Integration of Normative and Artificial Intelligence will be part of "KhaiPhong Technology", the new version of this book. AwakeningBudh is the movement to sponsor KhaiPhong projects.

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[D2] Table of Contents

[D3] Preface - KhaiPhong Technology is a technical angle - required for and in addition to the angles from Gotama's Dukkha and AwakeningBudh's Compassion - directly accessing the Vertical Plane of TRUTH from [ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience / Oneness ], perpendicular to the duality plane of all events or Relative Truths for a wider view of Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to turn Hegelian Dialectic into Prajna Dialectic. KhaiPhong's portfolios are designed to make sustainable AwakeningBudh Movement which provides sponsorships for further research and development of KhaiPhong technologies.

Vision - "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings", Mission - "Knowing more about oneself, Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position"[D32.1], Execution - "Implementing the Sciences and Economics of KhaiPhong, Making Life Easier and Happier".

— AwakeningBudh

Starting from the angle of KhaiPhong Teconology, you can jump to any chapter or its content relevant to your interest, then engage your reflection in that portion of the Mu service to know more about yourself and the mass in that swarm of relevant contents. The book chapters are designed to bring together state-of-the-art current understanding of relevant issues and their practical solutions to be deliverable at the right time and places.

[D4] Nature of Things - states observable facts of Inner Conflicts - Outer Conflicts of all isms and organized religions due to Grasping / Imposing conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) and changing (viparinama-dukkha) dualities / doctrines on others without recognizing that diversities (dualities) are manifestations from Oneness and measurable yardsticks of the normative Right Effort or Wrong Effort where each can play a part to make up the aggregate Whole in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. It sets up observable framework of (1) Conflicted Grasping, (2) Verifiable Processes, (3) At Home to be drilled down before arriving at relevant and deliverable An Engineering Roadmap, ready for implementations.

[D5] A Light out of the Darkness - Using modern evidenced-based measurable yardsticks of Right Effort or Wrong Effort where each can play a part to make up the aggregate Whole in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, we dill down (1) Buddhist Tautologies and Duality, (2) Break-Through of the Vicious Circle, with (3) Human Right and Modern Solutions.

[D6] Verifiable Oneness - Thanks to aggregate human efforts (recorded as early as 2600+ years) from many dedicated explorers searching for the true meaning of existence (of Who I Am) and practicality of the Living, together with modern science we can theoretically and empirically point out the existence of "Oneness / the source of all diversities" accessible by any normal person commonly known as cultivable "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" that Gotama used as the prajna division of his Noble eightfold Path, the model to solve the identifiable Issue of Dukkha, from Suffering Dukkha (dukkha-dukkha, vipaninama-dukkha, sankhara-dukkha) to Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha[D32.1]: (1) Dependent Nature of Existence, (2) Complex Eco-System, (3) Practical Implication.

[D7] Book template - a book-container to enable everyone with Internet access privately explore what most important to know more about oneself, measurable against Signed Posts known by other dedicated explorers as Vertical Switches along the dimension of "[ Wisdom / Prajna / Oneness / Conscience ]" on the plane of event TRUTH to see Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position for a Right Effort. The tool has required infrastructures and facilities to enable your "Value-Adds" shared and connected to the world as a part of your contribution to humanity that may be sustainable and last beyond your life time.

"The unexamined life is not worth living" (Ancient Greek: ὁ ... ἀνεξέταστος βίος οὐ βιωτὸς ἀνθρώπῳ) is a famous dictum apparently uttered by Socrates [470 - 399] at his trial for impiety and corrupting youth, for which he was subsequently sentenced to death, as described in Plato's Apology (38a5-6).

But examining life on the duality plane of existence - Relative Truth - is conditioned due to tainted senses: a conditioned/darkness cannot see other conditioned/darkness As-It-Is. Around 100 years earlier, Gotama [563 - 483 BC] identified the Issue of Existence - namely Dukkha having three meanings sufferings (dukkha-dukkha), changing (viparinama-dukkha) and conditioned (sankhara-dukkha). He claimed to know the solution at "The End of Dukkha[D42]". Since existence is always changing and conditioned due to the second law of thermodynamics, Bodhidharma discovered a state of "Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha"[D32.1] which was later further value-added with HuiNeng's actual realisation: "Do not attach to anything ( detachment-born in all activities ) then that "Wonderful / Fresh / HonNhien" Mind will appear / Ưng vô sở trụ nhi sinh kỳ tâm / Chỉ nên phát tâm trong tinh thần vô trụ / 應無所住而生其心".

We call that "wonderful mind" a Higher Consciousness on the transcendental plane of "Prajna / Wisdom / Oneness / Conscience", perpendicular to the duality plane of events. The underlying natural law in Higher Consciousness is "Oneness", different from conflicting polarity on the duality plane of events to inject Normative Intelligence of Right and Wrong advocated by Socrates as one's Soul (Quality of the Consciousness) which determines Value of the values in one's existence. We scientifically prove this assertion is Right according to natural law of the "light floating up", also asserted by Gotama[D30]. We discover, copyright© and have IP protected the underlying process of Oneness in building up cultivable Prajna with its Signed Posts and its seven Vertical Switches.

Here is an electronic template you can use to start your [ book / document / diary ], exploring all topics of your interest such as the quality of your consciousness via fact-based observable attributes of Right Inner Peace and its Signed Posts in all conscious activities and relationships. Required processes of editing, publishing, discussing are parts of the Pub (Publication) to expose your work.

The targets of this book template are three folds: (1) popularise Gotama's precious discoveries that enable him honestly answer Ajita's question[D21] about the practicalities of his transcendental Mindfulness and Prajna which have been sabotaged by persistent professional scam artists who do not know yet claimed to know do not see yet claim to see[D19.3], (2) contrast his classification of nine stages of Right Inner Peace with our six verifiable Signed Posts - namely Gateway-to-Oneness, Equanimity Higher Consciousness, Purity Higher Consciousness, Not-Self, Sunyata Nothingness, the End of Dukkha - to turn his ontological core subjective (personal opinions) unable to touch by Buddhist Sangha in 2500+ years of Wrong Effort (Wrong Dependent Nature) into epistemic objectives to widen and deepen the principle of cosmic order (Dharma), (3) enable everyone with Internet Free Tools to honestly know more about oneself, being an Agent of Changes to change oneself and the environment toward a Right Direction of What Count[R23].

We define 'Verifiable Emptiness / Right Inner Peace' as the states where gross attributes such as 'light happiness' or meditation subject such as 'earth' or selected 'Sound' based on Avalokiteshvara HonNhien and the charming attraction of Sunyata Nothingness naturally dissolved to utter Silence, toward Nothingness and Beyond. They are the states of rejuvenation or naturally reborn of visible experiences for a Fresh look at 'Thing-As-It-Is / Actuality'. These meditation stages - having distinct attributes - can be called signed posts of 'Verifiable Emptiness / Right Inner Peace'. It is Empty of contents to Utter Silence toward Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness, Nothingness then Unmoving Nirvana according to Gotama's recorded personal experiences.

The 'Verifiable Emptiness / Right Inner Peace' covers a set of preliminary signed posts to scientifically discover different trails leading to them. These trails make apparent observable, testable and reproducible practical benefits for a Worthy Existence in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. We dwell deeper into observable attributes, theoretical aspects and learned lessons of the 'How' together with suggestions of the 'What' that you can be a part to make the 'What' a sustainable economic activity, even beyond your current life time to make the trail easier and more enjoyable for others.

Riding on Open Container where one can take a template image to either add content and/or new services, we provide book-container with epub-3 VerifiableEmptiness that you can add contents, modified, and/or change to generate your own epub-3 book / document.

[D8] A Bird View of Who I Am - Knowing more about oneself with Right Mindfulness or being Aware of simultaneously arising signals from [ body, feelings, mind, mental qualities ] and [ Dependent Nature between One and the Whole ] 'As It Is' one can sense the purpose of this Present Life and the Direction of further Evolution in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles: (1) Inter-Realm Competitions and Influences, (2) Continuity of the AwakeningBudh, (3) Ontological Systems and Projection of a Golden Era.

[D9] Truth and Organized Religions - Organized religions do not need to be divisional and conflicting if one can separate the mean and the deliverable target, acting as the guiding light[R6], [R7.3] for the "Right Effort"

All things return to "One" and "One" operates in all things.

God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] not in the world is the false God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] is unreality.

Source: The God-Conception of Buddhism

Out of all organized religions and isms, Buddhism has claimed touching the Source of all Diversities - the Oneness - due to Gotama's rigorous approach and contributions of many dedicated explorers in its past 2500+ years. Nevertheless up to modern time, evidence-based hard facts indicate otherwise at the bottom-line of Buddhist Sangha, as pointed out in "Buddhism implies dualism[D19.3]". The main reason is that majority of Buddhist Sangha have too eager to claim their assertions from "the Blinds touching Elephant" in making a living via masters-slaves relationships, selling what they do not know nor have. Those inspired by Gotama's discovery need to personally verify his assertion and help others to experience it, proving that "Gotama is not cheating humanity" as done by most of his monks and all organized religions up until 2017.

To stress the importance of personal verification and deliverable practical results - not assertions at the fallacy of "the Blinds touching Elephant of the Bully" - we drill down the current realities in (1) Philosophies / Organized Religions, (2) Vajrayana and Tantra, (3) Pure Land and Meditation .

[D10] Agent of Changes - Kindness (mettā - tâm từ) and Compassion (karuṇā - tâm bi) form a solid foundation for one's [ Body >< Mind >< Effort ]. Directing one's attention to the Practicalities of the present challenges, and knowing the Lasting Value of values, one can cultivate the "state (Mindfulness)" and "stock" of [ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience / Oneness ], the TRUTH plane of any event - accessible by one's quality of the consciousness - perpendicular to the duality plane serving as the Guiding Light of the Right Effort.

Equipped with new technologies riding on Natural Laws for heavy lifting in Freedom from the [ Known / Binding Word-Image and Clinging Thought / Sở Tri Chướng ] and being "At Home" in all activities, one acquires deeper understanding and integration between the "Right effort" and the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict. Further augmented with Tools in Change Management - AI technical contributions from KhaiPhong Technology - one is an Agent of Changes, to change oneself and the surroundings toward What Count[R23]

The gut of KhaiPhong Technology comes from discovered natural laws to enable most people passing the Gateway-to-Oneness and beyond, riding on Natural Purification[D26] from Gotama's "Right Inner Peace / Samma Samadhi[D13]" to naturally purify tainted senses and clear "one's inner sky[R7.3]" for a sudden manifestation due to Detachment-Born of HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna[R5] of seeing Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position for the "Right Understanding and Right Motivation (Prajna division of Gotama's Noble eightfold Path)" of any event, statistically significant in "Making Life Easier and Happier".

[D11] Finger Pointing to the Moon - Your Vision - Self/Selfless Awareness is one's ability the know the Right or Unworthy relevant to one's Present Moment. It drives Volition / Freewill / Sankhara to make things happened. The Awareness can look beyond the Observed's Mask and the Observer's Veil, having something outside conditioned boxes of involved parties for a Breakthrough Solution.

The process is 'scientific' in horizontal implementations with Right Mindfulness[D12] and vertical integration with Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi)[D13] whose state is momentarily changed due to Volition, driven by either Prajna or Ignorance. It is not anymore "Finger Pointing to the Moon" from professional scam artists[R18.4] in Buddhist Sangha, claiming to know what they do not know to see what they do not see[D19.3]. By discovering natural laws and required conditions of "rocket technologies", one can ride on this [ rocket / three-leg donkey ] known by Trần Thái Tông[R7.3] to the ultimate top of the [ moon / the end of dukkha / nirvana / unmoving sunyata ] then back to personally experience the whole life cycle of [ Dukkha >< Nirvana ].

It is 90-degree clockwise direction of Christian cross having wider statistically measurable Right Efforts on the horizontal duality plane of any "event" due to deeper vertically accessible Higher Consciousness on the plane of TRUTH perpendicular to the duality plane of event. At the cross point of the event, the driving force can be Ignorance due to tainted senses as analysed in Buddhist 12 links of causes and effects or cultivable Prajna from KhaiPhong beyond binding Word/Image perfected by Christianity and clinging Thought perfected by Muslim to see the Thing-As-It-Is and strategic move based on one's comparative advantages.

Drawing resources and experiencing KhaiPhong Technology, it is now your time to put up and implement your own Vision from your specialized domain for the raison d'être of your existence.

[D12] Right Mindfulness - "Samadhi is the Quintessence of Prajna [for Right Understanding], while Prajna is the activity of Samadhi [for Right Motivation]". Public "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" of all important events can serve as the community implementations of Gotama's Noble eightfold Path to actually verify his assertion "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them and by [Prajna / Wisdom], they are dissolved"[D21]. The outcomes of this conscious living to know more about yourself and the surroundings can be statistically tested and measurable on well-defined cases such as (1) A growing child, (2) Right Effort in one's selected profession, (3) Marriage, (4) Parenting, etc, to enable the sum of Breakthroughs from diversities much greater than its parts, mathematically proven in International Trade.

It is the natural way to enable Prajna / Wisdom flower on the common foundation of [ Compassion >< Detachment-Born ] of [ 1 + 1 > 2 ] in Making Life Easier and Happier, contrary to the zero-sum game of [ Ignorance >< Attachment >< Aversion ] in the game of Greed and Power at the protected self of biology where the human nature (humanitas) comprises of both biology plus compassion and wisdom (prajna) to legitimise human rights. It is the Wise Attention[D27] from Prajna Dialectic instead of Hegelian Dialectic of "I win You loose" where the degenerated "Illuminati" can play on both sides of Attachment >< Aversion to perpetuate the mass Ignorance for masters-slaves relationships.

[D13] Right Inner Peace - Visible signed posts from different processes to Transcendental Inner Peace (TIP / Samadhi) - commonly known as meditation (Dhyana) - to bring together one's accumulated Instinct, Brain Intelligence, Compassionate Vibration from the heart, and something Beyond (Prajna): (1) Meditation, (2) Awakening, with (3) AwakeningBudh.

[D14] An Engineering Roadmap - The seven (7) step engineering roadmap to enable AwakeningBudh Movement target the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong Technology, sustainable with or without original founders. The roadmap brings together measurable hard facts via ICT (Information Communication Technology) of positive values to augment the normative values from Consciousness Technologies, enabling people the driving forces behind both productions and consumption toward some Lasting Values in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

[D15] List of Figures and Tables.

[D16] References.

[D17] Glossary.

[D18] Index.

[D19] Phật Thầy Tây An - conclusion of Cẩm Nang Thập Thiện Khuyến Tu. Please refer to the link for content:

  1. Without 'Detachment-Born' or 'Gateway to Oneness' - naturally coming from Kindness and Compassion - as one's Fundamental Principle, the first phase is only at word level of monks making unworthy living from claimed rituals and prayers they do not know nor own, and

  2. Without 'Verifiable Emptiness', the 'Detachment-Born' cannot be deepen for 'rejuvenation and naturally reborn' having Freshness and tremendous / effortless 'Intensity of Attention' to actually know the second phase and the meaning of present existence.

Detachment-Born is Gotama's qualification for Right Inner Peace, not even the Inner Peace with Grasp-er and the Grasped to drive one and others into an Abyss of Sufferings as seen in 'Faith that can move the mountain'[Matthew 17:20] that community of monks / nuns is trying to imitate its counter-part Roman Catholic Church.

Detachment-Born is also the highest in the four Boundless Qualities of the Mind (tứ vô lượng tâm) for the Happiness of One and the Whole: Kindness (mettā - tâm từ), Compasion (karuṇā - tâm bi), Joy (muditā - tâm hỷ), Detachment-Born (upekkhā - tâm xả) where upekkhā can only be natural when one can transcend the Observer at some stability level.

A technical switch - achievable with Natural Purification discovered in KhaiPhong Technology - is needed to effortlessly flip from activities to Utter Silence for 'naturally reborn / rejuvenation' from the source and Infuse that Inner Peace of 'No Conflict Inside - No Conflict Outside' to transform 'burdens' into opportunity and potentiality. Then, 'Transcend Inner Peace' from Transcendental Consciousness to Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness and Unity to actually experience 'the Essence of the Right Effort' which is 'Not-Self / One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One'.

This technical switch fulfils Krishnamurti's Vision, making the motto "tu Nhân học Phật / being a Good Person then doing Buddhist study" quickly bearing fruits via by-passing innumerable outdated marks of one's tainted senses. Without Natural Purification discovered in KhaiPhong Technology the motto is just another blah blah blah on the duality level, disconnected itself from the Core Consciousness just like thousand years of all organized religions.

[D19.1] The philosophy of Vasubandhu - Ph.D. thesis - Le Manh That. Here is a Version translated into Vietnamese by Đạo Sinh.

[D19.2] Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta: Setting the Wheel of Dhamma in Motion - The Noble eightfold Path is the middle way producing vision, direct knowledge to calm and self-awakening - the way of practice leading to the End of Dukkha.

The noble truth of the origination of Sufferings is to be managed / abandoned. Buddhists use the 12 links of causes and effects to explain the origination of dukkha. The claimed recorded words by Buddhist Sangha from Gotama in Udàna [(III) (Ud 2)] is likely from the Sangha: "That is from the cessation of ignorance, volitional activities cease; from the cessation of volitional activities, consciousness ceases; from the cessation of consciousness, name-and-form ceases...".

The darkness "Ignorance" cannot be destroyed by another darkness of preconceived idea. It must come from the light "Prajna" starting at one's level of "Right Understanding" and "Right Motivation" of Prajna division of the Noble eightfold Path in one's continuous Learning and Doing for "Right Effort". Consciousness has both state and stock of its "Prajna / Right" quality. Consciousness is a form of energy, cannot be destroyed but transformed. The state and stock of Prajna can be cultivable. This proves how Buddhist Sangha has turned Gotama's discoveries upside down to sabotage "his precious gifts to humanity" in its 2500+ years.

The noble truth in the Cessation / End of Dukkha is to be directly experienced. After three years (2013 - 2015) of poking around to expose the fallacies from and challenge all organized religions[R6] to deliver the described Oneness / God / Allah where Buddhism is a part - driven by essoteric dark forces - here is the latest re-interpretation of Dukkha by MDTTA in terms of Nagarjuna's Relative Truth and Ultimate (Wider) Truth: "NGƯỜI HỌC PHẬT CÓ THỂ HIỂU SAI VÀ TU SAI TỨ DIỆU ĐẾ / Students of Buddhism may misunderstand and wrongly practice the Fourfold Truth". According to MDTTA, the "End of Dukkha" is the absence of Volition / Sankhara to be the closest among 10 definitions of Nibbana (the end of dukkha) according to trusted documents of Buddhist Sangha: (1) Chấm dứt Tham Sân Si / Termination of Attachment Aversion Ignorance, (2) Chấm dứt sự diển tiến của ngủ uẩn / Termination the Processes of five Senses, (3) Thoát khỏi Sinh Tử Luân Hồi / Liberated from Circle of Birth Death, (4) Hạnh Phúc Tuyệt Đối / Absolute Happiness, (5) Hạnh Phúc Không Có Diều Kiện / Unconditioned Happiness, (6) Không Cón Tái Sanh hoặc Vô Sanh / No More Rebirth, (7) Niết Bàn Lá Chấm Dứt Tất Cả Nhân Quả Tạo Tác Làm và Không Làm, Trạng Thái Vượt Ngoài Ngôn Ngử, (... (8), (9) and (10) are not clearly stated). His bottom line personal assertion is When you actually see the End of Dukkha, there is no more Dukkha.

The significant contribution in this "reinterpretation" is to demonstrate the upside down of claimed Buddhist Dharmas basing on the Relative Truth and "imaginations of mental logics" without touching the transcendental states at the Ultimate (Wider) Truth toward "Oneness / Sunyata", outside all conditioned dualities (outside the box) but within the reach of human Consciousness known as Consciousness of the consciousness. The rhetoric is based on the fact that whatever the description, it is only the description at one angle of the totality. Yet, even at one angle - with appropriate conditions leading from Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth - the scientific process can be tested and verified to either reject the "hypothesis / personal opinion / hallucination" or a starting point for widening and deepening stated ontological subjective into epistemic objectives in the Science of KhaiPhong.

His assertion that when you actually see the End of Dukkha, there is no more Dukkha proves that (1) he knows nothing about transcendental states[D25], [D28], [D29] Gotama used to personally verify his ontological subjective in "Not-Self and The End of Dukkha[D42]" and (2) is not qualified by Gotama's Mindfulness at the third Jhana after passing the Gateway-to-Oneness . After personally experienced "The End of Dukkha", Gotama was still alive and subjected to the natural laws of Dukkha. Living students personally know Gotama's "The End of Dukkha" and use Sariputta's answer[D26] to further expand Gotama's discoveries in the Natural Purification at theoretical level according to natural laws for heavy lifting one out of innumerable outdated marks of the tainted senses in evolution from Form back to Consciousness. The theory will be implemented at the right place and right time to turn Gotama's ontological subjective of Not-Self, Nothingness, and End of Dukkha into Epistemic Objectives for further widening and deepening Gotama's discoveries in all domains, Making Life Easier and Happier.

Without delivering personal experience in moving from Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth, and what happened to the state of mind "after actually experiencing the Ultimate (Wider) Truth" when one is in relative truth, MDTTA reinterpretation is only the logical reasoning based on what we have publicly exposed in the past 3 years to desperately defend Buddhist scam processes at the logical level of the Blinds touching imaginary Elephant. We challenge his personal experience / imagination to show that he has passed the "Gateway-to-Oneness" exposing what he actually knows.

Let's look at MDTTA few definitions of "The End of Dukkha" to logically see our challenge which will be properly exposed in the Science of KhaiPhong, at the right place and right time: (1) Termination of Attachment Aversion Ignorance / Chấm dứt Tham Sân Si. Do you have actual experience or only reasoning and/or imagination? Please see Gotama's description below about "The End of Dukkha" based on his description in the process of "Entering the Ultimate (Wider) Truth or Oneness". One can either personally / scientifically verify Gotama's process and/or expand the discovered natural laws to integrate with tested favourable conditions at different angles of HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna, Bodhidharma's Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict, and the Heart Sutra. (2) Termination the Processes of five Senses / Chấm dứt sự diển tiến của ngủ uẩn. This is definitely the imagination of the blind touching the imaginary elephant to show MDTTA has not passed the Gateway-to-Oneness since Gotama must use his senses in daily existence after his momentary "End of Dukkha". (3) Liberated from Circle of Birth Death / Thoát khỏi Sinh Tử Luân Hồi. Here is another hallucination of the persistent professional scam artist who does not know yet claim to know does not see yet claim to see, making very unworthy living in sabotaging Gotama's precious discoveries. (4) Absolute Happiness / Hạnh Phúc Tuyệt Đối. Here is another imagination of the one who does not know yet claimed to know, does not see yet claim to see. (5) Unconditioned Happiness / Hạnh Phúc Không Có Diều Kiện - another imagination of the Blind touching imaginary Elephant. (6) No More Rebirth / Không Cón Tái Sanh hoặc Vô Sanh. All minifestations must go through the process of birth and death according to the Dependent Nature of natural laws to be discovered in each identified realm to Make Life Easier and Happier. This is very likely "another Buddhist Ignorance put into Gotama's mouth to sustain the cheating process of its Sangha. Since Gotama has not actually gone through the process of "No More Rebirth", the statement if coming from Gotama is only his personal opinion / theory to be tested and verified. (7) Nibbana is the Termination of all causes and effects, doing or not doing, the state outside all descriptions / Niết Bàn Lá Chấm Dứt Tất Cả Nhân Quả Tạo Tác Làm và Không Làm, Trạng Thái Vượt Ngoài Ngôn Ngử. Assuming Gotama has actually achieved Nibbana - not cheating humanity as done by his Buddhist Sangha - please look at his description of "The End of Dukkha" below and Why we ask you to force all professional scam artists to actually describe the process in moving from Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth of Oneness, and then what happened to the state of mind after experiencing the Oneness while functioning in the Relative Truth with innumerable tainted marks of the past.

Here is Gotama's processes in moving from Realtive Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth[D25], [D28], [D29], and how he personally verified the "End of Dukkha" in his 9th Samadhi[D42]. In this quote, Gotama did not answer the question "Then What?" from [ Minh Triết Việt / Vietnamese Widom ] we pose to entire Buddhist communities about the noble truth in the Cessation of Sufferings - The End of Dukkha - to be directly experienced.

There is, bhikkhus, that base where there is no earth, no water, no fire, no air; no base consisting of the infinity of space, no base consisting of the infinity of consciousness, no base consisting of nothingness, no base consisting of neither-perception-nor-non-perception; ... Here, bhikkhus, I say there is no coming, no going, no staying, no deceasing. Not fixed, not movable, it has no support. Just this is the End of Dukkha

Này các tỷ kheo, có xứ này, tại đấy không có đất, không có nước, không có lửa, không có gió; không có hư không vô biên xứ; không có thức vô biên xứ; không có vô sở hữu xứ; không có phi tưởng phi phi tưởng xứ... Do vậy, này các tỷ kheo, Ta tuyên bố không có đến, không có đi, không có trú, không có diệt, không có sanh, không có an trú, không có chuyển vận, không có sở duyên. Đây là sự đoạn tận khổ đau.

VIII (I) Ud 80 - VIII, 1

See for yourself why scientific processes can be properly applied from "ontological subjective / personal opinion / theory" passing rigorous processes of Testing and Verifying in discovering natural laws of precious discoveries, effortlessly wiping out criminals and hardcore professional scam artists cheating humanity many thousands years in all organized religions and isms to perpetuate masters-slaves relationships driven by dark esoteric forces that we esoterically and happily announce their Ending according to natural laws and the working of many dedicated explorers, opening a New Era of Higher Consciousness that we wish all can be parts. When the dots - value added by other dedicated explorers - are properly connected with the right-side up of Gotama discoveries, many will be able to personally verify his "signed posts of being directly experienced" and value add their explored trails contributing to the World's Open Innovations.

[D19.3] Katalin Mund - Buddhism implies dualism (reproduced here for easy access - all Rights belong to the source). Contrary to the logical argument in the paper, the beyond dualism / thought advanced by Dharmapala-XuanZang (HsuanTsang) theoretical model is not a "stable / solid stepwise" as graphically presented in the paper to show 'The Awareness of Self Awareness is Self Awareness'. We call this Awareness the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" in activities at different levels of higher consciousness perpendicular to the duality plane of focused event. It is the real contribution of Budh Dharma, transcending all isms at visible Word/Image and Thought to be in touch with "Thing As it Is" for a breakthrough solution of dynamic and harmonious individual / aggregate synchronized benefits in this conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) and changing (viparinama-dukkha) world. It is the target in the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong.

The paper used the picture of an internationally well-known Samatha and Vipassana meditation master - Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw - to illustrate the reality that a conditioned thought cannot transcend other conditioned thought, stuck by most monks and nuns in 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha. The paper's conclusion is scientifically logical. In Sayadaw's "Knowing and Seeing" book we can prove that he has not passed the Gateway-to-Oneness, knowing nothing about the driving force behind Volition (Sankhara) to be totally emerged in his darkness of Ignorance. Yet he has been spreading his "unconditioned" Panna / Prajna as the outcome of his "conditioned concentration", having no transcendental states in all his claimed Jhanas. HuiNeng qualified Budh counselor who must have the ability to be anchored from the Self Nature, outside the conditioned box which renders Sayadaw a cheating professional scam artist. We crystallize this Qualification by demanding an actual experience in moving from Nagarjuna Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth for an Insight into the Emptiness, and from Asanga Perfected Nature to infuse the Natural Purification into the Imaginary Nature for moving toward the Dependent Nature. The Qualification - Figure 5 - contributes at different angles and aspects to the proof that there is no chasm between Nagarjuna Madhyamaka and Asanga Consciousness-Only generated by monks and scholars not passing the gateway-to-oneness.

[D20] Avalokiteshvara - Statue of Quan Âm with thousands eyes and thousands hands (Quan Âm Nghìn Mắt Nghìn Tay) fashioned in 1656 Bắc Ninh, now restored in Bút Tháp Temple, Bắc Ninh Province, Vietnam.

According to Buddhist Texts, Sound technology came from Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva; Consciousness-Only technology came from Maitreya Bodhisattva transmitted through Asanga. In the collapse of the esoteric Feudal System, the writer feels that any significant technology is a contribution of many in a very complex Dependent Nature of evolution.

What really count is a sustainable Science for the benefits of all living entities having a sense of an agent i.e. Alertness and Awareness of one and the environment or the dynamic interaction between one's Right Effort (hửu niệm) with "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" (vô niệm). We esoterically know Sound Technology came from the teacher of a group of students. Sariputra was a student in that group, but not Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva as reported in Shurangama Sutra[D31]. That teacher is Avalokiteshvara who is a part of the "Good-in-accordance-with-Natural-laws" esoteric force helps to foil the dark esoteric forces behind the Illuminati NWO. Maitreya - claimed from Buddhist recorded texts under his name - may be an impostor since the one who actually knows "The Inner Peace in Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" cannot advise people the "Non-Duality / Tánh Bất Nhị" with the mean of duality at word/thought level. He or She must deliver the mean to actually experience that "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict". You still can use Word to describe the state you know such as Wu-Nien, but you never heard HuiNeng advising his students "to have no thought" or "no-thought means to be without thought while in the mist of thought" (Vô tướng là nơi tướng mà lìa tướng)[R5.2] translated by those not even have "Mindfulness" qualified at the Equanimity third stage of Gotama recorded meditation.

The correct Sound and Consciousness technologies - actually delivering the "Inner Peace in Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" - are known by living students among us and will soon by many dedicated students. Anyone can be either Avalokiteshvara, Maitreya, or both, or part of them. In addition, there are many individuals in both human and middle realms understanding the natural process in the Living Ecosystem of One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One. They dedicate their efforts toward this revolution in Consciousness. Contributions of individuals with names, locations, and resources really count but are small drops in the ocean of Living Consciousness.

The writer would not be able to present the causes of the Greatest Scam from all organized religions if there is no Sound Technology, embedded in a Living student where involved parties from different realms (including living persons speaking in different languages) due to different evolution and degeneration can communicate, transcending the realm existences, languages and spaces. Yes! This is true when one can not only sense the driving forces behind feelings and thoughts at Volition / Free Will / Sankhara level, but also communicate through an "amplifier" at the feelings and thoughts. This "telepathy" has been recently demonstrated with mind input/output devices and their signals transmitted via Internet. The writer can relate recorded hard evidences and scientific facts with deeper causes and events, far beyond any human perception toward a hard lesson, learned in painful experience of many in life-after-life.

The key message is that there is the Continuity of the Consciousness as scientifically proven, plus the Normative Sense of Right and Unworthy - leading either to Happiness or Sufferings measurable at the bottom line of an effort called "Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha"[D42], [D39], [D32], [D32.1] or "Suffering Dukkha" via tainted senses, the realities of most people. There is a One-to-One mapping between Quality of one's Consciousness with the Quality of Existence. Self is only a nickname to represent continuity of the consciousness in present life; reincarnation is the manifestation of self in different nickname of different life and/or realm. It may be useful for some explorers in the wake of many events toward the end of 2012 and beyond to ride on the tidal shift of naturally available Higher Consciousness.

We use the figurative thousands Heads and Arms Avalokiteshvara as a symbolic Ecosystem of KhaiPhong Sound / Light and Consciousness technologies that all dedicated students can be parts of the eyes, ears, arms, hands, heads, etc, to form an Ecosystem of an aggregate Living Whole. Other significant contributions are mentioned for historical records.

[D21] Ajita's Questions - Translated from Pali (Sn 5.1 PTS: Sn 1032-1039).

"[Ajita:] Everywhere flow the streams. [The Lord:] Whatever streams are in the World, it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Wisdom [Prajna], they are cut off [dissolved]" By John D. Ireland.

"[Ajita:] They flow every which way, the streams [cravings, tanha, karmas, binding and clinging forces tainted the "Thing-As-It-Is" seen by Prajna into Ignorance / Avijja to drive Volition / Sankhara / Freewill from Right Effort into Wrong Effort causing Suffering Dukkha]. [The Buddha:] ...Mindfulness is their restraint, with discernment [Prajna] they're finally stopped." By Thanissaro.

— Ajita's Questions. We use (1) [cravings, tanha, karmas, binding and clinging forces tainted the "Thing-As-It-Is" seen by Prajna into Ignorance / Avijja to drive Volition / Sankhara / Freewill from Right Effort into Wrong Effort causing Suffering Dukkha] for "streams", (2) "Prajna" for Ireland "wisdom" and Thanissaro "discernment", (3) "dissolved" instead of Ireland "cut off" or Thanissaro "finally stopped".

Using this question and answer as the cornerstone of Issue Identification (Dukkha) to scientifically proven solution (Nirvana / End of Dukkha), we construct An Engineering Roadmap as an outcome of this book. Assuming there is some "Value / Truth" in this advice worthy to pay some attention, please challenge all Buddhist monks / nuns and claimed meditation masters their actual experience of mindfulness, qualified by Gotama[D28] at his Equanimity level.

Ask yourself why 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha has not delivered any practical value to solve Gotama's identified [Dukkha / Issue] as his lifetime "quest / thesis" and claimed "solution" that he (Gotama) is not cheating humanity as most of professional scam artists in his Buddhist Sanghas, sabotaging and violating his rules of conducts. Since a [darkness / conditioned] cannot see another [darkness / conditioned] As-It-Is, please force all Buddhists describe their actual experience at the source of thought to be mindful of one's Binding Word/Image perfected by Roman Catholic Church and Clinging Thought perfected by Muslim in enslaving humanity up until 2017. Most Buddhists cannot pass even the Gateway-to-Oneness Signed Post; do not let criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] continue their "big mouths" unchecked[R5.3], [R5.4] as on the dialogue between Tang poet Bai Juji and the claimed "crow-nested zen master" that professional scam artists frequently use to paint their images in making a very unworthy living.

"The signals from your senses which demand an awareness (mindfulness) at the source of your thought do not count, only the State of your Being counts". Please put your Right Effort in "knowing more about yourself" and possibly dissolving some of your dominant "karmic forces" in Making Life Easier and Happier. We build sustainable steps to practicalize Gotama and many other value-added technologies in the proposed Science and Economics of KhaiPhong.

[D22] Kalama Sutta - the Buddha's Charter of Free Inquiry to know more about one's Prajna / Conscience - a faculty to know the Right and Unworthy - which is cultivable horizontally in daily activities and vertically in diving from within, drawing deeper power of the whole ocean (cosmic consciousness) where all disturbances at the surface are completely Empty (Absent).

Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing; nor upon tradition; nor upon rumor; nor upon what is in a scripture; nor upon surmise; nor upon an axiom; nor upon specious reasoning; nor upon a bias towards a notion that has been pondered over; nor upon another's seeming ability; nor upon the consideration. Kalamas, when you yourselves know: These things are good; these things are not blamable; these things are praised by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to benefit and happiness, enter on and abide in them.

[D23] Anapanasati - mindfulness of breathing.

The term anapanasati does not mean, as is general interpreted, mindfulness established on in and out breathing. Actually it means mindfulness established on an object all the time with each in and out breath: initially one establishes mindfulness on the breathing itself, then on different kinds of feeling, different states of mind, then the characteristic of impermanence ... and finally on relinquishment, which is the ultimate objective of the practice.

Buddhist three issues causing the divergence between Gotama 'Self Realization' with 'the Execution from Buddhist Sangha' are (1) Design - Not-Self and Emptiness explained at conditioned duality to people not even passing the gateway-to-oneness knowing only the "self" in "Grasper and the Grasped" rather than stressing on the innate Budh (Buddha Nature) capable for a wider perspective of Worthy Existence directly solving the present "Pain / Dukkha", (2) Built - Mindfulness of Breathing ( anapanasati) and MahaSatipatthana Sutta[D24] cannot deliver the Right Mindfulness or Samadhi-Prajna in dynamic interactions between one and the environment where the ultimate objective of the "built process" is only the beginning of "Present Moment in Emptiness", and (3) Execution - Buddhist Sangha not in 'Transparent' and 'Accountable' manner driven by invisible / helping hand of economics.

Solution: [Mindfulness / Alertness] of [SIMULTANEOUSLY arising signals from body, feelings, mind, mental qualities] extended to [the Dependent Nature of One and the Whole 'As It Is'] at (1) Beyond-Thought at the observed, (2) No-Mark once action completed, (3) Detachment-Born as a basis for the manifestation of Samadhi-Prajna in daily activities. It is Right Mindfulness coming from "Transcendental Inner Peace" to naturally purify tainted senses for the manifestation of Detachment-Born (HonNhien) where one's quality of Prajna is upgraded to the required quality of both Samadhi and Prajna. It is the Alertness and Awareness of Prajna from KhaiPhong Technology compounded on different depths of the settled "Verifiable Emptiness" for a "Sudden Awaken" as asserted by HuiNeng, then Awakening in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. Another alternative angle for the solution is (1) ComPassion, (2) DetachmentBorn, (3) HonNhien from AwakeningBudh Movement for cultivating the state and stock of Prajna. Mindfulness (Alertness) and Prajna (Awareness) are key components of Gotama's advice to Ajita's Questions[D21]

[D24] MahaSatipatthana Sutta - The Great Frames of Reference Digha Nikaya 22 (Tứ niệm xứ).

focussed (ardent, alert, and mindful) on [the body, feelings, mind, and mental qualities] is claimed as the direct path for the purification of beings, for the overcoming of sorrow and lamentation, for the disappearance of pain and distress, for the attainment of the right method, and for the realization of Unbinding.

Similar to Anapanasati - Mindfulness of breathing - the word "focused, ardent, alert, and mindful" lead practitioner toward "binding the mind to the presence" which is "Very Painful and Impossible" since at any moment there are interactions of innumerable signals SIMULTANEOUSLY arising from [the body, feelings, mind, and mental qualities] but also from [the Dependent Nature of One and the Whole 'As It Is']. The practice renders one useless in modern living and in the market place where outcome of any issue is affected by intentional efforts of all involved parties. It is Impossible to precisely know all minute influences, exactly as the dialogue between Gotama and Subhuti in The Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra - Diamond Sutra that "the past mind cannot be grasped, neither can the present mind or the future mind (Section 18)".

For any international or trade issue, the mind and mental qualities of all involved parties are dynamically interacted in the set of "Thing-As-It-Is with Negotiable Conflicts - Patch A" in Figure 2. With proper training in Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict for an Insight into the Emptiness, raising up the state and stock of Prajna, one can sense the pulse of the issue from outside-the-box Patch C, as well as the chemistry and/or reservation of the counter-part (Patch B) for a breakthrough solution. That means for any effort, there can only have a probability of the outcome due to complex Dependent Nature of many decision makers.

Using set theory, we can mathematically prove that "a conditioned cannot see other conditioned As-It-Is" that Katalin Mund uses the picture of a well-known Samatha and Vipassana meditation master to demonstrate that "Buddhism implies dualism"[D19.3]. It has also been argued by Madhyamaka theorists that "a sword (conditioned thought), no matter how sharp it is, cannot cut itself". The same issue is applicable to (1) Meditation on Emptiness at rational thoughts and arguments, (2) Christian and Islam theologies and eschatology, (3) Buddhist Utopia in Bodhisattva and Bodhicitta unless the "intensity of attention" rendered one outside-the-box in Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict as illustrated in Patch C of Figure 2.

All fruitful cultivations[D32] having lasting value must come from Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict for an Insight into the Emptiness. Most people are driven by pulls and pushes of the situations without being Aware of the driving forces behind one's Volition / Freewill while unconsciously let indoctrinated binding Word/Image and clinging Thought enslaving them in chains of the "isms", rather than Empty them once the action is completed. All transient cultivation - just like a physical body - will be dissolved by its conditioned.

The "Awareness in Emptiness" can be cultivable in "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" and has been pointed out by Tilopa in his Mahamudra-Upadesa. The same recommended solution is in the zen's "Riding The Ox" - Figure 6 - where one can let the mind running out most of its "steam" in opposite direction then effortlessly guide it back to the Right Effort. In this cultivation from "Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict", one can sense the pulse of the situation for a Right Effort, knowing the driving forces behind the "Volition / Freewill / Sankhara" - Table 2 - to properly manage one's Reality and possibly dissolving some dominant outdated Marks as Gotama's advice to Ajita's questions.

Now, let's look at the MahaSatipatthana claim its "direct path for the purification of beings, for the overcoming of sorrow and lamentation, for the disappearance of pain and distress, for the attainment of the right method, and for the realization of Unbinding" to see how Buddhist Sangha put its "Ignorance / 100% duality of conditioned darkness" into Gotama's mouth by contrasting Gotama's affirmation in his Dwelling in the Emptiness[D25], describing how he moved from "Relative Truth" in the wilderness of village and community of monks to the "Ultimate (Wider) Truth" through nine stages of his absorption that Buddhist "Anapanasati - Mindfulness of breathing" and "MahaSatipatthana Great Frames of Reference (Tứ niệm xứ)" cannot touch, nor the Buddhist Samatha and Vipassana to render almost all monks and nuns in 2500+ years incapable to pass the Gateway-to-Oneness and unqualified in knowing Gotama's Mindfulness[D28].

Due to our public exposition of this book since the end of 2012, a Buddhist scholar and monk - MDTTA - tried to fool honest Buddhist explorers, playing on words of "[ samatha-bhāvanā as dhyana-samadhi / thiền định ]" and "[ vipassanā-bhāvanā as dhyana-prajna / thiền tuệ ]" claimed to be Buddhist solution to binding word/image and clinging thought (giải quyết sở tri chướng). Here is a hard evidence about a typical professional scam artist[R18.4] - not passing the Gateway-to-Oneness, knowing nothing about transcendental states of Emptiness and unqualified by Gotama's Mindfulness-Prajna[D21] - claiming to be a Buddhist "[ monk / pali scholar / teacher ]".

Bhavana - commonly known as reflection, or being Aware of precious Qualities veiled by Ignorance and Imagination - is Dhyana if and only if it can break its conditioned boundary, passing the Gateway-to-Oneness, transcending whatever the contents toward Equanimity to naturally unbinding Word/Image, and Purity to naturally unclinging Thought. HuiNeng defined (1) 'to be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana, and to attain Inner Peace is Samadhi. When we are in a position to deal with Dhyana and to keep our inner mind in Samadhi, then we are said to have attained Dhyana-Samadhi' which exposes the Buddhist "[ monk / pali scholar / teacher ]" totally ignorant about his mindfulness, using Samatha to replace Gotama's Samadhi, and (2) 'Samadhi - called Inner Peace - is the Quintessence of Prajna, while Prajna is the activity of Samadhi' which exposes the hard-core persistent professional scam artist knowing nothing about binding Word/Image and clinging Thought (sở tri chướng), using vipassana to replace Gotama's Prajna as done by most monks / nuns in 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha.

The Non-Duality due to Detachment-Born at the Gateway-to-Oneness is cultivable via Understanding of Dependent Nature, Emptiness, Detachment-Born, No-Mark once action completed, evidenced from an honest exposition of a Vietnamese monk at the Gateway-to-Oneness, not yet passing binding Word/Image, and clinging Though (sở tri chướng) as evidenced in the monk's life-time exposition of the Heart Sutra[R2]. The binding Word/Image is perfected by the Roman Catholic Church[R18.4] to be exposed as professional scam artists, and clinging Thought perfected by Muslim[R18.3] to be employed as criminals by Illuminati New World Order.

Once the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" - to be democratized - is clearly seen[R7.5], the means to it from all organized religions and isms together with their possible "cracks" are exposed. One can decide the best for oneself based on the present conditions. Religious "holy and related wars" connected to "isms / utopia" are effortlessly out.

Solution: discover and implement technologies to easily access "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" riding on Natural Laws for heavy lifting. We have identified nine (9) trails or rafts to have an Insight into the Emptiness at different depths: (1) Sexual Orgasm, (2) Highest Tantric Sexual Penetration, (3) Christian Faith, (4) Islam Faith and Swirling, (5) Chi/Prajna Kung-Fu, (6) Transcendental Meditation and Natural Levitation, (7) Gotama Tranquillity second stage of Right Samadhi and beyond, (8) Kindness and Compassion, (9) Activity. The last two have not been known up to 2017 and will be the mechanisms (a) to force all past trails / rafts exposed under the scientific processes the means to verifiable "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict at different depths of Consciousness" together with noticeable "cracks", and (b) democratize the Practicalities of the Emptiness for efficient "Prajna Cultivation" sensing Thing-As-It-Is of complex issues - replacing Buddhist Vipassana - via invisible / helping hand of economics to wipe out masters-slaves relationships where inter-realms connections and assistances must be in accordance to natural laws, accountable and transparent[R7.5]. The secret sauce is in the Natural Purification having Transcendental Relaxation as a part with directed Mindfulness to enable Prajna empty the targeted entanglement. This secret sauce of Natural Purification is a part of KhaiPhong Technology, one of the three identified angles capable to directly access the totality or diving down to the deepest part of the ocean.

[D25] Verifiable Emptiness 1 - "Cula-suññata Sutta: The Lesser Discourse on Emptiness" (MN 121), translated from Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu. In this description, Gotama started from the base of his Right Mindfulness - Chánh Niệm that most monks/nuns do not know - passing the gateway-to-oneness in Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict - to merge oneself into

  1. Wilderness,

  2. Purity via the earth subject or via the most advanced modern tools of "Sound / Light", "Kindness / Compassion", etc.

  3. Infinite Space where the sense of one's body disappeared and the subject of meditation (such as the earth / Sound / Kindness / Compassion) is dissolved or empty in "Verifiable Emptiness",

  4. Infinite Consciousness,

  5. An Awareness of Nothingness where there is no trace of thought,

  6. Border line between conditioned and unconditioned,

  7. Momentary Nirvana or Unmoving Sunyata.

A thought of 'nothingness' is not 'nothingness'. If there is no "thought" how can you know it is Nothingness. Similarly, when the subject of meditation is dissolved in the 'Infinite Space' what make you be Aware of that 'Verifiable Emptiness'. Now look at the logical but complex arguments in Shurangama Sutra[D31] to prove the existence of "the Unchanged and Unborn" in the changing (viparinama-dukkha) and conditioned (sankhara-dukkna) existence, then contrast with the state of "Kindness" (mettā - tâm từ) and Compassion (karuṇā - tâm bi) that you actually know, and used by the Vietnamese General - Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4] - as a principle to cultivate a strong community capable to military defeat three times the Mongol Empire.

When you describe that Kindness or Compassion, the real Kindness and Compassion are not there. Similarly, there is 'no thought' even in 'Expanding Space - Infinite Space' since it has passed the Utter Silence in Purity state, entering different depths of transcending the 'Observer' to directly experience Gotama's Not-Self or One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One for an Essence of the Right Effort. That transcending the 'Observed' and possible the 'Observer' have been explicitly described 2500+ years ago that no one in the entire Buddhist communities of monks and nuns has ever touched[R7.5]. It is important to establish them as signed posts of a theoretical foundation before delivering technologies for empirical verification in discovering trails leading to these signed posts. Each contributor stands on one's own discovery via a thesis to demonstrate that (1) one actually experiences HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna, (2) knows the way from Nagarjuna Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth, and (3) knows the infusion of Asangha Perfected Nature to drive the Imaginary Nature closer to Dependent Nature, ready to be scrutinized by the world under rigorous scientific investigations for the knowledge base.

[D26] Mahavedalla Sutta - The Greater Set of Questions-and-Answers: cessation of Perception and Feeling, Nirvana at the Present Moment, or Unmoving Sunyata. Sariputta's answer - in the presence of Gotama at Savatthi Anathapindika Monastery - on the difference between the "dead thing" and "the monk who has attained to the stopping of perception and feeling":

What is the difference between one who is dead, who has completed his time, and a monk who has attained the cessation of perception and feeling?

although his bodily activities have been stopped ... have subsided, his vitality is not entirely destroyed, his heat is not allayed, his sense organs are purified (his faculties are exceptionally clear as translated by Thanissaro)

MN 43 PTS: M i 292

We assert and everyone can personally verify that this "Natural Purification" is available in all states of "Verifiable Emptiness" once entering the gateway to Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict. It is beyond all philosophies and "isms" at Image / Word / Thought and Dualism.

It is the secret sauce discovered in KhaiPhong Technology to naturally purify one's tainted senses. This secret sauce comes from one angle accessing the Core Consciousness, different from Gotama's angle of Dukkha. It was known by one student in our group since 1970s period to scientifically explain the efficient process of required attributes in underlying natural laws for heavy lifting. Without this heavy lifting, being a "Good Person / Good Samaritan" does not have sufficient concentrated dose to break through the binding and clinging forces of tainted senses, evidenced via different past crusades.

It is the foundation of natural "Detachment-Born" to be combined with other attributes for wider and deeper explorations. It lets one see the "Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God from within", being the target of Bodhidharma's Recognizing one's True Nature - 見性成佛 - Kiến tánh thành Phật". Seeing the "Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God from within" is the starting point to activate natural laws in consciousness technology moving in the vertical direction either "Deeper" toward Nothingness and Beyond (Core Consciousness) as personally experienced by Gotama or "Higher" as personally known by Jesus via Aspiration. This vertical movement of "Awareness" is different from horizontal movements through conditioned and tainted five skandhas which is Empty according the Thing-As-It-Is to actually know the "true nature of one's existence" that one is more than just physical biology but also capable of "Compassion and Wisdom (Prajna)" as conceived in humanitas leading to human rights.

Both deeper or higher movement of consciousness are "Beyond Thought" leading to an inner peace, known by great artists and mystics. But due to tainted senses having innumerable outdated marks, there is "Wrong Inner Peace" leading to "Attachment and Self Glorification" separating one out of the whole or the foundation of "Compassion and Wisdom", and "Right Inner Peace" leading to an "Easier and Happier Existence" in both short and long term in one's continuity of the consciousness since it operates in accordance with underlying natural laws of consciousness - discovered in KhaiPhong Technology [ Compassion >< Detachment-Born >< Right Inner Peace ], actually verifying Gotama's Not-Self as an epistemic objective in modern Self-Selfless Actualization. All movements on the duality plane of Hegelian dialectic are subjected to changes. But there is "wrong change" and "Right Change / Prajna Dialecic" due to a wider view from vertical movement of the [Awareness / Consciousness].

[ Compassion >< Detachment-Born ] - different from "compassion, detachment, inner peace" blah blah blah by most Buddhist monks not yet passing the Gateway-to-Oneness in their 2500+ years of sabotaging - must have sufficient natural doses in a razor-sharp [ thought / oneness (hữu niệm / vô niệm) ] switching between "Right Effort" and "Wrong Effort" glimpsed by Trần Thái Tông[R7.3]. That is why the "Natural Purification" can effortlessly combine with "correct" logical and rational understanding of statistically proven epistemic objectives of Gotama Right Understanding and Right Motivation in any focused event (Wei-Wu-Wei), discovered by HuiNeng "Samadhi-Prajna / Sudden Awaken" of seeing Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position leading toward Value of the values. The combination is a starting point of community conscious living based on and harmonious with natural laws. This conscious living naturally leads to further widening and deepening according to discovered natural laws embedded in the [Effortless Right Effort / Wei-Wu-Wei] from AwakeningBudh Movement / Awakening to actually know the "Raison D'être" of one's existence. The scientific process is similar to a right mixing or wrong mixing in chemistry, according to the underlying natural laws of existence.

[D27] Wise Attention - The internal condition for the noble eightfold path which does not based on solitude (viveka,nissita) as wrongly interpreted by Buddhist monks and nuns but rather based on the foundation of being a Good Person - Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood - and Kindness / Compassion to start a conscious living on the right direction according to natural laws.

The conscious living will be deepen at the two levels (1) the "[ Known / Epistemic Objectives / kiến thức ]" from scientific processes sabotaged by professional scam artists in 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha and (2) something "[ Beyond / tri thức ]" measurable at the Signed Posts and reproducible into the Known by reversed engineering so others do not have to start from the beginning. Solution from the "Beyond" once shared to community from statistically proven solution will become the known to be further improved.

In fact, wise attention - called Beyond-Thought at the observed or wu-nien by HuiNeng, or Intensity of Attention by Krishnamurti, or down to the root of reality Thing As It Is - can only be cultivated in daily living[R7.5] regardless of who one is. This wise attention is now easier with technologies to enable almost everyone directly access different depths of Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict to let the Natural Purification[D26] from outside-the-box does the heavy lifting.

In the PrajnaTool, identified "Issue" - such as excessive sex drive, self exaggeration or unsatisfied, fear, phobia, etc - can be formally identified as a formal "service node" connected to case study nodes and their effective solutions shared by concerned people. With modern IoE (Internet of Everything) people having related dominant Issue can quickly enhance their "Conscious Living", sharing statistically significant [ Known / Epistemic Objectives / kiến thức ]" to widen and deepen the "[ Beyond / tri thức ]" based on this Wise Attention making happened via measurable Signed Posts.

[D28] Saccavibhanga Sutta - Discourse on The Analysis of the Truths (MN 141 PTS: M iii 248).

  1. Herein a monk aloof from sense desires, aloof from unwholesome thoughts, attains to and abides in the first meditative absorption [jhana], which is Detachment-Born and accompanied by applied thought, sustained thought, joy, and bliss.

  2. By allaying applied and sustained thought he attains to, and abides in the second jhana, which is inner Tranquility , which is unification (of the mind), devoid of applied and sustained thought, and which has joy and bliss.

  3. By detachment from joy he dwells in Equanimity, mindful, and with clear comprehension and enjoys bliss in body, and attains to and abides in the third jhana, which the noble ones [ariyas] call 'dwelling in equanimity, Mindfulness, and bliss'.

  4. By giving up of bliss and suffering, by the disappearance already of joy and sorrow, he attains to, and abides in the fourth jhana, which is neither suffering nor bliss, and which is the Purity of equanimity.

Up to 2017 - before rewriting the contents of this book under a new angle and title 'KhaiPhong' - we stress a very significant discovery about the underlying natural laws behind (1) the world of duality where mental activities based on current conditioned tools such as brain intelligence and tainted senses of innumerable outdated marks on the duality plane of events are parts, and (2) the higher consciousness where mental activities based on brain intelligence and tainted senses find a break through according to natural laws to take it beyond the duality plane of Nagarjuna Relative Truth for a wider view (Ultimate Wider Truth) of Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to change the event toward What Count on Value of the values in one's Continuity of the Consciousness according to natural laws to be discovered and value added.

Once published, a "breakthrough" - such as Hindu's "Nothingness", Gotama's "Not-Self", Jesus's Aspiration via Faith, HuiNeng's "Unmoving Sunyata", etc, may become an epistemic objective with well defined attributes and their functionalities to form the community knowledge for deeper and wider discoveries. This is the base for the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong.

The "breakthrough" is HuiNeng "Sudden Awaken" and conditioned on the focused event which is relevant and Right to that agent at that particular moment. Hence, a breakthrough is the outcome of many factors such as the cultivable state and stock of the Agent's Prajna together with the agent's domain expert of the focused event. Since each event - such as an international crisis - is momentarily changing due to influencing effects of all involved parties, to see Thing-As-it-Is and one's strategic position for a Right Effort demands that aesthetic transcendental process. By discovering operating natural laws in transcendental consciousness - called Vertical Switches - we enable each person (1) a eco system of natural tools to scientifically know the past explored Signed Posts, being fully equipped with epistemic objectives in scientific up-to-date know-how to clearly see the nature of any breakthrough and its essential conditions, (2) being an Agent of Changes to change oneself and the environment toward what Count. Since there are innumerable events in activities and relationships, there are innumerable "Sudden Awaken" and everyone can be a part. Out of that swarm of "breakthroughs" there emerges statistically significant patterns for a Right Understanding and Right Motivation - implementations of Gotama's eightfold Path - of major dominant events such as a Growing Child, Right Effort in one's selected profession, Marriage, Parenting, Education, Health and Death, Social Nets, International Conflicts, etc.

The writer intentionally does it to partially release pieces of discoveries at the right time to be in sync with the esoteric works done by another living student using first Sound then Light technologies, and partly to buy time for personally verifying himself with personal experience. In this process we both know that we are preciously guided by teachers at much higher realms then the realms known by humanity as Buddhas, Gods, Allah, and the King of Gods, many of them have been degenerated even below humanity level defined in Latin Humanitas (biology, compassion, wisdom).

The writer can unequivocally say that without tremendous esoteric works from what we call the Sound specialist and HuiNeng reincarnation, it is very hard for humanity to avoid the Third World War. Even with the avoidance of 90% human population to be eliminated, the human mass consciousness will not be quickly evolved as currently seen due to criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] in the forms of organised religions, dictatorships, secrecy such as Illuminati New World Order to perpetuate masters-slaves relationships. In that sense, we all have benefits from the orchestration of Higher Consciousness of Good Forces in Thing-As-It-Is according to discovered natural laws.

Hard evidences about criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] are only recently well exposed over the Internet. To prove that the entire 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha - hand picked and personally organised by Gotama - have also been sabotaged in 2500+ years by esoteric dark force having armies of slaves to internationally cheat humanity - no different from their catholic peers[R18.4] - is much harder. But if we can do that, we can unequivocally show both Gotama and Jesus are (1) dedicated explorers having unique contributions of their own, (2) Not Cheating Humanity for 1000+ years as done by their claimed torch carriers, (3) honest pioneers in the Science of Higher Consciousness with break through to be further value added for discovering deeper and wider practicalities of the Higher Consciousness that (1) they are only a part like all of us having some conscience of Right and Wrong, and (2) we call Prajna Dialectic in contrast to Hegelian Dialectic of cunning intelligence, missing an important dimension of [ Conscience / Oneness / Prajna / Wisdom / Moral ] aspect of Things-As-It-Is natural laws.

Many highly developed elites fallen into this crack that will take them a very long time to recover the meaning of Right and Wrong to be a human being. If you are one of these and still living, you must know your realities of dark consciousness, committed known crimes that you may avoid people judgements. But you cannot cheat the mother nature having billions years of evolution where both Relative Truth on the duality plane and Higher Consciousness [ Conscience / Oneness / Prajna / Wisdom / Moral ] operate according to Natural laws of Thing-As-It-Is to be discovered and value added. By equating western Conscience to eastern Prajna, we logically demonstrate Conscience is cultivable by discovering natural laws under Higher Consciousness that both Gotama and Jesus were not able to touch. It is an underlying "raison d'être" in the new Golden Era for humanity where every conscious living person can be a part.

Since publicly releasing our discoveries from 2007 having over 45+ years of hedging to wait for the right time and right place, we logically show the practicalities of Higher Consciousness with Prajna Dialectic to see any focused event in Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to push it toward What Count[R23], and their scientific foundations to be personally verified turning Gotama's personal opinion into epistemic objectives, while selectively demonstrate beyond any doubt the realities of the claimed enlighten monks, the Dalai Lama XIV, the claimed Dharma King, the Zen master, Vietnamese Zen Truc Lam as a typical Buddhist sect among many Buddhist sects from other countries invented by professional scam artists of not knowing yet claimed to know, not seeing yet claimed to see[R19.3].

What is the significant discovery of underlying natural laws operating in the "world of duality and in the "higher consciousness" that no one in the entire history of humanity [ and in higher realms of Buddhas, Gods, Allah, King of Gods we esoterically know ] has touched for a wholesome integration in conscious living according to natural laws? The first half of the discovery has pointed out by Gotama in his investigation of the Ignorance / Avijja in his causes and effects - leading to [ Ignorance >< Attachment >< Aversion ] - behind Dukkha in the duality plan of existence. The swinging between Attachment and Aversion has been rationally improve with personal or group brain intelligence in Hegelian Dialectic of thesis-antithesis and synthesis of "I win You loose". The second half of Higher Consciousness comes into existence according to the Dependent Nature, also first discovered by Gotama. But without recognising the two separate processes - complement but operating under different natural laws of Thing-As-it-Is - he was unable to create the right "Design - Build - Execution" preventing professional scam artists veiling his discoveries[D19.3] while polluting his Buddhist Sangha.

The fundamental differences of the two processes operating under the duality plane of existence and Higher Consciousness are (1) A view filtered through conditioned brain and tainted sense is a darkness, and a darkness cannot see another darkness As-It-Is so the destruction of Ignorance cannot come from another Ignorance from tainted senses, and (2) there is Prajna in higher consciousness, operating under different natural laws outside the duality plane of existence to see Thing-As-it-Is and one's strategic position in opposite direction of Ignorance.

The first process operating on the duality plane is base on the self of making life easier and happier. The second process is based on selfless for wider view on the plan of [ Oneness / Prajna / Conscience / Wisdom ]. Hence, selfless - Gotama's Not-Self - can only be seen from Higher Consciousness when the tainted senses are at utter silence at the above "Purity" fourth state of the consciousness. We make these two opposing but complement each other jointly operating in Taming The Ox. Similar to [ Selfless / Not-Self ], [ ComPassion, Detachment-Born, Emptiness, Sunyata, Faith ] can only be known in actual living of a transcendental breakthrough to verify its "Thing-As-It-Is" then one can describe one's actual experience to reverse engineering of required conditions to make it statistically happened according to natural laws. The description is not the described. That is why all isms where organised religions are parts have been able to cheat humanity for the group benefits of criminals and professional scam artists.

Without passing the "Gateway-to-Oneness" - Gotama Tranquility second Jhana - to actually know Mindfulness at the third Jhana for proper management[D21] of one's realities by sensing the driving force behind thought, Buddhist Theravada chopped Gotama's nine stages of Jhanas[D28], [D29] into eight[D19.3] in the "blinds touching elephant" toward a utopia of Nirvana and PariNirvana that they know nothing about. Based on our critique, another claimed Zen Master THÍCH THÔNG TRIỆT vents out another smoke in 2017 with "TIẾN TRÌNH TU CHỨNG VÀ THÀNH ĐẠO CỦA ĐỨC PHẬT / The process of realisations and achievements of the Buddha" where the fourth Jhana is defined as "ĐỊNH BẤT ĐỘNG / Unmoving Samadhi" to drop all other recorded Jhanas[D29].

Is it the time for international dedicated Buddhists and scholars to stabilise on what Gotama actually said and experienced? We can help to bring our actual "Know-How" to scientifically debunk all Buddhist professional scam artists, not knowing yet claimed to know not seeing yet claimed to see[D19.3] in destroying Gotama's discoveries and cheating humanity with unverifiable painted cakes. With KhaiPhong Technology, Gotama's personal experiences in his nine stages of verifiable consciousness will gradually become statistically significant epistemic objectives.

[D29] Latukikopama Suta - The Quail Simile (MN 66 PTS: M i 447).

There is the case where a monk...enters and remains in the fourth jhana... But that, too, I tell you, isn't enough. Abandon it, I tell you. Transcend it, I tell you. And what is its transcending?

Then there is the case where a monk, with the complete transcending of perceptions of form, with the disappearance of perceptions of resistance, and not heeding perceptions of diversity, [perceiving,] (5) 'Infinite space', enters and remains in the dimension of the infinitude of space.

Then there is the case where a monk, with the complete transcending of the dimension of the infinitude of space, [perceiving,] (6) 'Infinite consciousness', enters and remains in the dimension of the infinitude of consciousness.

Then there is the case where a monk, with the complete transcending of the dimension of the infinitude of consciousness, [perceiving,] 'There is nothing'. enters and remains in the dimension of (7) nothingness.

Then there is the case where a monk, with the complete transcending of the dimension of nothingness, enters and remains in the dimension of (8) neither perception nor non-perception.

There is the case where a monk, with the complete transcending of the dimension of neither perception nor non-perception, enters and remains in the (9) cessation of perception and feeling.

Deepening and widening the "Higher Consciousness", we lay out seven "Vertical Switches": (1) PrajnaTIP in Sound, (2) Samadhi, (3) Aspiration via different means, (4) ComPassion, (5) Detachment-Born, (6) Effort, and (7) PrajnaTIP in Kindness. The first one rides on charming power of "Nothingness" similar to attracting power of a black-hole to enable most people experience "Empty of the contents" under different Right Inner Peace. These Right Inner peaces will be contrasted to recorded Gotama's nine stages of Jhanas that we reclassify into measurable Signed Posts to form an explored roadmap in understanding and reverse engineering aesthetic states in other switches. For example, (1) what are the roles and required conditions in aspiration via Faith, Music, Dancing, etc, for what practical outcomes, (2) required conditions underlying effective ComPassion - measurable via a dialogue between Bodhidharma and the Chinese King - which is a sine-qua-non and foundation of cultivable Prajna, (3) effective processes of Detachment-Born in dealing with different forms of binding and clinging forces, (4) required machine-learning technologies to safely and securely integrate personal data with available public data. Finally, the PrajnaTIP in Kindness rides on one's personally accumulated state and stock of Prajna to instantly generate specialised worm-holes, connecting the two bundles of energy for either training in Mindfulness of Thing-As-It-Is and/or helping the needy breaking his/her own hurdle using the master's Prajna and cosmic consciousness.

These are practical tools - contributed by all involved parties with relevant actual experience - in cultivable Prajna according to our discovered process of Higher Consciousness ( ComPassion and Detachment-Born ) to sufficient strength for required state and stock of measurable Prajna[D21] to either dissolve an identified issue such as excessive and abnormal sex drive and/or to have a breakthrough in an important (personal, social, international) dominant issue. This can happen with the integration of Normative and Artificial Intelligence where many people - in relevant domains focusing on innumerable issues - can contribute.

By releasing our know-hows and technologies at the right place and right time we can effortlessly - Wei-Wu-Wei - change the mass consciousness toward What Count in Thing-As-It-Is. For example, "stopping the outer breath" at the unmoving Sunyata is our first and unique value-added observable attribute to enable better understanding and indication of Gotama's ninth stage of Jana and HuiNeng Unmoving Mind. Without passing the Gateway-to-Oneness, another hard-core professional scam artist - claimed Zen Master THÍCH THÔNG TRIỆT - painted a picture of Gotama's Fourth Jhana as "ĐỊNH BẤT ĐỘNG / Unmoving Samadhi" to drop all other recorded Gotama's Jhanas which are required for actually verifying the "Not-Self" in his second discourse and a deeper "Nothingness" for emptying all stressful and conflicting events on the duality plane of existence for a freshness of reborn and rejuvenation which is the "HonNhien" in Buddhist Heart Sutra, exposing the Thing-As-It-Is Nothingness - similar to a physical Black-Hole - as an essential component of a conscious living.

Gotama's Not-Self - actually verifiable in Gotama's (5) 'Infinite space' and (6) 'Infinite consciousness' - together with (7) nothingness he learned from Hindu tradition enable a strong foundation of Natural Purification[D26] for both the depth and width of a Sudden Awaken from a focused event and one's strategic position to push the event toward What Count. The process according to natural laws in Higher Consciousness is the cultivable Normative Intelligence to direct the positive Artificial Intelligence - called Prajna Dialectic - in Making Life Easier and Happier Now but also Value of the values in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. We ask international community of dedicated Buddhists and scholars to have a strong measure, wiping out all professional scam artists from your Worthy Community.

[D30] Paccha-bhumika Sutta: [Brahmans] of the Western Land - Natural laws in Making Life Easier and Happier.

Suppose a man were to throw a large boulder into a deep lake of water, and a great crowd of people, gathering & congregating, would pray, [saying,] 'Rise up, O boulder! Come floating up,' What do you think: would that boulder ... rise up, or come float to the shore?

Suppose a man were to throw a jar of ghee/oil into a deep water, where it would break. There the jar-fragments would go down, while the ghee/oil would come up. Then a great crowd of people would pray, ... 'Sink, O ghee/oil! Go down, O ghee/oil!' What do you think: would that ghee/oil, because of the prayers, praise of that great crowd of people sink, submerge, or go down?

— SN 42.6 PTS: S iv 311 CDB ii 1336 translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

[D31] Shurangama Sutra - recorded Best Practices of 25 Arhats and Bodhisattvas in their evolution to be more Aware of oneself. Here is the Vietnamese translation in pdf: KinhThuLangNghiem1_net.pdf, KinhThuLangNghiem2_net.pdf (reproduced here for easy access - all Rights belong to the source) (Translated into English by the Buddhist Text Translation Society - Revised according to the original Chinese sutra, and THƯ VIỆN HOA SEN).

Here is a debunk to suggest it is a faked dharma. Here is a debunk of the debunk. The "debunk" and "debunk of the debunk" is a healthy scientific process to make happened deliverable TRUTH which is the statistically epistemic objective or verifiable process to move from "Relative Truth" on the duality plane to "Ultimate/Wider Truth" on the [ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience ] plane and its practical aspect in Making Life Easier and Happier.

This scientific process is now providing fruit [the translation of KINH ĐẠI BI from Sanskrit to Chinese (around 550 - 577) then Vietnamese 2016] to unequivocally prove the Buddhist faked dharma sabotaging Gotama's discoveries in 2500+ years of Buddhism, turning Gotama's state of consciousness called "The End of Dukkha"[D42] into an imaginary state called Nirvana then Parinirvana for perpetuating the masters-slaves relationships of "not knowing yet claimed to know not seeing yet claimed to see"[D19.3]. Consciousness is a form of energy which cannot be destroyed but transformed according to scientific "conservation of energy and mass".

This scientific debunk of the entire history of Buddhism is similar to the debunk of the entire history of Christianity scammed by the Forever Manifested God via the second law of thermodynamics.

Contrary to the Chinese claim in Mahayana texts that Shurangama Sutra will be the first one to be disappeared in the Dharma ending age, it will be the first one to be exposed to show the realities of professional scam artists[R18.4] attempting to perpetuate masters-slaves relationships which come to the end with the collapse of Illuminati New World Order.

[D32] 'Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict' - Studies in the Lankavatara Sutra, Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki:

People grasping their own shadows of discrimination, uphold the discrimination of dharma and adharma, and failing to carry out the abandonment of the dualism, they go on discriminating and never attain tranquillity. By Tranquillity is mean oneness, and oneness gives birth to the highest samadhi, which is gained by entering into the womb of Tathagatahood, which is the realm of supreme wisdom realized in one's inmost self;

O Mahamati, my doctrine of no-birth and no-annihilation is not the same as that held by the philosophers, nor as the doctrine of birth and permanence ... But mine is that is neither born nor transformed. Mine is above the category of being and non-being, and abandoning [the notion of] birth and destruction. I talk of that which is neither existence nor non-existence,

O Mahamati, by Nirvana I mean the seeing into the abode where the meaning [of existence] is understood in its truthfulness, the abandoning of all discrimination which takes place in the mind and what belongs to it, and the realization of the supreme wisdom which lies in the inmost consciousness of the Tathagatas - this I call Nirvana.

— References: pages 85, 265, 267

'Tranquillity' is an Actuality, the second observable attribute of Right Inner Peace as described by Buddha Gotama and recorded in Buddhist texts, that almost all students under AwakeningBudh can testify. Most people can know this "Tranquillity" - initial level in Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict - at the surface via Kindness / Compassion / spontaneously helping the needy. There are cultivable processes to deepen and naturally manifest this Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict in daily activities for an action having the power of the whole ocean, but once done there in no residual Mark on one's stream of the Consciousness.

[D32.1] Jue Guan Lun / A Treatise on the Ceasing of Notions - An Instructive Talk between Master Nyuri and Disciple Emmon by Myokyo-ni (Irmgard Schloegl) and Michelle Bromley with selected comments by Soko Morinaga Roshi.

Question 12.1: Emmon asks, "If an inexperienced beginner on the Way should suddenly encounter someone intent on killing him, what must he do to conform with the Way?" / "Nếu có kẻ mới học đạo, bỗng gặp nhân duyên có người muốn hại, phải đối trị thế nào cho hợp đạo?"

Answer: Master Nyuri answers, “Nothing special needs to be done, because if he can escape, he will do so. If he cannot escape, he will have to endure it. If it is endurable, he will have to suffer it out. If it is not endurable, he will cry out.” / "Những điều đó chẳng cần phải đối trị. Là tại sao? Nếu tránh được thì tránh, không tránh được thì nhận; Nhẫn nhịn được thì nhẫn nhịn, không nhẫn nhịn được thì cứ khóc."

— The Art of No Conflict Inside - No Conflict Outside

Bodhidharma's answer stands from the Source of Oneness, the Common Denominator of all manifestations facing directly to Thing-As-It-Is (Actuality). From this "Oneness" - within the reach of one's innate Buddha Nature - one can (1) Know the unchanged unborn in the changing (viparinama-dukkha) and conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) existence, (2) See the optimal non-conflicting solution out of a complicated issue and its strategic position to be in, (3) Create the Right conditions and sense the Right Time and Place for an "Effortless Right Action / Wei-Wu-Wei" making happened Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" for a win-win outcome with maximum results toward the Right Direction, (4) Nullify adverse effects in "Change Management" that makes the above answer Childish and Unnecessary. Once the action is complete, there is No-Mark [ Beyond-Thought - Vô Tướng, No-Mark - Vô Vết, Detachment-Born - Vô Trụ, Samadhi-Prajna - ĐịnhTuệ ].

Few dedicated explorers have touched this Oneness from different angles, known as the Pathless Land by Krishnamurti. We take Gotama's approach, starting from one's present level of consciousness to scientifically work out optimal conditions for reaching this Source with testable helps of positive and normative tools[R7.5].

[D33] Visuddhimagga - the Path of Purification.

[D34] Madhyamaka - the Middle Path. Here is a translation of Nagarjuna's Madhyamaka from Sankrit to Chinese then Vietnamese.

For whom emptiness is tenable
for him everything becomes tenable;
for whom emptiness is untenable
for him everything becomes untenable.

Middle Way is a dynamic integration of "Right Effort" and "Oneness", of Madhyamaka "Relative Truth" and "Ultimate (Wider) Truth", of Consciousness-Only "Dependent Nature" and "Perfected Nature"[D35], of "Self" and "Not-Self", of "Sudden" and "Gradual" cultivation[R5], of "Dukkha" and "Nirvana"[D42], of Soyen Shaku[R6] "The World" and "God / Dharmakaya".

[D35] Consciousness-Only (Yogacara) - Buddhist Consciousness-Only deals at theoretical levels of the three Natures: Imaginary Nature (Parikalpita), Dependent Nature (Paratantra), Perfected Nature (Parinispanna).

We will implement required technologies for switching Consciousness from Ignorance to Prajna to see 'Thing As It Is' in the Dependent Nature of existence having an infusion of something from the Perfected Nature. The scientific facts can drive the driving forces behind all effort (Volition - Free Will - Sankhara) away from Sufferings, drown in Imaginary Nature of personally hallucinated glorification.

Researchers are now providing scientific links of [ Consciousness to Sound / Light to Forms ] where 'thoughts' and 'feelings' are vibrations that drive the form patterns, making up the environment one a part. Vibrations from wider perspective can reverse that process [ Forms to Consciousness ], deliverable via PrajnaTIP in Sound exactly as described in Shurangama Sutra by Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva but Not Yet delivered nor scientifically explained its theoretical process, PrajnaTIP in Kindness, Cultivable Prajna in Activity, and in Sadhana (Table 4, and Table 4.1). They are the first implementations of this theoretical framework in the "Right Effort" (Figure 4) to be beyond 'Binding Word/Image', 'Clinging Thought' and general 'Grasp-er / Grasped' to the foundation of Consciousness which is Kindness and Compassion where Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict can manifest in daily activities.

[D36] Noble Eightfold Path - the proven trail proposed by Buddha Gotama, personally verified and tested by many. Two other trails - angles / views of the totality - complement and leading to the same target of the Noble Eightfold Path have been identified in Table 1.1: [ Beyond-Thought - Vô Tướng, No-Mark - Vô Vết, DetachmentBorn - Vô Trụ, Samadhi-Prajna - ĐịnhTuệ ] of KhaiPhong Technology and [ ComPassion - Từ Bi, DetachmentBorn - Vô Trụ, HonNhien, Prajna (State and Stock of Samadhi) ] of AwakeningBudh Movement. These two trails are absolutely required to take Buddhists out of the fallacy of "the Blinds touching Elephant" from most monks and nuns, not knowing Gotama's Mindfulness[D28], [D21], and to force all isms - where organized religions are parts - delivering the targeted "Described"[R7.5] while dropping all Conflicted Grasping of the means

[D37] Amitabha-Amitayus Buddha - the Buddha of Infinite Light and Infinite Life in the Western Land.

Here is our definition of Amitabha based on what we esoterically know in witnessing the collapse of the degenerated God / Bodhisattva / Buddha realms that can explain the connecting dots between Christian and Islam violent conflicts and another esoteric force, quietly corrupted Gotama's discoveries right from the beginning and planning to take over the master-slave relationships established by blood and sweat in both Christian and Islam, together with works of reptilian realm and ET[R20], [R20.1].

Amitabha Buddha privately appeared through a Vietnamese channel 'Xuân Mai' in Calgary Canada 2002. The session was not tapped but can be testified by those present.

[D38] Dhipankara Buddha - the Buddha of Natural Brightness (Luminosity) as a lamp to show an evidence of the marketing hoax of the High Priest, a cunning intelligence who later claimed to be the original Buddha[R13.1] and the Omnipotent, Omnipresent Forever God who must pay for his Ignorance according to Natural Laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes.

[D39] Mahamudra-Upadesa - instruction from Sri Tilopa to Naropa on the correct process to transform 'Ignorance' from the current conditioned mind of sufferings into actual Living of Worthy Existence.

The real vow of samaya is broken by thinking in terms of precepts.

The followers of Tantra, [Vajrayana, Pure Land], the Prajnaparamita, The Vinaya, the Sutras, and other religions [ i.e All Rituals and Isms ] - All these, by their texts and philosophical dogmas, Will not see the luminous mahamudra.

When trees grow leaves and branches, If you cut the roots, the many leaves and branches wither. Likewise, if you cut the root of mind, The various mental activities will subside.

translated by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

The quotes were parts of submitted questions to Gyalwang Drukpa XII in his visit to Vietnam 14/04/2014 at 9.45 GMT+7. The questions were not posted nor answered, but we did hear in this period the statement from Gyalwang Drukpa XII "Buddhism is Not a religion, but the Management of Life". It is also a challenge to all Buddhist monks and nuns - all claimed meditation masters and spiritual counselors - to scientifically expose their spiritual understandings of their beliefs via whatever mean as we will expose and deliver the meaning of scientifically cultivable Signed Posts of the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2], [R7.5].

The first quote basically says that "precepts" must come from "Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" in the Prajna division of The Noble eightfold Path [Prajna - Virtue - Stability], not from the monk/nun's [Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ]. The second quote says the real cultivation must be beyond binding Word/Image and clinging Thought from the duality of all philosophical dogmas. The third quote debunks Buddhist training based on "Mindfulness of breathing - Anapanasati "[D23] and "The Great Frames of Reference - MahaSatipatthana Sutta"[D24], but in agreement with the "Diamond Sutra - Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra"[R7] and zen's "Riding The Ox" - Figure 6 - where one can let the mind running out most of its "steam" in opposite direction then effortlessly guide it back to the Right Effort.

Since a conditioned / darkness cannot see other conditioned / darkness As-It-Is and your logical idea of cutting the root of the mind is part of the mind where is a scientific process to make the third statement a reality, not a cheating process of 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha? Mathematically, most people operate with tainted senses on the plane of conflicting duality. To cut the root of the mind, one must be outside its conditioned binding and clinging forces as an assertion of Gotama "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams, it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna they are dissolved". Up to 2017, both Gotama's advice to Ajita's Questions[D21] and Mahamudra-Upadesa are just personal experiences. No monk and nun we know in entire Buddhist Sangha can either reject or verify to turn personal theories into epistemic objectives. The scientific solution for both personal theories is now readily deliverable via Natural Purification[D26] of KhaiPhong Technology.

This is only just a beginning - similar to the glimpse of HuiNeng wu-nien[R5], [R5.1], [R5.2]. The 'Then What' needs to be addressed to actually have concrete benefits for both one and others in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, Not to fall into the trap of Hallucinated Enlightenment at 'Word Level' executed by Buddhist Sangha according to an esoteric force, turning Gotama's Right Relationships into 180-degree opposite direction toward masters-slaves relationships.

[D40] Zen in Medieval Vietnam - Pháp Vân, Pháp Vũ, Pháp Lôi, Pháp Điện in the Zen Thiên Uyên Tâp Anh.

[D41] Kalaka Sutta: “Thus, bhikkhus, being ever stable among things seen, heard, sensed, and cognized, the Tathāgata is a stable one. And, I say, there is no stable one more excellent or sublime than that stable one”. This stable state is scientifically cultivable in democratizing the "Verifiable Emptiness"[R7.5].

[D42] Udàna (Kinh Phật Tự Thuyết) - Vietnamese Buddhist Canon - Khuddhaka Nikàya. Reproduced here for easy access. The English translation is from Ireland or Thanissaro. Please see the above Kalaka Sutta[D41] and deliverable "Verifiable Emptiness"[R7.5].

Herein, Bahiya, In the seen will be merely what is seen; in the heard will be merely what is heard; ... Just this is the End of Dukkha.

Này Bàhiya, Trong cái thấy sẽ chỉ là cái thấy. Trong cái nghe, sẽ chỉ là cái nghe... Như vậy là đoạn tận khổ đau.

Ud 1.10 PTS Ud 1.6 - Kinh I, 10

Since all manifestations must happen according to the Dependent Nature of favourable conditions underlying the natural laws, it is your turn to scientifically work out the Right Conditions to enable Bahiya Sudden Awaken and Then What if you think the recorded story has some truth in it?

There is, bhikkhus, that base where there is no earth, no water, no fire, no air; no base consisting of the infinity of space, no base consisting of the infinity of consciousness, no base consisting of nothingness, no base consisting of neither-perception-nor-non-perception; ... Here, bhikkhus, I say there is no coming, no going, no staying, no deceasing. Not fixed, not movable, it has no support. Just this is the End of Dukkha

Này các tỷ kheo, có xứ này, tại đấy không có đất, không có nước, không có lửa, không có gió; không có hư không vô biên xứ; không có thức vô biên xứ; không có vô sở hữu xứ; không có phi tưởng phi phi tưởng xứ... Do vậy, này các tỷ kheo, Ta tuyên bố không có đến, không có đi, không có trú, không có diệt, không có sanh, không có an trú, không có chuyển vận, không có sở duyên. Đây là sự đoạn tận khổ đau.

VIII (I) Ud 80 - VIII, 1

"The End of Dukkha" must be directly experienced to wipe out criminals and professional scam artists blah blah blah in their 2500+ years of international cheating clubs selling what they do not know yet claimed to know, do not see yet claimed to see.

[D43] The Quarrel At Kosambi - It would be better to live alone if we cannot find good friends that can be consciously cultivated in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles to form an Ecosystem of a Living Whole in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

[D44] Buddhist Prajna - The Development of Prajna in Buddhism From Early Buddhism to the Prajnaparamita System by Fa Quing, Ph.D. thesis.

There are two knowable states at different depths of consciousness in Beyond Thought / Wu-Nien - discovered by Gotama - as the core of his solution, or the end-of-Dukkha[D42] to his identified Issue "Dukkha". They are either a state of Suffering (dukkha-dukkha) or Thing-As-It-Is dukkha since changing (viparinama-dukkha) and conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) are parts of Dukkha which is the manifestation of all phenomena on the duality plane. His solution from suffering dukkha to Thing-As-It-Is dukkha comes from Mindfulness-Prajna, and is his advice to Ajita[D21] in practical living. Mindfulness can obstruct and restrict all karmic forces in tainted senses and Prajna can dissolve dominant issue in Making Life Easier and Happier while a conditioned darkness at duality of existence cannot be beyond one's present conditioned Ignorance. It needs a Light from Prajna, deliverable by Gotama's Mindfulness-Prajna in present living. HuiNeng - at 1000+ years later - made it clearer with additional observable attributes called Samadhi-Prajna[R5] where one can know what it means Wu-Nien (Beyond Thought Vô Tướng) / No Mark Vô Vết / Detachment-born Vô Trụ.

Buddhist traditions in 2500+ years have been sabotaged by armies of persistent professional scam artists for their group benefits of masters-slaves relationships, turning Beyond-Thought in the light of Prajna into the outcome of conditioned darkness in [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ] as evidenced in the Ph.D. thesis via the blah blah blah of Meditation and Right Mindfulness[D12] at duality without any deliverable transcendental state.

Using "Dependent Nature" - the core of Gotama's discoveries due to conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) and changing (viparinama-dukkha) or the scientific foundation of all manifestations due to the second law of thermodynamics - we can logically demonstrate that 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha are engaging in "Wrong Dependent Nature" driven by Ignorance to perpetuate masters-slaves relationships since a darkness cannot go beyond the tainted senses of one's long past evolution. It is in opposite direction of Prajna discovered by Gotama in the Right Dependent Nature, stated as the Right Understanding and Right Motivation in the first Prajna Division of the Noble-eightfold-Path.

This "Wrong Dependent Nature" is no different whatsoever - leading toward the same Sufferings - with the Ignorance of manifested and permanent "Fearful and Contradicting God / Allah / Buddha / Whatever Name" despite the discovered natural law of "Thing-As-It-Is". See for yourself the crime against humanity of these armies of criminals and professional scam artists, especially the use of their cheating and imaginary power to mold human cultures toward the "inflicted division in human Sacred Wedding and Death". Scientific approach to unveil the principle of cosmic order - the meaning of Dharma - is the rescue before sufficient enforceable laws to protect this Human Right against religious criminals and professional scam artists.

The "Right" and "Wrong" turn out to be simple and embedded in Nature where "people / God / Allah / Buddha" are parts of what are actually happening due to Volition / Sankhara, driven either by cultivable Prajna toward a Right Direction of What Count[R23] or addicted Ignorance due to Binding Word/Image and Clinging Thought enforced by all organized religions and isms, enslaving humanity to the past content while the "Present" is changing and everyone can be a part[R7].

Prajna is the direct perception of the situation according to "Thing-As-It-Is", relevant, specific, and optimized at the "Intensity of Attention". It is cultivable, and is the flower of the ComPassion tree deep rooted in Sunyata, mentioned in the Buddhist Heart Sutra.

Due to long evolution of individual stream of consciousness and different depths of transcendental states of consciousness achievable as a human being, there can be proven processes and required conditions for managing and dissolving individual outdated marks, making life easier and happier as actually deliverable in medical science. The "Right" and "Wrong" Dependent Nature must be scientifically unambiguous to qualified Budh Counselors while weeding out religious professional scam artists. Here is a typical example about [Sin / Tội] and [Purity-of-the Mind / Tâm-Tịnh].

[D44.1] Lotus Sutra - Saddharma Puṇḍarīka Sūtra, one of the popular and influential Mahāyāna sūtras, and the basis on which the Tiantai and Nichiren schools of Buddhism were established.

[D45] Essence of the Heart Sutra by the Dalai Lama - translated and edited by Geshe Thubten Jinpa Wisdom Publications, Boston, 2002. Here is a Vietnamese Translation: TINH THÚY BÁT NHÃ TÂM KINH - Hồng Như chuyển ngữ.

[D46] Middle Way. Faith grounded in Reasoning by the Dalai Lama - Nagarjuna's Fundamental Stanzas on the Middle Way.

[D47] "Faith and Reason" - advocated by Maulana WahiDuddin Khan and marketed by Islam without actually delivering the "Totality, Oneness, Unchanged, Unborn, God, Allah". The Description is Not The Described. The "beyond description" means without Binding Word/Image and Clinging Thought - having direct access to "Verifiable Emptiness up to Nirvana" known by Gotama, "The Kingdom of God Within" known by Jesus, the "Ultimate (Wider) Truth" known by Nagarjuna, the "Perfected Nature" known by Asanga, the "Consciousness of Consciousness" known by XuanZang, the "Self Nature" known by HuiNeng. This possibility within human reach is due to its "Oneness", talked about but unknown by all organized religions up to 2017.

[D48] Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Bliss (Ananda) - view of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1960's - 1970's period based on his exploration of the Hindu SatChitAnanda, revised into 'Emptiness', 'Nothingness' based on further reflection of 30+ years after an unworthy scandal.

[R1] 'Ten Ox-herding Pictures' - graphical representations of a cultivating process according to Buddhist Zen tradition.

Man can deal with almost everything outside without knowing that they are the manifestations of Inner States of the constituents within the aggregate. To solve outside issues we need to go to their roots. No matter how Rich / Powerful / Philanthropic, there is always some traces of loneliness, dissatisfaction, and unhappy. The "Essence of the Right Living" is described in Right Effort and Tamming The Ox to KhaiPhong one's outdated marks and release one's potentiality.

Thanks to scientific approaches to Gotama's actual discoveries - especially his nine stages of absorptions[D28], [D29], [D25] - together with different Paths from Bodhidharma and HuiNeng having different observable attributes to the same (1) Emptying the Contents for Rejuvenation and Reborn of Gotama's "Not-Self" and "Nothingness", and (2) Seeing Thing-As-It-Is having "the Power of the Whole Ocean / Cosmic Energy of Gotama's Freedom from Binding / Clinging Forces, we can overcome - after 20 to 50 years worthy for saving precious time and resources of other dedicated explorers - international cheating clubs of all Buddhist sects, and reverse-engineer our actual experience in Gotama's Not-Self and Nothingness sabotaged by Buddhist Sangha in 2500+ years of their blah-blah-blah meditations and theoretical doctrines leading to masters-slaves relationships.

Without scientific processes, new generations of dedicated explorers cannot learn the mistakes in conflicting duality enforced by Buddhist Sangha of all sects from all countries. Typical example is this set of 'Ten Ox-herding Pictures' - unable to breakthrough 1000+ years of Buddhist Tautologies - due to (1) one and the "mind / ox" is "One / Not Two Conflicting Units", (2) a conditioned cannot see other conditioned As-It-Is, (3) the razor-sharp required qualities of "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" in the "Prajna" division of the Noble eightfold Path for a "Right Effort" which is 100% different from Gotama's snapshots wrongly idealized by Buddhist Sangha to worship where they are the gatekeepers, rather than deepening and widening precious discoveries.

Duality such as [ male / female or self / selfless ] and conflicting forces such as [ spring / summer / autum / winter ] are parts of Natural Laws for stable evolution. The zero-sum game of [ Ignorance >< Attachment >< Aversion ] is not anymore appropriate to be replaced by an area of possible [ 1 + 1 > 2 ] proven by International Trade or Thing-As-It-Is without Conflicts in the new Era of Higher Consciousness. KhaiPhong makes happened the seeing and doing according to "Thing-As-It-Is" by correcting the 'Ten Ox-herding Pictures' into the seven-fold dynamic process of "Learning and Doing" having scientific implementations according to Gotama's Noble eightfold Path: (1) At Home on the foundation of Kindness and Compassion, (2) Right Effort, (3) Taming The Ox, (4) Riding The Ox, (5) Nothingness, (6) The Source, (7) AwakeningBudh.

The correction is necessary to turn the Right-Side up of Buddhist Zen and/or Buddhist Samatha and Vipassana at duality[D19.3] of Ignorance and destruction / or Not Doing Anything since a darkness (conditioned / Ignorance) cannot see and solve another darkness. It must come from the "Light" at current Right Understanding and Right Motivation of one's cultivable state and stock of Prajna.

[R2] Prajnaparamita Hridaya - Bát Nhã Tâm Kinh - source: Dương Bá Tiến, Prajna Pagoda Calgary Canada and its Special Publication 1989 (Chùa Bát Nhã và Đặc-san Bát Nhã 2533).

The description is "Not The Described". It is at the bottom line of the Described for spending valuable resources to the description. Up to 2017, the Heart Sutra has been recited and studied by all Buddhist communities without any deliverable practicality and pay-off. We attempt to break this vicious circle of theoretical excellence but not yet implemented due to armies of persistent professional scam artists. It will be built on top of the outcomes in deliverable solutions for a breakthrough of another Buddhist vicious circle:

[ Ignorance >< Attachment >< Aversion ]

The processes have been sketched out using modern definition of Consciousness and the interaction between the persona Consciousness of its unique Quality with the environment to logically (1) demonstrate the Meaning of Existence - Being Needs - veiled by all isms and organized religions, (2) point out the importance of Knowing more about oneself and its responsibility for its Existence and Happiness, (3) lay out scientifically deliverable solutions in "Making Life Easier and Happier", and (4) democratize the Buddha Nature innate in every person for the Human Right according to Human Nature, shining at the mountain-top by the guiding light of the Heart Sutra.

Unlike the generality of the scientific meaning of the Consciousness, Gotama's Noble eightfold Path is his discovered solution for his stated Normative Issue of Existence, namely Dukkha / Sufferings comprising of dukkha-dukkha, viparinama-dukkha, and sankhara-dukkha. Via his nine (9) verifiable states of absorption (Jhanas), Gotama's Noble eightfold Path is his "breakthrough" of the above vicious circle [ Ignorance >< Attachment >< Aversion ] that most in his Buddhist communities only know at a theoretical level having no practicality and pay-off for the present life effort. The Heart Sutra raises the Noble eightfold Path to the next level by (1) taking Gotama's seventh Jhana of Nothingness to the front line of "Verifiable State in the reverse evolution from Form back to Consciousness, by-passing tainted senses, and (2) laying out three essential attributes needed to be singled out for their functions and descriptions in both translation and exposition: शून्यता / Sunyata, प्रज्ञा / Prajna, Na (Not).

Gotama's Nothingness or शून्यता / Sunyata - nonexistence, nonreality, psychological and metaphysical nothingness - is a state of mind where all things (good or bad) are dissolved for rejuvenation and reborn. The Sutra affirms that "in Sunyata / शून्यता there is not form not feeling ... not dukkha-sammudaya-nirodha-marga not knowledge not attainment not non-attainment" which challenges all intelligent beings to verify that state of mind - Nothingness / शून्यता / Sunyata - is the real solution of Dukkha / Sufferings which Gotama claimed to have found the solution. It has been 2500+ years with contributions from many other dedicated explorers that we are now able to help many meeting this challenge.

First, Bodhidharma in his Jue Guan Lun[D32.1] suggested this possibility despite the conditioned existence / sankhara-dukkha of all sentient beings. The possibility has been personally demonstrated by HuiNeng in his Samadhi-Prajna which demonstrated that as an intelligent being, one can evolve from Form back to Consciousness as graphically illustrated in the inner triangle of Figure 11, by-passing the tainted senses. By reverse-engineering this "State of Nothingness / शून्यता / Sunyata" - currently known by three living students - we discovered natural laws sufficient for evolution from Form to Consciousness (PrajnaTIP), together with appropriate conditions for the cultivation toward this Nothingness (PrajnaLand), and the way to emptying deep psychological blocks of the past outdated marks and opening latent potentialities of past accumulations and cultivations (KhaiPhong), Making Life Easier and Happier.

Besides the tern Sunyata, the sutra concretely uses the term "Na / Not" to describe the "Empty State" of Sunyata toward Gotama's Nothingness for the manifestation of Prajna and Compassion, building on top of the accumulated state and stock providing in Gotama's Prajna division of his Noble eightfold Path to spell out the Meaning of Existence. The term Prajna / प्रज्ञा - from etymology प्र- ‎(pra-, “in front of”) +‎ ज्ञ ‎(√jñā, “to know”) - means the "source of to know" commonly translated as wisdom. Via Cultivable Purification of tainted senses from discovered favourable conditions (PrajnaLand) and natural laws (PrajnaTIP) for heavy lifting, one can be "Aware at the Source of Thought" to verify Gotama's advice in Ajita's questions[D21] that "whatever streams of karma, it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna, they are dissolved". ComPassion or common vibration of energy is the direct way to access the "Unity of Oneness / Nothingness / शून्यता / Sunyata" and is the foundation of Prajna as theoretically[D19.3] and graphically represented in XuanZang's Consciousness of the consciousness. Therefore, the Natural Purification of the tainted conditioned senses can only happen if and only if there are transcendental states toward Gotama's Nothingness for rejuvenation and reborn, making happened the highest observable modern psychology of Self-Selfless Actualization and Transcendence.

[ Compassion >< Oneness >< Prajna ]

Thus, besides the senses (eye-ear-nose-tongue-body-mind) through which one interacts with the world via forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness having innumerable outdated marks in all "activities / holographic universe" and "relationships / scientific agent of changes, the Heart Sutra introduces the terms Sunyata, Prajna, and Na with specific meanings to deepen the understanding of the scientific states of the Consciousness, relevant to the Normative Intelligence available to all people. That Normative Intelligence, thanks to HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna by-passing the present state of tainted senses due to past conditioned not yet naturally purified and dissolved, enables one see "Thing-As-It-Is", sensing the "Pulses" of the Focussed Issue for a wider perspective and strategic position to change oneself and the environment toward the Right Direction of What Count[R23].

With a glimpse of these attributes - from Gotama's "Verifiable Emptiness" or nine stages of Buddhist meditation - one can understand the differences in the two most popular versions, the Sanskrit version and XuanZang version designed for his specialized utility to help his Noble Quest. This indicates that the "Description" is not relevant. It is the "described" of real beneficial utilities that count. Thanks to the Sound Technology of a living student in this very special inter-realm Communication Hub, we know the Inner Circle of XuanZang which is Very Noble that we wish everyone can be a part.

The first sentence of the Sanskrit version ended in "the five skandhas of the past to be Empty Of Essence" without the addition "thus overcoming all ills and sufferings" in the Chinese version. The addition is logically at the conclusion that: "causes to cease all sufferings trustworthy not false" which is also in the Chinese version. It is also realistic since after actually experiencing the "dissolution of appearances" at Tranquillity state, arriving at the utter Silence of Purity, one needs to be proficient in "no mind enclosure" as explained below to be in touch with momentary Nirvana[D42]. The second sentence of the Sanskrit version has "Here Sariputtra, form is sunyata sunyata is form, form is not different from sunyata sunyata is not different from form, form equals Sunyata sunyata equals form". The Chinese version does not have "form is sunyata sunyata is form". Our field research with limited samples finds the Sanskrit version is the verifiable process since "form is sunyata sunyata is form" can be first scientifically established to convince modern people put real effort in actually verifying "form is not different from sunyata sunyata is not different from form, form equals Sunyata sunyata equals form".

The word "skandha" means "heap" or "aggregate". Buddhists talk about 5 heaps: form, feeling, perception, impulse and consciousness. These aggregates comprise of both physical facilities which are conditioned at birth driven by state and stock of the consciousness at that time, together with current state and stock of the consciousness at the present to make up one's realities at this moment. Therefore, having the right understanding and right motivation of Thing-As-It-Is together with one's sweet spot at the Right time and place, one can have Right Effort, being an Agent of Changes to change oneself and the environment one a part. No Buddhist mediatation - including Buddhist theoretical Vipassana[D24] - can practically touch this Prajna division of Gotama's Noble eight-fold Path since it tries to Grasp the present changing and conditioned existence and turn the eightfold Path upside-down at its own conditioned darkness of [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ]

With frequent Reflection (Bhavana), one can deepen one's own understanding to 'Know Oneself', closing the gap between Reality and Actuality - Figure 1 - by using the following qualified questions which are based on these core attributes. In doing so, we help weed out scam artists, no matter what they claim on the traceable reincarnations and/or lineages[R13], [R13.1], [R14], [R15], Buddhist or non Buddhist, to be all in the community of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings:

  1. Gotama third Seal 'Not-Self (Verifiable Emptiness)' and fourth Seal 'Nirvana', and how they are connected to the first Seal and Truth 'Dukkha'; alternatively, the cessation of Dukkha or Gotama's Third Truth in connection to the mentioned third and fourth Seals to deliver the solution for the first Truth and Seal "Dukkha". This is purely based on Gotama's discoveries without relying on any later development.

    If you are a Buddhist monk / nun of any tradition and claim to be a Buddhist teacher with your blah blah blah in meditation, please see your "Reality" with this "acid test" or qualified question, then answer if you can ever touch and capable to receive Gotama advice to Ajita's questions[D21] about the role of "Mindfulness and Prajna" for your own benefits and the communities you are parts. Instead of cheating others about your "Mindfulness and Prajna" which must come from the real cultivation to realize and/or fulfil Gotama's answer as a "Truth" to make known to the world that Gotama knows what he is talking about, but did not have enough time to properly deliver it to the mass. You are his worthy heir / heiress.

  2. The three core attributes listed in the Buddhist Heart Sutra (Sunyata, Prajna, Empty / Not), and how they are connected to the Right Inner Peace[D13] (Samma-Samadhi) and Right Mindfulness[D12] described by Gotama in his Noble eightfold Path. Buddhist communities of monks and nuns - typified by Vietnamese and Chinese Buddhist Sangha - have turned the Noble eightfold Path into a useless concept that, according to them, only Gotama (or Buddha) can have the Right Understanding and Right Motivation of the Prajna division of the Path. The rest need to follow the Sangha [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ], turning "Prajna" into an outcome of the Buddhist doctrinal system which is loaded with Ignorance. Their assertion will be proved differently[R7.5].

    A condition cannot see other conditioned As It Is. There is a cultivable [ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience ] - the guiding light to light up the Right Understanding and Right Motivation in the Prajna division of the Noble Path - to drive the Volition / Freewill / Sankhara toward Right Effort, dynamically adjusting Wrong Effort in one's continuous Learning and Doing toward What Count[R23]. This is an Insight from Trần Thái Tông[R7.3] and practicalized by Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4] in his three fundamental Principles[R7]: the first Principle "Kindness and Compassion" is the Right Understanding, the third Principle "from people, by people and for people" is the Right Motivation. The two Principles drive his second Principle "Right Effort in continuous Learning and Doing". These three Principles are practical living in accordance with Natural Laws - Making Life Easier and Happier - that demand both the state and stock of cultivable "Prajna" at different depths for a Right Effort. The three properties can be measurable based on hard facts of one's Efforts to augment discovered Consciousness Technologies.

  3. Measurable and achievable qualities via Observable Attributes of Right Inner Peace described by Buddha Gotama in his nine (9) attributes of meditation, and how these signed posts are related to Actual Living of the Present Moment to be the real solution to Gotama's First Truth or Issue Identification called Dukkha (Table 1). We name these nine attributes Gotama's "Measurable Right Inner Peace" that all qualified Budh Counselors must know and stand on one's own feet to defend for what one value-adds in a contributed know-how of a thesis, scrutinized by public exactly as we show below how Gotama and the Heart Sutra describe their "Verifiable Emptiness" at different angles according to scientific process to be "empirically verified", "value-added", or "rejected".

This is a 'self service' cultivation to 'Know Oneself' (self-qualified as a Buddhist or the one exploring what can be known under human vessel) for one's own benefits in 'Learning and Doing' (Table 1 and Table 1.1) according to Buddha Gotama, and "Budh Counselor" according to HuiNeng (Figure 5). We use the word "Budh Counselor" to qualify the one capable to help others along the self exploration of Learning and Doing. How can you claim to be a Buddhist Teacher as automatically claimed from members of Buddhist communities of monks and nuns if you are not equipped with "answers to the above three questions" for your own benefits? Since "Not-Self", "Verifiable Emptiness", "Nirvana", and solution for the first Truth "Dukkha" are beyond Image / Word / Thought and conflicting Dualism, the qualified "Budh Counselor" must demonstrate he/she has personally known the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict". It is very likely that most monks and nuns up to 2017 - such as this claimed enlighten monk, meditation master and Buddhist teacher - do not have any clue about these questions and are complete strangers to the "Gateway-to-Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict"[D32].

In our presentation, Prajna (equating to western Conscience / Wisdom) is a visible scientific fact, manifesting according to its State called Right Mindfulness[D12] to see 'Thing As It Is' - including its own imagination - having Insights of something outside-the-box. The Insights come from its Stock whose lasting Values can be cultivated with Right Inner Peace[D13] (Samma-Samadhi). The invisible part of Prajna is Sunyata where Verifiable Emptiness is basically the Rejuvenation from the Charming Nothingness for required utilities in all forms and manifestations. The Buddha Nature embraces both the invisible Sunyata and the visible ComPassion-Prajna.

"Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" is not mysterious and most people directly know it at the surface via Kindness, Compassion, helping the needy as a Good Samaritan since at this level one can sense a common vibration outside the self. At a deeper level - qualified by Gotama as the base of Mindfulness[D28] which can be cultivable via scientific processes such as PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light - one can directly "flow into it" exactly as the described "gambhiram Prajnaparamitacaryam / in the flowing depth of the Prajna / thông sâu theo dòng Bát Nhã Siêu Việt" having a glimpse - deeper than logical arguments and descriptions at thought level - "the five skandhas of the past to be Empty Of Essence" at the Gateway-to-Oneness between the Relative Truth and something Beyond.

The Essence of Gotama Dharma is right in the mid of Dukkha - dukkha-dukkha, viparinama-dukkha, sankhara-dukkha - there is the Emptiness / Tánh Không to enable the manifestation of Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict in daily activities[R7.5]. The cultivation must come from actual experiences - beyond conditioned thought - far from the actual experience and understanding of most monks and nuns up to 2017 since they have not passed even the Gateway-to-Oneness, nor reaching the base of Gotama's Mindfulness consciously or unconsciously being professional scam artists selling what they do not know nor have.

In Taming The Ox - Figure 5 - we qualify "Budh Counselor" as the one who has actually passed from Nagarjuna Relative Truth to the Ultimate (Wider) Truth for an Insight into the Emptiness, and from Asanga Perfected Nature to enable the infusion of Natural Purification to drive Imaginary Nature toward Dependent Nature, thus helping to theoretically and empirically prove that there is No Chasm between Nagarjuna Madhyamaka and Asanga Consciousness-Only and/or between Gradual Cultivation and Sudden Awakening created by monks and scholars, knowing nothing about Buddhist Mindfulness (qualified by Gotama at Equanimity Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict) and Emptiness.

The qualification is intended to democratize "the Practicalities of the Emptiness" where one can stand on one's own feet to expose one's actual experience in (1) transcending (dissolving) the appearance(s), (2) actually knowing the state of "not arising conflicting duality", and (3) reaching the Silence of Purity. The knowledge of "Emptying the Contents" is the same, but what contents and "Then What" in the "Practicality of the Emptiness" is different that each can bring something very concrete to the table where others on the same trail / raft can further value add to make the trail / raft easier for others. For example, "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" for a breakthrough in trade negotiation, political issue, a major business deal, a scientific discovery, overcoming a phobia / fear, etc, are beneficial contributions to take the mysteries out of "the Practicality of the Emptiness" in "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" at different depths of the Consciousness. Hưng Đạo Vương Trần Quốc Tuấn[R7.4] was the first one we are Aware of, capable to bring his "Inner Depth" coming from "dwelling in no mind enclosure" as described below to be in Utter Inner Silence for sensing the counterpart vibrations before critical engagements.

Followings are the two descriptions (1) from the Heart Sutra[R7.5] and (2) from Gotama for this qualification where being stable at "Equanimity" the grips of binding Word/Image will be loosen, while at "Purity" the clinging Thought is not there. These two levels are the qualified levels for Budh Counselors, forming a transparent and accountable body to help KhaiPhong Technology and AwakeningBudh Movement sustainable.

First, one flows into the Ultimate (Wider) Truth of "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" which is pegged by Gotama as the base of his Mindfulness[D28] for an Insight into the Emptiness. Here / Iha / Ở đây, see one angle in dissolving the Observed from the Heart Sutra: "form is Sunyata, Sunyata is form, form is not different from Sunyata, Sunyata is not different from form, form equals Sunyata, Sunyata equals form"[R7.5]. It is one description of how form is dissolving. This dissolving process comes from deep understanding that "the five skandhas (form, feeling, perception, impulse, consciousness) to be Empty Of Essence".

Here is another description from Gotama in his first and second meditative absorption (jhana)[D28] of the dissolving process: starting at "aloof from sense desires, aloof from unwholesome thoughts", the practitioner "allaying (relieve / alleviate) applied and sustained thought" has "devoid of applied and sustained thought" which produces some light happiness". "The same for feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness".

Please note from Gotama descriptions in his 45+ years of spreading his discoveries, working only at one attribute of the consciousness, namely Aspiration from Aloof in sense desire and unwholesome thought. This shows a precious but very long process of dissolving the five skandhas, Not as superficial as imaginations from communities of monks and nuns to veil their unwholesome living as professional scam artists. Those knowing this dissolution of other observed - such as a Sound / Light via PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light or a Kindness helping others via PrajnaTIP in Kindness - can describe the condition they are in and their actual experience. Again, PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light and in Kindness select only one attribute of the consciousness as the starting trails[R7.5].

Historically, the Prajna Paramita literature appeared after Gotama time. We prove in previous paragraph that Gotama and our later processes focus only in one selective attribute of the consciousness while the Heart Sutra covers the whole range of the consciousness and other skandhas. Esoterically we feel the Sutra was transmitted by Avalokitesvara teacher to a group of students in higher realm where Sariputra was one student in that group who asked for further clarification. As a very cautious scholar, XuanZang probably knew a version of Heart Sutra in China. But when his "esoteric teacher" personally appeared to transmit the Sutra and finally congratulated him at Nalanda University he was convinced his version was the authentic one! One student in our group who discovered these differences in 1990 - 20 years after his personal experience of Gotama's nine Jhanas - had a theory that the teacher (1) intentionally customized the sutra for XuanZang's relevant need while (2) left the holes for another student discover, straighten it out, and deliver its practicality via the cultivable manifested Compassion-Prajna from "Invisible Sunyata" at the right time and places where his students and students of the students will be orchestrated to work together.

You are the judge on its right time and be a part to make it happened. Thanks to the mind-eye of the Sound Specialist who is shown how the swarm circular movements of energy naturally separate identified qualities of consciousness open-containers according to natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes the writer can combine both understanding of KhaiPhong Technology and current physical sciences to theorize a very complex interaction between self Efforts and external influences in the complex Dependent Nature of existence, very much different from the feudal recorded system of the past collapsed degenerated forces, cunningly attempted to cheat natural laws for the glorified Self. In essence, the lighter floats up while the darker sinks down[D30]. The vertical movement in making life easier and happier in one's Continuity of the consciousness is via the path of deeper Right Inner Peace for cultivating the stock of Prajna and/or higher via Aspiration for energy connection to higher causes. The "Right Higher Causes" universally and equally flow from the above like the "rain" where how much each container can receive based on its own ability to absorb. Hence, one's personal efforts and worthy relationships in one's inner circle and circles of inner circles having most direct impacts to one's quality of the consciousness are most important.

Moving deeper (into Equanimity) "all dharmas indicate Sunyata: not arising not suppressed not tainted not pure not deficient not complete". Again, here is Gotama description from his trail: "by detachment from joy he dwells in Equanimity, mindful, and with clear comprehension, called dwelling in equanimity, Mindfulness, and bliss". Similarly, one can describe the state of Equanimity from different angles of Sound and Kindness.

Passing Equanimity to the utter Silence of Purity "therefore Sariputra, in Sunyata there is not form not feeling not perception not impulse not consciousness not eye-ear-nose-tongue-body-mind not form-sound-smell-taste-touch-thought not eye consciousness up to not mind consciousness not ignorance not destruction of ignorance not decay-death not destruction of decay-death not dukkha-sammudaya-nirodha-marga not knowledge not attainment not non-attainment". That is all internal disturbances of duality Inner Conflicts are at utter Silence to sense the "Pulses of Thing As It Is"[R7.5]. Here is the "known" in Gotama's trail: "by the disappearance of joy and sorrow, he attains to the 'neither suffering nor bliss', which is the Purity". So does the state of Purity via "Sound / Light" and/or "Kindness". The states of Equanimity and Purity are the same as those known by Gotama, but the described view / angle and what contents to be dissolved in Transcendental Consciousness are different.

The dissolving process or transcending the Observed either from the Heart Sutra or Gotama angles of Tranquillity, Equanimity, and Purity[D28], or PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light and in Kindness can be observable and verifiable by new practitioners[R7.5]. This is How we can democratize "the Practicalities of the Emptiness" where one does not need to start from square one of the trail other explorers have passed and left the roadmap for others value-adds. It took the writer 20 years and another advanced student 45 years to overcome tremendous barriers put up by claimed meditation masters and enlighten monks from their Imagination Nature. We hope to save you time to present your Value-Add via a "thesis" to the World and be a part of Budh Counselors making AwakeningBudh Movement and KhaiPhong Technology sustainable.

From then on, one "dwells in no mind enclosure", passing deeper beyond Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness into Sunyata Nothingness, actually knowing Gotama's "Not-Self", reaching "Nirvana / Unmoving Sunyata". Hence, "dwelling in no mind enclosure" for the possibility of experiencing Gotama "Not-Self" is the required condition to be a Budh Counselor that you can stand on your own feet via your thesis to partially testify that there is no chasm between "Right Effort" with Self and "Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" (Not-Self), between Buddhist Consciousness-Only[D35] and Madhyamaka[D34], between Gradual Cultivation and Sudden Awakening. Here is Gotama description from the Gradual Cultivation on his trail[D25], [D29]. The dissolving / transcending process can be deepen to the point that all can be instantly and effortlessly in the "No Mind Enclosure" as described in the Heart Sutra and/or asserted in Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra[R7] - commonly known as completely Open having no preconceived idea - to be Alert and Aware of all signals coming from all directions to have a "Pulse" of a complex situation for a possible breakthrough in innovative solution.

To invite all putting their efforts in the "Practicalities of the Emptiness" learning from one another in the culture of "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings" while effortlessly weeding out religious criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4], followings are the first two verifiable steps known by humanity to enter the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict", then corrected (the first two) and expanded (from 3 to 7) in the new Era into the engineering roadmap of seven steps to deepen the "Verifiable Emptiness with the Heart Sutra as the Guiding Light for Right Effort:

  1. Bliss and Emptiness in Highest Tantric Sexual Penetration[R14] Tantra.

  2. 'Faith that can move the mountain'[Matthew 17:20] in Christianity and Islam.

  3. Dissolving process at the gateway to Oneness, knowing the state of "not arising conflicting duality" in Equanimity.

  4. Mindful cultivation in PrajnaTIP in Kindness.

  5. Purity at the Utter Silence of all internal conflicts.

  6. Direct Perception of the "Pulses" relevant to the dominant "Issue" and a possible solution.

  7. Actually knowing the five skandhas Empty Of Essence and manifesting this "Verifiable Emptiness" in all activities wherever one happens to be.

In Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict, either one knows it or not, similar to sexual orgasm in Tantric "Bliss and Emptiness" and in "Faith that can move the mountain". The finer level at different depths, the harder it is to recognize and have "Detachment-Born / Vô Trụ", without being addicted to sex and/or faith. Once you are addicted, the "Verifiable Emptiness" is lost - an Insight from Trần Thái Tông[R7.3]. All efforts turn into wrong efforts as evidenced in 2000+ years of addicted "Bliss" in Vajrayana and "Faith" in Christian and Muslim extreme violences throughout the dark human periods.

Knowing the state of "not arising conflicting duality" in Equanimity is very precious, pegged by Gotama as the base of his Mindfulness that most Buddhist monks and nuns do not know nor have, putting their efforts in the blah blah blah of meditation at the conflicting duality level of breathing[D23], of Vipassana[D24], [D19.3], and of "Emptiness" at conditioned thoughts in voluminous treatises and philosophical arguments from those not qualified by Gotama in Mindfulness. This state is deeper than the Good Samaritan[R16] and Humanist Ontological System that most of the Catholic priests and nuns do not know nor have, putting their efforts in exposing the Heart to show off their love at word level in fishing the "souls" of the faithful.

Once the state and stock of "Prajna" is deep enough, one can flow into the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" at the eye-to-eye meeting between the helper and the assisted person to raise the relationships to higher level of Empathy, deepening all involved parties to the Utter Silence of all internal conflicts. From this cultivable level, the direct Perception of the "Pulses" relevant to the dominant "Issue" and manifesting "Verifiable Emptiness" is a very long path of "Consciousness Evolution" that we can all walk together in different trails, scientifically explored and Shared in the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong in "Making Life Easier and Happier".

By introducing innovative technologies - illustrated in Table 4 and Table 4.1 - riding on natural laws for heavy lifting we provide the scientific foundations and initial depths of new trails built on the solid foundation of Kindness and Compassion for qualified Budh Counselors to value-add their theses at different spreads of the trails. Sooner or later, the practicalities of the Emptiness will be democratized where everyone can value add his/her contribution and leave something sustainable in "Making Life Easier and Happier".

At the right time - either "Now" due to your innate Quality and/or after PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light is introduced to take your current "state" and "stock" of Prajna to the level of Mindfulness qualified by Gotama (Equanimity third stage of his meditation) - you should be able to verify "that state in Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict / Instinct" is directed but Not focussed in any involved element and/or participant with full Alertness and Awareness to sense the arising signals from anywhere and its significance, capable to catch the Pulse of the situation and what need to be done to change the outcome toward its directed direction that it senses "the Right Thing to do" (Figure 3).

Acting as a front line soldier, we will expose in PrajnaTIPs[R7.5]:

  1. The scientific foundation of the process that may have some Intellectual Property Right (IPR) to properly manage the process Clusters of Open Innovation Network (COIN).

  2. The required safety conditions and implementations of the process for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mass market.

  3. The available community supports to make your efforts worthwhile, safe-guarding your practice with available professional helps in the case the power of Transcendental / Dissolving Process from the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict opens up one of your outdated mark to indicate the time to clean it up and you cannot handle by yourself.

  4. Possible experiences DIY practitioners may have where you can value-add to the community your personal experience together with nine (9) stages of recorded Gotama's "Verifiable Emptiness" that we reclassify based on phase changes into Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity.

As a dedicated explorer, one is fully responsible for one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles to Share and Learn from one another. It is good to be humble and there is nothing wrong in accepting some advanced person as one's mentor/teacher. In fact, the DIY PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light is designed to reach the mass riding on one's already achievable level to be the front line soldiers in changing oneself and others as qualified Budh Counselors. The body of Budh Counselors is there to help more people knowing Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict who - by themselves - cannot reach the base "Equanimity" state and/or further advanced to make the process sustainable with or without original contributors.

Finally, from "Transcendental Wisdom, no mind enclosure transcends beyond errors reaches nirvana" the Heart Sutra states the fact of Worthy Existence / Manifestation at the Present Moment "All Buddhas ... bound to Transcendental Wisdom reach the highest enlightenment". This is the depths in proficiency between Nagarjuna Relative Truth and Ultimate (Wider) Truth, Asanga Perfected Nature and Dependent Nature, XuanZang's Consciousness of the consciousness, HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna in daily activities, Trần Thái Tông[R7.3] "Hửu Niệm / Vô Niệm", and Gotama's Mindfulness - Prajna in life management[D21] of daily activities.

These are "Verifiable Emptiness" described by Gotama[D25]. The "dwell in no mind enclosure" is an actual state of living. It is Not "No mind enclosure / Không Chướng Ngại / Không Dính Mắc" at Word or Thought explained by most Buddhist monks and scholars[R7.5]. It is the required condition to naturally detach from "Right-Wrong / Yes-No / Self-Selfless" Seeing Thing As It Is for a Right Effort, having no residual Marks once the action completes. But the Right Action and the driving force behind the action is Not Illusory (Như Huyễn) as commonly known at conditioned thought level in the entire history of Buddhism up to 2017 since it changes the Quality and Normative Direction of the individual and aggregate consciousness[R7.5]. The strategic position coming from Right Action - directly perceived by Purity of the Mind - also debunks the entire history of Vietnamese Trúc Lâm Buddhist sect whose principle is seeing everything illusion at hallucinated thinking level. Alternatively, they can be parts of implementing the Soyen Shaku's challenge from the World Parliament of Religions 1893[R6]:

All things return to "One" and "One" operates in all things.

God [Dharmakaya / Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict] not in the world is the false God and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict] is unreality.

The "unreality" is the Illusory as commonly known at conditioned thought level of most Buddhists / Non-Buddhists since they have not touched the [God / Dharmakaya / Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict]. Here is the difference in the "described" and the "description", the "actuality" and reality" which needs to be revitalized and delivered in the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong.

Realization of the Heart Sutra is the necessary and sufficient condition to know the "Right" at different depths of Gotama's Noble eightfold Path since Gotama's Ontological System is one small angle of the Heart Sutra. It is the dynamic driving force to have "Right Effort" instead of "Wrong Effort" as an Insight from Trần Thái Tông[R7.3] - riding on cultivable Natural Laws - custom made for each person at the most appropriate time, place and pattern of the Intelligent Agent to change oneself and the environment one a part. That insight is the dynamic interaction between the "Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" in patch C of Figure 2 and patch A of "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflicts". Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate!

See for yourself if this is the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" and most important of all one can make the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" manifested in daily activities, using the power of the Whole Ocean not just the flickering waves at the surface of the "Infinite Thought Bodhisattva". Hope you see Scientific Facts[R7.5] of 'Exploring Truth' - not 'Doctrinal Truth' (Belief, Ritual) - can be a rescue to Buddhist Dharma. We are more than ready to collaborate with interested parties.

Sanskrit Version - Prajnaparamita Hridaya

Om Namo Bhagavatyai Arya Prajnaparamitayai

Arya-Avalokitesvaro-(bodhisattva) gambhiram Prajnaparamitacaryam
caramano vyavalokayati sma panca skandha
tasma Svabhavasunyan pasyati sma.

Iha Sariputra, rupam Sunyata Sunyata-iva rupam
rupanna prithak Sunyata Sunyata-ya na prithagrupam
yad rupam sa Sunyata ya Sunyata tad rupam
evam eva vedana-samjna-samskara-vijnanam.

Iha Sariputra sarva-dharmah Sunyata-laksana
anutpanna aniruddha amala avimala anuna aparipurnah.

Tasmac Sariputra, Sunyata-yam na rupam na vedana
na samjna na samskarah na vijnanam na caksuh-srotra-ghrana-jihva-
kaya-mamamsi na rupa-sabda-gandha-rasa-sprastavya-dharmah na
caksur-dhatur yavam na manovijnana-dhatuh
na-avidya na-avidya-ksayo yavan na jara-maranam na jara-maranaksayo
na dukkha-samudaya-nirodha-marga na jhanam na pratir na-apraptih.

Bodhisattvasya Prajnaparamitam asritya
atrasto vaparyasa-atikranto nishta-nirvana-praptah.

Tryadhva-vyavasthitah sarva-buddhah
prajnaparamitamasritya-anuttaram samyaksambodhim abhisambudha.

Tasmaj jnatavyam prajnaparamita maha-mantro
maha-vidyamantro nuttara-mantro samasama-mantrah
sarva-dukkhaprasamanah satyam amithyatvat.

Prajnaparamitayam ukto mantrah tadyatha
Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate
Bodhi Svaha.

English Translation - The Buddhist Heart Sutra

Honor To The Noble Transcendental Wisdom

Noble Avalokitesvara (Bodhisattva) in the flowing depth of the Wisdom
sees the five skandhas of the past
to be Empty Of Essence.

Here Sariputra, form is Sunyata Sunyata is form
form is not different from Sunyata Sunyata is not different from form
form equals Sunyata Sunyata equals form
The same for feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness.

Here Sariputra all dharmas indicate Sunyata:
not arising not suppressed not tainted not pure not deficient not complete.

Therefore Sariputra, in Sunyata there is not form not feeling
not perception not impulse not consciousness not eye-ear-nose-tongue-body-
mind not form-sound-smell-taste-touch-thought not eye consciousness up to
not mind consciousness not ignorance not destruction of ignorance
not decay-death not destruction of decay-death not dukkha-sammudaya-
nirodha-marga not knowledge not attainment not non-attainment.

Bodhisattva bound to Transcendental Wisdom
dwells in no mind enclosure, no mind enclosure intrepidity
transcends beyond errors reaches nirvana.

All Buddhas appear in three periods of time
bound to Transcendental Wisdom reach the highest enlightenment.

Therefore the Transcendental Wisdom is great mantra
great knowledge mantra invincible mantra unsurpassable mantra
causes to cease all sufferings trustworthy not false.

The Transcendental Wisdom utters mantra:
Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate
Gone Gone Gone beyond Gone altogether beyond)
Bodhi Svaha.

Vietnamese Translation - Bát Nhã Tâm Kinh

Kính cẩn trước dòng Bát Nhã Siêu Việt.

(Bồ Tát) Quán Thế Âm thông sâu theo dòng Bát Nhã Siêu Việt
nhìn lại năm uẩn đã qua
đều thấy Không Có Tự Tánh.

Ở đây Xá Lợi Phất sắc là Sunyata Sunyata là sắc
sắc chẳng khác gì Sunyata Sunyata chẳng khác gì sắc
sắc chính thực Sunyata Sunyata chính thực sắc
cảm nhận thúc thức cũng như vậy.

Ở đây Xá Lợi Phất mọi pháp đều Sunyata,
không sanh không diệt không dơ không sạch không thiếu không đủ.

Cho nên Xá Lợi Phất, trong Sunyata
không sắc không cảm không nhận không thúc không thức
không mắt tai mũi lưỡi thân ý, không sắc thanh hương vị súc pháp
không nhãn giới cho đến không ý thức giới
không vô minh không hết vô minh, không lão tử không hết lão tử
không khổ tập diệt đạo, không trí không đắc không không đắc.

Bồ Tát nương theo Bát Nhã Siêu Việt, trú nơi tâm không chướng ngại
tâm không chướng ngại, vượt mọi mộng tưởng đến Niết Bàn tuyệt đối.

Chư Phật trong ba đời
y theo Bát Nhã Siêu Việt đến vô thượng giác.

Vậy nên biết rằng Bát Nhã Siêu Việt là linh chú đại thần
linh chú đại minh linh chú vô thượng linh chú tuyệt đỉnh
có năng lực tiêu trừ mọi khổ nạn, chân thật không hư.

'Bát Nhã Siêu Việt' phát ra linh chú:
Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate
(Vượt Vượt Vượt qua khỏi Vượt khỏi hoàn toàn)
Bodhi Svaha.

[R3] XuanZang - seventeen years overland journey to India, recorded in the classic Chinese text 'Great Tang Records on the Western Regions', and in turn provided the inspiration for the popular epic novel 'Journey to the West'.

[R4] Journey to the West - There might be some 'esoteric agenda' in 'Journey to the West' since it rewrote the contributions of XuanZang into opposite direction of master-slave relationship to glorify Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva. The story had its own Value-Adds in the descriptions about activities of 'spirit' realms which are similar to what we have observed through the mind eye, and heard via Sound technology. Esoterically, these lower organizations[R20.2] were front line soldiers of the Bodhisattva.

There is a much greater drama we esoterically know in the collapse of God / Bodhisattva / Buddha realms where the leaders of the Bodhisattva were driving behind the third esoteric force.

[R5] The Sutra of Hui Neng - translated by C. Humphreys and Wong Mou-Lam (translation from scholars).

[R5.1] The Zen doctrine of no-mind - Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki (Author), Christmas Humphreys (Editor). There is a Vietnamese trannslation by Thích Nhuận Châu and its pdf for offline reading. Is there any practicality from the zen tradition?

[R5.2] The Sixth Patriarch’s Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra - with the Commentary of Master Hua (translation and interpretation from Sangha members).

[R5.3] The Overnight Guest Yongjia Xuanjue (Vĩnh Gia Huyền Giác) - A zen dialogue and encounter with HuiNeng who had the actual understanding of what he said. The description is Not the described, and is only at the beginning used to point to something Actual in one's continuous Learning and Doing.

The bottom-line 'Then What' demands a scientific approach at theoretical foundation for possible accumulated value-adds from others and empirical verification to qualify the required conditions of the theory. Xuanjue's understanding has been only at word level - falling into the trap of another esoteric force[R14] - which does not give any real benefit to him and others, and will be lost if there is not appropriate conditions to turn that understanding into the innate nature of actual living according to natural laws.

Esoterically, we feel this is the case for Xuanjue who happened to be reincarnated as a very well-known Buddhist monk Chin Kung (Tịnh Không)[R5.4], dedicated 50+ years of his whole life in learning and exposing Buddhist Dharma. Chin Kung has been capable to fluently explain Mahayana texts at a very young age in more depth than others - including the Heart Sutra before 2012 - but only at word level totally enslaved in binding Word/Image and clinging Thought, knowing nothing about "Oneness / Dharmakaya / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict", exactly where he was 1000's years ago.

Even worse - if Chin Kung was a reincarnation of Xuanjue - he personally dropped 1000's years of Sutra (Vimalakirti) studies and meditation since the time of Xuanjue, plus 50+ years of this present life in Buddhist meditation according to Prajna to adopt another easier trap of Amitayus Pure Land to end up as a cheating monk selling what he does not know nor has. This shows how precious it is to know Prajna - innate in every person[R7.5] - for a Right Effort in making life easier and happier. He has not been even Beyond-Thought to know the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict of the core 'Emptiness' that he used as a part of his name (Kung - Không). Looking at the painting of Xuanjue and Chin Kung, you can see the natural operation of the clinging forces (Karma) at the three layers of the consciousness: physical, energy, and the carry-on core consciousness.

Prajna turns out to be very simple and is the ability to know the Right and the Unworthy relevant to one's present moment, plus the Volition / Free Will / Sankhara to make things happened. It is innate in all normal persons as long as one is At Home, wearing no mask based on Actualities as explained by Gotama in his Charter of Free Inquiry Kalama Sutta[D23]. The signals from your senses do not count, only the State of your Being counts. See if you know the "state of your being" when you cannot even know the driving forces behind the signals from your senses. You can see the issues of all the masks - especially in religious leaders, all popes, most politicians, most the rich-and-famous, most the poor-and-untouchable, all paedophile-and-sex offenders, all scam artists, etc, down to most husband-and-wife - where one is a slave to one's senses.

The sense signals are one's realities different from actualities (Figure 1) to create Inner Conflicts - Outer Conflicts[R18], [R18.1], [R18.2], [R19], [R15], [R13.1]. Is it worthy to use the senses As It Is with Clarity and Insight to properly manage one's Realities in the Essence of the Right Effort where there exist the cultivable Natural Purification[R14] - a discovery of Gotama - known as Verifiable Emptiness (Table 1) observable and testable through HuiNeng Beyond-Thought at the observed, No-Mark once the action completed, Detachment-Born as one's basis to have Right Mindfulness of Thing As It Is (Table 1.1).

Similarly, another claimed enlighten monk from HuiNeng - Shen-Hui [R5.1] page 119 - who has only a cunning intelligence left to cheat others. It is important to turn what you think and/or actually experience the lasting values such as Compassion and/or Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict into your signatures in actual living to be the Quality of your core Consciousness since it will directly affect the Quality of your existence. Typical example is the case of Tilopa and Naropa[D43] who were pounding on what they actually know to deliver some practical implementation of Sound Technology via the introduced Transcendental Meditation in 1960 - 1970, but only at the beginning level while they themselves did not have proper understanding and required depths of the Sound Technology.

In this modern time, we can be practical enough to demand the delivery of actual solution, beneficial and relevant to the Present Moment. Even you honestly describe your actual realization which may be good for future generation, it may be relevant only to You. Your job of Sharing Happiness has not been completed. If you are not self hallucinated to be driven by Ignorance and degenerated to re-learn the lessons of Right Effort, your innate Buddha Nature will push you to the next step of actual delivery for your deeper benefit and for others.

These are the cases of humanistic past great explorers mentioned in our case studies: Lao Tzu, Gotama, Jesus, Nagarjuna, Asanga, HuiNeng, etc. Hope the time is right so you can actually see and have hand-on the next step of this job from a real living person in HuiNeng Sudden Awakening, together with other highly qualified ones preparing the field for this new Budh Era with their unique Consciousness Technology, Sound Technology, Natural Levitation, etc. Then watch the contributions from others in the next few generations since they are all parts of this unique inter-realm communications and dialogues using Sound Technology of a living person.

[R5.4] Chin Kung - (Tịnh Không) an International well-known Buddhist monk spreading Pure Land Buddhism.

The monk said it took him 40+ years to believe in Buddhist Pure Land and has 50+ years to spread Buddhist Dharma. According to HuiNeng, he is not qualified as a Budh Counselor since he has not entered the Gateway to Oneness and knows nothing about different depths of Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict Verifiable Emptiness that he uses as a part of his name 'Kung - Không'. He is definitely far away from 'Equanimity' state used by Gotama to qualify the Right Mindfulness which naturally loosens the grips of binding Word/Image in his Substance that he has been stuck for so long. Words and Images are used to point to something. The description is not the described. He is absolutely far below the Purity which is the first part of his name 'Chin - Tịnh'.

Chin Kung advocates Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ) based on his Buddhist training at word level, yet his confused life is toward the Grasp-er (Grahaka) and the Grasped (Grahya) of Amitabha-Amitayus Buddha Pure Land, the source of all Sufferings - due to the differences between one'd Realities and Actualities - as proven by Buddhists Asanga and Vasubandhu Consciousness-Only that all modern persons can logically understand as illustrated in Figure 1. He has no Awareness Beyond-Thought (Vô Tướng), totally drown in within-the-box of conditioned and indoctrinated teachings at word level.

There is no need to bind oneself to the word 'Amitabha / Amitayus' and thought of being reborn in Pure Land to be Detachment-Born and Emptiness in the future that one does not know while one devotes all efforts to the opposite direction of Detachment-Born and Emptiness at the Present Moment. This kind of nonsense from religious fanatics and confused philosophers has been mathematically proven in optimization theory, used in launching a rocket to its target that the optimization in any instant moment will lead to the overall optimization of the trajectory where unexpected winds and storms (of karmic forces) are unavoidable i.e. the Pure Land of the Present Moment. No common-sense person falls into this childish trap of religious addiction.

If Chin Kung is a reincarnation of Xuanjue[R5.3] that he can look at the eyes, the energy vibration, and the core inner consciousness to rediscover himself, he has been unconsciously fallen into the trap of an esoteric force, attempting to sabotage Gotama's discoveries under the three locks of master-slave relationships[R14]:

  1. Sutra recitation and studying at word and thought levels, instead of actual living to really know Dukkha and to be Beyond-Thought at the Observed known by kind Samaritan,

  2. Vajrayana and Tantra attachments to rituals, desires, and bliss through the release of sexual pressure, rather than Detachment-Born as the Gotama's qualification for any Right Inner Peace (Samma Samadhi) or Maitreya Detachment-Born (upekkhā - tâm xả) in observable visible manifestations of the four Boundless Qualities of the Mind (tứ vô lượng tâm) for the Happiness of One and the Whole,

  3. Scammed purification either through Amitabha-Amitayus, which is scientific ignorant (no such thing as manifested forever Amitayus) - same as the claimed manifested Forever God - due to the generation of entropy of existence, and/or purification in meditation of emptiness at thought level, instead of Natural Purification[D26] in Gotama different depths of Verifiable Emptiness, known as the Ultimate (Wider) Truth under Madhyamaka and the Perfected Nature under the Consciousness-Only.

These are similar to the three locks to assure master-slave relationships in Christian movement: (1) Word was God, (2) Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge, (3) claimed Forever where thought is changing and relative.

[R6] Soyen Shaku - was the first Zen Buddhist (January 10, 1860 – October 29, 1919) to spread the Dharma in the United States. In his youth, his master (Kosen) and others had recognized him to be naturally advantaged. In 1893 Shaku was one of four priests and two laymen, representing Rinzai Zen, Jōdo Shinshū, Nichirin, Tendai, and Esoteric schools, composing the Japanese delegation that participated in the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago organized by John Henry Barrows and Paul Carus.

Soyen Shaku rationally explained:

All things return to "One" and "One" operates in all things.

God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] not in the world is the false God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] is unreality.

Source: The God-Conception of Buddhism

We call that "One" the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" and the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong enable that "Oneness" Testable, Verifiable, and Reproducible to most practitioners, democratizing "The Practicalities of the Emptiness". Soyen's definition of "God" has been well-known with Jesus "Parable of the Good Samaritan"[R16] mentioned in only one of the Canonical gospels, but the most significant factor accepted by almost all Christians or None-Christians; it is the "meaningful and intangible cause" in Maulana WahiDuddin Khan 's "Faith and Reason"[D47] accepted and advocated by Islam.

Soyen Shaku was the first one attempting to explain the basic principles that can help you started on the journey of experiencing zen, paving the way to direct realization of "zen that can be explained is not zen" but once you know the "Oneness" you can describe your path with optimal conditions and required "watch-out" to fully integrate the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" as the guiding light[R7.3] for your "Right Effort" so others along your path do not have to start from "square one" and can value-add to make the path easier and more enjoyable for more people to add their created Values. Here is a Free book of his recorded Sermons. There are at least 10 differences we are not on the same page with Shaku, being exposed in this book to democratize "the Practicalities of the Emptiness" and implement Trần Thái Tông Insight[R7.3] between "Right Effort" and "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict".

The deliveries of these differences will make Shaku's Vision a Reality: (1) Momentary Nirvana[D42], not Buddhist Nirvana then PariNirvana as a correct answer in a "Reply to a Christian Critic", (2) Gradual Cultivation driven by Prajna consistent with Sudden Awaken, not gradual cultivation from the darkness of preconceived ideas, (3) Oneness / God / Dharmakaya defined as Consciousness, the ground of all being, the nature of all things vibrating at the fundamental level, (4) Middle Way, a dynamic integration of "Right Effort" and "Oneness", of Nagarjuna "Relative Truth" and "Ultimate (Wider) Truth"[D34], of Asanga "Dependent Nature" and "Perfected Nature"[D35], of "Self" and "Not-Self", of "Sudden"[R5] and "Gradual" cultivation, of "Dukkha" and "Nirvana"[D42], of Shaku "The World" and "God / Dharmakaya", (5) Answers to his Vision coming from "Practicalities of the Emptiness" contributed by qualified Budh Counselors, (6) Ethics guided by Prajna to activate Alertness and Awareness for switching between Ignorance and Prajna - augmented by ICT - making known the difference between Ashoka's Dharma and Buddhist Dharma polluted by professional scam artists in Buddhist Sangha. (7) Good Laws, phenomenons and super-phenomenons being conditions to be discovered in integration between Right Effort and Oneness, (8) Faith, not an absolute but a theoretical assumption to be discovered, dropped or accepted due to Detachment-Born and its Practicality, (9) Taxonomy of Consciousness, Soul, Freewill, Prajna, Compassion, Emptiness for scientific investigations and enhancements (10) Dhyana qualified by the presence of transcendental states.

[R6.1] Jiddu Krishnamurti - (12 May 1895 – 17 February 1986) was an Indian speaker and writer on philosophical and spiritual subjects. In his early life he was groomed to be the new World Teacher but later rejected this mantle and disbanded the organisation behind it. Here is his description on the seriousness of "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" from "Intensity of Attention" to break the crust of the "Self / Conditioned Patterns / Outdated Marks". Through this guiding light - cultivable instinct plus something beyond via Compassion and Prajna - one can know more about oneself, capable to get the "Pulse" of a complex Issue for a Right Effort.

[R6.2] Jiddu Krishnamurti Talks With Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche - the required Intensity of Attention to see "Thing As It Is" messed up by all "organized religions" and "Isms".

[R6.3] Krishnamurti Issue Identification - Psychological Suffering - Nature of Mind, and his solution through "Intensity of Attention".

We say Krishnamurti solution may be appropriate to only few having thousands+ years of poking the Mindfulness on what is the "host" (staying in 'Thing As It Is') and what are the "guests" (changing and conditioned). Even so, it may be effective only in certain domain that the practitioner has accumulated sufficient conditions according to underlying natural laws.

Knowing the process, we can discover these natural laws to create the right conditions for a heavy lifting. The real solution has been discovered 2500+ years ago called Wise Attention[D27] covering both the [ Known / Epistemic Objectives ] and something Beyond in the science of consciousness. It is embedded in advice to Ajita's Questions[D21] sabotaged by professional scam artists in 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha.

[R6.4] A Cognitive Science Dialogue - Alan Wallace vs John Searle. John Searle makes a distinction between ontological objective / subjective and epistemic objective / subjective where epistemic objective is accepted by most people as a recorded fact such as Einstein was born March 14, 1879. The statement that Einstein has been the greatest scientist is an epistemic subjective or personal opinion which can be right or wrong. The Science of Consciousness can be established since subjective experience such as Gotama awareness of transcendental Mindfulness and its Prajna manifestation or HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna[D21] for practical utility about all karmic (binding and clinging) forces in Gotama's advice to Ajita's Questions[D21] can be Epistemic Objective if there are scientific discoveries of underlying natural laws to enable most people know these consciousness states

While denying duality and the fallacy in word / language since the description is not the described, but without having sufficient depth in direct experience of Normative Intelligence, his tool of logical deduction to poke around Consciousness and Unity is very limited without immediate impact of practical utility - called by him the pay-off - of the scientific knowledge which can be "Beyond Duality - Beyond the Right and Wrong" .

By discovering Natural Laws (PrajunaTIP), Right Conditions (PrajnaLand) and Scientific Treatments of outdated mark (KhaiPhong) to personally Tame The Ox, we can turn "Epistemic Subjective" - such as nine stages of Gotama's Verifiable Emptiness[D25], [D28], [D29] and Not-Self - into "Epistemic Objective" called Normative Intelligence in the new Era of Consciousness Evolution.

Similar to John Searle's logical deduction of some Insight, Buddhist Insight into the Oneness has been described in many of its texts by its founder and other dedicated explorers. But without scientific reproducible process to concretely deliver the Being Needs of Self-Selfless Actualization and Transcendence, there has been No Pay-Off in 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha in the duality of the "Blinds touching Elephant". By pointing out Buddhist Tautologies and Duality, we stress the absolute need of the pay-off and Then-What in scientific discoveries.

[R7] The Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra - Diamond Sutra. Here is the Vietnamese translation and explanation by Thich Thanh Tu.

Why? Subhuti, the past mind cannot be grasped, neither can the present mind or the future mind.

In 2500+ years since Gotama / Subhuti dialogue, we have been aware of two persons speaking in sufficient details directly from their experience the "Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" for an Insight into the "Emptiness" - Patch C in Figure 2 - (1) Tilopa giving "precious instructions to Naropa"[D39] and (2) HuiNeng in his well-known "Wu-Nien"[R5.1]. Neither of them, nor the dialogue between Gotama / Subhuti gave details both at theoretical foundation and empirical verifications of the assertion. We are now in the Golden Era of the new cosmic cycle, having required conditions to start the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong according to Human Nature.

Here are explanations why Tilopa 's instructions are in accordance with the quoted dialogue[D39]. He debunks Buddhist traditional practices in Mindfulness of breathing[D23] and in MahaSatipatthana Sutta (Tứ niệm xứ)[D24] that are always in conflicting duality[D19.3] and not practical in modern living, unless the practitioner arrives at the final stage in direct contact with Emptiness which is Only the beginning of Tilopa's and HuiNeng's[R5.1] Insights.

The "mind" in the dialogue can be referred to "the mind or an identifiable stream of consciousness" of an individual or aggregate such as a family, a business, a community, an industry, an organization, a region, a country or the World. That unique stream of consciousness interacts with other streams of consciousness which can be abstracted as the "Observer" and the "Observed" in Figure 2 at any "Thesis" of current operations, leading to "Antithesis" and "Synthesis". The lump of an identifiable stream of consciousness is possible for both individual and aggregate under a common concept known as a persona.

We define "Mind" based on the attributes influencing the Consciousness of 'Thing As It Is' at the Present Moment, comprising of: (1) Instinct and Brain Intelligence that drive the 'Doing' in all activities, and (2) wider perspective of ComPassion from the Heart for "the Right Thing to do" from Prajna (Wisdom) which embraces relevant involved parties in the Totality of Existence to inject the 'Being' into the 'Doing'. In related to Figure 2, patch C is considered as the area of Instinct while patch A is the domain of brain intelligence. Compassion and Prajna are visible manifestations in patterns and possible breakthrough solutions detected by that stream of consciousness from the un-manifested part of the Consciousness, the nature of all things.

The definition and scientific processes in cultivating "the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" as one's guiding light to the Right Effort and mechanism to keep it away from "Wrong Effort" hight-light the importance of Worthy Existence in wider perspective of one's Consciousness Quality in its Evolution according to the Laws of the Nature. The Science of KhaiPhong, enabling most people direct access to "Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict - Không Hai Không Xung Đột" at different depths of the Consciousness will democratize the "Practicalities of the Emptiness".

Here we briefly lay out the significance of theoretical foundations and empirical verification to be delivered via the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong - pioneered by the Vietnamese Lý / Trần dynasties - to (1) eliminate all chasms within and between all organized religions and/or utopia trying to enslave humanity in binding Word/Image and clinging Thought, and (2) democratize the Practicalities of Gotama's "Verifiable Emptiness"[D25], Jesus "Kingdom of God within you"[Luke 17:21], Nagarjuna's Ultimate (Wider) Truth[D34], Asanga's Perfected Nature[D35], XuanZang's Consciousness of the consciousness[D19.3] and HuiNeng's Self Nature[R5]. It is the "Right Effort" from Gotama's Noble eightfold Path, driven by the state and stock of Prajna which is cultivable as briefly explained in Figure 4.

In any identifiable issue for an effort, there can only have a probability of the outcome due to complex Dependent Nature of many decision makers[R7.5]. The Right Effort - Figure 4 - comes from Prajna to see and act according to "Thing As It Is". In reality, almost all streams of the consciousness have innumerable outdated Marks to taint its (or the aggregate of) six senses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind) plus incomplete information about action-reaction of all concerned parties. That is why "the present mind cannot be grasped" contrary to the hallucination of Buddhist traditional practices up to 2017. But through the cultivation in "Verifiable Emptiness" one can sense the pulse of the situation for a Right Effort, similar to the movements in flocks of birds[R21]. This capability has been demonstrated by many - commonly known as a Vision or Sudden Breakthrough - such as Lý Công Uẩn[R7.1] in his decision to move the Vietnamese capital to present day Hà Nội.

According to natural laws in "Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" at different depths of the Consciousness, there is a "Natural Purification" from "Verifiable Emptiness" to (1) purify the tainted senses from their outdated marks for required clarity in a Right Effort[D26], (2) enable the "mind" sense the driving forces behind its Volition / Freewill and its state of the being - influenced by both inside and outside interactions - to properly manage one's realities, (3) wipe out dominant binding / clinging (karmic) forces being a dominant barrier in one's present living[D21], and (4) sense a sudden breakthrough for any dominant issue. Democratizing the practicalities of the "Emptiness" via breakthrough Consciousness Technologies which can be augmented by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) is a giant leap for humanity, enabling each an agent of changes to change oneself and the environment one a part due to dynamic interactions of the two in one's Continuity of the Consciousness based on What Count[R23].

In the rational understanding of this theoretical framework according to the Dependent Nature of natural laws, an obvious question is (1) How one can start from the present state of one's being (Prajna) since the ability to know "What Right and Unworthy" according to one's present conditions is innate in all people despite its tainted realities, commonly known as the "Buddha Nature / Conscience / The Kingdom of God from within", and (2) whether there is a solid foundation of lasting values that one can lean on, in the light of ET technologies from esoteric dark forces of "soul snatching and mixing". Brief outline of this "soul snatching and mixing" is required as we know from the collapse of Illuminati New Word Order to highlight the importance of democratizing the "Practicalities of the Emptiness".

Using the same techniques they have mastered in all organized religions of imposing Fear and Uncertainty in the outside Chaos for an outside Order (mass rituals) of masters-slaves relationships, the esoteric dark forces are capable to (1) ride on the available seeds in one's tainted senses to change what one sees in the six senses, (2) switch the manifested pattern (sổ bộ) of a higher quality of the consciousness for the stream of consciousness in their side to affect the aggregate outcome, (3) replace the "soul" in developed vessel from a higher quality according to natural laws of likes-attract-likes and action-reaction with another soul under their command to carry out their esoteric order, (4) imposing fear and extreme punishment to enslave the binding of mixing souls with different physical characteristics to work together as one slaved unit serving their purpose. That is why ET spreading their inhuman technologies in the "Matrix" and reality simulation, turning intelligent beings into dispensable "Things" having no Feelings, Kindness, Compassion and Conscience. It is unthinkable when they plan to eliminate more than 90% of human population (over 6 billions people) to be replaced by their slaves of "physical" strength while manipulating billions intelligent streams of consciousness serving their Fascism. Man is more than a thing, has evolved far enough with innate Buddha Nature to transcend the Observed and the Observer - Buddhist Not-Self - with Freewill to change oneself and the environment toward the direction of What Count[R23].

The effective weapon against the dark force first capability is the ability to know more about oneself, capable to detect the driving forces behind one's volition / freewill to clearly know whether the driving force coming from inside one's consciousness or from outside external influence to properly manage one's realities. The second, third and fourth capability can only be defended with one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles where one is more than willing to help and get the help from others either through natural law of Action-Reaction and/or from one's associates. The best way to self defence one's situation, no matter how unfavourable it is, is to cultivate the lasting-value base of one's Quality of the Consciousness, proven by highly evolving beings such as Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4] in the Vietnamese Lý / Trần KhaiPhong.

In his Military Treatise - proven to turn the country into effective and strong unit against three Mongol invasions - he laid out three principles of Right Effort according to Human Nature:

  1. Kindness and Compassion once favourably developed in any community, that community can act as a single intelligent unit for a common cause, benefiting all involved parties. It turns out that this principle is the realization of "the Good Samaritan"[R16] first suggested by Jesus without depending on any external force since each intelligent being is only one part of the whole as asserted in the dialogue between the Buddha and Subhuti, and internationally endorsed as Human Nature, recognizing the differences among people but there is no difference in having the Right and Aspiration for some happiness, avoiding unnecessary sufferings. When viewing from above his three Principles as one unit - similar to Gotama's Noble eightfold Path as one unit - we discover that this first Principle - Kindness and Compassion - is Gotama's Right Understanding, but even more specific since it touches the Nature of Things / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict about the foundation of Right Understanding or an ability to be completely Silent for sensing the Pulse[R7.5] of the complex situation according to Thing-As-It-Is having no preconceived idea and no judgement of Right or Wrong. This realization is only recently known as Humanistic Process after a long struggle to be out of all professional cheating clubs of organized religions via a mathematical pattern of Axiom to drive the Model for reality of its Taxonomy in modern Ontological System.

  2. Continuous Right Effort in Learning and Doing to manifest one's Worthy Existence of the wise[R10]. This worthy "Self" existence in cultivating the base of lasting values in one's continuity of the consciousness turns out the most effective mean in defending against the capability (2), (3) and (4) of the esoteric dark forces as described above. Esoterically, the dark forces have been foiled for a new Era where Right Efforts have Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes according to natural laws. This continuous Right Effort is Gotama Right Effort driven by Right Understanding and Right Motivation. For Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4], the Right Effort - driven by Right Understanding based on Kindness and Compassion and Right Motivation of the third Principle from people, by people and for people - is to manifest one's existence of the wise in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

  3. All Efforts come from people to serve the people (he used the word "citizen" in his treatise) for the practicality at the bottom line of Right Effort. The second and third principles form one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles that can overcome almost all obstructions in Making Life Easier and Happier wherever one happens to be in the wider perspective of one's Continuity of the Consciousness. It is the Light to instantly and effortlessly Dispel the darkness. This third Principle is the Right Motivation for sustainable Right Effort which demands cultivable state and stock of "Prajna".

The dynamic switching between "Self" and "Not-Self" for a "Right Effort" was an Insight from Trần Thái Tông[R7.3] to be fully Alert and Aware of the present moment in Emptiness exactly as crudely described in the Dialogue in one's continuous Learning and Doing wherever one happens to be. That constant Alertness and Awareness with intensity of attention sharpens one's innate Buddha Nature to know more about oneself.

If there are consciousness technologies - riding on discovered natural laws - to enable the Natural Purification from Gotama Verifiable Emptiness (Jesus Kingdom of God, Nagarjuna Ultimate (Wider) Truth, Asanga Perfected Nature, etc) do the "heavy lifting", the "Practicalities of Emptiness" in "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" will be democratized. This will be done at the right time in right conditions since there are these technologies - reproducible under scientific processes - currently known by living students in their many thousands years of developments.

Putting all together, the solid foundation of lasting values that one can lean on is:

  1. Kindness and Compassion, the lasting value of higher evolution. Intelligent person is more than a thing.

  2. Dynamic interaction between Right Effort (Figure 4 - "Self") and Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict (Patch C in Figure 2 - "Not-Self") or between "Hửu Niệm / Vô Niệm" pioneered by Trần Thái Tông[R7.3], riding on discovered consciousness technologies to directly experience the "Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" at different depths of Gotama "Verifiable Emptiness" in visible signed posts.

  3. Realization of Emptiness in all activities. Once the power of Emptiness is strong enough plus sufficient Purity of the senses, any dark force - if there is one in the future - will have hard time to pull and push one's stability and communities, which are solidly grounded on the Sunyata visibly manifested in Compassion and Prajna. Majority of people in the community have their consciousness quality raised to the natural level described in the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] as "Dwelling in No Mind Enclosure / Tâm Không Chướng Ngại", capable to "Transcend Beyond Errors / Vượt Mọi Mộng Tưởng".

Sitting on that lasting-valued foundation, one approaches the Totality being a wholesome integrated person via three non-exclusive angles depending on the situations and circumstances:

  1. Directly facing the Pain / Dukkha (Khổ), one actually experiences the Impermanence (Vô Thường) to directly know the Not-Self (Vô Ngã) and momentary Nirvana (Niết Bàn)

  2. Beyond-Thought (Vô Tướng / Wu-Nien) at the Observed, one has No-Mark (Vô Vết) once the action is completed due to DetachmentBorn (Vô Trụ) as one's basis for the manifestation of Samadhi-Prajna (Định-Tuệ) in daily activities.

  3. One can effortlessly and naturally approach everything in the market place with ComPassion (Từ Bi) from the foundation of DetachmentBorn (Vô Trụ) and Hồn Nhiên due to the manifestation of Prajna (State and Stock of Samadhi).

From this core, one help discover and value-add to the communities personal experiences on the trails / rafts one has actually gone through[R7.5] with learned lessons to make the trips more enjoyable and less hazardous.

[R7.1] Lý Thái Tổ - Birth name Lý Công Uẩn was Đại Việt Emperor and was the founder of the Lý Dynasty. He was raised by an accomplished Zen monk Vạn Hạnh (938 - 1025) who was advisor of the previous Lê dynasty, a visionary leader and the main architect of a bloodless / effortless coup d'etat to change the Lê to Lý dynasty, opening a new Era for the Country. Vạn Hạnh was well known in his ability to get the "Pulse[R7.5]" of complex military and diplomatic national securities to arise at optimum solutions toward What Count[R23]. Lý Thái Tổ reigned from 1009 to 1028 AD. It was he who moved the capital to Hanoi in 1010.

[R7.2] Lý Thái Tông - (1000–1054) was the title of Lý Phật Mã, emperor of the Lý dynasty of Đại Việt from 1028 to 1054. His father was Lý Công Uẩn.

[R7.3] Trần Thái Tông - Birth name Trần Cảnh (17 July 1218 – 4 May 1277) was the first emperor of the Trần Dynasty, seated on the throne for 33 years (1226–58), being Grand Emperor for 19 years.

Chỉ sai hữu niệm quên vô niệm - Wrongly grasp a conditioned thought and forget the Beyond-Thought (Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict)

— The razor-sharp [ thought / oneness (hữu niệm / vô niệm) ] may turn the "Right Effort" into "Wrong Effort"

The words "quên vô niệm / forget the wu-nien (Beyond-Thought Oneness)" indicate that the author

  1. Recognizes the importance of "Wu-Nien / Vô Niệm / Beyond-Thought",

  2. May or may not "know this beyond-thought because "Wu-Nien / Vô Niệm / Beyond-Thought" is materialized Only By Sufficient State and Stock of Prajna. Prajna - from pra, “in front of” and jna, “to know” - means the "source of to know" or the driving force behind "Volition / Sankhara" to properly manage one's realities, and "Dissolve Them" if they are the most dominant to one's present life,

  3. Needs to put whatever available resources unable to carry-on after death to scientifically cultivable processes, solving the most dominant Issue (Dukkha) for him and others via sustainable projects that may last beyond that life time.

Let's scientifically trace out "how Trần Thái Tông could come to this conclusion based on his Effort" so we can (1) learn how this Buddhist actually passed the above three targets in cultivating the "Beyond Thought / Wu-Nien / Vô Niệm", (2) see precious gifts from this dedicated explorer to humanity, and (3) recognize the damages done by professional scam artists[R18.4], [R20.3] in Buddhist Sangha, sabotaging Gotama's discoveries.

Buddhist "Koan" was invented by different HuiNeng's students to test oneself and others the possible depths one can reach in the "Beyond Thought / Wu-Nien / Vô Niệm". Rinzai (Linji Yixuan / Rinzai Gigen) Zen posed the koan (question) about the position of one's "real untainted person" in the observable changing and conditioned [ Body >< Mind ]. He asserted - without supplying evidence for the insight - that [ it is right in the mass of one's red meat / nó ở ngay trên đống thịt đỏ au ]. Here is how Thái Tông's insight into this koan. After fulfilling the responsibility of being the first King of Tran dynasty to militarily defeat the first Mongol invasion to VietNam, he dedicated the remaining life and all available resources to explore "this real untainted person / con người thực đó". He described this "Beyond Thought / Wu-Nien / Vô Niệm" as "[ Vô vị chân nhân thịt đỏ au, Hồng hồng trắng trắng khéo lừa nhau, Ai hay mây cuốn trời quang tạnh, Hiện rõ bên trời dáng núi cao / The invisible untainted person in this body 'red meat', red red white white hide their real nature, suddenly the veiled cloud gone and the sky clear, the high mountain is clearly seen ]". That is how Thái Tông recognized the real untainted person Within the tainted [ Body >< Mind ]. It happens only when (if and only if) the inner sky is clear.

Since everything comes into existence via Dependent Nature, what is the condition to generate Thái Tông's sudden unclouded clear sky? We mathematically prove that in Oneness, the condition comes from transcending conflicting duality of any event to be high above on the event TRUTH plane, perpendicular to the duality plane of focused event. The proof has been empirically verified via " Natural Purification "[D26] coming from Sariputta in the presence of Gotama. It will be an epistemic objective when the transcendental technologies are introduced since a condition on the duality plane cannot see Thing-As-It-Is due to the clouded view of tainted senses.

Moving one step further to deal with the "koan" what to do when one knows the four unavoidable mountains of [ Birth - Old Age - Sickness - Death / Sinh - Lão - Bệnh - Tử ] are approaching and forcing one toward the corner having no space and time? Trần Thái Tông - thanks to clear unclouded sky - naturally see these mountains "Empty of Essence" and naturally unbounded by Word/Image and Thought to offer his description: "Bao quanh bốn núi vạn cây rừng, Tỉnh giấc ai ngờ muôn pháp không, May thay đã có lừa ba cẳng, Vượt thẳng đường lên đỉnh tột cùng / Surronded by four mountains of thick forests, Awaken to the Empty of all manifestations, Luckily having the donkey of three legs, Riding all the way to the ultimate top / Tứ sơn tiễu bích vạn thanh tùng, Liễu ngộ đô vô vạn vật không, Hỷ đắc lư nhi tam cước tại, Mạch ky đã sấn thượng cao phong".

Note that the verification must be at transcendental states high above the conflicting duality plane of all events. Most Buddhist monks - such as the hard-core persistent professional scam artist Thich Nhat Hanh - not yet passing the Gateway-to-Oneness, blah blah blah at the deductions of the blinds-touching-elephant on the duality plane of Not Seeing yet claim to see, Not Knowing yet claim to know[D19.3] to sabotage precious discoveries of dedicated explorers. By discovering underlying natural laws and reproducible means - such as why water can be frozen into ice or boiled into vapour - to be known by many we can turn personal subjective experiences such as Gotama's Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi / Signed Posts) into epistemic objectives. Scientific study to explore the Nature of Things is part of this book's summary in Glossary or Ontological Nodes to implement Soyen Shaku challenge[R6], wiping out criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] in all organized religions bullying humanity for so long.

If Trần Thái Tông were a living student in this modern time - applicable to all claimed Buddhist teachers, mediation masters, spiritual advisers, religious leaders - we would ask him or claimed person to get out of the unprecised poetic words, be a real scientist for [ observable / testable / deliverable outcome ] to:

  1. Identify the three legs of his donkey. It is definitely not [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ] as explained by the claimed enlighten monk. If it is [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ] then Thái Tông would be stuck on the duality conflicting plane of event and will not be able to ride "all the way to the ultimate top". We will then prove the three legs are the three divisions of Gotama's Noble eightfold Path [ Prajna >< Virtue >< Stablity ], starting from one's current level of Right Understanding and Right Motivation of the Prajna division applicable to all manifested events on the duality plane, outside the tainted senses.

  2. Identify the optimal [ condition(s) / process(es) ] enabling him moving from tainted [ Body >< Mind ] to his necessary and sufficient condition of "Inner Clear Sky". This is the case aplicable to everyone, and will be most valuable discovery that all religions and mystics are searching up to 2017 to be ended in being violently destroyed in the hands of criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] as happened in the Christian Inquisitions and Crusades. By scientifically tracking Thái Tông foot steps on the three-leg donkey of [ Prajna >< Virtue >< Stablity ] from one's current state of intelligence all the way to the ultimate top we can open a new vista for humanity, riding on one's innate [ Buddha Nature or Kingdom of God from within ].

  3. Reaffirm what he can actually see as the Signed Posts known by Gotama and by living students in our group or something else for further exploration. All claims - including esoteric claims - will be subjected under scientific explorations of the underlying natural laws of Things-As-It-Is at both the mental (mind) and physical (body) levels in the totality of existence for Making Life Easier and Happier.

  4. Describe what he sees as Gateway-to-Oneness where conflicting duality from the senses are dissolved.

  5. Explore the gross level of Binding Word/Image that all isms are trying to sell, and how he can clear these clouds from his inner sky toward his required condition; then What happens to his state of mind.

  6. Explore the finer level of Clinging Thought that all kinds of extremes are pushing and pulling humanity toward Sufferings and Destruction.

  7. Describe what he actually knows about his existence in [ Body >< Mind ] that Gotama called Not-Self and made it as the corner stone of Buddhist cultivable system.

  8. Reaffirm whether there is a state of "Nothingness" discovered in physical science, then What?

  9. Describe what is at the "ultimate top", called by Gotama [ The End of Dukkha / Nirvana ], HuiNeng as Unmoving, then What to debunk 2500+ years of Buddhist scam processes of Nirvana and Parinirvana from hard-core persistent professional scam artists[R18.4], claiming to know what they do not know to see what they do not see[D19.3]

In quoting the insight, we change "forget the wu-nien" into "miss the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" to turn the "Right Effort" into "Wrong Effort". Via Wise Việt (Minh Triết Việt), it is well-known among Vietnamese, the description is not the described even for the original author and what one listens may not be what the speaker means. It is the practicality at the bottom line in one's continuity of the consciousness that counts. Esoterically, one student in our group senses that Thái Tông was a reincarnation of Gotama. Thanks to be a small part of an effort to minimize damages caused by esoteric dark forces - guiding the Illuminati World order - we know for sure and can dialog with the Vietnamese monk Thích Quảng Đức who is confirmed as the reincarnation of Gotama. If that is the case in this continuity of the consciousness, see for yourself significant damage caused by Buddhist Sangha driven by armies of professional scam artists[R18.4] that even the author of original precious gifts to humanity is bullied and cheated to the point he cannot recognize the Inner Clear Sky to see face-to-face with one's real untainted person.

Contrary to common thread in Buddhist "beating around the bush" - including Vimalakirti’s "Gate of Nonduality and Thunderous Silence" - in describing "pairs of opposites are created by the mind" and their suggested theoretical solutions of "the Blinds touching Elephant" without delivering scientific solutions to move from duality of existence to the "Oneness" state for perceiving "Thing-As-It-Is" situation for a "Right Effort, the "pairs of opposites are Actualities" due to the Dependent Nature of existence. There are scientific cultivable processes from discovering natural laws (PrajnaTIP) and conditions (PrajnaLand) in Opening the notches (KhaiPhong) of tainted senses, being aware of the driving force behind one's "Volition / Sankhara" and transcending conflicting dualities toward Samadhi-Prajna. The bottom-line of "Ignorant Dependent Nature" due to tainted senses or "Wise Dependent Nature" due to Prajna is measurable to guide one's state and stock of Prajna toward What Count. That is the difference and complement between the Positive and Normative Intelligence in Making Life Easier and Happier.

[R7.4] Trần Hưng Đạo - Born Prince Trần Quốc Tuấn (1228–1300) was the Supreme Commander of Vietnam during the Trần Dynasty. He commanded the Đại Việt armies that repelled three major Mongol invasions in the 13th century. His triple victories over the mighty Mongol Yuan Dynasty under Kublai Khan are considered among the greatest military feats in world history. General Trần Hưng Đạo’s military brilliance and prowess are reflected in many warfare treatises that he authored.

His last advise to the Vietnamese King comprises of three principles:

  1. "Kindness and Compassion" once favourably developed in any community, that community can act as a single intelligent unit for a common cause, benefiting all involved parties.

  2. Continuous effort in Learning and Doing to manifest one's Worthy Existence of the wise[R10]; you are in part discover and in part create the Real You (the Wise tame themselves - Dhammapala verse 80 - attanam damayanti pandita).

  3. All Efforts come from people, (doing) by people, for (serving) people in delivering the practicality at the bottom line of Right Effort. He used the word "citizen" in his military treatise for the Vietnamese context.

[R7.5] Amitartha-sutra - Sutra of Innumerable Meanings. Here is a Vietnamese translation: Kinh Vô Lượng Nghĩa

The Innumerable Meanings [Diversities] originate from one law. This one law is, namely, non form. Such non form is formless, and not form. Being not form, and formless, it is called the real aspect of things.

Vô Lượng Nghĩa là do từ một pháp sinh ra; một pháp đó tức là “vô tướng”. Vô tướng như thế tức là không có tướng nào mà chẳng có tướng, chẳng có tướng nào là không tướng, đó gọi là “thật tướng”.

— Our "Beyond Thought / Vô Tướng" is pointing toward this "Oneness" knowable in daily activities by KhaiPhong.

Please check the original sutra and all modern translations to see the "fallacy" of "the Blinds touching Elephant" at both esoteric and human levels. The same pattern is applicable to HuiNeng "wunien" and its translation. The Description is not the Described, and there is a need of required scientific "Truth" according to "Nature of Things / Thing-As-It-Is" to be discovered and normatively verifiable in Actual Living.

Let G = God, A = Allah, B = Bodhisattva, T = Amitabha and for our purpose any type of thought / manifestation of Oneness, the following diagrams demonstrate "The Nature of Things" in

A: Conflicted Grasping pushed by Criminals and Professional Scam Artists

B: Verifiable Process from PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light

C: Cultivable State and Stock of Prajna

D: Verifiable Process from PrajnaTIP in Kindness

[R8] Brain Magic - a demonstration of how easy one can be tricked with conditioned thoughts and feelings. Can one shorten the discrepancy between the Reality (what one sees) and Actuality (of 'Thing As it Is') that creates many unnecessary Sufferings.

[R9] Self-deception - patterns of self-deception. See how easy it is to be pulled and pushed by 'Binding Word/Image' and 'Clinging Thought' employed by all 'isms' to enslave humanity in the master-slave relationships.

[R10] Is there a real you? - the Wise tame themselves (Dhammapala verse 80 - attanam damayanti pandita): you are in part discover and in part create the Real You.

[R11] A Discourse on the Heart sutra - through the manifestation of the classical Chi Kung Practice.

    > Qi Gong Demonstration - a manifestation from Cosmic energy.

Actual living according to the Heart Sutra demands actual experience in 'Verifiable Emptiness' of 'Beyond Thought' at the observed, 'No-Mark' once the action completed, 'Detachment-Born' as a basis for the manifestation of Right Mindfulness (Prajna) to see 'Thing As It Is' in daily activities.

The cultivation process is scientific[R7.5], starting from one's [ ComPassion-Prajna ] of (Right Understanding and Right Motivation) to be a Good Person (Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood) while deepening one's stability in [ ComPassion-Praja / Sunyata ] as described in the Heart Sutra (Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Inner Peace).

The process naturally Purifies one's senses and entanglements to enable 'Verifiable Emptiness' rejuvenate all activities to directly experience at different depths of Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity. Deepening this process, one may have a glimpse of the flowing process (gambhiram prajnaparamitacaryam) as described in the Heart Sutra where Living is just a manifestation of the Whole.

The Science of Consciousness accumulates proven trails that everyone can explore to infuse the 'Perfected Nature' (Parinispanna) into relative activities, moving away from 'Imaginary Nature' (Parikalpita) causing Inner Conflicts - Outer Conflicts into 'Dependent Nature' (Paratantra) closing the gap between Reality and Actuality (Figure 1).

Along the trail, there are many who can access the Source (the Nameless, the Tao, the Totality transcending both the "Observer" and the "Observed") acting as a conduit infusing cosmic energy to neutralize current blocking abnormality of the relative existence. It is NOT the source of Grasping "higher manifested knowledge" to enslave the Grasper rather than serving the presence, but "No-Mark" once the action completed due to the foundation of "Detachment-Born". Using the power of the source (Chi) for mitigating physical pains and/or balanced health is only the beginning. A wider perspective is to show people the Way or the Essence of the Right Effort in one's Continuity of the Consciousness so everyone is an agent of Changes, fully responsible for one's action and the environment one a part.

Knowing the Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict 'Gateway to Oneness' and having the Right Inner Peace - either in Dhyana (meditation), natural levitation, Sudden Awaken then Awakening - is the beginning to know one is more than the current physical and energy body. What really count[R23] is one's Quality of the Consciousness which is momentarily changed by one's Volition (Free Will - Sankhara) either driven by Prajna or Ignorance (Table 2). The highest assistance is to open one's Heart and Crown Chakras plus infusing the cosmic energy to give the targets a big push. There are living students, capable to make this invisible but most precious thing happened.

Many too much sucked into an Abyss of their hallucination[R18], [R18.1], [R18.2], rendering them to have no minimum Conscience to know the Right and the Unworthy of their action. To have the Heart and Crown Chakras opened in the above highest assistance will enable them to have a second thought before committing an unthinkable mistake. That is how the astral bodies of many visible and invisible leaders being helped to prepare for the new 'Budh Era' in Evolution of the Consciousness. It is the process of infusing the 'Perfected Nature' into 'Imaginary Nature' to turn it closer to the 'Dependent Nature' of the Right Effort.

Since one has evolved for a long time with current innate [ ComPassion-Prajna ] of understanding and motivation, everyone can contribute something for the benefits of one's life and others based on one's unique 'Comparative Advantages' to verify the scientific facts of the Heart Sutra and the wholesome continuous cultivation, accessing the 'Ultimate (Wider) Truth' from the 'Conventional Truth' for being an Integrated Person.

[R12] The Fourfold Truth - a new beginning of Buddhist scientific approach. The second part of the lecture: [R12.1].

[R13] The Four Seals of Dharma - As explained by a Buddhist monk Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, a recognized third reincarnation (1961 - ?) of the founder of Khyentse lineage of Tibetan Buddhism from the first reincarnation Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo (1820–1892) and the second incarnation renowned lama Dzongsar Khyentse Chokyi Lodro (1893–1959) has been totally dedicated to the Buddhist Inner Quest for a traceable long time, currently well educated and very active in the direction of Worthy Existence according to Scientific Facts discovered from Buddhist Dharma.

All compounded things are impermanent. All emotions are painful. All phenomena are empty. Nirvana is beyond extremes.

source. Reproduced here for easy access to see the 'Actuality' of most Buddhist monks and nuns at the present messy state of Buddhist Sangha.

[R13.1] Claimed Vajradhara and Dorje Chang Buddha III: - claimed Highest Buddhist Masters according to their Organization Chart extracted from the book which shows the mess-up of human realm and political manipulation based on 'Word/Image' and 'Thought' of organized religions, utopia and esoteric connections to enforce master-slave relationships that destroy both slaves (billions lives) and masters (the collapse of the God / Bodhisattva / Buddha feudal system).

Esoterically, most entities having names in the claimed hierarchy of the imposters were significantly degenerated and had their own issues to be sorted out from the last two degenerated cycles. The imposters are masters in using Word/Image to write up their story based on frictional and factual events as they did in creating the Bible. This time they use the degenerated Vajradhara Buddha (Phật Kim Cang) to ride on his deceptions. That shows the importance and significance of Right Relationships in AwakeningBudh beyond the human realm, extended to God / Bodhisattva / Buddha realms.

One cannot accept the 'God Willing' based on 'Clinging Thought' given to Muslim, but can be a part to drive the Gods, Humanity, and the Whole Environment toward a Right Direction[R7.5] due to the Buddha Nature innate in everyone. Test all who may be parts of your Inner Circle and circles of inner circles whether they are Explorers dedicated to know more about themselves and the environment they are a part, and see if they are qualified Budh Counselors - capable to be beyond binding Word/Image and clinging Thought so one can learn something from one another in Thing-As-It-Is - then the depths of Sunyata having scientific signed posts where Verifiable Emptiness is its observable manifestation.

It is the responsibility of one's Worthy Existence to be a Good Person and in a wider perspective - cultivating the Budh Dharma (Tao, Totality) - from 'the Essence of the Right Effort' in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

[R14] Geshe Kelsang Gyatso - The Path of Compassion and Wisdom in the Mahayana Buddhist study and meditation centres that follow the Kadampa Buddhist tradition: Volume 1: Sutra, Volume 2: Tantra, Volume 3: Prayers of Modern Buddhism.

The description of 'Emptiness' is not the 'described' and Is Not Empty. The monk's descriptions are totally inside the conditioned Thought - not qualified as a Budh Counselor - having no "Oneness / Dharmakaya / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" totally in the trap of an esoteric force. They have marketed the Gotama phenomenon in Mahayana / Buddhayana texts to sabotage Gotama's discoveries immediately after his death and turned his discoveries 180 degrees to different directions.

Here are scientific Issues to be resolved by all Buddhist scholars, Sanghas from all countries in all sects, and concerned parties to take 'Emptiness' out of the conceptual level of those who do not Know nor Have into 'Thing As It Is' beneficial in actual living:

Gotama's discoveries
  1. 'Dukkha' As It Is, having the innate Buddha Nature with Volition / Freewill / Sankhara to Know and Act according to the Right and Unworthy relevant to one's Present Moment leading toward 'Detachment-Born' and 'Natural Purification' via 'Verifiable Emptiness' (Table 1).

  2. 'Detachment-Born' as a basis for the natural manifestation of Prajna in Gotama's Right Relationships where everyone can have unique comparative advantages to create Value, fully responsible for one's actions and the environment one a part.

  3. 'Natural Purification' via 'Verifiable Emptiness' up to the mountain-top Nirvana that via the real Tantra of 'Self-Respect and Respect Other' in the Dependent Nature of Existence, one can ultimately going beyond attracting / conflicting duality of male-female forms by Right Mindfulness at the source of thoughts to manage one's realities, and using the force of Natural Purification to be actually beyond sex.
Executed by Buddhist Sanghas
  1. Possible 'Liberation' by raising one's inferiority complex and exaggerating one's realities (dukkha) while dishonestly painting the pictures of Pure Land and Buddha Utopia in boosting the stages of Bodhisattvas and Arhats to kick-start the new Master-Slave relationships totally at 'conditioned thought'.

  2. Indoctrinated addictions to Recitation of Sutras from thought constructions, plus Praying and Ritual entertainments to firmly enforce the intended Master-Slave relationships away from the Right Relationships of Dependent Nature in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

  3. Purification via meditation on Emptiness and Tantra addicted Bliss in temporary release of sexual pressure to mask Gotama's verifiable Emptiness with 'Bliss and Emptiness' which is in reality 'sexual ejaculation in releasing its pressure', including the transformation of sexual juice into 'Chi' known by a living student and a false claim by Kalachakra in 100% transformation of sexual juice.

The trap ultimately leads one to master-slave addiction of what the saboteurs / imposters do not know nor have, guarded by an army of Buddhist monks who do not know the Sources of their Thoughts and the States of their Beings, rather than Gotama's Right Relationships due to the innate Buddha Nature, capable to know the Right and the Unworthy relevant to one's Present Moment.

The whole Buddhist traditions do not know the Purification process coming from Verifiable Emptiness, naturally disentangled the entanglements (accumulated and outdated marks) from the sources of one's senses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind) and one's aggregate entanglements (forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness).

[R14.1] In My Own Words - An Introduction to My Teachings and Philosophy by the Dalai Lama.

But as we are concerned here with tantric practices, the appearance of the object is recommended to be withdrawn.

We can start this practice in either of two ways: We can first dissolve all appearances and then meditate on emptiness, or first meditate on emptiness and then dissolve all appearances of the objects.

The suggested technique is (1) identifying what is negated, (2) reflecting whether an independent self exists ..., things are said to exist only nominally. There is no objective reality.

Understanding Emptiness, pages 163, 165, and 167

The word 'dissolve' means Transcend and 'emptiness' means the state where the mentioned gross attribute is Not There. Both 'Transcend' and 'Emptiness' mean "Empty of the Contents". To what extent "Empty of the Content" a human vessel can reach is "Verifiable Emptiness" - known by Gotama 2500+ years ago - that we propose to set its scientific foundation at both theoretical level and empirical verification so other investigators and explorers do not have to start from square One of hearsay and exploitation.

The described methods from the Highest Tantra are either from the ones who stole the description from the true explorers and/or from scam artists to market the 'faked know-how' as a trade secret to sell what they did not know or have. The process description from the Dalai Lama is faulty due to the conflicting duality and separation between the 'Transcendental' and the 'Emptiness' which are not the two separate processes but One.

It is faulty, similar to the trap to enslave the whole Buddhist Sangha into the conditioned thought of 'ethical codes' with its master-slave ritual and praying - contrary to Gotama original Virtue in the Noble Path - then to the separating / conflicting duality of Samadhi (Inner Peace) and Wisdom (Prajna) [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ]. It is then painted with Meditation and Bliss that most monks do not know what meditation is about except Inner Conflicts - Outer Conflicts in their whole lives and lives-after-lives, yet make a very degenerated living - competing with other claimed and divisional Truths in their international cheating clubs - selling what they do not know nor have. HuiNeng pointed out this 'faulty' over thousands years ago in his Meditation/Samadhi (Thiền-Định) and Samadhi-Prajna. Very few - up to the end of 2017 - can understand this state. It must wait for the right time for the precious state of Natural Purification to be delivered to the mass in the new Budh Era.

These two are momentary state depending on the angle of the description. The same state can be described as 'Transcendental' or 'Empty of the gross attributes'. It is Not a practice of one state first then the next with both at the conditioned thoughts as put out by a huge volume of Buddhist meditation on emptiness from those who do not know the Meditation - Dhyana/Samadhi nor the Emptiness - Samadhi-Prajna. Similarly, it is Not the Samadhi then Prajna that most monks/nuns do not know nor have. It is beyond all clutches at thought level, but can be cultivated to move from 'Conventional Truth' to 'Ultimate (Wider) truth', accessing the "Oneness" and regaining the potentiality of an Integrated Person.

Via the gateway to Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict, the Heart Sutra[R2] gives one description of the process in dissolving the Observed (form, feeling, perception, impulse, consciousness) to utter Silence of Purity for cultivating sufficient "state" and "stock" of Prajna "dwelling in no mind enclosure" to reach "Nirvana:. Let's challenge all Buddhists, monks and nuns to deliver the 'described', not the 'description' of what they do not know nor have, falling into the trap at conditioned thought of an esoteric force - claimed Buddhas and Bodhisattvas - trying to divert Gotama's discoveries into opposite direction of master-slave relationships that we esoterically know the leaders and their degeneration.

[R15] Chögyam Trungpa - a claimed buddhist meditation master and holder of both the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages, the eleventh Trungpa tülku, a tertön, supreme abbot of the Surmang monasteries, scholar, teacher, poet, artist, and originator of a radical re-presentation of Shambhala vision.

Due to the Continuity of the Consciousness, logically see how the Quality of this stream of Consciousness will evolve according to Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction for your 'continuous Learning and Doing'. That is the typical quality of consciousness of most Buddhist monks and nuns, significantly degenerated due to a "Wrong Living" in being a criminal and professional scam artist.

[R16] Parable of the Good Samaritan - mentioned in only one of the Canonical gospels, but the most significant factor accepted by almost all Christians or None-Christians.

[R17] Mother Teresa - see how the embedded Kindness was destroyed in the confined brick walls of faith that may cost many lives before one can grow out of the clinging thought[R7.5]. Esoterically she was the reincarnation of Saint Teresa of Ávila. You can look at the two pictures side-by-side to draw your own conclusion.

Knowing the Equanimity Verifiable Emptiness, the natural Purification will loosen the grips of binding Word/Image in one's core consciousness. Only at Purity Verifiable Emptiness, the clinging thought will be disentangled and one can gradually be out of the conditioned brick walls of faith.

[R17.1] Archbishop Ngo-Dinh-Thuc Martyr for the Faith - Please trace the whole life of this 'Martyr for the Faith' who was spreading the 'Good News' of 'Priest, Faithful, and Infidel' rather than 'Good Samaritan' under different model/process - Infallible Pope as the gatekeeper and Faith, rather than just Faith as one aspect of inner Aspiration - from the Church.

Similarly, Saint Augustine was the driver in Salvation based on Faith ('Sola Fide') and not "works of the law", to solidifying the Foundation for existence (sine qua non) of the Christian. The 'grasped / attachment' is very deep in human psychology, 1500+ years of 'Sola Fide' to the climax of attempting to convert Vietnam to that faith but failed, then finally Excommunicated by the same Roman Catholic Church.

Hope you can see the importance of 'Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience' in one's Continuity of the Consciousness and know how to use Prajna in the 'Simulation Technology' to take out the outdated Marks most dominant in your life.

[R18] Pope Innocent III - one of the most powerful and influential popes in the history of the papacy.

His tracked records were 100% opposite to the 'Innocent' name that similar to 'Love' most involved parties in the entire Roman Catholic Church do not know nor have since Love is beyond 'Word' which is 'God' as written in the bible[John 1:1] 'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God'.

Behind any word are innumerable conflicting thoughts, and behind any thought are innumerable motivations driven by the entanglements embedded in forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses, and consciousness.

[R18.1] Pope Alexander VI - The saga of a crime family (The Borgias) to the pinnacle of the Roman Catholic Church and their tactics to maintain the power of the Infallibility, personally guaranteed by the Redeemer. Force the claimed Infallibilities and Redeemer dropped their masks, revealing their Realities.

[R18.2] The Bad Popes - Bottom line hard facts of claimed 'Infallibility guaranteed by the Redeemer': Pope Stephen VI (896–897) who had his predecessor Pope Formosus exhumed, tried, de-fingered, briefly reburied, and thrown in the Tiber; Pope John XII (955–964) who gave land to a mistress; murdered several people, and was killed by a man who caught him in bed with his wife; Pope Benedict IX (1032–1044, 1045, 1047–1048) who "sold" the Papacy; Pope Boniface VIII (1294–1303) who is lampooned in Dante's Divine Comedy; Pope Urban VI (1378–1389) who complained that he did not hear enough screaming when Cardinals who had conspired against him were tortured; Pope Alexander VI (1492–1503), a Borgia, who was guilty of nepotism and whose unattended corpse swelled until it could barely fit in a coffin; Pope Leo X (1513–1521), a spendthrift member of the Medici family who once spent 1/7 of his predecessors' reserves on a single ceremony; Pope Clement VII (1523–1534), also a Medici, whose power-politicking with France, Spain, and Germany got Rome sacked.

[R18.3] Criminals - thousands years of crimes against humanity, penetrated in all organized religions and isms have been well documented due to possible threats of masters-slaves relationships from "Illuminati New World Order" whose members have been very fragmented in different conflicting interest groups due to the top esoteric layers (their masters of masters) have been exposed and destroyed. The outcome for a new Era is thanks to the "Volition / Sankhara / The Right Thing-to-Do" coming from Good Forces whose students have been strategically placed at the Right Places / Realms / Positions and Right Time that we are lucky to play a very small part. Members of the dark forces - especially those controlled by the "image of an owl" and/or signed contracts sealed with their own blood - are now Freely acting according to their "Conscience / Wisdom / Quality of the Consciousness / Free Will, known in Gotama's Noble eightfold Path as the cultivable Right Understanding and Right Motivation to change the quality of their uniquely identifiable streams of consciousness and the environments they are parts according to natural laws of "Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction". The verdict is there for you to judge based on the discovered lasting Values or norms of Latin Humanitas - biology, Compassion, Wisdom (Prajna) - which is not any more an "idealistic" philosophy but possible discovered TRUTH, verifiable by most people commonly known as epistemic objectives due to cultivable discovered natural laws.

The word philosophy comes from Greek philosophia - φιλοσοφία - literally means "love of wisdom" or the scientific attitude of challenging all "descriptions" to actually discover the "described", not the blind Faith as indoctrinated in all divisional organized religions and isms that all claimed Buddhists, Catholics, Islamists , Taoists, Confucianists, communists, capitalists, etc must do something about their Binding Word/Image and Clinging Thought which are verifiable signed posts to be free from the criminals's tactics driven by Greed and Fear to destroy their own lives and billion lives of others. The word TRUTH means (1) the quality / state of being true or a mathematical point on the plane of TRUTH from the "[ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience ]" dimension orthogonal to all realms of manifested intelligent existence, (2) that which is true or in accordance with fact / actuality or an aggregate of these planes of TRUTH from all angles on the plane of duality. Where one is - cultivable higher / deeper relative to the base line from the duality to the transcendental source of Oneness - on these planes of TRUTH count[R23] since only on these planes of TRUTH one can see Thing-As-It-Is at the duality point of interest and strategic position to change the event.

A typical legal case to assure minimum achievable standard quality of a living person using a very small portion of available evidences to legally assure the verdict had been duely investigated with its international judgement against the Roman Catholic Church. The same verdict can be reached in all organized religions and isms, different only in the degrees and nature of the crimes against humanity. In the case of Buddhism, these criminals - monks, nuns, followers - directly violate Gotama ethical codes of "Not Lying - Musà vàdà veramanì - Tránh xa sự nói dối".

[R18.4] Professional Scam Artists - and its definition / meaning. Please investigate all organized religions and isms to arrive at your own verdict. Then do something for your conscious and/or unconscious slavery imposed by the above criminals to destroy their own lives and the lives of their victims.

If you claim to be a religious leader and/or placed in any relationship / activity wherever you are, please know more about yourself recognizing the quality of your identifiable stream of consciousness since that quality will lead you to the next quality of existence according to natural laws of Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction. You are in part discover and in part create the Real You; the Wise tame themselves (Dhammapala verse 80 - attanam damayanti pandita).

[R19] The Lost Sutras of Jesus - early Chinese manuscripts of Christian teachings, influenced by Buddhists and Taoists, found in Dunhuang together with Buddhist manuscripts.

The genuine search for 'Who Am I and the Essence of the Right Effort' has been with great explorers, but exploited by imposters and opportunists to form organized religions where they are the Gate Keepers, the Chosen One, the One and Only.

There is a real need in the Science of the Consciousness, exposing and zooming in scientific facts or pieces of Truth picked up by great members of humanity to be empirically verified in scientific processes according to discovered Natural Laws to be Integrated Person.

[R20] Inter-Realm - Actual demonstration of Teleportation plus Inter-Realm Communication and Collaboration via Chanelling. According to Bashar, what we usually conceive as Extra-Terrestrials (ET) and spacecraft are in fact intelligent beings from different realms and the 'manifestation of concentrated energy perceived as spacecraft'. We personally knew and directly interacted with this Inter-Realm Communications and Collaborations through a Vietnamese channel 'Xuân Mai' seen from 1975 to 2007 in Vietnam, US, Canada via Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva and her associates.

Through this Vietnamese channel, intelligent beings[R20.1] - presented themselves as Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Inner-Circle members of the King of Gods, and peripheral Gods/Goddesses etc - open their eyes and fully functional as normal human persons (indistinguishable by people not knowing them) but recognizable as different entities and names with distinct behaviours, voices, and personas. Their appearances through the channel were instantaneous and effortless which demonstrate the Channel Synchronization between Bashar and Darryl Anka can be significantly improved.

It took few seconds as seen in 'Bashar' if they have to search for requested ones in different realms and/or places on earth such as from Canada to Vietnam and back which demonstrate the actuality of Teleportation. Their observable activities include shopping to select flowers for offerings, going picnics in group through one biological channel with other human friends, invisibly pushing the car stuck in the snow, demonstrating their Kung-Fu, etc.

If you have a capability of distant Hearing and Seeing - as the case of a Living Student that we wish the Right Time will be soon for her appearance - you can listen to their conversations on earth and what they are doing.

Few cautious words - based on our 40+ years of esoteric assistances and 12+ years of direct interacting and dealing with these forces - are necessary for those in direct contact with Esoteric Consciousness technologies.

  1. The Path of True or Righteous Heart based on one's innate Budh - having Conscience or capability to know the Right and Unworthy for one's existence - is absolutely required to Honestly and Actually 'Know Oneself' since there is a natural 'Freewill' or 'Volition / Sankhara' innate in one's Buddha Nature (Table 2) that can be a significant barrier against all artificial dark forces.

  2. The claimed Amitabha-Amitayus Buddha, Vajradhara Buddha (Phật Kim Cang), Forever God and One-and-Only Allah, together with their associates are very skilful in the Art of Deception using Binding Word/Image, Clinging Thought, and fearful techniques of coercion. The effective solution against this thousands years-old technique is to be an Integrated Person - accessing one's full potentiality via Instinct, Brain Intelligence, and the visible outside-the-box infusion of Compassion and Prajna. These attributes are cultivable right from the Present Moment and measurable as your Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in your KhaiPhong (Table 1.1): Beyond-Thought at the Observed, No-Mark on one's Substance once the action completed, Detachment-Born as one's basis to have Right Mindfulness of seeing 'Thing As it Is'.

  3. The esoteric forces driving [Christianity, Islam, Vajrayana, Pure Land] can use their knowledge in the Science of Consciousness to influence and change your feelings, perceptions, impulses such as Fears, Sexual and other Desires to unbearable points. One needs to be Alert and Vigilant in any relationship despite horrific plans of the dark force to eliminate over 90% human population by force had been "foiled" at the esoteric high level. People working under their instructions are still there and in controlling positions to either do Bad or Good to humanity[R20.3], [R20.4]. Nevertheless, the effective solution to counter-act this technique is the core element of Consciousness - the Verifiable Emptiness to have all good and bad manifestations rejuvenated and naturally reborn, asserted at the mountain-top level in the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] which are scientific facts as our suggested Researches to be continuously updated with verifiable empirical evidences.

  4. 'Know Oneself' - assisted by the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong - to consciously appreciate and build Worthy Relationships in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles, being fully responsible for one's actions to change oneself and the environment one a part in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. The dark forces have switched their strategies, combining both resources under their own control with significant comparative advantages: (1) financial resources to manipulate the World economics and politics, (2) consciousness technologies to ride on the needs of modern knowledge - especially the science of the consciousness - to enslave one's "lower self" of "Grasper" and the "Grasped" to the chain of "Higher Self" in manipulating / selecting one's Reality which is a "burn image" to override one's innate Conscience (Prajna) and Compassion (common vibration of energy in the Dependent Nature of existence).

[R20.1] VỊ LAI PHÁP - Inter-Realm interactions and Vietnamese channels in preparation for the New Era: (1) CỬU THIÊN HUYỀN NỮ, (2) MỘT NĂM NGÀY THÀNH LẬP PHÁP MÔN VỊ LAI PHÁP, (3) TỲ LÔ GIÁ NA PHẬT, (4) ĐỨC PHẬT THÍCH CA MÂU NI, (5) SOI CĂN CHO MỘT NGƯỜI Ở MỸ, (6) ĐẠO SĨ NHẬT, (7) NGƯỜI NGOÀI HÀNH TINH, etc. Please have English versions of your "Dharmas" - partially reflected in this western version - to mark the golden Era of humanity.

Those who knew 'Xuân Mai' from 1975 to 2007 in Vietnam - US - Canada for Avalokitesrvara Bodhisattva and her associates please go public to contrast the differences between this channel and the momentary snatching technology to expose the esoteric criminals[R18.3] of the dark forces[R20.3], [R20.4] who - just like hardcore persistent professional scam artists[R18.4] in Buddhist Sangha violating Gotama's ethical code of "Not Lying - Musà vàdà veramanì - Tránh xa sự nói dối" - claimed the current existence of their degenerated feudal system that they even do not know what will happen to their identifiable streams of consciousness according to natural laws for sustainable Moral Values and Value of the values.

The lesson learned is to know more about oneself - being an integrated person having outside-the-box Prajna on the Compassion tree deep rooted in invisible Sunyata. The Science and Economics of KhaiPhong uses the clearly defined Good Person provided by observable outcomes of [ Kindness Compasssion Joy Detachment / Từ Bi Hỷ Xả ] as "traffic rules" in Artificial Intelligence to assist [ user / organization / persona ] navigate daily roads of activities and relationships where there exists "reckless drivers" to be an Agent-of-Changes changing oneself and the environment toward What Count[R23].

The differences with "self-driving car technologies" are that the more one can access wider perspective from the TRUTH plane through the normative science of consciousness as advised by Gotama[D21], the more [ Effortless Right Action / Wei Wu Wei ] due to Natural Purification of the senses one can have, the more one can change oneself and the environment (of the "reckless drivers") toward the foundation of [ Kindness Compasssion Joy Detachment / Từ Bi Hỷ Xả ] via Politics (normative economics) and (positive) Economics to enable true democracy and human rights where everyone can be a part.

It is the Right Effort in one's "Body >< Mind >< Effort" that the new phase of VỊ LAI PHÁP (Inter-Realm interactions) together with new chapters of major organized religions can be parts in the "Council on KhaiPhong" to make happened the challenge of Soyen Shaku[R6]: "God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] not in the world is the false God and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] is unreality".

[R20.2] Pele (deity) - The Goddess of Fire in Hawaii, USA.

This Goddess was recently recruited under the wing of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva whose front-line associates of the thousands years past were esoterically described in the 'Journey to the West'[R4].

Her appearance can be seen in a video of ET manifestation via the Vietnamese channel 'Xuân Mai' seen from 1975 to 2007 in Vietnam, US, Canada for Avalokitesrvara Bodhisattva and her associates.

[R20.3] A contribution at Personal Sufferings - Satanic Ritualistic Abuse Exposed by Canadian Psychotherapist Sandra Fecht. Here is an exposure from an Ex-Illuminati Banker

[R20.4] A contribution at Global Scene - Full Disclosure Hon Paul T Hellyer.

[R21] How algorithms shape our world - complex computer programs have been applied to espionage tactics, stock prices, movie scripts, and architecture. The near speed-of-light stock trading and other rapid advancements in machine learning have raised some concern about the difference between Gambling and Insurance in "Hedging", the normative having embedded value of Right and Wrong versus the positive values of more and more. Having closer-encounter with What Count, a new Golden Era emerges serving both humanity and environment according to discovered Natural Laws.

These advanced patterns can be better used to enable our lives - both from personal and aggregate views - Easier and Happier working in tandem with Consciousness technologies to know more about oneself and/or organization - being an agent of changes - fully responsible for one's actions and the environment one a part in Creating Values and normative distributions of Wealth.

Insight into Consciousness can point out the direction for further confirmation and/or rejected by computational patterns which is the top-down approach to validate the 'gut feeling' via Advanced Analytics and What-If Simulations.

Our Vision is now do-able with the reflection between the Normative Persona and its Digital Identities where the Persona can be a person or an aggregate such as family, business, organization, community, country, the World. It includes advanced engineering and optimal control theory, together with Core Language and Structure as a Monad functional reactive/reflective programming similar to Google Card Now, IBM Corelet of Watson or Wolfram Core function. The functional reactive programming is well-known where exogenous variables may come from outside of the relevant system. The functional reflective programming comes from the Change Management sub-system where functional recommendations and model simulations of the Value system of systems are parts.

[R21.1] Do-able Optimal Control Theory with the core classes of Card, Item (detail) and Basket (list) nodes. The card's state has its embedded time series and relationship index for Decision Making and Relationship Building sub-systems. It is a hybrid of Git simple data model and Value Database where both normative and positive values are driving the system. Injection of Verifiable Emptiness in a wider perspective of Worthy Existence is a part of the Novelty - coming from Right Understanding and Right Motivation of Prajna - in generating a modeling process to create Values. Change Management sub-system is augmented with the helps of the Decision Making and Relationship Building sub-systems in the custom Computational Knowledge Engine. Insights from "Big Data" come from the integration and simulation of specialized systems together with accumulated group intelligence in the specialized models that are otherwise lost.

[R21.2] A Possible Cognitive Computational Knowledge Engine - The vision is gradually materialized with heavy competition among major players such as the release of IBM Watson, Google Graph database, etc. We ride on these technologies for deliverable integration between Normative decision process and Positive augmentation from established science. Our unique contribution is in this integration - not addressed by any Cognitive Engine - at the Persona level where a Persona is an individual and/or aggregate where group specialized intelligence can be accumulated and integrated in model simulations and forecasts in the Persona strategic planning. Production and consumption patterns are directed toward What Count, floating up from the grass roots. The services based on WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) will be a part of this book.

[R22] Are we alone? - Stephen Hawking presented the evidence that no radio signal of alien of our state of development has been detected in the radius of few hundred light years. For the future of the human race, there is an urgent need of changing our survival instinct given the issue of population, limited resources, and advanced technological progresses.

The question of no detected radio signal has been publicly put to the claimed ET Bashar. His answer indicated that there are Intelligent Beings in different dimensions of parallel universes, using consciousness technologies rather than radio technologies similar to our current state of development.

We confirm Bashar's answer in what Buddhist cosmology has been talking about different "Realms", but warn all intelligent beings the "Agendas" of dark forces - in the same pattern as the agendas from criminals and professional scam artists via all "isms" - trying to enslave people in the chains of Words / Images / Ideas which are only the descriptions, not the bottom-line described in "Practicality" while innate in everyone is a Buddha Nature, having an ability to know the Right and the Unworthy relevant to one's present moment. That ability is cultivable in wider perspective of Worthy Existence manifested though (1) visible attributes such as Beyond-Thought at the Observed, No-Mark once the action is completed, Detachment-Born as one's basis for the manifestation of one's Dhyana-Samadhi, or (2) Compassion and Prajna.

[R22.1] Stephen Hawking's Wormholes - Consciousness Disappearing Technology is similar to the theory of Stephen Hawking's Wormholes.

[R23] Albert Einstein

Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.

[R24] Complexity economics - Complexity economics is the application of complexity science to the problems of economics in capturing emergent properties of complex systems. It sees the economy not as a system in equilibrium, but as one in motion, perpetually constructing itself anew. It uses computational rather than mathematical analysis to explore how economic structure is formed and reformed, in continuous interaction with the adaptive behaviour of the 'agents' in the economy.