Finger Pointing to the Moon

Integration of Normative and Artificial Intelligence will be part of "KhaiPhong Technology" from at 1pm 23 September 2017.

Takeaway: Self/Selfless Awareness is one's ability the know the Right or Unworthy relevant to one's Present Moment. It drives Volition / Freewill / Sankhara to make things happened. The Awareness can look beyond the Observed's Mask and the Observer's Veil, having something outside conditioned boxes of involved parties for a Breakthrough Solution.

The process is 'scientific' in horizontal implementations with Right Mindfulness[D12] and vertical integration with Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi)[D13] whose state is momentarily changed due to Volition, driven by either Prajna or Ignorance. It is not anymore "Finger Pointing to the Moon" from professional scam artists[R18.4] in Buddhist Sangha, claiming to know what they do not know to see what they do not see[D19.3]. By discovering natural laws and required conditions of "rocket technologies", one can ride on this [ rocket / three-leg donkey ] known by Trần Thái Tông[R7.3] to the ultimate top of the [ moon / the end of dukkha / nirvana / unmoving sunyata ] then back to personally experience the whole life cycle of [ Dukkha >< Nirvana ].

It is 90-degree clockwise direction of Christian cross having wider statistically measurable Right Efforts on the horizontal duality plane of any "event" due to deeper vertically accessible Higher Consciousness on the plane of TRUTH perpendicular to the duality plane of event. At the cross point of the event, the driving force can be Ignorance due to tainted senses as analysed in Buddhist 12 links of causes and effects or cultivable Prajna from KhaiPhong beyond binding Word/Image perfected by Christianity and clinging Thought perfected by Muslim to see the Thing-As-It-Is and strategic move based on one's comparative advantages.

Drawing resources and experiencing KhaiPhong Technology, it is now your time to put up and implement your own Vision from your specialized domain for the raison d'être of your existence.

(1) Consciousness of the consciousness, (2) Nagarjuna Madhyamaka and Asanga Consciousness-Only, (3) Signed posts experienceable from the Heart Sutra.

That Awareness - switching between Self (hữu niệm) / Selfless (vô niệm)[R7.3], Relative Truth / Ultimate (Wider) Truth[D34], Suffering Dukkha / Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha[D32.1] - is possible due to Mindfulness[D21] or state of Prajna, qualified by Gotama at the Equanimity third level of Right Inner Peace[D28]. In that Equanimity upward, one has "Detachment-Born" in the first stage and direct experience with "Empty of Contents / Insight in the Emptiness" of gross attributes.

It comprises both the conditioned Mind of Instinct and brain Intelligence, and "the Essence of Mind" defined by HuiNeng as "intrinsically pure / free from becoming or annihilation / self-sufficient / free from change"[R5] Chapter I accessible via Compassion and Prajna. That "Essence of Mind" is the invisible Sunyata from the Heart Sutra[R2]. Its manifestations are Compassion and Prajna to drive Volition / Freewill / Sankhara toward Right Effort / Living. The Right Effort turns into Wrong Effort when the Volition is driven by Ignorance / Avijja driven by tainted senses[R7.3]. The outcome of Right Effort or Wrong Effort and their degrees are measurable feedbacks for dynamic adjustments to change both the normative and positive decisions about the sweet spot.

In the scientific definition of "Mind" for deeper exploration of human potentialities in terms of "state" and "stock" of Prajna - the flower of Compassion tree deep rooted in Sunyata - we go beyond humanity understanding of the consciousness up to 2017 to identify the "seventh sense of Vibrations" capable to get the "Pulse" and possible optimum solution of a complex issue whose outcome is a dynamic set of interactions and feedbacks of "Thrusts and Counter-Thrusts" from multi parties in critical situations affecting millions lives and/or generations to come. This "seventh sense" is on top of commonly known as the "sixth sense" from "Instinct", observable in migrating animals and in many persons. Both the seventh and sixth senses are cultivable from the "Awareness of Compassion Vibrations" and are parts of PrajnaTIP in Kindness.

Tainted senses can be Silent for a "Completely Open Mind / No Mind Enclosure" when the "Purity" signed post is sufficiently stable to sense the core issue and possible solution according to "Thing As It Is". Via "Verifiable Emptiness"[D19.1], the conditioned mind has an infusion of "Natural Purification / Inner Peace" from "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" for a Right Effort of 'Thing As It Is' from Prajna. The process is cultivable via discovered natural laws to enable an on/off switch between "Relative Truth" of a driving Agent / Self and "Ultimate (Wider) Truth" in "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" to know more about oneself at different depths of "Alertness" and "Awareness" having a Fresh Insight at the Present Moment.

Via Self/Selfless Awareness, one can verify the theoretical model of Dharmapala-XuanZang "Consciousness of the consciousness" and prove "No Chasm / Contradiction" between Asanga's Consciousness-Only[D35] and Nagarjuna Madhyamaka[D34], or between "Self" and "Not-Self" of a Right Effort.

Applying Signed Posts to your specialized trail you can have "Your Vision" with innovative "sauce and/or spice" to help others along similar trail you have personally experienced without starting from square one.

Your facilities and appropriate conditions - PrajnaLand coming from clearly stated unique comparative advantage of your Mission or portfolios of related projects for Execution - may be sustainable and last beyond your life time.

1. Consciousness of the consciousness

Science looks at Self (Soul) as an object of human belief, or as a concept that shapes cognition and an understanding of the world, having direct impacts on the Quality of one's existence. We tentatively define (1) Consciousness = the ground of all being, the nature of all things vibrating at the fundamental level, (2) Self / Soul / Agent = an identifiable bundle of unique Consciousness having Intelligence which is an ability to make decision and ability to learn, (3) Freewill = the Directed Force of a Self / Soul / Agent to shape its unique quality of the Consciousness and the Environment. In the awareness of the consciousness - passing an utter Silence of Purity - there is no experience of body and thought, transcending both the observed and observer - which is the Buddhist "Not-Self". It is knowable via Gotama's signed posts at Expanding (Infinite) Space upward. Hence one can personally verify - beyond thought - that existence is a manifestation of consciousness.

Over 2500 years ago, there was a child sitting under a tree in a vista of open space that he felt a part. A sense of 'light happiness' appeared in him, effortlessly to calmer state, exceptionally even and quiet, then Purity where the 'initial happiness' has faded away for the Purity of utter Silence. His sense of body boundary was not there and his sense of space is expanding, etc. From then on, a keen sense of curiosity (Intensity of Attention) was in him despite all unpleasant attributes of living were meticulously shielded to prevent him from seeing 'Thing As It Is' in Actual Living. This is a paraphrase of Gotama's recorded experience when he was a child from an angle of a student who actually knows all nine stages of Gotama's Samadhi having some extra attributes for others' value-adds when scientific processes of Sound / Light and Consciousness are introduced.

As a young lad, he encountered some unpleasant sights such as sickness, old age, death that drove his Inner Quest for some Meaning of a Worthy Existence (Sat). The young lad was Siddhartha, meaning the one who has found meaning (of existence) or 'he who has attained his goal'. That young lad had spent six years of within-the-box hard practices exerting tremendous determination and concentration, hard to be matched by others. Finally, he remembered his natural childhood experience through the nine observable attributes of Right Inner Peace, abandoned the within-the-box determination and concentration to take the natural effortless approach of HonNhien (Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity) and 'found the meaning of existence'. Siddhartha Gotama presented his system of Fourfold Truth to the World, personally Designed - Built - Executed[D23], [D24] [+ note] the Buddhist Sangha, and was called by others the Buddha (The One who Knows).

Gotama Inner Quest implicitly implies 'Living' as a mathematical 'Axiom' with no need for any proof, and the 'Buddha Nature' or the ability to know 'the Right' and 'the Unworthy' relevant to one's Present Moment as its 'Corollary' (Hệ Luận); without that ability (Buddha Nature), there in no 'Living'. From this 'Living' Axiom, he discovered Scientific Facts and presented the driving model from a formal Ontological System of the Fourfold Truth in the Noble eightfold Path[D36], or differently under the Four Seals of the Consciousness.

Unexpectedly, Gotama used modern ontological system - as shown and contrasted with other systems - to communicate the shared and common understanding of 'Who I Am and the Essence of the Right Living / Effort'. We extend his system taxonomy into observable attributes in daily activities and wider attitudes in approaching and handling all Issues. Under Open Innovation, we look for a formal Ontological System to translate these defined concepts into actionable terms of [ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ] to gauge the 'Maturity Model' of the Normative Persona. The Models are your assembled tasks / processes / services to make the life of a person and/or aggregate - such as family, organization, community, country, world - Easier and Happier. The 'Ability to Know / Axiom' is expanded to rule-based assumptions - to drive the models - in Strategic Awareness of oneself and the environment one a part to choose the battle at the right place and right time. Applying modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) using evolving ontologies of [Taxonomy - Model - Assumption], we take philosophy out of its ivory tower of confused philosophers, and most important of all enabling Lasting Values contributed by Great Explorers in major organized religions floating up, while wiping out religious fanatics[R18.3], creating unnecessary past Sufferings for billions lives.

One's Inner Quest: If there is an innate Buddha Nature (an ability to know the Right and the Unworthy relevant to one's Present Moment), why one is Suffering, Unsatisfied, and cannot achieve one's Full Potentiality for a Worthy Existence. How can I start at Present Moment from where I am?

The 'Why', 'How' and 'What' are parts of scientific process to keep the target in focus where scientific fact is 'Thing As It Is', applicable in certain conditions. Gravity is a scientific fact, observable, testable and achievable (reproducible). It is always there with many practical applications before its formal discovery. The Gravity was discovered based the Axiom of Newton's Third Law Action-Reaction. Another scientific fact is a Vacuum state where there is no gravity. Both facts, gravity and vacuum, are 'things as they are' to show the existence of both visible and invisible under different scientifically reproducible conditions. They are similar to "Self" and "Not-Self", Nagarjuna Madhyamaka and Asanga Consciousness-Only, "Right Effort" and "Wrong Effort" where a normative decision - capable in Consciousness of the consciousness - is a part of the innate Buddha Nature. The question is "How to access it" if it is innate in everyone.

In this chapter, we will show the scientific process employed and discovered by Gotama in his 'Quest' of the 'Why' (Dukkha) for a worthy existence, the 'How' in his 'Noble eightfold Path' starting from outside-the-box of cultivable "Prajna" in the path's first division, the 'What' of 'Learning and Doing' to be (1) a 'Good Person' in the second division of Virtuous Living, and (2) widen one's perspective to explore the 'Essence of the Right Living / Effort' in the third stability division to actually discover one is more than the physical and energy body, directly experiencing "Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity". These three divisions are classified for easy communication; they are in fact a One Process/Model named by Gotama as the Noble eightfold Path, not eight serial paths since they are dynamically affect one another to change the quality of one's consciousness wherever and whenever one happens to be according to natural laws.

Most members of Buddhist Sangha do not have enough driving force of the 'Why', hence totally miss the 'How' and the 'What'. That tremendous 'Intensity-of-Attention' and driving force are only naturally available in few evolving entities, continuously pounding their "Mindfulness" on scientific processes to help oneself and the communities. Even when one has some reflection and decides to change - once and a while - one continues to fall into the same mistake. See How one is a slave to the senses rather than using the senses as tools with Clarity and Insight in 'Learning and Doing'. Then explore that outside-the-box natural Purification to personally verify its potent solution. Typical examples are painful divorces then repeating the same mistake, or being a 'hero - holy - devil' messing one's life and the lives of others with 'hallucination / utopia / ism' due to Ignorance to veil one's Conscience in thinking one is doing a service to the world as actually done in the entire history of the Roman Catholic Church[R18.4], religious forced conversion in the Islam and Christian movements, documented intent of the 'New Word Order'[R18.3], or personally as the case of the claimed enlighten monk of Plum Village - Làng Mai (the same author Cửa Tùng Đôi Cánh Gài making the same but deeper and bigger mistake, being a slave to the senses of a glorified self).

This is now easier - and hopefully not many fall into the cracks of past human dominant errors - to know more about oneself and the environment one a part since one starts from the most dominant Issue in a long process that one consciously knows its road-map. This roadmap injects three things - not available in the past - based on the innate Buddha Nature in everyone and the aggregate collective wisdom: (1) a normative approach in "Right Inner Peace" riding on discovered natural laws for heavy lifting in daily activities including entertainment toward "What Count"[R23] for a "Transcendental Inner Peace" - a Freshness of Rejuvenation - to see and act according to "Thing As It Is" while building "the stock of one's Inner Peace at different depths of "Verifiable Emptiness"[D19.1] capable to dissolve all appearances to Sunyata Nothingness, (2) a positive augmentation from hard facts based on advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big-Data, a new frontier of ICT (Information Communication Technology) that is now dominant by "Open Sources" where everyone can be a part and play a role based on one's unique contributions, (3) a dynamic interaction of normative "the Right Thing to do" and positive hard facts to keep one on the razor-sharp "Right Effort" and "Wrong Effort"[R7.3] in "Making Life Easier and Happier" for one and the environment.

The Intensity-of-Attention is naturally there with its tremendous energy to overcome the hurdle. Thanks to other discovered scientific facts, the fruit is now deliverable to most persons transcending all isms, religions, cultures, races and countries. One will be more efficient in both Normative and Positive Economics at the bottom line. In brief, they are:

  1. Using the charming power of 'Sunyata Nothingness' like a "black-hole" gravitational force to effortlessly calm 'Infinite Thoughts' at the surface for rejuvenation, and Aspiration to be a Good Person for revitalization of one's HonNhien (Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity). It is an answer to the 'Infinite Thought Bodhisattva' asking for Avalokiteshvara in Saddharma-pundarika[D44.1], using PrajnaTIP in Sound. This step enables most people direct experiencing - at the minimum - the Tranquility through Transcendental Mind having Detachment-Born as its attribute and Initiated Mind gateway to "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict", giving birth to the highest samadhi[D32]. Side effects of this technique will be properly managed using modern technologies in self-help with Right Mindfulness[D12], community supports and professional helps.

  2. Enforcing Transcendental and Cosmic Consciousness with PrajnaTIP in Kindness and Cultivable Prajna in Activity facilitated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) relevant to one's bottom-line Normative Economics while assuring sufficient qualified counselors having minimum Equanimity and Purity Mind to support the mass.

  3. Asking already identified highly qualified counselors, using Cosmic Consciousness and the Unity for the Cultivable Prajna in Sadhana in training the trainers to make the Movement sustainable.

The Buddha Nature (Budh), a part of 'Thing As It Is', is always there in living entities having a sense of an 'agent' at different depths of Awareness, bounded by its present energy and physical level, since it is the 'Corollary of Living'. Within the human form, many have poked into it at different angles mixing few 'Thing As It Is - Truth' driven by Prajna with a lot of Imaginations driven by Ignorance (Avijja) (Table 2) in the 'tinkering' process of Babylonian 'Tower of Babel', commonly known as unnecessary divisional confusions, pointing toward a possible Whole if there is some lasting value that everyone can build on.

Let's test the 'Buddha Nature' in a scientific setting using oneself and a selected controlled environment so one can personally verify that it is a corollary of living:

  1. Choose a subject you are most interested in that others can see and feel the fire from your within. Alternatively use the supreme Koan described in Buddhist Fourfold Truth and Heart Sutra.

  2. Quietly select the most pleasant partner that you and the partner unquestionably see the discussion can be beneficial and in the interest of both. Alternatively, you can use yourself in this Self/Selfless Awareness.

  3. Select a very relaxing and comfort environment, preferably in an expanding open space with the nature, for a dialogue of Awareness (deep reflection into meditation).

  4. Enter the dialog in a quiet manner, being Aware of all signals from [body, feelings, mind, mental qualities] and [your relationship with the surrounding].

In that mindful dialog, see if you are aware of (1) what is going on within yourself (the Observer), (2) what is going on inside the partner (the Observed), (3) the chemistry and the mood of the conversation (the State of Observation) and (4) any 'Insight' during and/or after the dialogue. If you use yourself in this self/selfless Awareness, you can be both the observer, the observed, and ask yourself what make you know the observer, the observed and the state of observation.

At the minimum, you probably can recognize (1) the Observer, (2) the Observed, and (3) the State of Observation; some 'Insight' may appear at/or after the event. Ask yourself what enables you Be Aware of your 'State' and the observed 'State' together with the State of the Engagement that each party brings something to the table. If the topic is your dominant interest, the 'Insight' may appear during the conversation and/or after, in your sleep or in a dream. Ask yourself what enables you be Aware of that 'Insight' in waking, sleeping, dreaming, and the process for that 'Insight' manifested. It is an Awaken then Awakening exercise using your Inner Quest. You can use your most dominant issue such as a serious illness, a handicap, your Inner Quest in this dialogue of Awareness or deep reflection to discover that you are more than the illness, the handicap, the power and wealth which are only tools for you to discover and make up a Real You[R10].

That Consciousness stream running along the Waking, Sleeping and Dreaming states is 'Chit / Consciousness', described by the Hindu and Buddhist as Pure Consciousness, Awareness of the Awaken that Dharmapala-XuanZang[D19.3] named "Consciousness of the consciousness" model to explain everything is Consciousness, hence Consciousness-Only consistent with modern thinking. The theoretical model is empirically described by Gotama[D42] and consistent with our exploration together with verification up to now.

Some even claim mechanical techniques to awaken the 'Kundalini' for accessing that Consciousness. 'Kundalini' or whatever name you want to call may or may not expand your potentiality with or without side effects such as unmanageable sex addiction due to its connection to the sex center. Since Kundalini is locally conditioned at physical level its outside the box may be similar to the highest tantric penetration. Its derived 'Bliss' and 'miracles' may be addicted and/or Grasp-ed, which is 'Wrong' Samadhi, different from Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ) Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi) described by Gotama. When the time is right, advanced counselors running Cultivable Prajna in Sadhana can use their vessels as Conduits to infuse cosmic energy to open the participants' Heart and Crown Chakras for wider perspective of existence and/or help direct experiencing the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" in varieties of practical applications where natural levitation trained in the 1960's 1970's is one.

We call the manifestation of that 'Insight' coupled with Relevant Volition 'Prajna - Bát Nhã' commonly known as 'Wisdom' (Trí Huệ), and leverage thousands years of Buddhist investigations together with esoteric contributions to point out and scientifically demonstrate that Prajna is the beginning and the ultimate (Prajna-Paramita - Bát Nhã Siêu Việt) of one's Awakening with its state and stock at different depths. We equate Prajna (Wisdom) with 'Conscience' since within Prajna there is a sense of rightness and wrongness to show that Prajna (Conscience) is available in most persons not too much binding to a clinging force and that Conscience is cultivable.

Directly target Prajna (Conscience) we show the practicality of 'The Path of the True Heart - Đạo Chân Tâm'[D40] to be and start right 'At Home' - no mask, authentic - to be HonNhien and know more about oneself and the environment one a part. Riding on the breakthroughs in Consciousness and Sound / Light Technologies, one can directly access the 'Ultimate (Wider) Truth' to naturally have Purification from the Infusion of that Perfected Nature to close the gap between Reality and Actuality (Figure 1). The state of Prajna in casual observation is named Right Mindfulness[D12] to see and act according to 'Thing As It Is'. That Right Mindfulness is cultivable having its base in Equanimity Mind according to Gotama[D28], and Purity Mind according to AwakeningBudh Movement to be consistent with the possibility of Transcendental Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness right in an activity that we call PrajnaTIP (Transcend Inner Peace).

'Sat' is Worthy Existence, and Sunyata is the invisible - defined as the source of all manifested things according to the Heart Sutra[R2]. You now know that you already have that 'Chit / Consciousness' required for a "Happy Existence / Sat" at 'different shades' of "Prajna" due to a very long past evolution of Learning and Doing. Gotama Noble eightfold Path starts at your level of "Prajna" called "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" in your actionable continuous Learning and Doing, not at the Buddhist Sangha "wrong" theoretical level of [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ] reducing Prajna as an outcome of totally conditioned. Don't be Greedy to fall into the Grasp-er (Grahaka - Người Chiếm Hữu) and the Grasped (Grahya - Cái Chiếm Hữu), being addicted victim of organized religions who know nothing about that Chit / Consciousness and/or Love.

Using the taxonomy (classifications) of "Sunyata and Prajna" from the Heart Sutra[R2] we clarify at logical level the confusion of HuiNeng realization about the Self Nature[R5.2] page 68] "The self-nature is originally pure / neither produced nor destroyed / complete in itself / without movement - Tự tánh vốn tự thanh tịnh / chẳng sanh diệt / tự đầy đủ / chẳng lay động " then "The self-nature can produce the ten thousands dharmas / tự tánh sanh ra muôn pháp". That "Self Nature" and/or "Wu-Nien" have been grossly tainted by many claimed masters and enlighten monks who have not passed even the "Gateway-to-Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict".

The first part of HuiNeng self-nature is equivalent to "Sunyata", the invisible out of which is the manifestation and dissolution of all things. The second part of the self-nature is due to Volition / Freewill / Sankhara driven either by Ignorance (avijjā) from tainted mind or Prajna from "no mind enclosure" that produces all dharmas. Using clearly defined taxonomy with innate attributes we can use scientific approach to model very delicate and precious natural laws to help oneself and many others to change oneself and the environment one a part in "Making Life Easier and Happier". These natural laws comprise of both personally verifiable processes - called PrajnaTIPs discovered by living students with many thousands years of dedicated explorations - facilitated by modern technologies that everyone can be part of the contributing communities whose sustainable facilities may last longer than the present life of the founders. The measurable outcomes of Ignorance or Prajna are Wrong Effort or Right Effort[R7.3] normally known by the Agent via "No-Mark / Vô Vết" and "Detachment-Born / Vô Trụ" once the action is completed with or without the positive or negative results on the environments.

Being Aware of this state in any activity is the extension of Buddhist Mindfulness of [ simultaneously arising signals from the body, feelings, mind, and mental qualities ] to [ Dependent Nature (Paratantra) of the present states of one's Relationships with the World 'As It Is' ] having the infusion of the Perfected Nature (Parinishpanna - outside conditioned boxes of all concerned parties, represented by Patch C in Figure 2) to lift one out of the Imaginary Nature (Parikalpita) of Ignorance toward the Dependent Nature of 'Thing As It Is'.

Please reflect and have a lesson learned from all your Efforts in contrast with Humanity Efforts up to present moment to sense the precious technologies in Knowing more about oneself in one's Continuity of the Consciousness that Buddhists declare "The Great Importance of Dependent Nature / Đại Sự Nhân Duyên".

Here is HuiNeng's assertion[R5] about Prajna - Samadhi-Prajna in Table 1.1 - [ 'Samadhi (Inner Peace) is the quintessence of Prajna, while Prajna is the activity of Samadhi' ]. The definition is correct Only at an instantaneous moment that his students, without having both Inner Peace nor Prajna, logically extrapolate the description of the momentary experience as a static permanent experience which is Not 'Thing-As-It-Is'. This is similar to the description of momentary Nirvana from Buddhist Sangha, incorrectly identified with a static permanent experience, then logically and incorrectly extended to Pari-Nirvana. The word "quintessence" is defined as "the aspect of something regarded as the intrinsic and central constituent of its character". So "Inner Peace" is the central constituent of "Prajna" according to HuiNeng. Riding on the KhaiPhong technologies of Transcendental Inner Peace to verify Gotama's description of his Verifiable Emptiness we value add to HuiNeng's snapshot of Samadhi-Prjana into both a Transcendental Process where gross attributes are dissolving / emptying in finer stage and setp-wise dynamic process in accumulating the state and stock of Prajna.

No one besides selected few living students known to us - up to 2017 - has actual experience of "Samadhi-Prajna - Định/Tuệ" to scientifically investigate this state at deeper level in discovering natural laws for correct heavy lifting. First of all, applying Gotama "Detachmnet-Born" in his first Jhana[D28] as the required attribute of "Right Samadhi / Samma-Samadhi" in his Noble eightfold Path, we immediately see the distinction of "Right inner Peace" and "Wrong Inner Peace" in two kinds of Samadhi. Both must go through the gateway to "Oneness" for aesthetic transcendental dissolution via Emptiness[D32]. That is why HuiNeng said about Dhyana/Samadhi and there is No Meditation if there is No Samadhi or Transcendental Dissolution where all organized religions are hopping in the dark. Siddhi cultivation from Hindu and Vajrayana, Tantric Highest sexual Penetration, Faith to move the mountain, etc, are technologies leading to "Wrong Samadhi" if practitioners do not have solid foundation of "Detachment-Born", capable to drop the mean at will while freely entering the target of required Inner Peace in Emptiness for reborn and rejuvenation.

In the Science of KhaiPhong, only the Right Samadhi leads to sustainable "Prajna" for deeper exploration in Cosmic Consciousness and Unity, actually knowing the "Not-Self" verifiable by Gotama and few dedicated explorers. The "Wrong Samadhi" will first lose its sense as a part of the whole, commonly known as Compassion, then the "stock of Prajna". The state of Prajna is reduced to "brain intelligence" locally manifested through one's effort. The state and stock of Prajna are effortless. The momentary State of Prajna is basically Gotama's Right Mindfulness[D12] which is the Equanimity Verifiable Emptiness according to Gotama and Purity according to our definition to be a state ready to Transcend Inner Peace for No-Thought in Cosmic Consciousness and Beyond[D29]. Gotama "Right Inner Peace / Samma-Samadhi" is a way to cultivate the stock of Prajna. The Right Mindfulness is the extension of Buddhist Right Mindfulness to know "Thing As it Is" extended to the Dependent Nature of One as a part of the Whole. We also extend HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna to refer to both the state and stock of Prajna which has the injection of Insight from the present moment.

Prajna, in our definition, is the Accumulated State of Sudden Awaken from a busted Samadhi to kick-start a process of wiring at both observable physical synchronization between left and right brain for a Right Living / Effort, and invisible signature in the eighth Consciousness for the Continuity of the Consciousness during reincarnation, then Awakening to physically materialize that wiring. Here is our definition to be further drilled down in this book:

Prajna is the Wholesome Integration of Instinct, Brain Intelligence, and wider perspective of ComPassion, from the Heart for 'the Right Thing to do' which embraces all involved parties in the Totality of Existence, outside the boxes of all local involved parties, in tune with the Nature relevant to the Present Moment.

Without "ComPassion" there cannot be "Prajna" as represented by a ComPassion circle around the Intensity-of-Attention point in Figure 2. ComPassion, on the other hand, is sustainable by Natural Ethics (not the conditioned ethics of all organized religions) according to natural Scientific Facts beyond Virtuous Rules at Word and Thought level. It is the Noble eightfold Path Right Mindfulness and Right Samadhi, extended to the [ Dependent Nature of the present states of one's Relationships with the World 'As It Is' ]. Prajna is the manifestation at different depths of Sunyata or the flower of ComPassion tree deep rooted in Sunyata. They (Compassion and Prajna) are visible attributes of the invisible Sunyata, injecting the 'Being' into the 'Living' - 'Doing' in all activities - for a Normative (Worthy) Existence of one's innate Buddha Nature in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. That is how the Buddha Nature is awaken in the AwakeningBudh Movement.

There is no such thing as 'Hindu Consciousness', 'Buddhist Consciousness', 'Christian Consciousness', 'Muslim Consciousness', etc; there are Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim Conditions. But there is a Quest, Beyond all 'isms' from 'Word' and 'Thought' of the Grasp-er toward "Thing As It Is", driven by one's 'innate Buddha Nature'. Gotama Fourfold Truth is Scientific Fact, looking at the 'Totality' from the angle of his Inner Quest searching for the solution of a Worthy conditioned existence. We make a distinction between

  1. Consciousness which has embedded Natural Ethics,

  2. Consciousness (Budh Dharma) as formulated by Gotama,

  3. Consciousness from the angle of KhaiPhong Scientific Facts that everyone can be a part.

The first distinction takes [Consciousness / Budh Dharma] as the Totality (Tathagata - As It Is) according to Natural laws. The second distinction is the View of that Totality by Gotama to solve his Inner Quest of "Suffering Dukkha", and open a trail that many can contribute. The third distinction is from the angle of Scientific Facts that lead to different Tasks toward the same Target as the second. Required tasks (Table 1 and Table 1.1) arising from the angles of 'Worthy Existence in Suffering Dukkha' (Gotama) and of 'Scientific Facts' are complement to start at Present Moment of KhaiPhong from wherever one is, appropriate to all life styles chosen by practitioner.

There are innumerable issues inside each person to enable one immediately recognize the Unsatisfied (Suffering Dukkha) of Gotama first Truth and look for its Solution in "Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha"[D32.1], while there are some moments of Kindness, ComPassion, HonNhien, and Prajna to recognize one's innate lasting values, far beyond the physical and energy body. Both issues and aspirations exist in most people so one can switch from one mode to other and/or at any grade between, relevant to one's present moment.

Consciousness having a sense of an agent is a form of energy, it cannot be destroyed, but transformed from heavier narrower scope of Sufferings (Wrong Effort) to a lighter wider scope of Happiness (Right Effort) that drives the evolution of all living organisms searching for some Happiness and mitigating unnecessary Sufferings. Figure 1 summarizes this scientific view of Evolution of Species and the Consciousness [ Consciousness to Sound / Light to Forms ] plus [ Forms to Consciousness ] in the first round of feedback (Evolution of Species) for more sophisticated and complex Living Organisms. Humanity evolves from these complex Social Ecosystems into a 'Thinker' of 'Abstractions', pushing the sphere of one's Consciousness to the border line of its perceptions: (1) Transcendental Consciousness (Detachment-Born, Tranquility gateway to Oneness, Equanimity of loosening the grips of 'Binding Word/Image', Purity of loosening the grips of 'Clinging Thought', (2) Cosmic Consciousness (Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness), and (3) Unity (Sunyata Nothingness, Border line of conditioned and unconditioned, Unmoving Sunyata).

2. Nagarjuna Madhyamaka and Asanga Consciousness-Only

Existing before and parallel with the Buddhist Sangha, Hindu explorers in the Potentiality of Human Worthy Existence (Sat) discovered a Consciousness state (Chit) capable to observe the Observer, the Observed, and the Observation state in Waking, Sleeping and Dreaming. Some advanced practitioners were able to recall incidences of their past lives. They concluded that there is a 'true Self' and the purpose of existence is the merging of this 'suffering self' to the 'True Self' of Bliss (Ananda) in their well known SatChitAnanda. The Grasp-er (from left brain) is already there to Grasp whatever the Samadhi Inner Peace they have to turn these claimed enlighten masters deeper into the degeneration cycle. The Grasp-er is not only there to Grasp all kinds of things (sexual bliss, money, power, celebrity, food, drink, fashion, etc) in the entanglements of one's existence (forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness), but also outside-the-box "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" Samadhi to make it a Wrong Inner Peace as explained in the case of the "Redeemer", opening the door for many impostors to inflict significant impacts on the Sufferings of One and many Others.

'Self' is just like a nickname (a Normative Persona wearing different hats of Digital Identities) to identify the state and the stock of one's unique stream of Consciousness which is a Living Ecosystem, interacting with innumerable Ecosystems ranging from microscopic atom to macroscopic Solar system and beyond. As a Living Ecosystem, the 'self' has its centralized Volition / Sankhara / Free Will driven either by Ignorance toward a mistake or Prajna toward a Right Action / Effort (Table 2). Hence, Ignorance is more than just the clinging force on 'self' and 'phenomena' as analysed in thousands years of Buddhist Middle Path (Madhyamaka) from its ivory tower. It may come from insufficient information and/or make a hash decision not at the right time and right place.

The gut of this argument is that normative sense of the situation - no matter how deep and enlighten the agent is - needs augmentation of hard facts and simulated patterns for a "Right Effort" since the outcome is momentarily affected by so many visible and invisible factors that it is impossible to precisely grasp the "Mind" as explicitly stated in The Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra[R7]. This scientific fact - together with the Prajnaparamita Sutra - debunks the esoteric boosting of Saddharma Puṇḍarīka Sūtra[D44.1] that "Thing As It Is" can be known only amongst the "Buddhas" where "slaved monks" will be their gatekeepers to expose what they said. The Saddharma Puṇḍarīka Sūtra has not answered its raised question of how to switch from "Infinite Thought" to "Complete Silence" for direct sensing of "Thing As it Is". The KhaiPhong Technology will deliver that on/off switch as a direct challenge to this esoteric force designed to sabotage beneficial discoveries from Gotama and many others.

Similar to the argument "from the cessation of ignorance, volitional activities (Sankhara) cease; from the cessation of volitional activities, consciousness ceases - do vô minh diệt nên hành diệt; do hành diệt, nên thức diêt"[Udàna: (III) (Ud 2)], 'Buddhist concept of Emptiness' sees the existence of 'self' is only at conventional sense, and not in 'intrinsically objective' sense. It proves both 'self' and 'phenomena' are "Empty of Essence" in the hope that the Grasp-er and Grasped will not be there. leading to a logical deduction that the cessation of birth and death is possible from the destruction of ignorance at the level of conditioned thinking. It concludes that the Clinging (Upadana) is not there since everything is intrinsically Empty. The clinging is already there since "Self" is Owner of the thought. The description is not the described, and most scholars / monks describe 'Emptiness / Love' from what they don't know nor have, including all kinds of transformations and purification at conditioned thinking level.

The outcome of this 'Buddhist concept of Emptiness' is the negation of life which is the Actual Learning and Doing in the evolution of 'Species' and 'Consciousness'. The system is totally within-the-box since the description of 'Emptiness' is not the described, just like their counterparts in the description of 'Love' to build the Roman Catholic Church, causing unthinkable Sufferings in human dark periods of thousands years. Buddhist school of Middle Path (Madhyamaka) used logical arguments to construct a system of 'Emptiness', comprising of both 'emptiness of self' and 'emptiness of phenomena'. It evolves into a sophisticated 'meditation system of Emptiness' totally at theoretical level of 'conditioned thought'.

A sore finger is already there; that is a conditioned cannot see other conditioned 'As It Is' which is dynamically changing according to complex interactions of innumerable visible and invisible attributes. Using HuiNeng criterion, 'meditation system of emptiness' is not 'meditation - dhyana' since the process does not produce "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" Inner Peace. It is more a 'reflection - bhavana' and/or rational adjustment to cope with one's realities, still within the box and not yet outside the border line to be qualified as a meditation. We combine HuiNeng dhyana-samadhi and samadhi-prajna with the 'Right' qualified by Gotama to logically show that 'Verifiable Emptiness'[D25] is the sine-qua-non or corollary of Right Meditation[D13].

This required property of Right Inner Peace is a challenge to all cultures and meditations from all organized religions in the entire human history up to 2017 - where all Buddhist traditions from all countries and disciplines are parts - to deliver its Right Inner Peace to be qualified by HuiNeng as a legitimate meditation process. This practically forces all boosting Buddhist monks and claimed meditation masters to their realities, making a living on what they do not know nor have and violating Gotama fundamental ethical code - Not Lying / Musà vàdà veramanì / Tránh xa sự nói dối - that all Good Buddhists try to consciously hold.

Yet, as a normal person, one can personally sense the existence of this rare Inner Peace in Kindness (mettā - tâm từ) and "Compassion" (karuṇā - tâm bi) told by the Jesus 2000+ years ago in 'Parable of the Good Samaritan'[R16], in Clarity and Insight from one's Wise Attention[D27] and Emptiness[D25], [D28], [D29] mentioned by Gotama from 2500+ years ago.

Applying HuiNeng criterion, we see the issue of all types of meditation from all organized religions since they are all within-a-box of conditioned observer and the observed, below conditioned thought - not the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" - also known as the Self Nature, the Perfected Nature, the Ultimate (Wider) Truth, the kingdom of God [is] within you'[Luke 17:21], Samma-Samadhi, the Nameless which transcend the observed then the observer.

Even to be qualified as a meditation/dhyana by accessing the 'Gateway to Oneness' such as entering the trance through Faith in the esoteric side of Christian and Muslim, or physical exercise in Sufi Swirling and Yogic Practices, or using chemical to alter mental states, the duality of inner and outer conflict is Not the Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi) qualified by Gotama if that Inner Peace does not have "Detachment-Born" as the Fundamental Principle to see and act according to 'Thing As It Is'. The reason is that the 'Grasp-er' is already there to Grasp everything including one's imagination to turn one into a Pavlov's dog and/or fanatic slave to the senses, rather than using the senses as tools for Right Understanding and Right Motivation.

The issue is more complicated due to the Dependent Nature of inter-realm intelligent beings having imposters and saboteurs including in higher realms of Gods / Bodhisattavas / Buddhas who have the ability to influence one's feelings and perceptions as fully recognized at modern time in tracing out the movements [ Christianity > Islam > Knights Templar Banking (from both exoteric and esoteric teaching) > Secret Societies > the New World Order ] and/or the story of Jesus as told in the Christian Bible and Muslim Koran. 'Faith that can move the mountain'[Matthew 17:20] is an addicted form of 'Intensity of Attention', fully exploited in all organized religions unless one has "Detachment-Born" and can drop it like an on/off switch which is also an on/off switch between "Not-Self" in a wider perspective and "Self" of an agent to perform a Right Effort. The Good News is that kind of corrupted system known in all masters-slaves dictatorships is totally reorganized into a more Transparent and Accountable system, evolving according to natural laws.

This qualification - of Right Inner Peace plus Inner Awareness and Outer Awareness beyond binding Word/Image and clinging Thought - puts Buddhist Mahayana from Pure Land, Vajrayana and Tantra being exposed at the core of their essence which is master-slave relationship, 180-degree from the Right Relationship based on Gotama discovery of the Buddha Nature, innate in all persons and in higher intelligent beings. That is what we know from the collapse of the God / Bodhisattva / Buddha realms about the esoteric dark forces[D37], executed by Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva and her leaders / associates, together with the other two forces driving Christian and Islam movements. Force all of them to deliver the 'described' - not the description - of their Compassion, Wisdom, Emptiness, plus their unique specialties Bodhicitta, Dharmakaya (Truth body), Sambhogakaya (Enjoyment body), and Nirmanakaya (Manifestation body). They are all below conditioned thought, no transcendental state, hence not qualified as Budh Counselor according to HuiNeng, having No Right Mindfulness as qualified by Gotama.

Scientific facts and proven Natural Laws are the rescues in the new cycle of the Golden Era. In short, one needs

  1. To know more about oneself and the environment one a part, and

  2. Dares to act according to 'The Right Thing to do - Conscience' so it is not too late to allow 'a few' dragging the whole into their Abyss of Sufferings to assure that the possibility of Extreme Fascism as planned via Illuminati New World Order has no chance to reappear.

The second part is currently executing - but foiled from the esoteric tops - by many also using democratic and humanistic processes based on their strengths in financial, political and military powers, after so much Sufferings throughout human dark periods via feudal system, divine right of Infallible Church, the One and Only Allah, capitalism, communism, dictatorship, market economy running by mafia and gang tactics. The democratic process and the Right Relationships where every one can have the right and be able to contribute one's unique Value-Add to the evolution of the Whole will be further augmented with emerging tools from Computational Universe to make happened one's Sweet Spot from the first part as an intersection of (1) the Right Thing to do, (2) the Right Way to do, and (3) one's unique Comparative Advantages at the present moment.

Let's see how the two major Buddhist contributions - Nagarjuna Madhyamaka[D34] and Asanga Consciousness-Only[D35] - can help to expose Natural Laws - personally verified by dedicated explorers - on the trails they have passed while effortlessly weeding out religious criminals and professional scam artists, generating deep "Chasm" between Madhyamaka and Consciousness-Only.

Here is Nagarjuna 's summary. The 'untenable' means 'unsatisfied' (Suffering Dukkha) even in one's success (greatest guru / miracle worker / sage / scientist / artist / inventor / politician / king / queen / philanthropist / activist, or very rich, very well known, ...)

For whom emptiness is tenable for him everything becomes tenable;
for whom emptiness is untenable for him everything becomes untenable.

Middle Way. Faith grounded in Reasoning by the Dalai Lama - page 107[D46]

Let's see how Nagarjuna or any typical practitioner can reach the "Gateway-to-Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" - not through the 'Concept of Emptiness' used by most Buddhists but - through the "Intensity of Attention" discovered by Krishnamurti to indirectly answer the criticism of Madhyamaka theorists in the duality of "self" and "not-self" from the Consciousness-Only. Emptiness in the above quote is an Insight or direct experience of the "Oneness", the Source of all Diversities.

According to Madhyamaka, the "Relative Truth" is what we see, represented as elements within the set A of Figure 2. "Ultimate (Wider) Truth" is something beyond in the set C of the Figure. Via "Intensity of Attention" or HuiNeng "Samadhi-Prajna" one can be outside-the-box in patch C for a wider view of "negotiable / compassion circle" to see the needs of the other side and what can drive the "possible solution" toward What Count[R23]. That outside-the-box is commonly known under the "Process of Innovative Theory / Process of Inner Transformation / PIT" and "Cultivable" under the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong from both normative and positive sides of Life Management. It is the extension of Buddhist Vipassana in a wider perspective of discovered natural laws for heavy lifting into different depths of "Right Inner Peace / Samma-Samadhi" then "Transcend Inner Peace / TIP" toward Sunyata Nothingness and Beyond. "TIP" is the process of going-in (an extension but totally different from Buddhist Samatha) to build the state and stock of "Prajna" - PrajnaTIPs - for an inner utter Silence with "No Mind Enclosure" on the way out according to "PIT" as described in the Heart Sutra[R2] to sense relevant vibrations and dominant forces affecting the outcome of the Issue as well as its optimum Solution according to What Count[R23]. The TIP (Transcend Inner Peace) has been actually described in the inward process from Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth by Gotama in "The Lesser Discourse on Emptiness" (MN 121)[D25]" all the way to Sunyata Nothingness and momentary Nirvana (Unmoving Sunyata).

The transcending of the conditioned boundary is called by Tilopa[D39] 'breaking the crust of sesame seed for its oil' or 'Sudden Awaken' by HuiNeng. It is innate in only "few" who have been consistently pounding on this issue for thousands of years[R6.3]. Krishnamurti wondered why he naturally had it while most do not. The picture is now changed thanks to KhaiPhong technologies that most people will be able to have that direct taste. In either cultivating and/or practicing the Samadhi-Prajna, one passes through signed posts of "Verifiable Emptiness"[D25] described by Gotama. It is the power and practicality of Beyond-Thought at the Observed.

That is the process how to use the "Verifiable Emptiness"[D28], [D29] to transcend the Observed to an inner Utter Silence. We will introduce the technology as told in Shurangama Sutra[D31] to deliver the "Verifiable Emptiness" based on the reversed Vibration of [ Sound to Consciousness / xoay cái nghe nghe tự tánh ]. With proper execution under the right conditions of Detachment-Born and HonNhien, the PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light will enable the practitioner Transcend the Observed, then the Observer, going through different layers of Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity. We then introduce an integrating technology PrajnaTIP in Kindness to personally verify the description of Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] in the living process to understand all the 'Right' components of Gotama's 'Noble eightfold Path'.

Once the mechanics of the process has been tested and understood, internal energy can be generated by different means without falling into the hurdle of thousands years of continuous cultivation, or the quick and dirty trap of addicted 'faith that moves the mountain'[Mathew 17:20]. That is Cultivable Prajna in Activity. It is the process to transcend the observed by accumulating internal energy in one's biological system, then release it to transcend the observed while experiencing the "Verifiable Emptiness"[D25] for Natural Purification of the senses. Here is a brief description of these technologies.

Nagarjuna and few gifted ones who actually had a glimpse of the 'Ultimate (Wider) Truth' due to their 'Intensity of Attention' to transcend the conditioned boundary to be outside-the-box do mention 'Empty of the Emptiness'. But "How"? That childish game of the Word is not any more applicable in modern practical living. The description is not the described. The one who actually has that experience must describe the "How" as one knows it for public inquiries. It is the bottom line of Then What to clearly show the 'Esoteric Trap' in boosting a glimpse of any explorer about the "Gateway-to-Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" and beyond into some static state of Self-Glorification, and even worse into an organized religion or 'ism' having an official army of gate keepers. It is interesting to scholastically investigate if we can say 'Empty of the Emptiness' means the "Sunyata Nothingness" or the 'Unmoving' state of momentary Nirvana.

Scientific investigation of this assertion will prove beyond any doubt that Buddhist Madhyamaka is only an exercise of the "blinds touching elephant" at conditioned thoughts. Its middle path is not the middle path of practical living which can only be delivered via HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna for statistically significant "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" for a Right Effort at that instant moment. The most that Buddhist Madhyamaka can deliver is "Hegelian Dialectic" on one's innovation from non-transcendental attention, not "Prajna Dialectic" from the TRUTH plane for a sudden breakthrough / Value of the values of a Right Effort since no one in the entire history of Buddhist Madhyamaka - up to 2017 - can actually deliver the "Verifiable Emptiness[D25]".

Nagarjuna called the breaking of "Relative Truth" into the "Ultimate (Wider) Truth" the process of 'Insight into Emptiness'. Let's explore the outcome of that Insight where no Madhyamaka theorist has touched, and see how it is complement with Asanga Consciousness-Only in the "Infusion" of Natural Purification from the "Perfected Nature" to loosen the grips of tainted senses for "Imaginary Nature" moving toward "Dependent Nature" of "Thing As It Is". Up to 2017, no Consciousness-Only theorists can defence their position of "Self" behind all efforts in "Dependent Nature" and "Imaginary Nature", and "Not-Self" in "Perfected Nature". It is the process to transcend the boundary of reflection (bhavana) into a meditation (dhyana) as qualified by HuiNeng, or to break the crust of sesame seed for its oil according to Tilopa[D39]. What Nagarjuna called "Ultimate Truth" is in reality a "Wider Truth" from a higher view on the TRUTH (Oneness / Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience) plane of the event, and that "higher" has different depths and heights.

Referring to Figure 2, set C represents elements in "Perfected Nature" outside the "Self" of all efforts or "Not-Self / Selfless". The gut of Consciousness-Only is to use natural forces taking one directly to different depths of the "Perfected Nature". This process was explicitly told in the story how Maitreya orchestrated the right conditions for Asanga internally accumulating unshakable "Faith" and unbounded "Compassion" for a wounded dog and living worms on its cut. It was told that Asanga cut part of his flesh for the worms and use his tongue to lick the wound of the dog. At the instant of Maitreya appearance, the extreme "Intensity of Attention" from Faith and Compassion naturally took Asanga consciousness state into the Perfected Nature in "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" for a very powerful "Sudden Awaken". Besides the Compassion and "figurative side of the story", Asanga "Faith on Maitreya" is similar to Jesus Faith in his 40 days meditation in a desert to enable them direct contact to the "Perfected Nature" or "the Kingdom of God is within you"[Luke 17:21]. Asanga did all the hard work by himself. exactly as told by Gotama that one has to walk by oneself. Maitreya only created right conditions and facilitated the situation to make things happened. See for yourself the claim of criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] on the efficiency of their rituals to make a living on "Fear".

In that outside-the-box aesthetic experience, the "Natural Purification" from the "Perfected Nature" or from Nagarjuna "Insight into the Emptiness" or from Jesus "Kingdom of God within" will purify the tainted senses, loosening the grips of binding and clinging forces to enable the senses seeing "Thing As It Is", driving one's away from Imaginary Nature closer to the Dependent Nature according to "Thing As It Is"[D42], narrowing the gap between one's Reality and Actuality and rendering one's Reality manageable as shown in Figure 1. That Natural Purification of the senses - coming from Verifiable Emptiness - is confirmed[D26] in the difference between a dead state and the state of momentary Nirvana. This is contrary to Buddhist training in Purification of the mind at thought level. We assert the purification process is available in all states of "Verifiable Emptiness" once entering the gateway to Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict. Thus all meditations must enter the "Gateway-to-Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" - qualified by HuiNeng as Dhyana/Samadhi - to have this Natural Purification working on the practitioners. We ask the community verdict in a public forum of Gotama "Verifiable Emptiness"[D25].

Therefore, from both logical and empirical verification - publicly and currently by Gotama but soon to be known by many due to successful reverse-engineering to be widely tested - there is no "contradiction" nor "chasm" between Nagarjuna Madhyamaka[D34] and Asanga Consciousness-Only[D35], between "Self" behind all Efforts and "Not-Self / Selfless" in the "Perfected Nature", "Ultimate (Wider) Truth", "the Kingdom of God within". The process of "going in" in "Transcendental Inner Peace" of dissolving appearances toward "Sunyata Nothingness" - commonly known as "Samadhi" or Inner Peace - for rejuvenation and reborn, and the process of "going out" for a Freshness of "No Mind Enclosure" as described in the Heart Sutra[R2] to see and act according to "Thing-As-It-Is" driven by "Prajna" are complement just like restful night and vibrant day.

Discovering and making things happened due to the heavy lifting of "natural laws" governing these two processes are the targets of the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong. The processes can be cultivating and practicing right at the present moment for the required state and stock of "Prajna" in Sudden Awaken then Awakening. The two processes can be separate and/or momentary which is HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna. The transcendental process validates the qualification of HuiNeng Dhyana-Samadhi which invalidates almost all mediation processes from all organized religions that do not have "Transcendental Inner Peace". The blah blah blah of Buddhist meditations from professional scam artists[R18.4] are effortlessly exposed. Contributions of these two processes in all specialized fields - economics, politics, human relation, strategic partner, mental and physical health, business, organization, community, etc - are parts of "Taming The Ox" to train the trainers in all possible specialized fields to enable the movement sustainable without relying on any particular person and/or groups.

Buddhist Sangha reverses the role of the "Perfected Nature" (beyond thought that they know nothing about) and the "Dependent Nature", exactly as the way they reverse the direction of "Prajna" that they do not know into the outcome of their "ethical codes" that they are enforcing. Here is the challenge to all Buddhist scholars, monks and nuns to know the process of accessing the Perfected Nature and infusing its Purity to serve the relative existence of the Present Moment. That is to know the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is" of the "Perfected Nature" from the duality of the Imaginary and Dependent Nature. This piece of Truth has been picked up by Krishnamurti and named 'the Intensity of Attention', mentioned by HuiNeng thousands years ago in dhyana-samadhi and Samadhi-Prajna that most monks have not touched while making noises in their imaginary meditations.

Buddhist schools of Madhyamaka and Consciousness-Only are two major platforms, opposing and criticizing each other. Most are unable to cross the bridge from inside-the-box relative existence to the unconditioned outside the box. The Madhyamaka school has criticized the Consciousness-Only school of 'Absoluteness' and duality in the existence of 'Self'; one aspect in the Perfected Nature is not 'Self' while other aspects in Imaginary and Dependent nature have a 'Self'. Madhyamakas reject (page 82[D46]) the selective application of this 'no-self' doctrine. The Consciousness-Only school has criticized the Madhyamaka school of nihilism. This clearly demonstrates that all involved parties of the two major Buddhist platforms do not know the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict", known as the back of one's hand by Good Samaritans or Kind / Compassion silent practitioners.

The injection of "Prajna" from stock of Measurable Right Inner Peace via the dissolving process[D21] either through Gotama's Verifiable Emptiness[D25] and/or via the Heart Sutra[R2] renders Consciousness-Only consistent through out. It is an Insight into the Emptiness to take one to the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict between Relative Truth and Ultimate (Wider) Truth, and definitely Not to the Nihilism of the actual Emptiness but the dynamic meaningful Present Moment in actual experience.

Right Mindfulness is the manifestation of that (invisible) Perfected Nature (Sunyata), cultivable at different depths for an outcome of the Dependent Nature different from the Imaginary Nature, closing the gap between Reality and Actuality from Figure 1 in seeing and acting according to 'Thing As It Is'. Perfected Nature in Consciousness-Only becomes part of the reality to lift the relative existence of Sufferings to the Higher level of Consciousness, if and only if there are easy technologies applicable to most persons to tap into that higher Consciousness. These technologies are breakthroughs in the Science of Consciousness. Hence, Consciousness-Only relies on accumulated Right Inner Peace[D13] (Samma-Samadhi) as a Stock for manifestation of Prajna as the Right Mindfulness[D12].

The technologies to switch from activities to Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi) make happened the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" at different depths of Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness and Unity as experienced by Gotama when he was a child. The blueprints of deliverable trails are in An Engineering Roadmap[D14].

Nagarjuna's Emptiness just simply means 'Not' in both Ultimate (Wider) Truth (Patch C) and Conventional Truth (Patches A and B) which is consistent with scientific knowledge of all manifestations, due to the generation of entropy of existence. This means all manifestations have their life cycles with beginning and end. Gotama's Right Mindfulness[D12] and Right Inner Peace[D13] in the Noble eightfold Path point out not only the 'Impermanence (Anicca) in the life cycle of existence, but also the momentary 'Rejuvenation' - like day / night, activity / silence - of all wears and tears that practitioners can actually testify at different depths of the Right Inner Peace. It is the Essence of the Right Living / Effort in the continuous Learning and Doing of highly developed entity having a sense of an Agent in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, consistent with Nagarjuna's Consciousness to be in direct contrast with the static View of Nirvana and Parinirvana.

Prajna is both the accumulated Stock of Right Inner Peace and the Intent of Right Mindfulness plus something more from invisible Sunyata at the Present Moment; it is the connection point where the two most significant Buddhist schools merged at their mountain top called Prajna. That something more come from invisible Sunyata at the Present Moment catching the signals either from one's esoteric teacher and/or something new that the required wirings from one's Intelligence or activation point in one's DNA are not there yet.

Finally, here is the bottom line of Nagarjuna's investigation:

Everything is {real} and {not real}, both {real and not real}, neither real nor not real {} - this is the Buddha's teaching.

Middle Way. Faith grounded in Reasoning by the Dalai Lama - verse 8, page 86[D46]

This scholastic logic can Only Be Understood from the Quantum View in search for the Ontology of the nature of being, becoming, existence, and reality, as well as the basic categories of being and their relations. It has been expressed in set theory as {T} {F}, {T,F} {} where T = real, F = not real and {} = empty set of subjective value. Its applications as the structural frameworks for organizing information are used in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Human Resource, the Semantic Web, systems engineering, software engineering, biomedical informatics, library science, enterprise bookmarking, and information architecture as a form of knowledge representation about the world or some part of it. We apply this value classification and rating in all "Activities and Relationships" to search for Value of the Values and performance-based resource allocation to strategic activities, Making Life Easier and Happier according to Natural Laws discovered by Buddha Gotama and deepening via the Heart Sutra[R2].

Only since mid-1970s, researchers in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) have recognized that capturing knowledge is the key to building large and powerful AI systems to create new ontologies as computational models that enable certain kinds of automated reasoning. We apply ontological system in a custom Computational Knowledge Engine - MuOmSunyata - to implement Intelligence Integration / Group Intelligence making the life of a person and/or organization - called Normative Persona - Easier and Happier. The Mirror system of the Normative Persona and its Digital Identities has this ontological correspondence of services and processes - having rule-based assumptions - to manipulate what-if analysis and simulation. They form the Mind Maps for the Normative Persona visually see their strategic moves.

The system is so complex even with the help of modern mathematics and evolving ontology system of [Taxonomy - Modeling - Axiom]. It is no wonder why the Budh Dharma has been stagnant in the past 2500+ years and why it is important to challenge oneself 'Then What' for deliverable actualities, practical and relevant to others on the same trail. As a starting point, we use ontological system to formally prove that Gotama's Noble Eightfold Path is his model/process - driven by the Buddha Nature, a corollary of Living - to testify and verify his discoveries of the 'Being That Is' - the 'Onto' of Existence: Dukkha and Nirvana. We extends Gotama's assumption of the Buddha Nature - the ability to know the Right and Unworthy relevant to one's present moment - to rule-based assumptions to drive the [ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ] in all activities and Issues of the User/Organization - ranging from a simple ToDo List to strategic plan of a corporation and/or a national security issue.

Nagarjuna's conclusion can be simply paraphrased as:

  1. 'Everything is changed and conditioned' (viparinama-dukkha and sankhara-dukkha).

  2. Static grasping of all thoughts (including Nirvana / Parinirvana) about Real and/or Unreal results in conflicts (dukkha-dukkha).

  3. These Inner Conflicts have been sustainable by indoctrination from Organized Religions, Social Order and Utopia of all 'isms' to enslave humanity for so long based on the outside order via customs, virtuous utopia and/or brute forces to pacify the inside order (as in Confucius systems and dictatorships), outside peace via frictional binding 'Word/Image' (as in Christian) and clinging 'Thought' (as in Muslim or Communism) to pacify the inner turmoil. One (the agent) does not understand oneself whose Volition (Freewill - Sankhara) of all activities are driven by the outside frictional Ignorance that generates Fear and Greed to uproot one's Inner Being.

  4. What counts is the bottom-line actuality of the present living, dynamically adjusting one's Reality closer to Actuality having the infusion of Higher Consciousness (Figure 1) for a revolutionary Inner Order (Peace) to Outer Order (Peace). The adjustments can be naturally and optimally approaching the four Seals of the Consciousness (Table 1.1 ) at different angles, similar to the approaching of Fibonacci sequence ratio toward the Golden Mean Ratio according to 'Thing As It Is'.

This clearly demonstrates that even with a glimpse of the Ultimate (Wider) Truth as in the case of Nagarjuna, the 'Then What' is not only Relevant to one but also to others in one's Friendly and Compassionate Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, applicable to all great explorers in the entire human history and in the middle realms of Gods, Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas as we esoterically know. One can learn something from the case studies of Yongjia Xuanjue[R5.2] and Shen-Hui[R5.1] in their precious close encounters with HuiNeng but unable to absorb any lasting value due to hallucinated self having no minimum honesty to know one's "Reality".

They missed not only the opportunities to challenge HuiNeng in a scientific process of 'Then What' for the benefits of both HuiNeng and others, but also the Learning and Doing process from conceptual understanding at word/thought level to deliverable actualities in practical living for the benefits of One and the Whole in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. Esoterically, they are both degenerated to the point of not even recognizing their 1000's years of efforts and their true value of the ability to know the Right and the Unworthy relevant to their existence to drive their existence through Free Will / Volition / Sankhara toward a Right Direction.

Now see the realities of claimed Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Forever God, One-and-Only Allah, infallible popes, enlighten monks / nuns, authorized and self-ordained gate keepers, etc, so one will not feed their hallucinations no matter of how 'Big Mouths' they have in their masters-slaves relationships[R13.1] . One can help them to clean up their own mess and the messes they have created for the surroundings wherever one happens to be. If you happen to be in one of the mentioned categories, see if you still have minimum conscience and honesty to actually know who you are and your Realities without a mask imposed on you and/or self-created.

3. Signed posts experienceable from the Heart Sutra

Living is doing, and behind any doing / effort - including not-doing / effortless - is some driving force to make life Easier (Basic needs of Physiology, Safety, Social, Esteem) and Happier (Being needs of Knowledge, Aesthetics, Self-Selfless Actualization, Transcendence). Modern psychology recognizes satisfaction coming from fulfilling "basic needs", but finds that satisfactions coming from "being needs" have longer lasting values. External knowledge acquiring from others are needed, but always remains outside and road maps until one can actually experience it with possible value-adds for wider and deeper beneficial experience. Similarly, outside beauty can enrich one's life but it is the inner aesthetic - especially the Inner Peace / Awareness - that makes one Fresh, Rejuvenated from dissolving stresses for a Worthy existence. The meeting between Self and Selfless actualization in helping others via Kindness and Compassion not only brings Happy for one and the environment but the lasting value of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes according to natural laws.

That Maslow's hierarchy of needs faces major challenge in reality, not yet properly solved in modern contemporary researches (up to 2017 including new evidences of not serial nor hierarchy but dynamic interactions among all needs). The Being Needs have been investigated for thousands years in Eastern philosophies, especially from the contribution of Buddhist Madhyamaka[D34] and Consciousness-Only[D35]. The challenging reality facing everyone is the driving forces induced from the senses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind) are complex and tainted with innumerable outdated Marks, driving most people into a chaos of Not Knowing oneself nor What Count[R23] despite the fact that the Buddha Nature is innate in everyone. Discovering natural laws to know the sense driving forces at their sources and the state of one's being for proper management of one's realities while at the same time dissolving dominant obstructions of outdated Marks and/or expand one's innate potentialities are major targets in the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong.

Let's look at these layers of needs from the angle of "Right Effort or Wrong Effort" where {Right} or {Wrong}, both {Right and Wrong}, neither Right nor Wrong {} are subjectively valued within the context of Suffering or "Making Life Easier and Happier" as a feedback of [ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ] to dynamically adjust the sweet spot. Hence for any activity type to be measured, that activity must be a plan having immutable tree nodes with normative rating. Collecting these sets of rating "type", the custom Computational Knowledge Engine can trace out your dominant pattern and dynamically recommend appropriate "Alerts" and "Actions" based on your criterion of Right Effort or Wrong Effort according "Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha[D32.1]" or "Suffering Dukkha" which embrace the guiding light of your "right thing to do" (from prajna or ignorance), your technical judgement of the "right way to do" and subjective judgement of your your unique "Comparative Advantages".

More precisely, we prove that all manifestations are "Dukkha" due to conditioned existence (sankhara-dukkha) and second law of thermodynamics (viparinama-dukkha). The outcome of every effort from the self is either "Suffering Dukkha" or "Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha"[D32.1]. Applying the previous mathematical expression of Nagarjuna normative valuation, we have four sets of classifications in the valuation of any effort: {T}, {F}, {T,F}, {} where T = Making Life Easier and Happier or 100% Right, F = Suffering Dukkha or 100% Wrong, {T, F} = both Right and Wrong with 7 levels of grading, {} = NA for Not Applicable. The evaluation is either "NA - 0", or "100% Wrong - 1", "75% Wrong - 2", "50% Wrong - 3", "25% Wrong - 4", "Half-Half - 5", "25% Right - 6", "50% Right - 7", "75% Right - 8", "100% Right - 9" where the "wrong / right" is the direction in one's continuity of the consciousness. This makes evaluated action a conscious action to properly manage one's reality which is very well-known in management of portfolio (LeanSixSigma) and complex projects (Agile Scrum) in one's Vision - Mission - Execution.

This Normative Valuation is applicable to all important and relevant "Activities and Relationships" where dashboard of your resource allocations such as Time / Money for the target and its related activities can be traced out and plotted for your visualization. By classifying relationships - besides "Personal - 0" - into three categories "Private - 1 to 3" (such as the better-half, family, greater families), "Professional - 4 to 6" (such as current, related, general careers), and "Public - 7 to 9" (such as inner circle, friend, world) according to the degree of audiences your activities are targeted. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can shed light on "your decisions of worthy relationships to allocate valuable resources to what Count[R23] in daily activities". Most important is to know more about yourself "being in part discover and in part create the Real You" in the Wise Dependent Nature[R10] between your Normative Persona and the Environment, having discovered technologies (PrajnaTIPs) and favourable facilities (PrajnaLands and KhaiPhong) to change yourself and the environment from Wrong Effort driven by "Ignorant Dependent Nature" to Right Effort in breaking up the vicious circle of [ Ignorance >< Attachment >< Aversion ].

When the persona is an aggregate such as an organization, a region, or nation..., the above framework is a performance appraisal or process that allows the aggregate determine efficiency and effectiveness of its members in developments and operations toward its Vision. There is a linguistic 360 performance appraisal model, taking into account that appraisers are expressing subjective perceptions and might present different degrees of knowledge about evaluated targets. The model has been successfully applied to measure both normative and positive intelligence to increase the probability of Right Effort on important issues.

This is in essence the implementation of the Heart Sutra[R2], making happened the Vision that everyone - due to the innate Buddha Nature - can start from one's level of "Prajna" in "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" of Gotama's Noble eightfold Path, being a part of the solution in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. It directly opposes to 2500+ years of "Buddhist Prajna Literature and Philosophy" of the "Blinds touching Elephant". Professional scam artists "have not even experienced the elephant touching" while shamelessly boosting their understanding of "prajna" that they have to use Words to describe. "Prajna" is "Transcendental Logic / Lý Siêu Việt", beyond "Words or Finger Pointing to the Moon". Either you can deliver its results or get out of the way, not to be a criminal[R18.3] and/or professional scam artist[R18.4] in perpetuating the culture of masters-slaves. One's cultivable Prajna at current level of "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" is a starting point of actual conscious living and being, cleaning up 2500+ years of professional scam artists.

Using normative evaluation after feed-back of hard facts before modifying Plan and/or Execution, Artificial Intelligence coming from Big Data can inject normative relevant information and services to speed up the process of knowing more about oneself. This is the gut of our contributions where upgrading Normative Intelligence from discovered natural laws in Consciousness Technologies can be augmented and measurable with Artificial Intelligence to enable people the centre and driving forces of all activities in productions and consumption toward What Count[R23]. We think this is the essence of the fourth wave of industrial revolution where the line between biological and machine learning become blur, but it is the biological intelligence that directs the artificial intelligence in Making Life Easier and Happier.

It all started from Gotama's Noble eightfold Path - (1) Right Understanding, (2) Right Motivation (Prajna division), (3) Right Speech, (4) Right Action, (5) Right Livelihood (Virtue division), (6) Right Effort, (7) Right Mindfulness, (8) Right Inner Peace (Stability division) - with value-adds and contributions from many. The stability division is not a concept or utopia as marketed by Buddhist Sangha where they advocate conflicting Concentration[D36] as Gotama's Right Inner Peace (Samma Samadhi) in its 2500+ years of stagnancy. It is a scientific process of observable, reproducible and empirically verifiable. It is first observable and personally verifiable by Gotama in what known as Gotama's nine (9) stages of absorption or Verifiable Emptiness[D28], [D29], [D25]. It is not yet reproducible since the discoveries of natural laws to do "heavy lifting" have not been there despite thousands years of Buddhist meditations. Having personal experience of these stages of Verifiable Emptiness, we connect the dots contributed by other dedicated explorers to scientifically reverse engineer having limited field researches to scientifically bring something very unique to the table.

In stability division, Right Effort must come from the state - manifested as Right Mindfulness - and stock of "Right Inner Peace" otherwise whatever one is doing, most of the efforts turn sour into Wrong Efforts as proven by all utopia and organized religions due to tainted senses driven by Ignorance in the mess of duality via Inner Conflicts Outer Conflicts. Since the Right Inner Peace is measurable, the Mindfulness is also measurable. It was in fact qualified by Gotama at the third Equanimity[D28], passing the Gateway-to-Oneness Tranquillity state where conflicting dualities are dissolved for reborn and rejuvenation. It is similar to shooting an arrow, the further you can pull to your maximum in its deeper layer of the Silence (energy ocean) the more power you can release. This Right Effort in a Virtuous Living has been demonstrated by Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4] as shown below.

With the Quiet Mind passing Transcendental states, setting in Cosmic Consciousness and Unity - Gotama's fifth to nine stages of Inner Peace - one can sense the "Pulses of focussed Event" and strategic position to be in for a Right Effort. Vạn Hạnh[R7.1] demonstrated this Ability in complex military and diplomatic national securities to show the practicality of Gotama's Right Understanding and Right Motivation in the Prajna division of his Noble eightfold Path.

Riding on the latest Secure CaaS (Container as a Service) we develop Mu Command Centre of both digital and physical networks as an open container using Polymer standard Web Components for presentations. The above measurable normative evaluation is a standard polymer element in a Feedback of any microservice that you can value add, riding on the heavy lifting of others such as Security, Normative Relevant Value in activities and relationships, and Artificial Intelligence. By concentrating on one's Comparative Advantages and available resources, everyone can bring something to the table, driving all productions and consumption toward What Count[R23]. For measurable Right Inner Peace, we put together standard epub-3 book template in a Book container that you can modify to write your own book as what we are doing with this KhaiPhong and/or contrasting / contributing your personal Inner Peace against others and Gotama's recorded Inner Peace in a world public forum. To sum up, only with Internet access, you can have your own Command Centre (Web Presence as a form of Business Card) to introduce yourself in your secure network of networks and epub-3 template to start your own book / document.

Using data container and functional programming in each activity, others can contribute "Value of the Values" in one's flock of activities and recommend performance-based resource allocation to strategic activities according to one's short and long term plan. In parallel with Energy Layers and Energy Connections detectable via Consciousness Technologies, we can detect these layers and connection via activity graph. This shows complementary roles and dynamically connected decisions of both positive and normative aspects in "Making Life Easier and Happier".

That is How we attempt to use Information Communication Technology to model[R7] Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4] three principles of Right Effort according to Human Nature: (1) Kindness and Compassion once favourably developed in any community, that community can act as a single intelligent unit for a common cause, benefiting all involved parties. (2) Continuous effort in Learning and Doing to manifest one's Worthy Existence of the wise[R10]. (3) All Efforts come from people to serve the people for the practicality at the bottom line of Right Effort. These principles are Prajna flowers on Compassion trees from vibrant living communities, unexpectedly being the practical implementation of the (real) Jesus Good Samaritan[R16] and the Insight from Trần Thái Tông[R7.3]:

Chỉ sai hữu niệm quên vô niệm - Wrongly grasp a conditioned thought and miss the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict

— the "Right Effort" turns into "Wrong Effort"

At the Physiology and Safety "basic needs", the "Sharing and Mitigating Sufferings" are naturally created from every capable one, driven by not only the Social and Esteem needs but also by the being needs of Self/Selfless Actualization and Transcendence due to (1) Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes, (2) opportunities for hand-on personal experience of Transcendental Inner Peace, (3) best conditions for the practice of sensing "Thing As It Is" observation and sensing at the common vibration of energy (compassion). At the Social and Esteem levels, both providers and the needy gain self respect and respect others in a community of Worthy existence. In the "being needs" of Knowledge and Aesthetics, one becomes an Agent of Changes - fully responsible for one's actions - to change oneself and the environment one a part toward What Count[R23].

The Self-Selfless Actualization are going beyond the duality at Image/Word and Thought level to actually experience the trails having Gotama's discovered signed posts[D25], [D28], [D29] in Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity to personally verify that one is more than the physical body and energy - the unchanged in the changing world - but only a part of the Whole to actually know the Essence of Right Living / Effort in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. This is the first time we can bring together concrete "Verifiable Emptiness"[D28] as the meeting ground between "Self" in a Right Effort and "Selfless / Not-Self" in "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" not only for higher aesthetic experience in Happiness, but also practical tools to (1) know more about oneself at the driving forces of volition / freewill and the state of one's being for a Right Effort, (2) clear dominant outdated Marks to properly see "Thing As It Is", and (3) materialize one's dormant potentiality relevant to the present existence.

This meeting between Self and Not-Self Actualization is now a fertile ground for practical contributions from many in all domains once the consciousness technologies are known in the mass, having accountable and transparent body of counselors actually passing the trails discovered by Nagarjuna Madhyamaka and Asanga Consciousness-Only, and personally know the signed posts set up by Gotama. One is - just like Gotama - standing on one's own feet on the trails one is contributing. The Transcendence is scientifically verifiable toward "Sunyata Nothingness", and "End of Dukkha[D42]" as actually discovered by Gotama and verified by living students. It is the first time scientifically investigated based on dedicated past and present explorers from all over the World, transcending all religions, philosophies, and "isms".

From Consciousness of the consciousness we try a self-test to logically show the innate "Buddha Nature" not only a corollary of the living capable to know the Right or Unworthy relevant to the present moment, but also capable to jump very hight outside the conditioned parts of the senses of complete utter silence. It is pity to know one's innate potential, yet being pulled and pushed by confined consciousness tainted by innumerable outdated marks erecting major barriers preventing one from an Easier and Happier Life.

Two major Buddhist contributions in the Science of Consciousness are Madhyamaka and Consciouness-Only. Passing one's trail to verify the signed posts on the way "going in" knowing the off/on switch between activities and utter silence for a "Completely Open Mind / No Mind Enclosure"[R2] to see and act according to "Thing As it Is", one can always stay and dynamically adjust to be on the razor edge of Right Effort. Sharing this trail and one's personal experience with the world as what Gotama and many other dedicated explorers did, many of similar patterns can chip in to make Life even Easier and Happier and the trail more enjoyable with sustainable facilities that may last beyond one's life time. One is naturally an empirical verifier to prove that there is no chasm and/or contradiction between Nagarjuna Madhyamaka and Asanga Consciousness-Only created by armies of Buddhist professional scam artists[R18.4] having no "Detachment-Born" qualified by Gotama as the "Right" of his Noble eightfold Path, unable to pass the "Gateway-to-Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" qualified by HuiNeng as "Dhyana-Samadhi", yet blah blah blah so long with all kinds of meditations at conditioned level. One is naturally a contributing partner and helps the Science and Economics of sustainable KhaiPhong, proving no contradiction between "Self" and "Not-Self" in a Right Effort not deliverable by any organized religion, and making happened the three principles of Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4] in all fields.

That 'Self' potentiality has been re-discovered and applied since 1986 in Artificial Intelligence (AI) 'Self' System to reverse engineer the human brain in harnessing the people's intuition about the real world in discovering natural laws underlying the momentary changes (viparinama-dukkha) and conditions (sankhara-dukkha) of existence. The innovations has had fruitful results in IT Mirror Systems concerning objects that reflect other objects, commonly known as (1) introspection (or an ability to discover and use its own structure), (2) self-modification (or an ability to change its own structure, dynamically executing its generated codes), and (3) intercession (or an ability to modify the semantic of the underlying programming language from within the language itself). The third functionality is the front line of research to cope with demanding functionality of mass-market mobile devices that we refer as the ontological correspondence between the Normative assumptions and Positive models/processes. It is the extension of Gotama's ontological system that we use mathematics to formulate the (1) taxonomy (classification): Making Life Easier and Happier; (2) model (process): discovered natural laws and processes to actualize the Noble eightfold Path; (3) axiom (assumption): Buddha Nature, a corollary of living.

The Right Mindfulness (HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna) dictates the 'Right Thing' to do or 'Plan' that feed Tasks for 'Execution'. Each Plan is a Mind Map drawn up by the Normative (individual or group) Persona, whether that Persona is a person or an aggregate of stakeholders. The nodes of Mind Map can be drilled down by individual tasks and/or processes involving both robots and real persons. The Digital Assistant can feed background information for each task and/or recommended action based on its Graph massive Data for the Normative Persona to execute the task. The 'execution' is based on 'the Right Way to do' in its 'Unique Comparative Advantages'. The Execution has its KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and Feedback to both the Normative Persona and its Digital Identities in one's Continuous Learning and Doing.

The process helps the Normative Persona on (1) how to make a decision, (2) how to create Values, and (3) how to ride on communities to enable the Values sustainable in a Vibrant Social Ecosystem of the aggregate. It pools together massive available public and private data in its custom Computational Knowledge Engine that once a piece of data is entered, many can use the data and/or view it at different angles. The legal ownership resides on the ownership of the Persona. As a default, an employee working on behalf of a business automatically has a node in one's private network with the plan/project title together with one's personal evaluation of the Right / Wrong Effort and the degree of "Detachment-Born" - to know more about oneself - in executing the Plan/Project according to "Thing-As-It-Is". Figure 3 shows 'The Optimized Sweet Spot' of [ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ]. Plan and Execution are parts of the Right Effort to make happened 'the Right Thing to do' directed by Prajna while Feedback provides Actual evidences against Plan, Execution, and whether the directed Path coming from Ignorance or Prajna in the interaction between the Normative Persona and its Digital Identity.

The Normative Persona has its accumulated Persona Graph, drawing resources from crowd sources Graph databases, and from your private sources, etc. You own the data in your Persona Graph. Once there is sufficient interest at certain critical point, we build the interactive Mirror System of [ Normative Persona - Digital Identities ] to enable the Normative Persona better Aware its State of the Being since there is an Ontological Correspondence between the two for visual manipulations in Plan and Execution. It is intended as the base where Technologies of the 'How' and Facilities of the 'What' are all inter-connected to [ Know Oneself or Mindful Communications and Collaborations ].

We call Gotama "dimension of Nothingness" the 'Sunyata Nothingness' and "the cessation of perception and feeling"[D29] the 'momentary Nirvana / the end of Suffering Dukkha / Unmoving Sunyata' where Sunyata is more than Emptiness, the invisible for the visible manifestations such as "Nothingness" and "momentary Nirvana". "Momentary Nirvana or the end of Suffering Dukkha" is the highest possible verifiable experience known in human existence. There may be something else, hinted in the Heart Sutra[R2] that one can have a bird view in the dynamic picture of Worthy Existence since its approach to the dissolution of appearances is much wider than described technologies discovered by Gotama and/or by us. That something else is logically deducted from what currently known as the Science of the Wholesome Mind.

The key difference between our approach versus ET (or current science) is the driving force behind the Volition / Freewill / Sankhara having normative Value, driven by "Prajna" coming from the source of Nothingness and the other by the Grasp-er - the Grasped ("Ignorance") as explained 2500+ years ago in Buddhist links of causes and effects (Table 2). The degrees of that instantaneous Prajna - right in daily activities as described in the Heart Sutra[R2] - are known by identified living students, and most visible in what known in our circle as a specialist in HuiNeng Sudden Awakening.

Precisely, the Unmoving Sunyata and Sunyata Nothingness are different from the mathematical / absolute singularity, a mathematical object approaching a point of undefined or not well-behaved in some particular way. In Sunyata Nothingness and Unmoving Sunyata, one is intact if the life force is still there plus strong Natural Purification[D26] of the senses, having more Clarity of Right Mindfulness to see and act according to 'Thing As It Is' instead of veiled by imagination causing conflicts due to the separation of Realities and Actualities.

One's stream of consciousness is very complex; having more Clarity of RightMindfulness+ at that aesthetic moment does not mean to be in that state "forever". The next days / months / years / lives depend on the net quality of the state and stock of Prajna. That is why personal glorification just destroys both the masters and followers, and why there is no such thing as forever "Pari-Nirvana" according to Buddhist logic at conditioned thoughts, different from the Nature of Thing-As-It-Is. The outcome in our case is a well-behaved integrated person depending on the depth of Compassion rooted in Sunyata for the manifestation of Prajna. That stream of consciousness is fully responsible for one's actions and the environment one a part. The integrated person is 'unpredictable in the normal sense of binding and clinging patterns', in line with the Relevance and Freshness - Not being veiled - of 'Thing As It Is'. The clinging forces of binding patterns - in Word/Image, Thought and the five Entanglements - are loosening their grips.

At the personal level of the Wholesome Mind, one is able to turn off the unnecessary and outdated marks when they are not relevant to the Present Moment due to the Right Mindfulness[D12] and Prajna - exactly as the advice of Gotama to Ajita[D21] - to sense the signals from the sources of Thoughts and the Awareness of one's State of the Being in the living organism whether that living organism is a person or an aggregate. Here is the power of Awareness and Freewill / Volition / Sankhara in the Science of Consciousness, generating the benefits for One and the Whole.

In that sense the Wholesome Mind is closer to the theoretical emergence of super intelligence through technological means. The technologies come from the discoveries of natural laws underlying the observable Forms, Energy, and Consciousness in inter-realm Communication and Collaborations, already demonstrated via Channeling [R20] and what we personally witness via a Communication Hub using Sound Technology of a living student. The difference is that Clusters of Science are the studies and applications of the underlying natural laws, while Prajna is the outcome of underlying facts according to natural laws at the Present Moment. In this Technological Excellence, human beings / ETs in all realms are the driving force with the Wholesome Mind - capable of riding on Brain Intelligence, accumulated hard-earned lessons from Instinct, augmented with Computational Knowledge Engine in a wider perspective of Compassion and Prajna injected from the Present Moment of Thing As It Is. The driving force is either at individual Living Organism and/or aggregate ecosystem such as family, club, association, community, country, the World, etc.

We mathematically model (riding on the open-source Computational Universe) that dynamic picture as an instantaneous Sweet Spot of a Living Organism / Normative Persona - whether that Normative Persona is a person, an aggregate (organization) such as a family, a club, an association, a community, a country where constituents are stakeholders - as the continuous injection or infusion of 'Being', detectable via ComPassion and Prajna, into 'Doing' (driven by one's Instinct and Brain Intelligence). It is also interesting to contrast the experience-able Consciousnesses with theoretical and experimental evidences in Physics so we can have a solid foundation in the Science of Consciousness which are our suggested Researches to be continuously updated with verifiable empirical evidences.

We use the taxonomy of invisible "Sunyata" and its manifestation "Prajna" from the Heart Sutra[R2] to clarify HuiNeng statement about his "Self Nature" that up to now there is still significant confusion since very few can know that state and each used different name. Using modern ontological systems we attempt to standardize the classifications for unambiguous investigations of their attributes, and the underlying driving force according to natural laws. We also argue - based on empirical observations in the downfall of the degenerated esoteric forces - that Prajna is the flower of the Compassion tree deep rooted in the invisible Sunyata. In pursuing Wrong Inner Peace (Samadhi) devoid of "Detachment-Born", the Compassion is lost and Prajna is reduced to "brain intelligence" locally manifested through one's effort. All manifested things have the beginning and the end. Only accessing the invisible Source through Compassion, the state and stock of Prajna can grow into lasting Values, carried on in the eighth consciousness according to Consciousness-Only[D35] which has its manifestation in physical and energy forms life-after-life and realm-after-realm according to Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes.

Conditional manifestations are driven either by Ignorance from tainted mind leading to "Suffering Dukkha" or by Prajna - having "Open Mind" at different depths - leading to "Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha"[D32.1], which can be subjectively valued according to Nagarjuna Madhyamaka as positive in Making Life Easier and Happier, both positive and negative, or not applicable. Hence all activities of either individual or a legal aggregate can be normatively rated to mathematically derive Value of the Values for any targeted question. This tool when growing into a certain maturity will free one from tedious processing tasks that human is not designed for. One can concentrate on the Innovations to know more about oneself, directing all tools and manifestations toward What Count[R23] in "Making Life Easier and Happier".

Nagarjuna's 'Empty of the Emptiness' is also significant at conceptual and actual levels since we know top leaders of the esoteric dark forces that sabotaged and diverted Gotama's discoveries to opposite direction can only reach at the level of 'transcending the observed' - by passing the Detachment-Born - to address one's manageable realities: 'the signals from the senses are not matter, the state of one's being is matter'. They were hallucinated with their achievements and have not 'Transcending the Observer' due to skipping the Detachment-Born, qualified by Gotama as the Right Inner Peace. The grandeur of the 'self' was the source of their degeneration, together with the claimed Absolute Forever God and the One-and-Only Allah.

All three groups have achieved technical advancements at the manifested levels of form and energy, but due to the Grasp-er and the Grasped they are separated from the Sources to actually know One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One where 'Nothingness' is the natural state for reborn and rejuvenation of all manifested. The Quality of their Consciousness were gradually degenerated and they used their own 'snatching technologies' to occupy and ride on the unique comparative advantages of others. Their effort and education are targeted to achievements at the manifested levels, and Not achievement in What Count[R23] which is fundamental different from destructive "Wrong Effort" coming from static conditioned thought and "Right Effort" coming from dynamic nature of changes, and the ability to see and act according to "Thing As It Is" of the Dependent Nature of existence.

Based on the Right Understanding of the Essence of the Right Living / Effort where the Quality of the Core Consciousness is matter since it is that Quality to be naturally reborn and regenerated for its manifestation, one reverts the wrong direction of masters-slaves relationships into the Right Relationships of Dependent Nature of What Count in [1 + 1 > 2] in one's Continuity of the Consciousness rather than in a myopic of zero-sum game in the survival of the fitness since that survival is not one life but in Continuity of the Consciousness. That is the Lasing Value of both the East in Kindness and the ability to know one's Buddha Nature, and the West in Good Samaritan having 'Freewill - Conscience'.

Enabling everyone via Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings, the quality of one's Consciousness is lighter and expanding moving from Kindness to Compassion (common vibration of energy) to Prajna at different depths of Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness, Nothingness, and momentary Nirvana that allow the Natural Laws working out its own Order and Evolution where all intelligent agents can have an equal chance of Learning and Doing. It is also the effortless and efficient Invisible / Helping Hand of (positive driven by normative) Economics to naturally drive GDP and GNP toward GNH due to the innate Buddha Nature having wider perspective in the 'Essence of the Right Living' of What Count.

It is the greatest significance in the new Era of Consciousness evolution where Consciousness technologies can be introduced to the mass to enable most people know 'gateway-to-oneness' without 'addicted faith' or anything including 'kindness' to be exploited by the three degenerated esoteric forces and then More into Utter Silence of Purity in Transcending the Observed, having required condition for higher consciousness. Founded in the Detachment-Born, 'Empty of the Emptiness' is not a question of 'How' but the question of 'When' one can personally experience the HonNhien way, transcending both the observed and the observer. Or it is just simply 'Not' as stated in the Heart Sutra[R2], precisely stated by HuiNeng as 'No-Mark' on one's substance once the action is completed.

Under Dharmapala-XuanZang "Consciousness of the consciousness" the third-typed self-consciousness can experience the second-typed sense consciousness (including mind of the sixth sense) and the fourth-typed Consciousness of self-consciousness. If the self-consciousness is tainted with outdated Marks, its view on the second-typed sense consciousness is corrupted producing the difference between 'Actuality of Thing-As-It-Is" with the "Reality" as illustrated in Figure 1. The tainted and noisy inside prevents its experience of Higher Consciousness. When the self-consciousness is at utter Silence, one is "Completely Open Mind / No Mind Enclosure" as described in the Heart Sutra[R2] to sense the vibration of consciousness of the consciousness directly related to the matter one has attention on. That is the scientific process behind the correct operation of self (rational conditioned thought - hữu niệm) and not-self (Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict - vô niệm). The scientific discoveries are natural processes to different depths of measurable Transcendental Inner Peace (TIP©®), already discovered and known by humanity.

We identify two types of vibrations having immediate practicalities to the present living:

  1. Energy Layers: one is able to sense that the counter part is the main one or there are still many other layers behind that front line soldier. For important matter, one can drill down to the layers of influencers and decision makers.

  2. Energy Connections: one can sense the connected energy between the counter part with others and what needs to do to drive the solution toward What Count from one's perspective[R23]

As previously explored in the Right Effort versus Wrong Effort, container and functional programming can concretely help to detect "Value of the Values" in flocks of activities[R21] to make Energy Layers and Energy Connections strategic Comparative Advantages in important matter either at personal and/or aggregate levels.