vision shared by the Buddhist teacher (Phật Thầy) at Tây An[D19]

  1. There are evidences that the Heart recipients carry some patterns and behaviours of the donors. The cause of that external influence is debatable whether it comes from cell memory ingrained in the heart or from the clinging/attached force of the donor - fact but not yet fully recognized in physical science - or both. If we look at the Heart transplant as an external factor to influence one's entanglements (forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness) due to whatever external causes we have more appreciation on the urgency to be outside-the-box to see 'Thing As It Is' to manage our Realities which have direct impacts on the Quality of our own lives and the surroundings we are in.

  2. Within one's carry-on Consciousness there are innumerable conflicting issues through millions years of evolution that may lead to multiple behaviour patterns and personalities. These ingrained issues in one's consciousness are further entangled with the above external influences plus indoctrinated organized 'faith that can move the mountain'[Matthew 17:20], culture, society, family heritage, etc. Just to have some Clarity (via Right Mindfulness) to see 'Thing As It Is' and Insight (Prajna) for a Right Action is tough enough, Not to be Pulled and Pushed by trivial things of conditioned patterns in a Conscious Living.

  3. Through the Science of Consciousness including voodoo[R8], external agent can make the seed(s) such as sexual desire, greed, fear, etc, multiplied by thousands times in the target's sense (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind) perceptions and entanglements, well-known in Buddhist Consciousness-Only[D35]. This shows the importance of Right Mindfulness[D12] to know the source of 'thought' and its driving forces for effective management of our realities.

  4. We can be subjected to the technology to artificially snatch multiple souls on one physical body - as we personally and esoterically know in being a part to break this many thousands years of degeneration - to carry out the pre-programmed commands from the 'greedy and cunning masters'. It is important to be an "Integrated Person" via "Emptiness" since all manifested technologies are dissolved in the Emptiness.

If we consider each "identity" as a stream of flowing consciousness, we can logically explain the processes of snatching, and different depths of the mentioned Appearing, Disappearing, and Swirling processes. The "snatching" may happen because most are not wholesomely integrated and do not know the driving forces of their Volition / Freewill. If an external force can remove one fragment of the consciousness having distinct characteristics and snatch it to another stream of consciousness to manipulate and command the host, the snatching process is happened. If the host is wholesomely integrated, influences of external factors can be managed. Similarly, the Appearing and Disappearing processes can be fragmented in a sense of fragmented personalities in different forms, or integrated that the separating forms may be different, but having the totality in the state and stock of that stream. The Swirling technology - as we theoretically understand - has three levels: (1) the Trance level as known in current Sufi, (2) the level of combining the natural Centrifuge force from Swirling with one's power of Awareness (coming from state and stock of Prajna) to separate the heaviness of the consciousness from lighter higher consciousness[D30] using Prajna to dissolve and/or reduce the effectiveness of an unnecessary outdated Mark (such as excessive sex drive, phobia, etc) exactly as asserted by Gotama[D21], (3) the level of using the vortex from Swirling together with one's Awareness to pull consciousness fragments in the vicinity of the vortex to absorb "selective quality" of energy for some intended purpose.

The snatching issue can be separated either by external cosmic force as actually done by a living student to help others in breaking the darkness from hundreds thousands man years, or 'personally with the power of 'Verifiable Emptiness', one's innate state and stock of Prajna, since the 'foreign entity' or implanted 'Bundles of Marks' has not been deeply rooted in the core of one's Consciousness. Esoterically we know this is the case to those having "written contract" with Lucifer, binding by their own blood that many in this present time may personally know. We are happy to say that these "written contracts sealed by blood" have been destroyed by the "Sound Specialist" so the signed person would not be any more under their esoteric controls. You can now live with your Conscience and fully responsible for the consequences of your "Activities". The "written contracts sealed by blood" is enforced via "Snatching" technology that many in the Illuninati New World Order actually know, either through the image of an "Owl" and/or Sound / Consciousness technologies. Similarly, the Appearing and Disappearing processes can be fragmented or integrated. The Swirling technology together with Awareness can be Rightly done driven by Prajna or Wrongly carried out by Ignorance driven by the "Glorious Self" as what have been executed by the Lineage of Amitabha-Amitayus Buddha.

That same 'Verifiable Emptiness' with its 'Awareness' from Right Mindfulness to manage one's Realities and Prajna to "dissolve / empty" it is the Only Way - as we currently understand - to handle the deep rooted issues such as Phobia, Fears, etc, and/or external environmental influences. We hope all can see the importance of Verifiable Emptiness to manage and take out unnecessary and outdated Marks as advised by Gotama[D21]. If possible, one can have 'No-Mark' once the action completed as suggested by HuiNeng (Table 1.1) and asserted in Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] as an invitation for all to experience in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. The Issues are the real pains to drive one doing something, since they directly affect the Quality of one's Existence and the Environments. 

We see a potentiality of that snatching technology if properly and ethically used, similar to the science of organ (heart) transplants. Modern science fully recognizes the deeper effect of core energy to the outer energy and physical form. Buddhist Consciousness-Only[D35] talks about the carry-on (eighth) consciousness - through natural law of Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction - combines with grosser energy for its manifestation in one's reincarnation.

There are innumerable issues and hurdles in one's Evolution of the Consciousness toward Purity-Tranquility of Worthy Existence. HuiNeng's Sudden Awaken then Awakening is a technology to identify the dominant need of the target stream of consciousness, creating an optimum environment of conditions for that Sudden Awaken to overcome the dominant Issue, and the external force at the right place and right time to make the Sudden Awaken happened to have a significant change in one's stream of Consciousness. Similarly, the Simulation Technology will be our specific technique to help  overcome selected dominant issue such as Fear, Phobia, Uncontrollable Urges, etc, using Right Mindfulness and Prajna, or the Healing using the blue light and cosmic energy to open the crown and heart chakras for a wider perspective of existence having the manifestation of ComPassion and Prajna

In the same token, instead of sucking and replacing the whole 'soul' - present quality of the core consciousness - to be an impostor wearing the mask of the snatched target in illegitimate activities, one can externally manipulate certain part of that 'soul' for eliminating the cause(s) of incurable diseases, just like adjusting the physical Heart Valves. They are parts of the benefit(s) of the Science of KhaiPhong that we hope to kick-start to effortlessly wipe out tremendous Sufferings to past billions lives caused by divisional organized religions, executed by those selling what they do not know nor have in their 'Brick Walls' of divisional faiths, enslaving humanity to the lower level of Instinct and Fear.

This possibility demonstrates the need of democracy to transparently check the trusted quality of accountable agent - contrary to the claimed infallible pope and the entire history of the Roman Catholic Church, the son-of-god king of the kings of feudal systems, the dictator - to perform the job on behalf of other stakeholders with no transparency and accountability. God is only one party in this complex Dependent Nature of Responsible and Worthy Existence. The Value of each person comes from the actual quality of one's Consciousness, not from the born caste and/or social structure as initially stated by Gotama 2500+ years ago since you cannot carry these tools and available resources to your next existence.

That 'self' protection is a part of one's Learning and Doing to explore Natural Laws and let the Nature do the heavy lifting. The bottom-line solutions boil down to the same targets if one is authentic, having no mask in actual living to be 'At Home': 'Verifiable Emptiness', 'Wholesome Mind', and 'Integrated Person' to be closer to the Essence of the Right Living / Effort

Through this Vietnamese channel (Xuân Mai), intelligent beings - presented themselves as Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Inner-Circle members of the King of Gods, and peripheral Gods/Goddesses, etc - open their eyes and fully functional as normal human persons (indistinguishable by people not knowing them) but recognizable as different entities and names with distinct behaviors, voices, and personas. The 'messengers', 'angels' were called 'Trạng' or the title for top of the graduated Ph.D. classes. Their appearances through the channel were instantaneous and effortless which demonstrate the Channel Synchronization between Bashar and Darryl Anka can be significantly improved which means their snatching technology has not been perfected. This perfection may be even a bad idea due to the degree of embedded DNA required by the channels who are slaves to those capable of using their body and mind without the consent.

It took few seconds as seen in 'Bashar' if they have to search for requested ones in different realms and/or places on earth such as from Canada to Vietnam and back which demonstrate the actuality of Teleportation. Through the 'Disappearing Technology' described below, we discover the 'teleportation' depends on the operating environments and has its practical applications in both the human and esoteric environments. The observable activities - with possible public endorsements from others involved in these events - of these Esoteric Entities / ETs include shopping to personally select flowers for offerings, going picnics in group through one biological channel with other human friends, invisibly pushing the car stuck in the snow, demonstrating their Kung-Fu, etc.

If you have a capability of distant Hearing and Seeing - as the case of a Living Student - you can listen to their conversations on earth and what they are doing. That student can scan the environment and tune her attention to the targets. More students we know already have the ability of distant seeing in their mind eyes and limited distant hearing that demands two ways conscious communications for the signals to be strong enough to be manifested i.e. limited only to their circles of inner circles.

Few cautious words - based on our 40+ years of esoteric assistances from the right teacher(s) and 12+ years of direct interacting and dealing with these forces - are necessary for those in direct contact with Esoteric and Consciousness technologies. 

  1. The Path of True or Righteous Heart is absolutely required to Honestly and Actually 'Know Oneself' since there is a natural 'Freewill' / 'Volition' innate in one's Buddha Nature (Table 2) that can be a significant barrier against all artificial dark forces.

  2. The claimed Forever God, One-and-Only Allah, the third esoteric force, and silent ones driving secret and esoteric societies, together with their associates are very skillful in the Art of Deception using Binding Word/Image, Clinging Thought, and fearful techniques of coercion. The effective solution against this thousands years-old technique is to be an Integrated Person’, accessing one's full potentiality via Instinct, Brain Intelligence having the connection to and injection of Compassion and Prajna (Wisdom) from ‘Being’ of its potentiality. These attributes are cultivable right from the Present Moment and measurable as your Key Performance Indicator in your KhaiPhong (Table 1.1): Beyond-Thought at the Observed, No-Mark on one's Substance once the action completed, Detachment-Born as one's basis to have Right Mindfulness of seeing 'Thing As it Is'.

  3. The esoteric forces driving [Christianity, Islam, Vajrayana, secret societies] can use their knowledge in the Science of Consciousness to influence and change your feelings, perceptions, impulses such as Fears, Sexual and All other Desires to unbearable points. This scenario may not be happened for a long time since these degenerated cunning entities are reincarnated according to natural laws to appropriate environment according to the quality of their Consciousness to learn the Essence of the Right Living. Nevertheless, the effective solution to counter-act this technique is the core element of Consciousness - the Emptiness to have all good and bad manifestations rejuvenated and naturally reborn, asserted at the mountain-top level in the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] which are scientific facts, explored in the Engineering Roadmap to be continuously updated.

  4. 'Know Oneself' to consciously appreciate and build Worthy Relationships in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles, being fully responsible for one's actions to change oneself and the environment one a part in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

We explored contents of the site http://bashar.org/ Inter-Realm Communications and Collaborations[R20] with interest and sensed the energy of Bashar in the field of our specialized Communication Hub - thanks to the Sound Technology of a living student - where involved entities of different realms - including astral bodies of living persons and spirits (known dead persons) - can interact, transcending languages, realms, space and time. In further investigation, we detected the supreme and key leaders behind Bashar, coming from the Esoteric Circle - higher realms than those under the King of Gods and different from Bashar's description of his living realm. We traced out the source of the Technology and the family lineage of the key leaders who were the ancestors in extended family of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva. 

The whole saga of significant events happened in the Esoteric Circle, the feudal system of the King of Gods and related realms in the past 65+ thousands man-years, key players in human history of the past few hundred years, etc, are all fitted together. Those who knew Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva through the Vietnamese Channel 'Xuân Mai' from 1975 to 2007 can immediately recognize the underlying technology used via Bashar. Please make your known witnesses public to be a part of your contribution to the new Era of Open Innovation, not of the past 'trade secrets' and/or 'International Cheating Clubs' that required an army of gate keepers and violent crusaders 'to defend the faith'. We do our parts to reveal what we esoterically know in this 'A Bird View of Who I Am'.

Since most contents from Bashar Communications are publicly known - same as recorded Mahayana texts such as Saddharma-pundarika[D44.1] and Shurangama sutras[D31] - we have less reservation to reveal some materials that will 'Shock' the World, but necessary to revitalize the Right Relationships toward lasting Values of True Human Nature, effortlessly wiping out masters-slaves relationships dragging billions lives into an Abyss of Sufferings caused by all major past organized divisional religions.

Taking the 'No Fear' approach as advocated by Bashar with full recognition of possible danger, the writer stands on the 'Right Relationship' between humanity in inter-realm co-creation as invited by Bashar since it is 'The Right Thing to do'. We revise the book into Version 1.1 to open a scientific dialogue under the Science of Consciousness which has been exploited for so long by esoteric realms, messing up their own realms and enslaving Humanity through major organized religions, secret societies, New World Order driven by Greed, Ignorance and Cunning Mind. This dialogue shows the importance of the Engineering Roadmap to be continuously updated with verifiable empirical evidences coming from Clusters of Open Innovation Network (COIN) to be implemented right on this Earth at the Right Time.

Bashar's presentations are - in essence - taking the evangelical technique with a touch of scientific approach without a rigorous theoretical foundation and empirical verification. We value-add the followings in Version 1.1 for possible incremental works and collaborations to assure that after breaking 'the Brick Walls of Belief' - a starting point of significant contributions from Bashar Communications to help billions living people out of the yoke of divisional organized religions - one will not fall into another one to really 'Know Oneself' and take the 'Path of the True Heart', fully responsible for one's actions and the environment one a part where one can be a driving force in the new humanistic economic / political / social structures in the Friendly and Compassionate [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings.

Do not underestimate 'The Brick Walls of Belief' where belief can be one's culture, customs, addicted patterns, etc, and its significant damages on one's Quality of the Consciousness, keeping one slaved to its patterns of Word/Image and Thought rather than beyond binding Word/Image in Equanimity and clinging Thought in the Purification of the 'Verifiable Emptiness'. Bashar's engineering process to expose how the brick walls of faith was constructed - based on Fear and Greed - is correct. But his solution is a hidden dark force to 'burn another Mark' - just like the Ten Commandments - in the core stream of one's Consciousness. It is not the solution nor the right way to manage one's realities. It should be the empty of the content for a Fresh Rejuvenation as pointed out in the Heart Sutra[R2].

Beside enabling the normative process of Emptying the Contents from Oneness, the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong employ modern technologies of conversational UI in Mu and Artificial Intelligence to augment Gotama normative Mindfulness-Prajna in his advice to Ajita's Questions[D21]. Here is Hooked / Unhooked technologies based on modern psychology and business processes employed in BudhAI besides Natural Purification from higher consciousness.

The whole foundation of modern Mental Health is also based on either (1) pushing unbearable 'Mark' aside and/or (2) pushing it further down in one's stream of the consciousness so one can be 'normal' again. There is No Real Solution in this approach since a 'darkness' cannot be destroyed / seen As It Is by another conditioned 'darkness'. This is the issue of the whole human evolution in philosophies, cultures, organized religions, typified by 'Buddhist meditation on Emptiness', Nagarjuna 'Ultimate (Wider) Truth' and 'Conventional Truth', Asanga 'Dependent Nature - Imaginary Nature - Perfected Nature', Jesus 'kingdom of God from within', Gotama 'Dukkha' and momentary 'Nirvana', Lao Tzu Nameless Tao. The "Light" from [ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience ] is now available to most people and exactly as an advice from Gotama to Ajita's questions[D21].

We restate HuiNeng's assertion on meditation (dhyana) [ 'To be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana, and to attain Inner Peace is Samadhi. When we are in a position to deal with Dhyana and to keep our inner mind in Samadhi, then we are said to have attained Dhyana and Samadhi' ] into a mathematical statement to rate all actual discoveries and hearsay from all organized religions and cultures from a scientifically verifiable scale: [ Transcendental or "Empty of the Contents" is the necessary and sufficient condition for a meditation ]. We then dig deeper with HuiNeng's generalized Samadhi-Prajna [ 'Samadhi - called 'Inner Peace' - is the Quintessence of Prajna, while Prajna is the activity of Samadhi' ] to contrast agianst Gotama's Verifiable Emptiness [ Detachment-Born is the necessary and sufficient condition for different depths of the Right Inner Peace for the manifestation of Prajna ] to clearly point out this fundamental Issue and its possible solution from Consciousness and Sound / Light technologies. The fundamental issue is a set of tautologies coming from the evolution of Consciousness to Form and the reverse evolution from Form to Consciousness, by-passing conditioned existence in Forms. The possible solution is riding on natural laws of Thing-As-It-Is for heavy lifting, upgrading one's quality of the consciousness to the minimum Equanimity pegged by Gotama based on his investigations using his own consciousness as a lab.

In our weekly casual conversations, the spirit of one well-known technology entrepreneur expressed an interest to know the simulation technology to take out parts of his dominant marks. Later, a well-known and father of psychotherapist and psychiatrist also expressed an interest in this technology after hearing that one student has used the simulation technology to clean up embedded marks of unworthy past male-female relationships that these images never appeared in his dreams and/or thought. That student - after deep reflection on the need of being beyond the duality of form attraction - has decided to use the technology for this target which he is fully aware its deepest mark in millions years of form evolution, ingrained in the core of the consciousness to the energy level of likes and dislikes patterns, to the cell level of physical body. We wish him success and tell the world the simulation technology at the Right Time.

The essence of the Simulation Technology is based on Gotama's advice, repeated again to mark its practical aspects in all activities - "Whatever the streams [binding clinging forces] are in the World, it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna, they are dissolved[D21]" - that uses the accumulated power of Right Meditation and Right Inner Peace to manage and solve one's dominant Issue. For the deepest marks such as the male/female form duality of sex or highest Vajrayana Marks (spells) / Voodoo[R8] implanted in the astral body via the 'snatching technology', one needs to use the power of Samadhi-Prajna to empty the mark off the astral body. You cannot forbid others's volition not attached to you since only natural laws are enforceable according to Thing-As-It-Is. But you can raise the quality of your consciousness up in your continuity of the consciousness. The heavier will be naturally dropped from your higher quality. "Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself" since Action-Reaction is a part of Universal laws.

This is a 'Good News' for those holding significant positions in affecting the World Affairs who may be the victims - exploited and remotely/directly controlled by mental binding Word/Image (such as image of an Owl) and clinging Thought for a Utopia and/or New World Order - of hallucinated esoteric forces driving Islam, Christianity, Esoteric Buddhism and secret societies since there is an effective Counter-Thrust to these outdated Marks and Patterns via cultivable Conscience (Prajna) and Freewill (Volition - Sankhara) of one's innate Buddha Nature, capable to know the Rightness from the Wrongness relevant to one's Present Moment in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

Be serious with your recognized binding and clinging forces since they will be part of your continuity of the consciousness until you can "Empty" them. Even having the direct experience in Verifiable Emptiness as described by Gotama and esoteric assistance in Learning and Doing, it took the writer 10 years to be Free from the Sound Technology Mantra, and 10 more years in investigating the Buddhist Heart Sutra, not to be fooled by 2500+ years of Buddhist traditions which have been falling into the trap of Sutra, Tantra, and Prayer[R14], repeating almost every day in the monk's life without having an actual experience of the Emptiness. Yet, most monks - like their counter parts Catholic priests - are trying to sell what they do not know nor have. They are not even qualified by Gotama as a Buddhist having Right Speech, Right Action and Right Livelihood, cheating others for a very unworthy living.

  1. Bashar presented himself as an Extra-Terrestrial (ET) being in his tetrahedron spacecraft. He explained what perceived by human as ETs and spacecraft are in fact intelligent beings from different realms in parallel universes, and 'manifestation of concentrated energy' in different forms perceived by human as spacecraft. This explaination is "consistent" with what we esoterically know.

    Those who interacted with the Vietnamese channel knew that the appeared entities were highly intelligent beings such as 'Bạch Y Quán Thế Âm' personally promised to help some asking in her 'channeling appearance' - as seen in the appearance of Bashar but in a more private meetings. Similar to the appearance of a spacecraft, there was the appearance in the form of concentrated drifting cloud of 'Bạch Y Quán Thế Âm' in 1 hr+ over US sky, seen and recorded by many without any detected radio signal[R22], [R22.1].

    Behind the degenerated Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva were many Virtuous Lives of others having distinct characteristics and personas, all taking the name after the Noble Avalokiteshvara who was the teacher of Sariputtra and others in the middle realms. Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva was not a student of this teacher as recorded in Buddhist Shurangama[D31] and Heart Sutra[R2]. She took the name of the teacher and glorified herself as a Bodhisattva. You can find this out in checking all the Avalokiteshvaras with different distinct characters and patterns to know that they are different distinct streams of consciousness.

    Esoterically, the known realms of Intelligent Beings - including animals and spirits in both human and the system of the King of Gods - are fully organized and manageable via the known Technologies in Science of Consciousness where the higher realms are responsible for the well-being of lower realms, having determining factors based on Natural Laws of the realms and required interference of higher realms to assure Harmonious developments and evolution of the One and the Whole. In that sense, there is external interference through Volition of intelligent beings - known by Muslim as Allah's willing - responsible for their own actions and the environments they are parts. The outcome is the aggregate net effects of Volition from all relevant parties. This is similar to man in the issue of national economy / security and living environment where men - in the aggregate - do make mistakes.

    The animal and spirit in both human and middle realms are used as required natural tools for the nature to neutralize steaming energy of degenerated intelligent beings. They are different from other animals and spirits in a sense that they are guided not only by natural laws according to evolution of species but also by intelligent beings to either learn a lesson and/or quickly recover the universal qualities according to natural laws which are cultivable and observable, known as Kindness (mettā - tâm từ) / Compassion (karuṇā - tâm bi) / Prajna (wisdom, conscience). That is why we can see some characteristics of lasting values from animals that many persons can learn from. We esoterically know many highly evolved entities driving the evolution of humanity and behind major organized religions must go through this process to neutralize the steaming energy of their dark corners.

    This shows practical applications in the Science of Consciousness to ride on natural evolution of species in the compatibilities between the core layer of consciousness with the outer layers of energy and physical forms to enable degenerated beings guided instructions for faster Learnings and Doings to neutralize the destructive energy for faster evolution in the Quality of the Consciousness, yet fully consistent with the ethical natural laws at any instant moment. It also shows the importance to 'Know Oneself' so the driving force behind one's Volition / Freewill / Sankhara (Table 2) comes from Prajna toward the Purity-Tranquility of Existence, not from Ignorance toward Sufferings.

    If we translate these lasting values into comparable human beings having the same qualities, we can see how easy it is to be degenerated via Ignorance if one cannot sense the driving forces behind thoughts and the state of one's being. There are innumerable hard evidences - west and east in all cultures / religions - of many super rich and powerful great philanthropists / kings / queens / politicians with steaming energy of some dark corners which need to be manageable and neutralized either consciously with the person's Freewill and Inner Circle supporting environment or naturally having consequences through Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction.

    Is it wise and rational to do something for the quality of one's Consciousness in the normative allocation of scare resources in what count such as Health, Time, Money that one cannot carry on in a wider perspective of Worthy Existence?

    We can further assert that without being Aware of the driving forces or the sources of Thoughts, it is very hard to manage one's realities and know one's 'state of being'. Stop here and see your reality No Matter Who you are and/or claim to be. Do Not Wear the Masks of What You Are Not. Similarly, one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles are the second most important when one needs help.

    Be appreciate what the love ones and others (friends, associates, communities, country and the world) do for you in this Dependent Nature. One can only be psychologically independent to consciously drive the Volition / Freewill / Sankhara toward the Right or Unworthy direction. One can never be alone in Making Life Easier and Happier again due to the Dependent Nature.

    Through the Science of Consciousness, we know the highly developed entities have the technology to recognize the individual stream of consciousness, similar to the gross technology of proposed implanted electronic chip, just by looking at the commonly known-as the third eye to see the target's core signature deep in one's stream of the Consciousness. The positive / negative applicable aspects of this technology is the ingrained lasting signature in one's carry-on Consciousness.

  2. On top of what presented by Bashar, we add in this context 'A Bird View of Who I Am' the causes of degenerations in the God / Bodhisattva / Buddha realms, its effects on human realm, and most important of all is the re-organization of all realms known by the 'Esoteric Circle' to guarantee the operation of natural 'Ethics' in individual evolution - fully responsible for one's actions and the environments one a part. A vibrant Living Organism can start at an individual stream of consciousness having a sense of an agent, extended to aggregates at all levels to assure the aggregate ecosystem with sustainable Created Values at each level: family, friends, associates, partners, the World, Inter-Realm Inner Circle and circles of inner circles. There will be No Short Cut and Cheating of the past thousands human years, introduced by different utopia and organized religions, failed due to not going according to Natural Laws.  

    It is along the line of Trúc Lâm motto: (1) Without Actual Living, there cannot be Right Cultivation and without Buddhist Cultivation based on the innate Buddha Nature the Living may go astray, (2) The Buddha Nature is innate in everyone. The motto has been prototyped and proven by the Buddhist Teacher (Phật Thầy) at Tây An[D19] in the implementation of the Buddhist eightfold Path: being a Good Person (Tu Nhân) then Buddhist Cultivation (Học Phật). We can replace the word 'Buddhist' with 'Know Oneself' or 'Consciousness'.

  3. Bashar's spreading of the 'Unconditioned Love' - without detailing what it is, its characteristics and verifiable manifestation - is an obsolete utopia of the 'self' grasping anything beyond its realm since self is the owner of the thought, then degrade further to 'Word was God'[John 1:1], binding themselves and others to Word/Image and Thought to be distorted in their Realities. 

    From an objective observation based on hard facts, most of those involved in the entire history of the Roman Catholic Church do not know 'Love' as in the Parable of the Good Samaritan[R16] since Love is beyond Word and Thought of the physical brain. When you speak about and/or show off 'Love', the 'Love' is 'Not There'. Period. Next is the 'Unconditioned' where the manifestation - including manifestation of the unconditioned - is conditioned having its own life cycle due to the generation of entropy of the manifestation. 

    The 'Unconditioned Love' only is an Actuality and has a meaning if and only if there is a 'Beyond Thought' at the observed, 'No-Mark' on one's Substance when the action completed, 'Detachment-Born' as a basis for the manifestation of Prajna to see and act according to 'Thing As It Is'. It is similar to momentary Nirvana, due to expanding Consciousness consistent with relative existence. Otherwise, it is only a concept, not an Actuality. This is an invitation toward a scholastic dialogue and scientific investigation to Bashar and all ET realms as in what we have learned in the collapse of the God / Allah / Bodhisattva / Buddha realms, carrying with it the degeneration of many highly developed entities where the supreme and top leaders of Bashar groups have been intimately involved.

  4. It is beneficial to share at high level our discussion and conclusion after breaking the behind-the-scene agenda of the supreme and top leaders of the 'Snatching Technology' - from both Amitayus Buddha and its duplicator by the claimed Allah that through the mind-eye of a living student we may have a glimpse of where the soul is located in the body. 

    First, the Teleportation and Channeling are known by many entities, including those at lower organizational structure of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva if taught. This can be testified by many who personally knew the Vietnamese channel from 1975 to 2007, especially the appearance of the Goddess of Fire Pele[R20.2] from Hawaii who just learned the Technologies trying to communicate through Vietnamese channel using Vietnamese patterns. The degree of smoothness from the appearing entity in the human channel can be observed to vary from Goddess Pele to Bashar to other intelligent entities in Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva Associates and to claimed Buddhas.

    The writer requests - for the sake of the Science of Consciousness in all intelligent realms of existence where humanity is a part - those who knew 'Xuân Mai' and the Channeling for Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva and her Associates make public what you witnessed and think about Inter-Realm Communications and Collaborations without touching small insignificant nuisances in human relationships. It is very important to sort out the Actualities of Inter-Realm Dependent Nature in the Essence of Right Living and the past masters-slaves relationships executed by major organized religions typified by the Roman Catholic Church[R18], [R18.1], [R18.2]

    The trade secret is in (1) the preparation of the accepted channel and (2) the Snatching Technology to separate and mixing Consciousness of (a) the physical and energy body from (b) the storehouse carry-on consciousness commonly known as the 'soul'. The trade secret has been closely kept and known by only selected few, together with the technology to Disappear from the Esoteric (Spirit) World without any traceable energy. 

    Energy having one's unique signature is generated whenever one manifests to the gross level such as speaking, acting, having strong emotions and feelings, etc. By locating the energy source, a person/entity can direct the cosmic energy either to help such as healing, mitigating the boiling energy of sexual drive, opening the Heart and Crown Chakras so one is not too myopic to commit unthinkable mistake and has wider perspective to realize the consequence of one's action according to natural laws, or teach the entity a personal lesson in direct Learning and Doing. A living student known amongst us as a Sound Specialist has this capability.

    Due to the degeneration of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva associates and lower infrastructures - loosing their effective power - top leaders of the Snatching Technology lost the front-line army and made their desperate move to snatch the bodies and 'souls' of highly developed and good entities from other tribes with the lower quality 'souls' of their army to carry out their agendas. The Sound Specialist could not understand this since she did channel the cosmic energy to open the Heart and Crown Chakras to raise them up but why the highly evolved entities - known in human realm as Buddhas - quickly degenerated to very unworthy behaviors. By accident, the specialist direct the cosmic energy to separate individual streams of consciousness and discovered the subtle plot. Top leaders of the 'Snatching Technology' appeared and was caught in her cosmic net.

    They probably have done it in many thousands of years to 'occupy' the bodies in privileged positions to quench part of their burning desires of destructive behaviors and messing up the environment wherever they are. The hard evidences are everywhere in the entire human history of religions[R18.2], [R18.1], [R18], , politics, east and west. By natural laws of Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction, their core qualities are further degenerated to the point where the power is only at the physical level to the most at the energy level, but definitely Not at the subtle level of 'Love', 'Emptiness' for natural reborn and rejuvenation, of 'Dependent Nature' of Friendly and Compassionate Worthy Existence.

    That is where they are and their Secrets have been entirely foiled by 'Good Forces' in living students with esoteric Noble Assistance of Higher Realms called the Esoteric Circle. The 'victims' - who are many among us - have their own learning with many 'battle scars' to the point that the 'Truth' must be exposed to effortlessly weed out the Darkness in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles. We are some pioneers among many facilitators of [ Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital ] that we ask you to be a part.

    By instinct, the Sound Specialist raised all up - including astral bodies of known living people - to separate them from furious leaders of the Snatching Technology'. One living person - competing with the specialist in all aspects of present life - voiced up the not required help from the specialist and fall down. This demonstrates the power of Volition or Freewill - driven by Ignorance or Prajna - embedded in one's Buddha Nature and why one is fully responsible for one's actions and the environments one a part.

    Another key attribute is 'Emptiness' as asserted in the Buddhist Heart Sutra that if you have true 'Emptiness' in any domain, no artificial trick can leave any mark on your Substance of the related domain. We use the word domain and there are innumerable domains in one's stream of consciousness. The toughest domain to be free from its burden is the sexual drive and its seeds. Once you have the seed, external agents can 'blow it up' to thousands times of what it is, well-known in Buddhist Consciousness-Only theory.

    One furious leader of the Snatching Technology - in his extreme anger - took out the 'soul' of the person to harm it. In the mind-eye, the Sound Specialist saw what he took out is the Heart and the Brain connected together with a cord. The specialist wraps that damaged 'soul' in the 'blue light' globe - all created by thought and used natural cosmic energy - to raise it up. Witnesses of this esoteric event asked the person what was going on. The 'victim' said she did not know, just passed into a sleep and woke up, feeling very cool and soothing inside the blue light. The supreme leader said 'you also know the healing technology using blue light?'. Thus, the connected Heart and Brain can be considered as the "soul / essence" of a person - an identifiable stream of consciousness - having three or four layers depending on your classifications: physical layer, energy / astral layer, the core consciousness. The most significant we learn from our esoteric experience and wish to share is that the deeper one can "empty the contents" - as exposed in the Buddhist Heart Sutra - the more integrated these layers / components can solidify into a solid unit which has its own self-defendant system impenetrable by external dark forces / environments.

    In our daily dialogue, the Sound Specialist also discovered that these leaders could not use their disappearing technique under water so the sound specialist could force them to appear by throwing the catching net into the sea. This is different from Disappearing Technology via Emptiness and Worm Holes known by another living student. Since they can hear what we discussed through the Sound Specialist acting as the broadcasting station that transcends languages and realms, we said that the leaders of 'Snatching Technology' do not know nor have the 'Unconditioned Love' as they have advocated through Bashar and that there is an action beyond the pleasure and pain driven by Kindness, Compassion and Prajna that they do not know nor have in Bashar analysis of the driving force behind what they call 'belief' and 'choice'. They are constantly active in making choices and do not have a moment of Utter Silence as the case of Infinite-Thought Bodhisattva (Akshayamati). They do not know the 'Purity' of Utter Silence to be ready for No Thought in Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness to actually know one a part of the Whole - the Whole in One, revealed by Krishnamurti[R6.1] in his 60+ years of Sharing the precious discovery.

    In one occasion, the astral body of one student - different from the Sound Specialist - in our Inner Circle was taken out and 'crucified' for the 'crime' of not having sufficient respect by those following Dhipankara Buddha[D38]. In the critical moment of trying to escape from a horrible violent act, the living student reactivated his dormant ability to effortlessly disappear without any trace from the Esoteric World. In actuality he did not physically go anywhere. That is why Buddhists say miracles and mysterious powers are just like magician's tricks. The real thing is in the Essence of the Right Living manifested through Compassion and Prajna.

    Later, the student demonstrated this same ability when Dhipankara tried to grasp him in a sleep. He can be Aware - beyond thought - signals from the senses to know his Realities and the State of his Being to effectively manage the Realities and - at will - escape from all spiritual disturbances, and in a minor cases of psychological and physical discomfort of present life, to a very expanding and beautiful place of his Inner Peace environment recalled by him many years ago in a meditation session. All can happen at the Awareness beyond Thought (the Source of Thought) called by Bashar as the Teleportation. This teleportation is an important tool to have "Detachment-Born / Vô Trụ" in the process of "Thing-As-It-Is" Dukkha of Bodhidharma[D32.1].

    In further exploration - which is very interesting and practical - we have found out that the whole person may comprise of three or four interconnecting layers of energy since everything is some form of energy: the physical form energy, the energy / astral body and the carry-on core energy of the 'soul'. Interaction and dependency of these forms of energy are worthy to be scientifically explored. It has been fully demonstrated that by regulating the inner layer of energy, the abnormality of the outer energy - incurable and/or imminent disease - be wholesomely normalized. The disappearing technology seems to be a teleportation technique relative to the esoteric world, similar to the teleportation of ET relative to human world.

    The practical aspect of the 'disappearing technology' is to prevent unforeseen external factors - commonly known by Muslim as Allah's Willing - to limit the uncontrollable conditions in critical operations such as in internal organ examinations and/or operations. We consider this is an extra tool in implementing Bodhidharma[D32.1] "No Conflict Inside - No Conflict Outside". Yes, with appropriate technology one can be outside the influence of the claimed Allah and the claimed Forever Christian God. We have personally witnessed the 'external esoteric' force causing an expert - having over 25 years of doing this work - "mistake" in a very common operation such as colonoscopy that caused further complications and death to the patient. Physical science has reluctantly recognized the possible esoteric external influences. But more and more hard evidences are demonstrating the existence of the external forces - from either good or bad motivations - according to conditioned existence.

    Similarly, a student being a frequent blood donor has no issue whatsoever with his veins to have a needle inserted in by a trained Health worker. In a sedation preparation process before entering the operating room, a health worker doing this operation made a comment that the student has nice visible vein, so there would be no problem, just a little feel of a needle poke. He couldn't make it and called the head nurse. The nurse saw no issue, but again failed in the second attempt at different arm. They were so sorry and asked for another attempt before calling for an expert. Luckily, the student knows the 'Disappearing Technology' and assured the Health workers that there would be no problem. But this time 'I will close my eyes and not answer you until it is done'. Within one second, the third attempt on the same spot of previously failed attempt was so easily done that they happily exclaimed 'Success!', despite each did many times this routine operation in their daily jobs in a big University Hospital. All the student did was a flick of his thought.

    When contrasted with limited ability of 'Emptiness' especially the Emptiness in loosening the grips of binding Word/Image and clinging Thought, the student discovers / recalls an extra powerful attribute that is probably unknown by Bashar's Inner Circle despise it is the message originally coming from Bashar, namely the 'signal' from factor influencing your Volition (called belief by Bashar or Sankhara by Buddhist) does not matter [since it may be conditioned/veiled by your conditioned existence], only the state of your being is matter

    First, recognizing the 'signal' from one's Volition and the 'state of one's being' is not trivial. See for yourself - no matter who you are such as pope, supreme religious leaders, enlighten monks - if you actually know the 'signal' and driving force behind your Volition, known as the sources of your thought. Next, see if you know the 'state of your Being' to select the battle you want to put an effort in with your available resources for this present life of Worthy Existence as explored by the young Siddhartha Gotama. 

    Yes I do mean all Popes and spiritual Supreme Leaders (Pháp Chủ) or Dharma King (Pháp Vương). That knowing is an Awareness Beyond Thought - not at the image of Thought level as the awareness mentioned by most Buddhist monks/nuns or love advocated by Christian priests. If you do not know the source of your thoughts and the state of your 'Being' how can you claim to be spiritual and/or bless/teach others! Please see the definition of a Scam Artist[D12] and hope one still has a minimum Honesty and Conscience to Know Oneself so we can all be a part of Friendly and Compassionate [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] Culture in Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings in our Continuity of the Consciousness. 

    But the "the state of your being" comprises different layers of consciousness - the shells of body and astral containers, the energy and the core consciousness (soul) - where the "disappearing technology" is only the technology to protect the core consciousness. That is why in reality, the shells of body and astral containers are still there, not going anywhere and are subjected to intentional harms. Contrary to what Buddhists view that miracles and mysterious powers are just like magician's tricks due to their incapable ability of beyond the Gateway-to-Oneness to be qualified by Gotama as Mindfulness, discovering and applying natural laws in the consciousness field are actualities, having practical and lasting benefits. That is how a living student - unlike many well-known esoteric victims[R20.3], [R20.4] in human realm - capable to direct cosmic consciousness via the innate Compassion of HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna to fight against the dark forces behind Illuminati New World Order for the benefits of One and the Whole. Here are demonstrations to manifest cosmic energy via kung-fu to naturally protect one's body's shell[R11].

    This kind of Awareness is so important if we look at actual facts behind the dead who not even recognizes his/her dead and/or binding to the past traumas/conditions at the moment of dead that they are stuck - sometime hundreds or thousands of years. At the point of trauma/fear, one may be psychologically and/or conscientiously Frozen to leave a deep mark on one's Substance until it can be taken out by pounding Awareness (Prajna). Hard evidences of these binding forces and the Inability to Be Aware of one's Being in intelligent persons exist in all cultures, religions, east and west. See yourself if you have any Mark Carved In Stone and why many others do not have the same Mark to show the irrefutable Continuity of your Consciousness, different from other streams of Consciousness. Is that a scientific fact and Worthy of our efforts to have the solution for ourselves and the loved ones in a wider perspective of Worthy Existence?

    That is a part of the driving force behind the AwakeningBudh to enable most people fully responsible for one's actions and the environment one is in by sensing the sources of thought and the state of one's being. The Awareness must be Beyond Thought that no present organized religion - including Buddhism - has touched. All organized religions are international cheating clubs, coming from the esoteric realms competing with one another in enforcing the divisional masters-slaves relationships that destroyed both the slaves and masters due to Natural Laws of Thing As It Is. 

    Worse is that they created a tremendous barrier in Consciousness Evolution of the Whole. The majority of slaves and their outer circles of masters are slaves to the inner most circle as well-known in Secret Societies. All are stuck in the dormant states of confusions in the dead process. One's Awareness - and hence higher evolution in Consciousness - can only be materialized in conscious Living and actual interactions. Most are in the confused state if there is no external assistance - not from priests and monks knowing nothing from the Science of Consciousness, nor from gods / angels / bodhisattvas who are enforcing the masters-slave relationships that they are unknowingly parts of the corrupted system - but from one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles in Inter-Realm Dependent Nature of Worthy Existence. The upper layers of past esoteric world were too selfish to take care only of their inner most circles of their family lineages in competing with others to perpetuate their platform of master-slaves. This is similar to the confined feudal/religious systems compared to the open-system of international trades and collaborations where "Fair Trade" dynamically driven by all involved parties is a "Norm".

    The Beyond-Thought Awareness must be deep enough to the natural separation of Binding Word/Image and Clinging Thought, otherwise one's belief/culture will pull and push one toward the conditioned box of belief and culture, unable to recognize one's State of Being and the relevant present condition in one's dynamic Learning and Doing wherever one happens to be. That is the Relevance and Importance of 'Beyond Thought' at the observed, No-Mark on one's Substance once the action completed, Detachment-Born as one's basis for the manifestation of Right Mindfulness (Prajna) to see Thing As It Is.

    Very few people are still fooled by the doctrine of the Roman Catholic one life, then either going to the Heaven or eternal Hell or waiting for the Judgement Day since we all know that no manifested thing is Forever due to the generation of entropy of existence. Consciousness is a form of energy; it cannot be destroyed but transformed since Change is a natural law, in either toward Sufferings driven by Ignorance or Happier more expanding space due to Prajna. Their angels, claimed Redeemer / Virgin Mary and Absolute Forever God, or their opposing force One-and-Only Allah are all subjected to Changes. Most - including top leaders - are significantly degenerated due to Greed and Ignorance in enforcing the masters-slaves relationships, rather than the Right Relationships in the Dependent Nature of the Evolution of the Consciousness. None of them know the Verifiable Emptiness for the natural reborn and regeneration in one's evolution of the Consciousness - probably due to a long process of degeneration but at higher speed than evolution - beyond the evolution of the species.

    For Hindu and Buddhism, there is an understanding of karma clinging forces and continuity of the consciousness. But the Essence of the Right Living / Effort and Right Relationships have been turned upside down in making very unworthy living on the claimed rituals and offerings. When not officially given the role of gatekeepers as in the Roman Catholic pope and priests, they self-ordain of what they do not know nor have. That is the reality of professional scam artists[R18.4] in all Buddhist Sangha from all countries. All evidences are contrary to their 49 days of rituals for the dead to be reincarnated, since most - including lamas, monks, nuns, sannyasins - do not have Detachment-Born of No-Mark once the action completed, and far away from sufficient Awareness to know the state of their beings. Similar to Christian and Islam counterparts, their Gods / Bodhisattvas such as Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva (Quán Thế Âm Bồ Tát), Samantabhadra (Phổ Hiền), Manjusri (Văn Thù), etc, or Buddhas such as Vajradhara Buddha (Phật Kim Cang Tát Đoả), Amitabha Buddha (Phật A Di Đà), Bhaiṣajyaguru (Phật Dược Sư), etc, are significantly degenerated according to natural laws.

    Evidences from semi-official program of the Vietnamese government to help and alleviate parts of the psychological burdens for their soldiers and the soldiers' families indicate that many soldiers on both sides still thought the battles where they died are still going on and dared not cross the fighting line of their engagements. Buddhist rituals from either invited Vajrayana monks and/or claimed meditation master(s) / Buddhist Sangha are in vain, having no scientific evidences to back up their claims nor can they deliver what they are trying to sell since they are more vulnerable than others who are just being 'good' persons. Only Conscious Living in 1% to 7% of constituents of any aggregate can stop this International Cheating Club since the degenerated monks and nuns having no minimum Conscience in violating their own Ethical Codes are still dominant in all Buddhist Sangha from all countries. The tremendous costs/resources spent in the religious rituals and images due to Fear and Indoctrination can be better spent to mitigate Sufferings for the Poor and the Needy and/or to create opportunities for others to help themselves and their communities in sustainable [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] Friendly and Compassionate Culture of creating Surplus Value of a Worthy Existence.

    Most importantly the ritual performers do not have Awareness to know the state of their own beings and driving forces of their senses, how can they dare to claim of what they do not know nor have - no matter what academic degrees they have since they have no conscience and intellectual integrity to know who they are - as what happened in the entire history of the Roman Catholic Church[R18], [R18.1], [R18.2], driving billions lives into an Abyss of unnecessary Sufferings.

    Thanks to the power of the Sound Specialist living student - after helping the disentanglement in many thousands years of highly evolved entities of the past feudal system in the middle God / Bodhisattva / Buddha realms - astral bodies of some political and religious leaders - having witnessed what the student can do - have asked Help for the slaves in American history and dead monks fighting for Tibet cause in 1959 period which are close to their hearts since most of them are still not Aware of the States of their beings. This shows the Importance of Awareness while still being in Conscious Living so one can manage one's Realities and optimally allocate available resources to What Count.

    The need of Awareness is relevant to all - pope, high priests, lamas, monks, nuns, sannyasins - who are entangled in the senses and their entanglements such as feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness, not yet knowing their states of beings and the sources of their thoughts. Please use your Buddha Nature to challenge the statement if you do not concur and Do Something for your own life and your surrounding Communities so we can be all 'Agents of Changes' for our own benefits and the benefits of the environments we are a part. 

    If you are a Buddhist monk/nun or Christian priest/nun ask yourself what is the target of your dedication/profession and where are you on the road toward your signed post of this present Worthy Existence? There are probably two types of legitimate monks, priests and nuns: (1) the ones coming to follow the footsteps of and/or challenge (a) Gotama the recorded 'Verifiable Emptiness up to Nirvana sign posts' / (b) Jesus the recorded 'kingdom of God within you'[Luke 17:21], and (2) the ones coming to make known the discoveries and actual contributions of Gotama and Jesus to Humanity. We are not monks / priests / nuns, but of type 2 making known the actual discoveries of Gotama and Jesus as the starting scientific foundation of some lasting values that everyone can have some value-add as one's 'secret sauce' helpful to many others of similar pattern. We will deliver this scientific foundation to be scholastically and scientifically scrutinized for the benefits of most people. We wish to collaborate with these legitimate professionals who need to do something for their dedicated professions, sabotaged by unworthy peers in thousands years of their traditions.

    For that reason, we hope the Right Time will be soon to work on the target that 1%  to 7% (70,000,000 to 500,000,000) Human population can know the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" as known by Jesus without the required mistake of addicted divisional 'faith that can move the mountain'[Matthew 17:20]. This will naturally Purify the senses so they can be more Aware of the driving forces behind the senses and the State of their Beings.

    We ask those - whose astral bodies were witnesses of this Unique Environment - and can still remember something please let the World Know 'Your Experience' so we all can have a wider perspective of Inter-Realm Dependent Nature of Worthy Existence. Those who are in the positions - economically, politically, religiously - to create Major Impacts for Humanity in this new Golden Era, please remember what you have esoterically witnessed in your astral bodies which is very Unique thanks to the Noble Interference of the Esoteric Circle, and Do Something according to your Conscience starting from your Inner Circle and circles of inner circles. We will sooner or later meet since we are going in the same direction.

    That wider perspective of existence pushes right to the Front Line of one's priority to 'Know Oneself' which is cultivable toward the target of Beyond-Thought at the observed, No-Mark on one's Substance once the action completed, Detachment-Born as one's basis for the manifestation of Prajna to see Thing-As-It-Is. The 'Know Oneself' is sustainable by stakeholders in Clusters of Open Innovation Network (COIN) which may last beyond the life times of original contributors who ride on the modern business model in Ethical Distribution of the Surplus Values for more opportunity and/or kindness according to natural Fibonacci sequence approaching the Golden Mean Ratio (Phi - Φ).

    It is the scientific mechanism behind the assertion of Gotama: 'Karma flows as a stream. Whatever the streams are in the World, it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna, they are dissolved'. The 'How' and the 'process to apply it' to either properly manage one's reality and/or major hurdle for realizing one's full potentiality are very practical. To 'Know Oneself', one needs to challenge Gotama and/or Jesus about the Right Inner Peace. Scientific approach to the 'How' and required infrastructure of the 'What' from the potent processes will be available to the mass under AwakeningBudh.

    Next is the technology and that extra attribute to move from Conventional Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth and let the infusion of the Perfected Nature does the heavy lifting. It is a part of Cultivable Prajna in Activity and Sadhana. That extra attribute is basically a Consciousness Switch to harness sufficient energy from Conventional Truth to flow into the Ultimate (Wider) Truth gateway-to-oneness of the nature, then being Aware of the effect of that infusion working on the natural Purification and explore one's new State of the Being. 

    The disappearing technique is probably the outcome of the 'Emptiness' described as 'Not - Na' in the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2]. The technology by itself is a very effective non-violent way to avoid unnecessary confrontations with the Esoteric World. Those knowing the disappearing technology may even try the 'brute force' - discovered by accident - to scare away the not-welcomed disturbances by commanding 'Reaction' to whatever done on them. For example, those who want to beat you will beat themselves with the same force before the action even touch you. The sheer power of consciousness can make it happened.

    The bottom line of this section is that one's 'soul or carry-on Consciousness' may be located in the Heart connected to the physical brain where Compassion in the Heart Chakra and Prajna (Wisdom) in the Crown Chakra are intimately connected that we use set theory to logically present based on our subjective experience that Compassion and Prajna are visible manifestations of the invisible Sunyata, and that Prajna is the flower of Compassion tree deep rooted (from the Heart Chakra) in Sunyata. 

    If you suddenly feel 'heat' raising up at the heart to your head and draining your living force, your 'soul' may be involuntarily and forcefully taken out. Be conscious of this process so your 'Freewill - Volition - Sankhara' can naturally prevent dark forces violating your integrity as a vibrant Living Organism of the Whole. This may not be happened for a very long time since top leaders of this technology are significantly degenerated, to be reincarnated to relearn the Essence of the Right Living / Effort according to Natural Laws. Their thousands years plot was completely foiled by the Sound Specialist living student that we hope you can be a part to Change Yourself and the environment you are in toward a Right Direction. Their plot to drag Vajrayana toward Greed for mystic powers and sabotage Gotama discoveries to revert Right Relationships toward masters-slaves relationships will be scholastically and scientifically challenged, and effortlessly weeded out when more people actually know the Gotama's Verifiable Emptiness.

    By injecting your 'Freewill / Volition / Sankhara' at that moment, you can stop it. Note that the 'soul' or quality of one's Consciousness is momentarily affected by one's Volition as analysed in the State and Stock of one's Consciousness. It is the quality of the Consciousness that directly affect the quality of one's Present and Future existence as analysed in Self/Selfless Awareness wherever one happens to be. If you know the 'disappearing technology', just a flick of faster-than-thought, you are out of the unnecessary confrontation. There are two living students - possibly three more (already identified as advanced students that you can immediately recognize, far beyond religious leaders from all organized religions) or many not yet qualified - currently know this 'disappearing technology'. The behind-the-scene scientific process is still needed to work out for the mass.

    Finally, having an Awareness Beyond Thought and a Worthy Inner Circle and circles of inner circles are most important in your Continuity of the Consciousness. All others such as education, good profession in making a decent living, successful businesses, high power position, super rich, etc, are only tools to enable your most important targets happened if you know How. You cannot carry the tools at the end of your life cycle, and definitely cannot buy a place in heaven to be a Slave for others who are even not Aware that they are also Slaves for those in the higher organization chart[R13.1] which was totally collapsed according to Natural Laws.

  5. We facilitate the manifestation of 'Unconditioned Love' with a required level of Right Mindfulness[D12] embedded in PrajnaTIP in Kindness. Note that 'Kindness' is only a start to actually experience the common vibration (Com) of Energy (Passion) called ComPassion. 

    Bashar's promotion of one life to live in shifting the prearranged realities is an attempt to cleverly disguise the core concept of monotheism in the Bible and Koran into the new wrap of masters-slaves relationships of one religion by conditioning the listeners only to their physical mind, rather than liberating others as an integrated person simultaneously using both physical mind and higher mind (left and right brain plus their synchronization). Bashar contractual agreement can be a psychological yoke to condition the followers after breaking out the brick walls of addicted faiths in divisional organized religions. 

    The 'threshold of believability' - defined as optimal factors for the manifestation of what you prefer and/or desire to make it manifested - is the finest scheme of addicted faith if there is no explicit infusion of the Higher Mind (outside-the-box) and a Silence State not to be constantly pulled and pushes by infinite thoughts and activities. It is designed to bind one within the thinking process, similar but in more subtle process than the technique used by the claimed Absolute Forever God of Christians to (1) assert 'Word was God', (2) impose the forbidden fruit of knowledge, (3) then self-claim to be Absolute and Forever. The technique locks one inside the conditioned mind, never to be 'Beyond-Thought' at the Observed to see Thing As It Is. It is similar to Buddhist 'meditation on emptiness' at thought level or 'Reflection' counting on the Grace of Christian God or Muslim Allah. 

    When there is an infusion of Prajna (Higher Mind), one can have a clarity of the required solution, not the choice of a confused philosopher within the conditioned box. The Heart vibration of Kindness needs a complete Silence or Inner Peace in Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict deep rooted in invisible Sunyata, not infinitely momentary choices of noisy marketing gimmicks at the functional brain level for a manifested flower - called Prajna - in the Crown Chakra. It must be the Right Inner Peace so No-Mark on one's substance when the action completed, otherwise the Grasp-er (self) is already there to claim its trophy of pleasure and pain seen by Bashar as the only driving force of Volition called by Bashar belief. Prajna can drive the Volition (Freewill - Sankhara) from something beyond pleasure and pain, commonly known as Conscience - the Right Thing to do - actually and personally known by many Good Persons that we call Silent Avalokiteshvara or Good Samaritans. Observe Bashar and challenge his top leaders - if there is any sign of claiming authority of what they do not know nor have as done by the entire Roman Catholic Church and other organized religions - as we have counter-acted their plots that they do not have a moment of Right Inner Peace.

  6. Bashar description of 'Parallel Realities' of one particular Stream of Consciousness intentionally mixes it with Parallel Realities of multiple distinct streams of consciousness to promote the forever pre-arrangement of an Over Mind, disregarding the Evolution of Species and the conditional Dependent Nature of dynamic complex Existence. It is a contradiction with his mission of co-creating which implies the possibility of Changing one's Quality of the Consciousness or one's State of Being and the environment one a part. 

    One is more than just a radio to tune in the 'realities' created by the Overlord in the past cheated masters-slaves relationships, but a creator in its own right - thanks to the Buddha Nature innate in One and all other living beings - to make up part of available realities at the aggregate[R10]. Due to Volition / Freewill / Sankhara driven either by Ignorance toward Sufferings or Prajna toward the Purity-Tranquility of existence - one is fully responsible for one's actions and the environment of aggregate realities such as national economy / security, green environment where one a part. The inability to tune in 'outside-the-box' Nameless according to Tao, 'Nirvana' according to Gotama, 'the kingdom of God [is] within you'[Luke 17:21] according to Jesus, the 'Ultimate Truth' according to Nagarjuna, the 'Perfected Nature' according to Asanga, the 'Self Nature' according to HuiNeng, the awareness of the self awareness in the Dharmapala-XuanZang (HsuanTsang) theoretical model, or the Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict shows the need of cultivable processes to unravel the potentialities of our 'Wholesome Mind' in the Dignity of Worthy Existence.

    His conclusion that one can only 'Shift' the predetermined realities and cannot change oneself and the surrounding implies an overall regulating agent that he himself denies, and is the 'aged-old' ignorance of the claimed degenerated Omnipotent / Omnipresent / Forever God and the One-and-Only Allah through Action-Reaction that he (and the team leaders) personally know through the Compassionate Help of the Sound Technology specialist. Where is the natural law of Action-Reaction - Bashar's third law - in the pre-selecting Choice before incarnation (his own word to avoid the proper 'reincarnation' to make happened the manifestation) in one's Continuity of the Consciousness? 

    In Bashar thesis, where is the difference between one's momentary Reality and Actuality (which is the aggregate of all relevant realities) that causes unnecessary Sufferings as analysed in 60+ years by Krishnamurti? That gap from 'Thing As It Is' can be dynamically changed in one's Volition, driven by Wisdom (Prajna) of seeing 'Thing As It Is' via Right Mindfulness and the Insight of the solution - instead of Ignorance causing Sufferings. Bashar's 'choice' implies a confused conditioned selector selecting equally confusing alternatives already filtered by the selector's conditions. 

    A condition cannot see other conditions 'As It Is'. Where is the role of the Higher Mind at one's instant moment of one's sweet spot (Figure 3) defined as the intersection of (1) the Right Thing to do coming from seeing 'Thing As it Is, (2) the Right Way to do coming from one's Instinct and brain intelligence, and (3) one's unique comparative advantages. 

    While putting out an effective tool to help 'Break the Brick Walls of (thousands year) Belief', Bashar's process of [ Beliefs > Perception > Interpretation > Emotional reaction > Thoughts > Action ] contradicts himself to enslave one totally inside the conditioned box of existence, shutting out the possibility of being an Integrated Person. To 'Know Oneself' - Not Belief under binding Word/Image and clinging Thought - is the real driving force of momentary Volition (Table 2) to dynamically adjust and optimize one's Sweet Spot (Figure 3) in one's evolution of Consciousness according to the Essence of the Right Living

    If there exists 'Freewill' as accepted by Bashar then there is a normative condition that one can cultivate according to 'Thing As It Is - Actuality'. That normative condition is called 'Conscience' in western concept that we equate it to Prajna and Bashar's belief to Volition to show a deeper analysis that a volition can be driven by Ignorance leading to Sufferings or Prajna toward the Purity-Tranquility of existence, which Bashar and his group do not know nor have. The dynamic adjustment from one's 'Reality' to 'Actuality' comes from Right Mindfulness - a state of Prajna - to see 'Thing As It Is' beyond binding Word/Image of Christian movement and clinging Thought of Islam world. This training 'Right Mindfulness' can be augmented in PrajnaTIP in Kindness and modern technologies of [ Instinct - Data - Intelligence ] via Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    Bashar 's [ Follow your excitement - Finding your Purpose in Life ] is just like a blind running around and beating the bushes without knowing what one is doing. This happens to most successful people, totally missing the Essence of the Right Living / Effort. ending up with empty hand of some concrete lasting value while creating more unnecessary burdens to blindly achieve the Purpose at all costs. To 'Know Oneself', one can dynamically change one's Sweet Spot to strategically choose the 'battle' of Worthy Existence in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

  7. Bashar's Over Mind and 'One is All, All is One' - his second law of Existence - is the game of using Word (not Actuality) to confuse people in the old bag of Creative Intelligence. One can never be the all as admitted by Bashar, even one can be expanded to all, the experience is one's uniqueness. In other word, one can only look at the totality - the Tao's Nameless - from different angles. 'All is One' is the disguise of an Omnipotent Omnipresent regulating agent (God / Allah) that Bashar rejected. But All can be reflected in One due to (1) the evolution from Form back to Consciousnbess, outside all conditioned existence of One, (2) Consciousness is One in the totality of Thing-As-It-Is.

    One can be a part of the Whole since one's action changes the environment whose aggregate outcome is the momentary State of the Whole. The Whole interest can be a part of one's Volition driven by Prajna, Not Ignorance since the environment affects one's well-being. Due to Volition, one is a creator of its own right either driven by Ignorance toward Sufferings or Purity-Tranquility of Existence toward happiness. Bashar's 'belief' is technically this 'Volition - Freewill - Sankhara' which can be driven by Ignorance or Prajna (Wisdom). 

    The Prajna has embedded Verifiable Emptiness[D25] - like moving closer to a black hole - to rejuvenate all wears and tears of manifestations. Where is this Emptiness and Natural Purification as described by Gotama, hinted by Conventional Truth and Ultimate (Wider) Truth of Buddhist Madhyamaka, the infusion of the Perfected Nature to turn the Imaginary Nature (or one's ignorant realities) into the Dependent Nature of Thing As It Is in the momentary state of existence? 

    Buddhist Ultimate (Wider) Truth or Perfected Nature is called by Bashar 'Higher Mind' at different depths. The Higher Mind is not a slave to the Over Mind that Bashar conceptually theorizes at Word level to probably hide the hidden master-slave relationships between the Over Mind and the Higher Mind as we demonstrated in the next item. This Right Relationship is embedded in the natural law of the Buddha Nature that each person's Living Organism depends on and has effect to the ecosystem having sustainable Created Values at the aggregate level such as family, community, region, nation, the world and Cosmos. 

    The 'Over Mind, 'Higher Mind', 'Self Nature', 'Consciousness of Self Consciousness is Self/Selfless Consciousness', 'Perfected Nature', 'Ultimate (Wider) Truth', 'Kingdom of God within you'[Luke 17:21] are conceptual words whose contents are relevant. The contents have been identified as 'Verifiable Emptiness' which is defined and personally verified as states (signed posts in Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict) where gross attributes are naturally dissolved to utter Silence of No Thought toward Nothingness and Beyond. These states or signed posts are called nine (9) knowable meditation states by Gotama and classified into three (3) categories according to changed phases: Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity.

  8. Bashar talks about the nine (9) levels of Consciousness without detailing the attributes and characteristics of these nine levels. It is probably the nine Signed Posts mentioned by Buddha Gotama that Bashar and his leaders may over-hear from our discussion, without having any clue about them and/or without tracing out what trails leading to each signed post and from one signed post to the next. They are similar to many Buddhist monks/nuns - knowing nothing about these Verifiable Emptiness up to Nirvana - yet pretending to be Buddhist enlighten teachers, cheating themselves and others in making very unworthy living. The trails have not even identified by Gotama who only provided a binocular view and assertion in the Noble EightFold Path[D31]. We can sense it since most people use the word 'Mindfulness' to sell what they do not know nor have which is "Empty of the Contents / Insight into the Emptiness' or 'Samadhi' instead of 'Inner peace' and the qualification of 'Right Inner Peace' that we show how Jesus tempted by the cunning mind of the God. We have used the word 'Inner Peace' since 2007 in preparing this book.

    Bashar and his leaders may know the presence of the physical mind and higher mind, but where is the Purity level of Utter Silence, ready for No Thought at Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness, reaching the Unity of Nothingness and the Mountain Top Nirvana of momentary Unmoving Sunyata - Gotama's discovered solution for his Inner Quest Dukkha (dukkha-dukkha, viparinama-dukkha and sankhara-dukkha) where everything is changing (viparinama-dukkha) due to its conditioned (sankhara-dukkha). 

    Hence Freewill - Volition - Sankhara introduces a notion of Normative Condition / Intelligence or something outside the box that one can consciously inject in to change the pattern of Sufferings and/or Unsatisfied. That something outside the box is called by Bashar the Higher Mind, identified by us as the visible Kindness, Compassion and Prajna from the invisible Sunyata and are cultivable in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. Viparinama-dukkha is Bashar's fourth law of existence.


It is very beneficial to open a scientific dialogue at both theoretical level and empirical verification so that one can build on the learned lessons from others and contribute one's secret sauce appropriate to one's pattern that may be useful to others of similar pattern. We generalize this "Channeling and Extra-Terrestrial (ET)" section with an Ontological System for those wishing to further explore the Illuminati New World Order. Their complete "Nazi Fascism" plan has been foiled. It is worthy to document as a case study: (1) taxonomy: Teleportation / Parallel Realities / 'One is All, All is One'; (2) model: Freewill / Unconditioned Love; (3) axiom: Lucifer / ET.

2. Continuity of the AwakeningBudh Movement

The "Oneness" beyond conflicts in duality of self and not-self as described in Lankavatara Sutra[D32] or the "Unchanged / Unborn" logically explained its existence in Shurangama Sutra[D31] has been a mysterious experience in both higher and human realms: (page 85) "People grasping their own shadows of discrimination, uphold the discrimination of dharma and adharma, and failing to carry out the abandonment of the dualism, they go on discriminating and never attain tranquility. By Tranquility is mean oneness, and oneness gives birth to the highest Samadhi, which is gained by entering into the womb of Tathagatahood, which is the realm of supreme wisdom realized in one's inmost self".

This "Oneness / Unchanged / Unborn" in the mid of changing (viparinama-dukkha) and conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) existence can be actually known by many via "Kindness" (mettā - tâm từ) and "Compassion" (karuṇā - tâm bi) to have Right Understanding and Right Motivation for Right Effort in all activities in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. When you describe your "Kindness" or "Compassion" the kindness or compassion are not there. But many actually know the "Kindness" that makes you Share your Happiness with others and the "Compassion" that enables your feeling the pains of others and drives you to do something very practical just like you do something for your own physical and mental pains (dukkha-dukkha).

You cannot say your "Kindness" and "Compassion" - which have different depths from the qualities of your Heart, not the amount you spend - different from your opponents' Kindness and Compassion. Minimum "Food - Health - Education" are what we together can do to manifest the universal values of "Kindness" and "Compassion" to enable everyone in the driver seat, changing oneself and the environment one a part. The "Have" in sharing part of their surplus not only generate positive action and reaction but also a rare opportunity to know more about themselves and the vibration / sensitivity innate in their heart with the environment supporting them. The "Needy" can temporarily pass the "crack / hurdle" so they have opportunities to do something for themselves and others. In that sense "Food - Heath - Education" is not a serial but dynamic simultaneous process where all involved paries - the Have and the Needy - can learn something from the generated activities. The core of "Education" is to "To Know Oneself" which is very precious, aesthetic and beyond Image/Word and Thought that only Practical Living and Personal Experience can open the precious quality hidden within everyone.

Since that precious quality - Prajna / Conscience / Self Nature / Perfected Nature / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / The kingdom of God within you / Nirvana / Nameless Tao - is beyond Image / Word / Thought and must be personally experienced to make its manifestations in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, "Kindness and Compassion" are the Right and easiest mediums for Learning and Doing. They are two of the achievable manifestation of the four Boundless Qualities of the Mind. The highest level of Detachment-Born (upekkhā - tâm xả) is a "trade-mark" of Maitreya happy Buddha when one can transcend the "Observer" with some stability in cosmic Consciousness (Gotama verifiable Infinite Space and Infinite Consciousness).

That Gateway to Oneness or Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict has been poked into by great explorers known in humanity as the Tao 'Nameless', Gotama 'Nirvana', 'the kingdom of God within you', 'Ultimate (Wider) Truth' in Buddhist Madhyamaka, 'Perfected Nature' in Buddhist Consciousness-Only, 'Awareness of Self Awareness' in Dharmapala-XuanZang theoretical model, 'Self Nature' by HuiNeng. Discovering the "How" riding on natural laws for heavy lifting is just a "Continuity of the AwakeningBudh" to fast track the process with scientific processes and modern technologies. We call that 'outside-the-box' the 'Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict' at different depths of Transcendental Inner Peace. It is a different from consciousness layer in parallel universe that one can access through 'wormhole' as logically understood from theoretical physics[R22.1]. We call these seven technologies of the "How" the vertical switches: one group is going vertically deeper ( PrajnaTIP in Sound, Samadhi) the other group is going wider and Higher (Aspiration, ComPassion, Detachment-Born, Right Effort, PrajnaTIP in Kindness). These seven switches can be more specific to five different types of people for thirty five (35) specialised ways to be above conflicting events on the duality plane.

On the duality plane (Relative Truth), we have identified known common seven trails explored below, leading to this Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict that have covered the entire human significantly discovered pieces of truths toward this 'Gateway to Oneness' of our deeper or higher vertical switches. Scientific approach in 'Gateway to Oneness' forces all religions putting Right Effort to deliver real contributions to drive the human development while eliminating addicted and divisional imaginary faiths (deep rooted Marks like other binding and clinging Marks such as abnormal sex, fear, phobia) enforced by professional scam artists, causing unnecessary sufferings for billions lives in the past.

For the gateway-to-oneness to simulate outdated Marks, wiping out dominant karmic forces in managing an Easier and Happier present life, we know it exists and a part of the Simulation Technology to use Prajna 'dissolving / emptying' unnecessary and outdated Marks[D21]. Using the gateway-to-oneness to predict the future may have already been exploited long time ago by Intelligent Beings using Consciousness technologies to affect the Event Outcome. It is similar to using algorithm patterns[R21], [R21.1], [R21.2] to predict and simulate espionage tactics and strategic decisions. The normative Right decisions are relevant and important than ever since the world becomes more complex and inter-connected having more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) capable to detect conflicting algorithms in the mathematical universe for momentary optimization.

  1. Sexual Orgasm: sex has been an embedded 'Mark' in one's millions years in form evolution where all senses (eye. ear, nose, tongue, body, mind) and entanglements (form, feeling, perception, impulse, consciousness) mixed together in one's natural need, just like eating and sleeping. In many cultures and religions, sex has been elevated into a high art of cultural celebrations, singing, dancing, courtship and holy inter-connected. Tantra is the highest form of learning this Dependent Nature, recognizing the needs of the two polarities in Union to learn the Essence of the Right Living / Effort. The highest bliss come only when the two are at the highest point together [1 + 1 is much more than 2] where one looses the self, flowing deep into the intertwining energy of the two. It is a gateway to oneness to properly remind one that beside specialization for practical living, one can never be completely independent but a part of the living Whole.

    But without Detachment-Born having mutual respects and recognition of what other party brings to the table, selfishness / manipulation / imagination leak in to destroy one's natural ability to flow deep into the intertwining energy of the two and/or that intertwining energy - deep chemistry - is not there anymore, replaced by more Inner Conflicts - Outer Conflicts on top of innumerable Inner Conflicts - Outer Conflicts within oneself.

    Through aspiration and community sharing - Figure 1 - one has discovered many other gateways to oneness that can lift one's quality of the consciousness beyond the evolution of forms to the evolution of consciousness without having the pulls and pushes of the form constraints leading toward sufferings of Inner Conflicts - Outer Conflicts. With natural technology from PrajnaTIP in Sound - dissolving stressing and conflicting events for Natural Purification[D26] of the senses - one can know more about oneself at the source of thought to help oneself and the other in the true Dependent Nature of existence. Sex is then elevated to more than the physical biology, but a tool for expanding Compassion and Wisdom (Prajna).

  2. Highest Tantric Sexual Penetration[R14] Tantra: There are significant differences in details and roles of different chakras in Hindu Ayurveda, Chinese Chi-Kung / medicine, Tibetan Tantra / medicine, and Vietnamese Chi-Kung / Medicine (Thuốc Nam) that scientific researches may bring together the cream of the creams from these ancient systems for real benefits to humanity. Here we are interested in the trail of the highest tantra claimed as gateway to oneness at different depths.

    "(From Tantra: Page 176) ... Through the force of meditation, however, these winds can be brought into the central channel, where they are no longer able to support the development of gross conceptions of dualistic appearance. With a mind free from dualistic appearances, we shall be able to gain a direct realization of ultimate (wider) truth, emptiness", plus the description in page 205 "As the drop ... finally flows down to the tip of the sex organ, the practitioner experiences spontaneous great bliss – the great bliss of completion stage. Because the downward voiding wind is reversed, the drop is not released at this point but flows up again through the central channel, causing the practitioner to experience even greater bliss. For such a practitioner, the drops are never released and so they flow up and down the central channel for a very long time, giving rise to unceasing bliss ...".

    First applying HuiNeng qualification of 'meditation - dhyana' the highest tantra meditation at what it claims as 'Ultimate (Wider) Truth' has only one attribute of knowing a 'light happiness' in circulation of the sexual juice and a 'Bliss' of ejaculation. It lacks the 'No-Mark' on one's Substance once the action completed - 'To be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana, and to attain Inner Peace is Samadhi. It does not have the Detachment-Born right in the action as qualified by Gotama for a Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi).

    Second, the 'free from dualistic appearances' is only a gateway to oneness, but coming from the wrong trail of complex entanglements, far more inferior than the next four trails while the practitioner hallucinated with oneself as a designated guru and enlighten monk.

    Third, the transformation of sexual juice will never be 100% as proven by the first law of thermodynamics so the claimed 100% transformation of sexual juice in Tibetan Kalachakra (Thời Luân) and the addicted unceasing bliss is False!

    We are now at a modern time to rigorously investigate all the 'described' and 'challenge all descriptions' for practical benefits relevant to the present living, weeding out religious scam artists selling what they do not know nor have to destroy themselves and others attracted to their deception. Esoterically, we know this is the case for many gurus - claimed Buddhist meditation masters and titles[R15] or Highest Buddhist Masters[R13.1] - ended as sex addicts but still glorified by their followers to scam others in selling what they do not know nor have as seen in all organized religions up to 2017.

  3. Christian Faith: Faith is an energy, embedded in one's Instinct as a 'belief engine' and served one well in millions years of form evolution[R9]. It is the second strongest driving force next to sex that can inspire one to high Arts and/or leading to mass destruction, more devastating than the deviant destruction of sex since it raises the abstraction level to the mountain top of thought construction. Only at the Purity Utter Silence, loosening the grips of clinging thought - ready to the cosmic consciousness of Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness - one can naturally 'Drop' the brick walls of all faiths. The 'how to break the brick walls of faith' talked by an 'ET'[R20] is just like a modern therapy imposing one dark layer on top of another dark layer, not the Prajna to naturally Drop what is not relevant to the present moment for a Freshness and Rejuvenation of Thing As It Is.

    Through the Faith, especially 'the kingdom of God [is] within you'[Luke 17:21] and the message of a 'Good Samaritan'[R16], many have a natural embedded Kindness such as Mother Teresa[R17] that is a Lasting Value in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. But that 'Kindness' beyond word and thought may be soon disappeared in the brick walls of faith, enslaved one in its own narrow scope of actual living. Esoterically she was the reincarnation of Saint Teresa of Ávila and had not been out of the Binding Word / Clinging Thought up to 2010 as we esoterically know. You can look at the two pictures and have your own conclusion.

    Knowing the Equanimity Verifiable Emptiness, the natural Purification will loosen the grips of binding Word/Image in one's core consciousness. Only at Purity Verifiable Emptiness, the clinging thought will be disentangled and one can gradually be out of the conditioned brick walls of faith. This means one has to pass the Buddhist Gateway to Oneness - second stage of Gotama meditation - to be beyond the Equanimity third stage of meditation and familiar with the Purity fourth stage of meditation, one can naturally drop all faiths. This process has been explicitly described in Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] that most Buddhists cannot touch. The situation will soon be changed via the Science and Economics of "KhaiPhong" to democratize the "Practicality of the Emptiness". Having this Engineering roadmap, one does not need to spend many life times to discover this trail.

    That is why all popes do not know 'Love' when they continue to claim their appointed infallibility of what they do not know nor have, and/or wearing big crosses and exposing the heart of the 'redeemer' to show the love at below conditioned word / image / thought. At the Right Time, we together will be able to enable the mass know 'the kingdom of God within you'[Luke 17:21] without the destructive and addicted 'faith that can move the mountain'[Matthew 17:20]. The solution is in Verifiable Emptiness.

    Applying modern ontological system - that you can challenge different systems to prove otherwise - to the Roman Catholic Church, we have: (1) taxonomy/classification: Priests, Faithfuls, Infidels; (2) model/process to deliver its pieces of Truth: Redeemer, Infallible Pope as Gatekeeper and Faith (obedience); (3) axiom/assumption: Omnipotent Omniscient Omnipresent God. It is the wrong assumption either coming from the most hallucinated person[R18.3] and/or greatest scam artist[R18.4] to drive the 'infallibility scam' proven with tracked records[R18.2], [R18.1], [R18] under the divisional classifications to have an army of addicted priests in messing up humanity. The wrong assumption / axiom comes from complex "Dependent Nature" of existence[R7] that at any moment there can only a probability of the outcome, not the deterministic claim of Omnipotence Omniscience Omnipresence.

    Another possible ontological system - called Humanist, completely divorced from the Roman Catholic Church of organized religion - is based on Jesus: (1) taxonomy: Good Samaritan; (2) model: 'Faith in people'; (3) axiom: Aspiration innate in human nature. To achieve the kindness Good Samaritan[R16], one may use Faith as one form of Aspiration to do Good.

  4. Islam Faith and Swirling: Driven by another esoteric force - fully aware of the master-slave technique used by its opponent and also riding on the story of Jesus, Islam implements both Faith and the Swirling technology to use the vortex energy of swirling to 'break the crust of sesame seed for its oil'[D39] which applies the same principle as the highest tantra using its mindfulness to transform sexual juice, creating a physical 'wormhole (gateway-to-oneness)' to dissolve manifested appearances[R14.1] in current layer of consciousness for realization of the emptiness in the gateway to oneness.

    The life of Jesus is rewritten to serve the Islam whose ontological system may be as follows (1) taxonomy: Muslims and Infidels; (2) model: 'Messiah / Faith / Swirling'; (3) axiom: Allah - The one and only God. The definition of 'Allah' means "Oneness" while Muslims and Infidels are duality of opposing forces. The effective "Truth" comes out from Faith / Swirling must produce the dissolution of appearances in opposing forces to be in contacts with the Oneness. Islam has not produced this outcome due to addiction in the model / process. In this addiction, the direct contact with Oneness / Allah is lost to leave behind fanatic violence in its place. This shows the importance of "Detachment-Born" even before entering the Gateway to Oneness.

    Applying the swirling and/or other appropriate technologies in the correct Detachment-Born as one's basis for Beyond-Thought at the observed and No-Mark once the action completed, we will introduce the cultivable Prajna in Activity to actually pass the Gateways to Oneness toward different depths of the Verifiable Emptiness as actually described by Gotama[D28] 2500+ years ago and further elaborated in Buddhist Path of Purification[D33] as detailed below based on different subjects beside the oneness of Earth. Different subjects or conditions leading to Verifiable Emptiness for Natural Purification of the senses to see and act according to 'Thing As It Is' are practical applications worthy to scientifically explore since 'the gateway-to-oneness' - 'the kingdom of God within you'[Luke 17:21] have been sabotaged by scam artists of all divisional organized religions.

  5. Chi / Prana meditation: Here is the correct application of this technology[R11] toward the Verifiable Emptiness as already described in the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2], waiting for serious explorers to verify in daily activities since in the flowing depth of the Wisdom - gambhiram Prajnaparamitacaryam - one can transcend both the Observed and the Observer[R14.1].

    Similar to the trail via personal effort in 'Intensity of Attention' of Nagarjuna Madhyamaka and Asanga Consciousness-Only, the process will take thousands years of consistent and continuous effort to move through Purity Verifiable Emptiness, reaching Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness of Cosmic Consciousness, toward the Unity of Sunyata Nothingness and reaching Gotama momentary Nirvana or HuiNeng Unmoving Sunyata.

  6. Hindu Siddhi via Transcendental Meditation: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - supported from his teacher Guru Dev Shankaracharya - introduced the beginning level of Sound Technology to the Word as Transcendental Meditation without knowing the fundamental scientific process of the technology, the HonNhien Mind. We feel - due to strong patterns in the Continuity of the Consciousness - that they might be the reincarnations of Tilopa and Naropa who had actually demonstrated[D39] their ability to know the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict. It explained why Mahesh also wants to set up his University. The technology has enabled many thousands people from different cultures and religions directly experiencing the Purification Process via the Gateway-to-Oneness and Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict, reactivating their dormant Inner Power with / without required thousands years of Intensity of Attention.

    Without the HonNhien Mind, the experience is lost due to the Grasp-er and the Grasped of the precious experience. HonNhin Mind can only play an initial trick of one special process similar to some past techniques of learning Chi-Kung or inner energy where one has to forget whatever one knows about meditation or techniques of having "inner peace" for this special process takes over. It is just like addicted faith that one has to be totally in. When you are attached, your "HonNhien Mind" disappears. Once you know some level of "Verifiable Emptiness" via the HonNhien Mind, your mind - driven by left brain - becomes attached to the technique and/or its "holy" sound; the natural HonNhien Mind is lost. That is the time the technique must be "Dropped / Detachment-Born" to stabilize your quality of "Detachment-Born" as a basis for the manifestation of HuiNeng's generalised Samadhi-Prajna or Gotama Right Mindfulness for further accumulating the "Right Inner Peace" stock for deeper quality of its state Samadhi-Prajna - Right Mindfulness. This correct precess is not known by the founder of Transcendental Meditation since he is far from Being Aware the sources of his thoughts.

    The technique was first marketed as 'Bliss' in 'SatChitAnanada' that raised the level of Grasping in all participants and enthusiasts while the founder himself did not have sufficient Right Mindfulness to sense the sources of the signals from his senses and the state of his being to properly manage his realities for a very unworthy scandal. Thanks to his deeper level than the Tranquility gateway to oneness to reach Equanimity - qualified by Gotama as the base of his Right Mindfulness - Mahesh corrected the past marketing 'Bliss' into 'Emptiness', 'Nothingness' before he left the World[D48].

    With sufficient infrastructure to protect and support participants whose unnecessary and outdated marks arisen to the surface due to the Natural Purification of Verifiable Emptiness, and proper preparations having professional qualified supports, the technology can be re-introduced to reactivate the Awakening process and re-vitalize the HonNhien Mind.

    We expect PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light can enable at least 1% to 7% human population in a short period have lasting-valued experiences built on the foundation of Kindness in the new Friendly and Compassionate Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings in a wider perspective of the four Boundless Qualities of the Mind for the Happiness of One and the Whole: Kindness (mettā - tâm từ), Compasion (karuṇā - tâm bi), Joy (muditā - tâm hỷ), Detachment (upekkhā - tâm xả). The experiences will not be lost, but accumulated due to the correct patented processes, required supporting infrastructures, and varieties of other Consciousness Technologies PrajnaTIP in Kindness , Cultivable Prajna in Activity and in Sadhana to deepen the experiences to possibly know all nine stages of meditation up to momentary Nirvana as known by Buddha Gotama when he was a child.

  7. Gateway-to-Oneness / Tranquillity second stage of Right Samadhi: Out of all trails entering the gateway to oneness, the right approach to Gotama Tranquility second stage of Right Samadhi is the Correct and Highest technology. It is correct since it is based on the Detachment-Born (starting of HonNhien) right in the first stage - at the time of momentary action, not at the theoretical conditioned thought level as taught in all Buddhist Sanghas to enter the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict. It is the Highest since it rides on all pieces of truth from other discoveries to naturally deepen the participant experience into different depths of Verifiable Emptiness that will be actually delivered to the mass when the time is right: Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Unity. This is the Only One which can pass the Utter Silence of Purity to Transcend the Observer or Gotama Not-Self toward Nothingness and beyond to momentary Nirvana.

    It has been proven and explicitly described by Gotama[D28], [D29], [D25] 2500+ years ago. It was seconded By HuiNeng in his generalized Samadhi-Prajna and Unmoving Sunyata of which moves: the flag, the wind or your mind. It has been tested and personally known by at least four (4) identified living students; each brings to the table thousands years of their specializations that you will treasure your close-encounters if you are on the same direction of Conscious Living, fully responsible for your actions and the environment you are part helping to shape the Right Direction wherever you happen to be.

Exploring the Transcendental States provided by both Christians and Muslims, we can see the danger of Grasp-er and the Grasped if one does not have a wider perspective of Dependent Nature plus the 'Right Understanding' and 'Right Motivation' in transcending the observer. The same [ Inner Conflicts / Outer Conflicts ] also happened in Buddhism between Nagarjuna Madhyamaka and Asanga Consciousness-Only that so much efforts and resources have been devoted to irrelevant things, not to the extends of violent and bloody events as in Christians and Muslims. At the practical level, ask yourself why you are miserable and unhappy even with your success.

If you are a smart and successful person you know that you have some comparative advantage and uniqueness in your own endeavor. Can you ride on that smartness and uniqueness to be successful in all activities to be an Integrated Person, making your life and the lives of others Easier and Happier? If the "Why-Not" happens to you - who is currently in important position to affect others - be Aware of being a victim to be remotely controlled and slaved to the three hallucinated esoteric forces driving Christian, Muslim, and Vajrayana / Pure Land movements as described above to exploit your Unique Comparative Advantages while not leaving a moment of Complete Silence for your 'Real' Reflection to directly access the full potentialities of your Quality of the Consciousness.

Can you do something for your Realities and reverse the degenerated direction, reactivated your Freewill / Volition / Sankhara and Conscience (Prajna) to wipe out outdated Marks on your Substance. We say Yes when

  1. One has a wider perspective Dependent Nature of existence in recognizing that Kindness of a Good (Samaritan) Person is the foundation of all Goodness of lasting Values. That Kindness or common vibration of energy (Compassion) encompasses two sides of Consciousness: Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction (toward Right Effort versus Wrong Effort, Right Inner Peace versus Wrong Inner Peace).

  2. Available technologies for heavy lifting directly entering different depths of Verifiable Emptiness as actually experienced by Buddha Gotama. That different depths of Verifiable Emptiness will naturally Awaken the natural Awareness from one's innate Buddha Nature to enable one seeing Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict and one's state of being to properly manage one's Reality for a Right Action in daily activities.

  3. At the Right Time and Right Place of optimum conditions for the Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness and Unity happened. That optimum condition is the manifestation of HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna (Định Tuệ) that most monks - up to 2017 - have not touched at different depths. It is the Verifiable Emptiness that produces Samadhi, and it is Awareness in Sudden Awaken then Awakening that enables the manifestation of Prajna or Insight for a Right Action, commonly known as a "Vision" then continuous Right Effort.

The Right Time is Now to ride on the cosmic changes where Natural Purification has an extra natural Push from the new cycle of the Nature that otherwise very 'tough' as evidenced from 100,000+ years in evolution of the middle realms, higher than human realm. The Natural Purification - not the wrong Buddhist meditation on Emptiness and Purification via Imagination at conditioned thought - comes from different factors according the Dependent Nature of Existence. The factors to positively affect Natural Purification are:

  1. Open space of natural environment to neutralize one's psychological and physical stresses,

  2. Harmonious and healthy living plus working environment where one is in and can consciously create wherever one happens to be that we call PrivateHub of your Inner Circle and circle of inner circles,

  3. Channeling Cosmic Consciousness to elevate one's Quality of the Consciousness to a higher level for wider perspective of Dependent Nature to Awaken one's Awareness or Conscience,

  4. Using Cosmic Consciousness to neutralize heavy driving force while elevating one's spirit to higher aspiration level such as opening one's Heart and Crown Chakras,

  5. Using Cosmic Consciousness together with other physical means such as prana yoga and eating regimes to enable one's personal experience of natural levitation,

  6. Using Cosmic Consciousness to remotely neutralize karmic forces plus enhanced energy to overcome physical illness,

  7. PrajnaTIPs and cultivable Prajna in activity and sadhana with innumerable applications.

The first two factors can be implemented right at the present moment by almost all people, inspired in a Conscious Living. The next four factors using Cosmic Consciousness can only be implemented by advanced students having many thousands years in consciousness evolution; within that group we are aware of only two students, capable to channel cosmic energy to help others: one in Buddhist/Christian traditions of Sudden Awakening and Samaritan, and one in Hindu tradition of physical and mental Siddhis. These two will be parts of the PrajnaTIP. Whether they can train the trainers to do their jobs is still a question. But even so, many can ride on their unique comparative advantages to directly know different flavors of Verifiable Emptiness rooted in the correct Detachment-Born. The PrajnaTIPs are scientifically designed for the mass to start from one's actual 'Quality of the Consciousness', moving together through different depths of 'Verifiable Emptiness' and responsible for the wide and deep implementations of these precious technologies in all human activities.

Mathematically, "empty of the contents" via Emptiness / Alertness plus Awareness to directly perceive the present situation are the necessary and sufficient conditions for Natural Purification. This mathematical formulation sheds significant light in many issues of human evolution concerning the Essence of the Right Living / Effort and the meaning of Worthy Existence.

Emptiness (commonly known as naturally unworried) gives you wider perspective of the situation - a rejuvenation from unnecessary stresses - plus "Alertness" of both possible opportunities and dangers related to current Issue, and to a certain extend a better way to cope with unbearable psychological and physical pains to the untrained. That means a feeling of light happiness and more efficient in working and dealing with daily activities. But without clear "Awareness", emptiness and/or more efficient state - the foundation for specialized Unique Comparative Advantages - will lead to addiction and/or hallucination of the self, driving for more under the self ownership and control of master-slave. The Union of Emptiness and Awareness leads to the "Right Effort" rather than destructive "Wrong Effort", the Right Inner Peace rather than addicted Wrong Inner Peace, the aspiration in Faith going beyond thought rather than indoctrinated and addicted Prayers in all organized religions where Buddhism organized by Buddhist communities of monks and nuns up to 2017 is a part. The purification via imagination and/or praying may temporarily help, but is only a technique of shifting from one image to another deeply burned and/or addicted image. It is an outdated mark whether that is a mark from religion and/or utopia. There is no 'Empty of the Contents', hence no purification whatsoever.

Secondly, Clear Awareness - such as knowing what Right or Wrong relevant to one's present moment - is usually very superficial since there are innumerable pulls and pushes, rendering one incapable of knowing one's present conditions. Without the depth of Verifiable Emptiness, the Awareness cannot directly perceive dominant factors relevant to the present moment for a Right Action. It is the Emptiness that enables one sensing the sources of thoughts, knowing with clarity signals from the senses and the state of one's being to manage one's Reality in an optimal Right Action. In that superficial Awareness without the state and stock of Emptiness (Samadhi), it is completely veiled by linear logic of the left brain.

It is complete upside down in the entire history of Buddhist communities of monks and nuns in its assertion of Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna, and its hallucination to equate ethical codes designed for a monk's life style to the Virtue that many even do not know due to indulgence in the cheating game to achieve social respect and luxury living. That indulgence in the cheating game can be seen in wider case studies of organized religions in the entire history of humanity where conflicting esoteric forces having mostly cunning intelligence in innumerable tactics of different sects within one religion and among crossed religions with destructive Wrong Efforts for upper hand in competing religions, serving different aspects of the hallucinated ego.

Emptiness and Awareness are not two separate processes but dynamically affect each other. That is why HuiNeng talks about Samadhi (coming from Emptiness) / Prajna (coming from Awareness for the manifestation of Prajna stock and state). That manifestation of both state and stock of Prajna - named Samadhi-Prajna (Định Tuệ) by HuiNeng - is Gotama Right Mindfulness at different depths in his description of Verifiable Emptiness. The union of [ Emptiness / Awareness ] is the bottom line of realizing one's Potentialities and Knowing the Essence of the Right Living / Effort. One can be Happy and Successful life-after-life, fully responsible for one's action and the environment one is in.

Identified Vertical Switches will effortlessly clean up current messy states from past "Wrong Efforts" - causing inner conflicts outer conflicts - switching from the darkness of Ignorance to the light of Prajna:

The technologies for empirical verification at different depths of Emptiness rely on natural laws for heavy lifting which would take many thousands years of self effort in 'Intensity-of-Attention'. The Clusters of Open Innovation Network (COINs) will naturally bring together divisional splits between Theravada and Mahayana schools - not at the diplomatic level of learning Pali and Sanskrit to promote mutual understanding of different traditions as suggested, but - by challenging all scholars and meditation masters of all traditions to bring their actual contributions for humanity to the table (Town Hall Meetings via Internet of Things and Local Presence). All religions of Hearsay and Exploitation will soon be "out". Members of Buddhist communities of monks and nuns - failed to fulfil their Job (probably due to no concrete and achievable job description) in the past 2500+ years - must do something to revitalize Gotama's discoveries as precious Gifts to Humanity.

The mathematical proof - using actual arguments of the claimed masters in Madhyamaka and Consciousness-Only - also demonstrates as its by-products the real hurdles from duality existence of How to move from:

  1. Current present moment of relative existence to the Perfected Nature, personally experience the infusion of the Natural Purification to loosen the Grips of binding and clinging forces of Imaginary Nature moving toward the Dependent Nature closer to 'Thing As It Is',

  2. Conventional Truth of duality existence to Madhyamaka Ultimate (Wider) Truth in Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict, having an Insight into the Emptiness,

and possible trails to overcome the hurdles right at the present relative existence. Trails of empirical verification must deliver the solution for these hurdles which can be described as Transcendental or 'Empty of the Contents' for whatever the gross contents they are as actually described in the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] to effortlessly wide out professional scam artists, selling at word level of what they do not know nor have in thousands years of human dark periods.

These possible trails and their optimum conditions will be shared and documented to help others on the same trails, while providing more empirical tests in a wider environment of practical/beneficial solutions. A public Boardroom channel for Free Community and possible professional Help will be in place to make known and popularize an Awareness Beyond Thought.

The same thing is applicable to Buddhist Heart Sutra that we pointed out - at the time of forming the Prajna Pagoda in Calgary Canada - the different versions (the Chinese and Sanskrit version) to be logically and scientifically ironed out by global communities of Buddhist Counselors since actual realization[R2] at different depths of the Heart Sutra is the necessary and sufficient condition for knowing the 'Right' at similar depths in all components of Gotama's Noble eightfold Path.

From this AwakeningBudh environment, one is driven by what most relevant to the present moment - as we are currently witnessing and commonly known as the People Power - fully responsible for one's actions and dynamically drop whatever not relevant such as sectarian Wrong Faiths from past organized religions.

Mathematically, we can state that without transcendental - empty of the content - there is no meditation. Empty of the content is the necessary and sufficient condition for meditation. Without detachment-born (starting the HonNhien), there is no Right Inner Peace for the manifestation of Prajna. Detachment-Born is the necessary and sufficient condition at different depths of the Right Inner Peace for the manifestation of Prajna.

Hence, to show any meditation, you need to deliver 'Empty of the Content' which is the question of the 'Infinite Thought Bodhisattava' in Saddharma Pundarika[D44.1]. See if you - no matter who you are - or any monk has ever delivered that 'Empty of the Content' or transcendental in their innumerable forms of 'meditations' as described in the Heart Sutra[R2]. Note that 'transcendental' is only the 'dissolved Observed' or naturally empty of the content, not yet dissolving the Observer which will be delivered by Gotama's Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm) as he actually described above[D25] according to Buddhist recorded "Cula-suññata Sutta: The Lesser Discourse on Emptiness" (MN 121).

To show the Samadhi-Prajna you must have Detachment-Born to be first transcendental to the Utter Silence of Purity, then Beyond Thought to transcend the Observer. Those who have a glimpse into the difference as mentioned above between Wrong Efforts driven by conflicts and comparisons versus the 'Right Effort' from Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict may know the Utter Silence of this Purity where light Happiness has been completely dissolved. That is Gotama's Verifiable Emptiness.

3. Ontological Systems and Projection of a Golden Era

After a broad layout in observable movement from inter-realm masters-slaves relationships toward communications and collaborations where humanity can bring some real value to the table, together with initial discovered Consciousness Technologies, this book - An Engineering Roadmap - is an initial outcome of the AwakeningBudh to sketch possible Sound / Light and Consciousness technologies, enabling optimization of one's activities in a Right Effort, diving deep within one's Buddha Nature for the stability that changes both the State and Stock of one's Consciousness. In doing so one helps to drive the environment toward a Right Direction that humanity has attempted but failed in different organized religions and 'isms ' to impose the outside order crushing individual Inner Evolution in one-size-fit-all of outdated masters-slaves.

Given the established Taxonomy / Classification from major "isms" and their assumptions as well as model / process to turn the classifications into realities, we use its (proposed) "Axiom / Assumption" and "Model / Tool" in making the Taxonomy a Reality to expose the false in thousands years of past human dark periods. It is contrasted with the new Science and Economics of KhaiPhong, also known as the Science and Economics of Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience. There are scientific processes[R2] to move from the Quality of present "Relative Existence / Conventional Truth" to the "Ultimate (Wider) Truth" for an Insight into the Emptiness[D34], then infusing the "Perfected Nature" to loosen the grips of outdated Marks for Right Effort closer to the "Dependent Nature[D35].

This is "How" we can democratize the "Practicalities of the Emptiness" since everyone can "Share" a "special sauce" in "Axiom / Model / Taxonomy", personally experienced and beneficial for one's pattern which may be appropriate to others on the same trail. The "comparative advantages" learned from long trails of trials and errors embedded in one's Instinct and Brain Intelligence can follow this mathematical pattern of "Axiom > Model > Taxonomy" to make their invisible talent teachable in their "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings".

For example, "Change Management" - to our knowledge - was first systematically applied to manage and lead to a "Breakthrough / Đột Phá" in the Vietnamese 1945 August Revolution whose published recorded document was used in Harvard MBA program as a case study. It is formally stated that in any situation (family, community, industry, organization, region, country, politics, negotiation, human issue, wealth creation, Gross National Happiness, leadership) there are certain factors one can strategically influence and/or change to drive the outcomes toward the direction of our favourable position. This "Change Management" recently becomes prominent due to available web technologies plus required "Transparency and Accountability" under Open Government and Open Data (OpenGov). It is a valuable tool for all parties that we aspire to make it happened in the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong, hampered by past organized religions and isms to enslave humanity in master-slave relationships.

Here is a summary of significant systems where others can use the same pattern to put out their processes. This mathematical formulation helps not only expose the "false" but also what required as measurable metrics to properly (1) manage the "Model", (2) enable efficient manifestation of the "Taxonomy", and (3) sharpen the Value of the "Axiom" if it is a valuable "Actuality".

Ontological Systems: Axiom / Assumption using Model / Process to make happened the Taxonomy

Omnipotent Omniscient Omnipresent God
Redeemer / Infallible Pope / Faith
Priests / Faithfuls / Infidels
Allah: The one and only God
Messiah / Faith / Swirling
Muslims / Infidels
Illuminati, NWO
Lucifer / ET
Freewill / Unconditioned Love
Teleportation / Parallel Realities / 'One is All, All is One'
Faith in People
Good Person/Samaritan
Noble eightfold Path
Dukkha / Impermanence / Not-Self / Nirvana
Buddha Nature / Budh
Prajna TIP, Tool, Land
Making Life Easier and Happier

It is the Scientific approach in 'Gateway to Oneness' using Ontological system - to lay out (1) the taxonomy to communicate a concept, (2) the model / process to make a piece of Truth or 'Thing As It Is' happened, and (3) the axiom / assumption to drive the model. The process forces all organized religions / isms delivering their real contributions as part of human efforts to understand the Essence of the Right Living / Effort in normative decisions to drive the development.

Everyone - including Bashar - talks about a cosmic shift in Consciousness Evolution that all can ride on this Tidal Wave to be an Integrated Person, fully using one's potentiality for the benefits of one and the environment one a part in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. We agree and logically put out the following predictions together with an Ontological System as the base to explore its Science and Economics based on observable facts at both the esoteric level and hard evidences.

Due to the degeneration of the God / Bodhisattva / Buddha realms and the re-organization of the Esoteric Circle, many highly developed entities must be reincarnated as human beings to relearn the Essence of Right Living / Effort in One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One. This means all three phases of the AwakeningBudh - Spreading the Dharma in large scale, Thundering the Dharma from Beyond Thought, Lightning the Dharma from inter-realms Communications and Collaborations[D40], [D41] - can happen very quickly after this initial phase of clearing and preparing the field.

Back to the Relevant Present Now, take care of the Quality of your Consciousness and do not wear the holy/dirty masks of the gate keepers. It is Not the Real You from your True Heart worthy of your present existence[R18.3], [R18.4]. No entity having a sense of an agent (intelligent being) can be above the Scientific Facts of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes in the Science of Consciousness, evolving according to 'the Essence of the Right Living / Effort' which is One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One. The moral view of all organized religions, including Buddhism, has been greatly distorted and tilted toward a utopia and master-slave relationship, not according to momentary Thing-As-It-Is in the Essence of the Right Living.

Conspiracy or not, there is Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes that one is fully responsible for one's action and the environment one is in. The more available resources and powers to affect the surrounding, the more responsibility one needs to be. Even one is conditionally programmed to be a part of the group, one's Conscience can shed enough light on the Right and the Unworthy of the action that may have tremendous adverse effect beyond one's imagination or Significant Impact on the Lasting Values directly affecting one's and the surrounding Quality of Living in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. Is it wise to use whatever resources available to you that you cannot carry on in the next reincarnation as useful means to cultivate and generate what will be parts of you at the present moment and in the future?

What will be parts of You whether you want it or not according to 'Thing As They Are' are (1) the Quality 'As It Is' of your Consciousness and (2) what most important to you at the present moment through Relationships in your Inner Circle and circles of inner circles. Both of these parts can be momentarily changed to change yourself and the environment you are a part now and in the future in your Continuity of the Consciousness.

For example, on what ground one has the Right to decide the Unworthy Existence (especially with the population issue) of the mass as done by the Nazi. By equating Conscience to Prajna, we show there exists a proven process to cultivate Conscience (of Right and Unworthy) in its 'State' to see 'Thing As It Is' and in its 'Stock' to have an Insight of 'the Right Thing to do'.

The realm of Humanity is only one in innumerable realms of living organisms having a sense of an agent, not only in the physical forms of C,H,O,N as observable in living organisms in this World but also in different physical forms of energy having similar attributes of the consciousness, and in formless realms. It is the Quality of the carry-on Consciousness determining its next abode according to Natural Laws of 'Thing As It Is'. It is wise to do what is right at the Present Moment for the Quality of one's Consciousness and the environment one a part, using available resources as tools to cultivate and make sustainable the Lasting Values for One and Others.

It is Idol-Free ComPassion based on Actuality that everyone can come to Share Happiness (Com - Từ) - Mitigate Sufferings (Passion - Bi) in 'the Right Thing to do'. Be Aware of all hallucinated Chosen Ones, not meeting the acid tests of Beyond-Thought at the Observed, No-Mark once the action completed, Detachment-Born as one's basis for the manifestation of Right Mindfulness (Prajna) for a Right Understanding and Right Motivation according to 'Thing As It Is'.

It is illogical to wait to the time of death and totally rely on claimed religious rituals to 'fish the souls' and exploit others while they themselves do not actually know, and are more confused than others due to heavy masks they must wear as religious leaders[R18], [R18.1], [R18.2]. The other extreme is believing there is no continuity of the consciousness. Yet, one's consciousness having a sense of an agent does wish for some Happiness and mitigating unnecessary Sufferings. That consciousness is a form of energy; it cannot be destroyed but transformed.

The actuality is the State and Stock of one's Consciousness, and there are cultivable processes to change the State and Stock of the Consciousness, either to be lighter in a wider scope via Prajna, or heavier narrower scope of ignorance. The main thesis of this book is that everyone can start from one's own level of Prajna (Conscience) which can be further cultivated in Right Mindfulness[D9] and Right Inner Peace[D10] flowering from the ComPassion tree deep rooted in Sunyata to consciously make happened the two visible attributes of 'Being' - Compassion and Prajna - being injected in 'Living' ('Doing' in all activities) to be an Integrated Person moving toward the Essence of the Right Living.

The Innate Buddha Nature (embracing both the visible ComPassion-Prajna and invisible Sunyata) - a Corollary of Living - is within every person which is the foundation of modern Human Right. Our Axiom / Assumption is this "Buddha Nature". There are driving forces behind all "Living Activities". This driving force can come from Ignorance causing Sufferings ("Wrong Effort") or Prajna - illustrated in Table 2 - to guide the "Right Effort" in Making Life Easier and Happier. The model comes from proven technologies to move from Relative Existence having "Self" with Conflict to "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" of "Not-Self" for an Insight into the Emptiness and "Natural Purification" to build the state and stock of Prajna, shifting "Imaginary Nature" toward "Dependent Nature" of a Right Effort. Democratizing the AwakeningBudh means enabling the "Practicalities of Emptiness" available to and being further contributed by most people. The master-slave relationships are No Longer Valid. One is fully responsible for one's destiny in the Ecosystem of One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One.

This scientific fact of 'Impermanence' in all manifestations (physical, energy, or consciousness forms) logically proves the existence of the storehouse (eighth) consciousness, responsible for the Continuity of the Consciousness having a sense of an agent whose State and Stock of the Quality of the Consciousness are momentarily changed either driven by Prajna or Ignorance. This unequivocally proves the relevance and importance of "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" of the Prajna division from the Noble eightfold Path. It is the driving force to be a Good Person in the virtuous behaviours (Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood) that facilitate the Stability (Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Inner Peace) required for a Happy Life.

The lesson learned from this Inter-Realm Competitions and Influences is that one can be a part of Consciousness Revolution in wider perspective of ComPassion and Prajna. This Consciousness Revolution is from Inner Order to Outer Order, not the other way around from external Social Order and centralized Faith for the Inner Peace. For Buddhists - including monks and nuns - advocating the Inner Peace to Outer Peace, see your Realities and if possible contribute your 'secret sauce' as a part of Conscious Living Community no matter which profession you are taking. When 1% to 7% of human population know the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict as known by Jesus without the mistake of addicted divisional and religious fanatic, religious Word/Image and Thought level will be effortlessly disappeared.

The revolution starts right at the Present Moment to do something with current 'Pain' and/or 'Inner Quest' (of the Right Thing to do), not from any speculation on the Consciousness while the real 'Unsatisfied' directly relevant to the Present and Future Quality of Living is ignored. With concentrated Right Mindfulness, one can sense to be a part of Consciousness Revolution riding on the (1) the Natural Change of the Cosmos as well known in a Tidal Shift starting from 2012 onward, (2) the proven Engineering Roadmap to Higher Consciousness: Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Unity, and (3) the availability of Cosmic Energy directed by advanced student(s) for a speed-up in 'Sudden Awakening' and/or 'Natural Levitation'.

Knowing Oneself according to accumulated discovered natural laws to be an Integrated Person of a vibrant Living Organism, one can extend that personal vibrant Pesona to the surrounding at different aggregate levels - family, club/professional, friends/community, region, nation, the world and beyond - to assure vibrant ecosystems with sustainable Created Values at all levels. It is the Friendly and Compassionate Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings. The Culture is [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] to concretely generate harmonious Vibrant Normative Personas according to actual Values each one brings to the table of one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles.