Truth and Organized Religions

Integration of Normative and Artificial Intelligence will be part of "KhaiPhong Technology", the new version of this book. AwakeningBudh is the movement to sponsor KhaiPhong projects.

Takeaway: Organized religions do not need to be divisional and conflicting if one can separate the mean and the deliverable target, acting as the guiding light[R6], [R7.3] for the "Right Effort"

All things return to "One" and "One" operates in all things.

God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] not in the world is the false God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] is unreality.

Source: The God-Conception of Buddhism

Out of all organized religions and isms, Buddhism has claimed touching the Source of all Diversities - the Oneness - due to Gotama's rigorous approach and contributions of many dedicated explorers in its past 2500+ years. Nevertheless up to modern time, evidence-based hard facts indicate otherwise at the bottom-line of Buddhist Sangha, as pointed out in "Buddhism implies dualism[D19.3]". The main reason is that majority of Buddhist Sangha have too eager to claim their assertions from "the Blinds touching Elephant" in making a living via masters-slaves relationships, selling what they do not know nor have. Those inspired by Gotama's discovery need to personally verify his assertion and help others to experience it, proving that "Gotama is not cheating humanity" as done by most of his monks and all organized religions up until 2017.

To stress the importance of personal verification and deliverable practical results - not assertions at the fallacy of "the Blinds touching Elephant of the Bully[R18.3] / Professional Scam Artist[R18.4]" - we drill down the current realities in (1) Philosophies / Organized Religions, (2) Vajrayana and Tantra, (3) Pure Land and Meditation .

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1. Philosophies / Organized Religions

K'ung Tzu [551 - 479 BC] recognized the need of Social (Outside) Order for the benefits of One and the Communities, rather than chaotic situations of War and Peace. Driven by his value system that a worthy male must have some name with the country, he set up an elaborate system starting from the king that he called 'Son of God' (Thiên Tử - Chân Mệnh Đế Vương) having absolute power, to government officers for enforcing the rules from above, all the way down to a man, head of a family, without recognizing that the 'Son of God', officers, down to the head of a family and himself are no different from others in terms of 'Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings'

K'ung Tzu most significant contribution is the recognition of required Order for Stability and Growth. That Stability and Order must come from Inside via Right Mindfulness[D9] to see 'Thing As It Is' closing the gap between one's Reality and Actuality to be fully responsible for one's Action and the environment one a part. It is not from outside to impose its order on the constituents making up the aggregate as done by Confucianism, Dictator, Nazi Fascism, Communism, etc. Outside Order is the natural outcome if there is Inside Order and individual responsibility for the quality of the environment. The aggregate such as Governments, Companies, Community Leaders, Families, etc, are conditional representations of the constituents to mobilize resources for certain purposes that cannot be naturally and efficiently done at individual level. The responsible constituents - stakeholders - decide the direction and the purpose of the aggregate, Not the other way around of master-slave relationships in the past Feudal Systems, the Centralized Faith, and any form of individual or group dictatorships.

Due to tainted senses - easily pulled and pushed by binding Word/Images and clinging Thought - stakeholders are easily cheated by criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] manipulating humanity via binding Word/Image and clinging Thought, having nothing to do with Actuality of Living / Thing-As-it-Is. Here is the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (French: Déclaration des droits de l'homme et du citoyen), a fundamental document of the French Revolution 1789 in the history of human and civil rights: (1) Article I – Men are born and remain free and equal in rights. Social distinctions can be founded only on the common good (2) Article II – The goal of any political association is the conservation of the natural and imprescriptible rights of man. These rights are liberty, property, safety and resistance against oppression (3) Article III – The principle of any sovereignty resides essentially in the Nation. No body, no individual can exert authority which does not emanate expressly from it.

The conflicts between Article 1 of stakeholders rights and the aggregate (representative) National Sovereignty in Article 3 can be resolved if and only if stakeholders - knowing more about oneself - reach a critical mass (statistical significance) estimated at 7% upward. This can now be done with the implementation of Soyen Shaku's challenge[R6] "God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] not in the world is the false God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] is unreality", making happened Trần Hưng Đạo's principles[R7.4] via an Insight from Trần Thái Tông[R7.3] currently known by living students capable to combine both Normative (Politics) and Positive Economics with modern tools from Artificial Intelligence (AI). The solution first irons out via transcending both binding Word/Image and clinging Thought according to Things-As-It-Is innate attributes in every stakeholder. It then enables the "optimal aggregate of a Nation" evolving according to natural laws in invisible and helping hand of economics.

Lao Tzu (Laozi - Old Master) [604 - ? BC] is the author of Tao Te Ching with well known opening verses: "The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao; the name that can be named is not the eternal name; the nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth". In our context, we use the word 'Dharma' - the righteous actionable consciousness driven by the explorers - for innumerable angles of that Tao or Totality in hand-on 'KhaiPhong' to produce 'Integrated Persons' of life-long 'Learning and Doing' the Essence of the Right Living / Effort. The invisible 'Nameless' is identified as Sunyata with visible attributes such as ComPassion / Prajna, Sunyata Nothingness and unmoving Sunyata or momentary Nirvana. We implement the process by providing most people an ability of Transcendental States at any event on the duality plane so the event will be peacefully solved and moved toward a Right direction of What Count[R23] in [ 1 + 1 > 2 ], mathematically proven in International Trade theory.

Lao Tzu 'doing nothing' message is: 'When the world knows beauty as beauty, ugliness arises; when it knows good as good, evil arises; ... high and low support each other; ... Therefore the sages: manage the work of detached actions; conduct the teaching of no words; they work with myriad things but do not control; they create but do not possess; they act but do not presume; they succeed but do not dwell on success; it is because they do not dwell on success; that it never goes away'.

The 'doing nothing' message indicates that Lao Tzu has not deeply touched the 'Emptiness' which is required for rejuvenation (recycle) from relative existence, and Prajna / Conscience of 'the Right Thing to do' to kick start the evolution of Consciousness. Living is doing something either driven by Ignorance or Prajna in one's Learning and Doing for the evolution of the Consciousness having a sense of an Agent. Not doing is also do 'the not-doing' due to not at the right time and right place. That is why "KhaiPhong" between "Self / Not-Self" is the razor-sharp action/inaction outcome of an Integrated Person.

Yes, 'the water flows of itself'. But knowing scientific facts, one can irrigate and leverage the power of water for many practical things in modern living. Having 'Prajna', one's action is toward the direction of 'the Right Thing to do' as actually demonstrated by many knowing both the positive and destructive sides of the technology. The significance and importance of Prajna was clearly demonstrated in the case of gun powder invented in China for celebrations and rarely used in destructive warfare. When it came to the west, it became a tool for colonization and master-slave relationships under the Greed and Veil of spreading the 'Good News'. There is no absolute Right or Wrong, but humanity needs the guidance of Prajna, accessing to Higher Consciousness Transcending Inner Peace to actually know as a fact One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One via personally experiencing the Cosmic Consciousness of Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness, then the Unity of SatChitSunyata in a wider perspective of 'Worthy Existence'.

Lao Tzu's 'conduct the teaching of no word' even missed the 'Beyond-Word Communication' (Bất Lập Văn Tự) due to the lack of 'Naturally Effortless Intent / Wei-Wu-Wei' or 'Intensity of Attention' that why before leaving China he had not, for many years living in China, transmitted anything beneficial to the Community based on his Inner State of the Tao. His Inner Depth could manifest in only 'Word', not yet at the Right Action of Prajna when forced to Share something with others. Isn't it ironical?

The opening words in Tao Te Ching 'the nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth' (i.e. Beyond Word/Image and Thought) indicated that Lao Tzu knew to be outside the boxes. But the description from his angle 'When the world knows beauty as beauty, ugliness arises; when it knows good as good, evil arises' indicated that he has not known the 'Corollary' (Hệ Luận) of Axiom 'Living' and mixed up the observed fact from 'illusion' due to ignorance with different outcome from the natural State of 'Dependent' and 'Empty' to see 'Thing As It Is'.

Thanks to be 'outside the box', his logical advice for the 'Wise' is correct, but missing again the required communication, not 'conduct the teaching of no words', but use careful Word to point to something Beyond 'Word (Bất Lập Văn Tự)' and 'Thought (Vô Tướng)' and required 'Right Effort' to know that 'Nameless State' with its visible attributes and make it a part of Worthy Existence in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. It is 'Nameless', beyond Word/Image and Thought since the description and thinking can only describe from one angle - not the totality. But there is something to know this 'Nameless' described as the Ultimate (Wider) Truth[D45], [D46] by Nagarjuna, the Perfected Nature by Buddhist Asanga[D35], the Awareness of Self Awareness[D18] by Dharmapala-XuanZang theoretical model, the Wu-Nien / Self Nature by HuiNeng[R5], 'the kingdom of God is within you'[Luke 17:21] by Jesus, and 'Nirvana' by Gotama.

Yes, due to 'Word' as explicitly stated in the bible [John 1:1] 'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God' one has been tricked for so long in the master-slave relationships. But also thanks to 'Word' and technology such as 'Printing', Scientific Investigations, and now Internet, one moves closer to the 'Right Relationships' due to the Innate 'Buddha Nature' (Budh) in every person to kick start the new Budh Era in 'Evolution of the Consciousness'. The Open World, together with the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong returning the normative and economic decisions to the grassroots, will make the Lao Tzu "yin-yang" circle of zero-sum game into the expanding win-win circle via Dharmapala-XuanZang "Consciousness of the consciousness"[D19.3] of 1 + 1 > 2 shown in patch A of Figure 2

Gotama [563 - 483 BC], independent from Lao Tzu and 40 years apart, took an active role in investigating the Meaning of Worthy Existence. After recalling the natural experience of Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi) when he was a child, Gotama logically formulated the Fourfold Truth backed up by scientific verification against his personal Actuality. Unlike Lao Tzu's 'conduct the teaching of no words', Gotama turned the Dharma and established the community of monks and nuns with the Mission to make the Budh Dharma (the Tao) sustainable for the benefits of One and the Whole.

The extension of his Ontological System is the foundation to make our custom Computational Knowledge Engine apart from billions dollars spent on Artificial Intelligence (AI) of major vendors, yet using open-sources of their discoveries and contributions - forced to be opened up to keep an edge on competition - as minimum-risk tools to make happened our Unique Contributions which are Consciousness Technologies to make the system serving people/organization toward What Count[R23], putting people at the centre to consciously drive all activities in "Making Life Easier and Happier".

If you are a dedicated Buddhist - exploring the Essence of the Right Living / Effort based on the innate Buddha Nature - we ask you to be a part from your Sweet Spot to have hand-on experience, being an agent of changes, to change oneself and the environment one a part toward a Right direction. Gotama started the 'Right Relationships of the new AwakeningBudh Movement' since the 'Buddha Nature' is innate in everyone. It might be too much for a single person to do all the heavy "Lifting" and/or it might not be at the Right Time and Conditions. But thanks to Gotama efforts and few exceptional members of Buddhist Sangha, persistently dedicated many of their lives to Push the Right Conditions for a True Revolutionary Change in a 'Right Living / Effort', we have a wealth of theories and tested verification to actually start the new Era of Consciousness Revolution, going beyond 'Thought' in relative existence of the 'Observer', the 'Observed', the 'State of Observation' entering the Transcendental Consciousness [Detachment-Born, Tranquility gateway to Oneness, Equanimity of loosening the grips of 'Binding Word/Image', Purity of loosening the grips of 'Clinging Thought'], Cosmic Consciousness [Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness] and Unity [Sunyata Nothingness, Border line of conditioned and unconditioned, Unmoving Sunyata] as shown in Figure 1.

The conclusion of Lao Tzu 'When the world knows beauty as beauty, ugliness arises; when it knows good as good, evil arises' is applicable only if the world is stuck at the vicious circle of Evolution then Degeneration, a source of zero-sum game in limited physical resources. It is also a Malthusian and Neo-Malthusian theory of population providing the rational and driving forces for the existence of Secret Societies whose causes were at deeper demonic driving forces of master-slave relationships. Rational arguments against the Master-Slaves New World Order have been driven by one's Conscience (Prajna of the Buddha Nature) of 'the Right Thing to do' and rational belief that survival inventions will happen similar to required energy from wood, to coal, to electricity, to nuclear technologies, to a possibility of Free and Clean Energy such as energy from wind, sun, geothermal, etc. These are 'inside-the-box' possible solutions and counter arguments against dominant argument of limited non-renewable resources to support over 7 billions people and more.

'Outside-the-box' solution is the 'Transcendental / Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi)' for a revolutionary Inner Change of 'Inside Order' to change both the State (more conservation) and the Structure of micro and macro economics in consumption patterns for an 'Outside Order' of Quality Living. The population growth will be naturally adjusted at the voluntarily conscious level of Quality Living, rather than at the selfish mass destruction - playing the role of the 'Chosen One(s)' - based on races and classes either intentionally and/or unintentionally as publicly available documented effects of genetically altered food productions, vaccines of contaminated anti-virus, genetic production of different classes to eliminate all mosquitoes, etc.

The real solution is required to enable each one an agent of changes to change oneself and the environment one a part in a wider perspective of existence in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. It is the modern functional programming where data is in the program code as a function driven by Normative decision of What Count[R23] relevant to the present moment that drives all Positive aspects of human activities, having feedback from hard data and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor the bottom lines of Invisible / Helping Hand of Economics.

Once values of important relationships - via graph technologies - are causally and statistically modeled, the new Science of Consciousness follows the footsteps of economics in both what-if simulations and discovering natural laws to enable normative value influence both demands and supplies in productions and consumption. It enables each normative agent knowing more about oneself, fully responsible for one's action and the environment one a part. We have partial success in modeling the type "Budh" which is similar to a "Todo" for measuring both the state (Mindfulness / Alertness) and stock (Prajna / Awareness) of one's Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience in important Plan >< Execution >< Feedback. This means we can use ICT (Information Communication Technology) to enable you in-part discover and in-part create the Real You. The bottom line is that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be used not only to push commerce and trade but also assist the normative agent know more about oneself and raise the "Why" of human existence to a higher level in Making Life Easier and Happier where one is a part in a longer view of one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

It is the real purpose of meditation (dhyana) - where Right Inner Peace is a by-product - to have more Awareness (consciousness) of one and the environment for a momentarily optimal Right Speech, Right Action and Right Livelihood, asserted 1000s+ years ago by HuiNeng as dhyana-samadhi and Samadhi-Prajna. The solution must base on natural laws that everyone - given sufficient conditions for Awareness and Free Will - can make appropriate decisions relevant to one's present moment due to one's Buddha Nature in one's continuous Learning and Doing. That solution is now available in both Normative side due to Higher Consciousness and Positive side in all daily activities due to Internet and custom Knowledge Engine. The solution will affect (1) How one makes a decision, (2) How one creates Values relevant to the present moment, and (3) How one collaborates with others, making life easier and happier for one and the World.

The Right Inner Peace is now available to most persons to access Higher Consciousness: Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity. This Right Inner Peace will change the consumption pattern of wasteful American society (10 times of required resources to support a person compared to others) into Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings. That Inner Peace raises the Quality of present living from materialistic Grasping pattern into a lighter more expanding Space of a Whole. Part of the Sharing Happiness is the Food, Health and Education (not religious divisions) for the poor that everyone has the Dignity to change oneself and the environment one a part without requiring an army of gatekeepers. The educated poor will manage among themselves with their own innate Buddha Nature in the issue of the population and the quality of living. Right Inner Peace will turn everyone into an agent of Changes fully responsible for one's Action in the environment one a part in one's correct and longer view of Continuity of the Consciousness.

In even wider perspective, it is the Quality of individual streams of Consciousness that drives the patterns of consumption and productions. Human realm is only one in innumerable realms of living organisms having a sense of an agent, not only in the physical forms of C,H,O,N as observable in living organisms in this World but also in different physical forms of energy having similar attributes of the consciousness, and in formless realms. It is the Quality of the carry-on Consciousness determining its next abode according to Natural Laws of 'Thing As It Is'. It is wise to do what is right at the Present Moment for the Quality of one's Consciousness and the environment one a part, using available resources as tools to cultivate and make sustainable the Lasting Values for One and Others.

Myopic and egoistic view of Master-Slaves relationships have led to the destruction of both slaves and masters according to natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes of Ethical Volition (Prajna/Conscience or Ignorance). Even hard-earned resources entrusted to one's management for doing something (Good or Bad), one still has full responsibility for the consequences of the directed action that one needs to consult one's True Heart and Conscience to know the subtle motivation and the source of one's thought which can be indoctrinated and/or programmed by external evil forces, and that the Conscience (Prajna) is cultivable to be aware at the source of thought.

Hope those in the position to change the world - especially members of Illuminati Corporation and those in the esoteric circle of Islam - can contrast their personally claimed Inner Calls in Serving Humanity and/or any Utopia with one's Conscience (Prajna) before any major decision that can affect billions lives.

Action and Ethical Consequences of the Action are the main messages we wish to say to all for one's benefits in wider perspective of one's Continuity of the Consciousness. The counter-thrust to Ignorance is [ Prajna / Conscience / Wisdom ] which is cultivable right at the Present Moment, affecting the Quality of one's present existence and life-after-life in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. Fixation to anything is a hallucination, contrary to the Dependent Nature of Existence. How can one claim it is the Inner Call - like the inner calls of crusaders and inquisitors in their own fixation - when one cannot even know the signals from one's senses and the state of one's being to have an optimal action relevant to the present moment? Esoteric forces are only a part of the whole in their own volition, subjected to the same natural laws like those applied to you and me. Would it be more worthy to Explore the nature of one's Inner Call, being more Aware of oneself and the environment one a part?

Thanks to the Buddha Nature (comprising of both invisible Sunyata and visible ComPassion-Prajna), one can cultivate Higher Consciousness to a lighter, more expanding perspective of One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One. One carries the torch of AwakeningBudh Movement in a Thriving Potentiality of Worthy Existence, raising the bar of current reincarnation (Reality versus Actuality) first to a higher level of Transcendental Consciousness (Detachment-Born, Tranquility, Equanimity, Purity), then Cosmic Consciousness (Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness), then Unity (Sunyata Nothingness, Border line between conditioned and unconditioned, Unmoving Sunyata). The Unmoving Sunyata was called by Gotama Nirvana, the 'static' solution for his identified issue 'static' Dukkha, and mentioned by HuiNeng in his self-introduction 'Which moves: the flag, the wind or your mind'. The Dynamic parts of Dukkha, Nirvana, and the description of Sunyata in the Heart Sutra[R2] will be deeply explored in the establishment of the Signed Posts[D25] of Right Inner Peace where different trails of personal verification meet.

In brief, the Era of Right Relationships started by Buddha Gotama and value added by many in the AwakeningBudh Movement is centred around the three core components, simultaneously affecting one another and absolutely required for an Inner Consciousness Revolution:

  1. Knowing more about Oneself, also known as the Wu-Nien / Self Nature by HuiNeng at Intensity-of-Attention point relevant to one's Present Moment. It is a cultivable process whose manifestation is Prajna, injecting accumulated Right Inner Peace to Right Mindfulness for 'the Right Thing to do'.

  2. Right Mindfulness to see 'Thing As It Is' outside the box for a Right Effort. Our definition of Right Mindfulness is an extension of Gotama's Right Mindfulness to the Dependent Nature of Worthy Existence. It is the HuiNeng generalized Samadhi-Prajna at the present moment at both the personal Persona of a Vibrant living organism and/or the (normative) aggregate Persona of an ecosystem with sustainable Created Values. It drives one's Right Effort in the Change Dynamics of the Present Moment and facilitates the merging into deeper parts of Right Inner Peace at optimal conditions.

  3. Right Inner Peace to infuse outside-the-box Consciousness in Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict at different depths to the Self Awareness toward the Essence of the Right Living, driven by [ Prajna / Conscience / Wisdom ] instead of Ignorance toward Sufferings. For an aggregate such as family, business, organization, region, country, the World, the "Right Inner Peace" is accumulated Insights and Wisdom contributed by its constituents via Big-Data and documented strategies in the aggregate's dominant interests, with or without the presence of the dominant driving person.

Scientific facts, especially the emerging of Artificial Intelligence (AI) having Observable Ontology between the Normative Persona with its Digital Identities to help the life of the normative agent - whether that agent is a person and/or an aggregate such as family, organization, community, country - Easier and Happier. Advanced Analytics in web-based activities enable near-real-time Right Action and adjusting 'the Right Thing to do' to sharpen the entity / aggregate Instinct and Brain Intelligence. We, in some sense, close the circle having the feedback to measure one's Right Effort of the optimized sweet spot that Lao Tzu has advised but missed the implementation side in over 2600 years as illustrated in Figure 3.

In the East, Bodhidharma[D32.1] took a long trip from India to search for appropriate soil of the 'Budh Dharma', bringing with him a "Token of Unbroken Lineage" from Gotama, and was called the father of 'Dhyana / Thiền / Zen / Chan'. He advocated deeper Dharma of something Beyond Word/Image (Bất Lập Văn Tự) and Thought (Vô Tướng), and specifically instructed that the physical token was only handed down up to the Sixth Patriarch who turned out to be a Southerner HuiNeng[R5], [R5.2].

The practicality of the Budh Dharma moves further South to open and be implemented by the Vietnamese Lý and Trần Dynasties. Esoterically, this is not a series of pure chances but an amazing orchestration of higher realms to put the right persons in the right spots for the benefits of One and Others according to the students' aspirations in their continuous evolution of the Consciousness. It is a very Noble Inner Circle and circles of inner circles that we wish everyone can be a part in the Volition driven by Prajna toward the Essence of the Right Living / Effort.

The founder of Lý Dynasty - Lý Công Uẩn[R7.1] - was raised up by Buddhist Monks. He personally demonstrated the Actuality of Prajna that the deeper ComPassion rooted in Sunyata (Emptiness outside all conditioned boxes), the more relevant (possibly extended into thousands years in the future) is the manifested Prajna in his decision to move the Vietnamese capital to present day Hà Nội. In this large scale, Prajna is commonly known as a Vision/Mission plus the simplest and most direct approach to make the Vision/Mission happened in 'the Right Thing to do', personally experienced by many. It has the most likely probability of an optimal event, orthogonal to the Space-Time. In the KhaiPhong Technology, we wish to collaborate with those having [ Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital ] to make their Visions and Missions happened for the benefits of One and the Whole.

In democratizing the KhaiPhong Technology, we will introduce the DIY PrivateHub where at the normative side, we will show techniques to recognize one's Sweet Spot - Figure 3 - to make life Easier and Happier in one's final temple, then use Free entry levels of Internet services as tools at the positive side to deepen and widen one's PrivateHub - Beyond Thought (Vô Tướng) at the observed, No-Mark (Vô Vết) once action is completed, Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ) as one's basis to the manifestation of Prajna (Bát Nhã) from the ComPassion tree deep rooted in invisible Sunyata being with the Source - to kick-start the Vision into a sustainable activity, helping to change oneself and the surroundings. The techniques - in more value added relevant to one's Present Moment - to know more about oneself will be parts of the custom Computational Knowledge Engine that will set us apart from others.

Required infrastructures in all aspects of Living such as 'Buddhist Culture - Học Phật', 'Ruled by Humanistic Laws', 'National Economic Development', 'Leadership by Examples', etc, were created, guided by the Principles of the Budh Dharma for a Worthy existence. Both 'Ruled by Humanistic Laws' and 'Leadership by Examples', not by master-slave relationship of the feudal system, implemented by Lý Thái Tông (Lý Phật Mã)[R7.2] were the first known in human evolution that higher realms can learn something from Humanity. Esoterically, both Lý Công Uẩn and Lý Phật Mã were parts of that higher realm, but found appropriate soil at that time in human realm. We are now at the Right Time again due to the Tidal Shift of Cosmic Consciousness that one must not miss in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

Out of the efforts in 'Learning and Doing', beyond the 'Binding Word' and 'Clinging Thought' of Idols was a Buddhist Dhyana sect Trúc Lâm personally practiced and formed by kings of the Vietnamese Trần Dynasty. Trúc Lâm has established some Practical Base: (1) Without Actual Living, there cannot be Right Cultivation and without Buddhist Cultivation based on the innate Buddha Nature capable to know the Right and the Unworthy the Living may go astray; (2) The Buddha Nature is innate in everyone. The Right Relationship is in 'Self Respect and Respect Others' of Worthy Guests in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles.

We prove below in the right-side up of the Budh Dharma the motto is the scientific approach to take the most significant discovery of Gotama - the Buddha Nature or Corollary (sine qua non) of Living - as the Light relevant to one's Present Moment to dispel the darkness of living, turning 180 degree from the direction of Sufferings driven by Ignorance toward the Purity-Tranquility of Worthy Existence driven by Prajna in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. With the Light from the innate Buddha Nature, one's cultivation in learning and doing, dynamically adjusting the Unworthy to the Right from imaginations to actualities beneficial to practical living, 180 degree from all Buddhist teachings as executed by Buddhist communities of monks and nuns in all sects and denominations in all countries which are totally in its within-the-box of conditioned thinking. It is utterly useless to put one's effort in the game of Word and Thought about the Buddha Nature and Enlightenment. If you have one, make it manifested in what you are interested in to bring something beneficial to the table.

The Movement has been further refined, completely divorced from messy Buddhist Sangha, via the Buddhist Teacher (Phật Thầy) at Tây An[D19] - a Vietnamese practitioner in the AwakeningBudh - founded Bửu Sơn Kỳ Hương and advocates 'Ten Advices' to be first a Good Person (Tu Nhân) then in wider perspective of Buddhist Cultivation (Học Phật). He was forced to be a zen monk but dropped all rituals, images and irrelevant things from Buddhist rituals. Starting from outside-the-box Prajna division (Right Understanding, Right Motivation) of the Noble Path, his 'Tu Nhân' (being a Good Person) is the implementation of the Virtue division (Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood) - different from Buddhist Sangha's claimed Virtues which are their professional codes of ethics that may help in their life style - and his 'Học Phật' (Buddhist Cultivation) is the implementation of the Stability division (Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Inner Peace) that very few Buddhist monks/nuns can even touch.

This approach demonstrated the application of the Trúc Lâm motto in small scale of actual Living without directly confronting the upside-down of the Buddhist Sangha since it was not at the Right Time. There had been many other preparations from others. Soyen Shaku - who introduced Buddhist approach in Chicago 23 September 1893 and together with his students brought both theoretical and practical Zen to the West - predicted 'Buddha Dharma was born from India, germinates in China, grows in Japan, and will maturate throughout the world'. KhaiPhong version 1.0 of this book will be available world wide from 23 September 2017. Krishnamurti was the last drop to make the time is Right in sync with the cosmic shift of the new Budh Era from 2012 onward as we show below a concrete implementation to enable the Trúc Lâm motto a Guiding Light for Humanity in the new Era of Consciousness Evolution.

It took thousands years for HuiNeng to touch on 'the actuality / the described' and mildly pointed out the upside down of the entire Buddhist Sangha. It took thousands more years for Krishnamurti to spend 60+ years of his life time to tell the world that 'the description is Not the described', preparing the field to actually deliver the 'described' and challenge all descriptions to be 'Beyond-Thought' at the Observed, 'No-Mark' on one's Substance once the action completed, 'Detachment-Born' as one's basis to see and act according to 'Thing As it Is' (Right Mindfulness or HuiNeng Sanadhi/Prajna).

What is the new and secret sauce KhaiPhong Technology can bring to the table to revitalize Gotama's Right Understanding and Right Motivation / HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna in the mass?

  1. The Good Person goes beyond the advice - Tu Nhân - of the Buddhist Teacher (Phật Thầy) at Tây An, riding on the emotional aspiration of 'doing good' picked up by Jesus in his's Good Samaritan, raising up to the rational and intellectual approach of Gotama in his virtue division of Right Speech, Right Action, and Right Livelihood, reaching the Awareness in wider perspective from the Essence of the Right Living / Effort in one's Quality and Continuity of the Consciousness.

  2. That Good Person will have both theoretical foundation for its Engineering Roadmap[D14] building on top of 2500+ years in the Right Efforts of Gotama and his Inner Circle, circles of inner circles, plus empirical verification - thanks to Consciousness, Sound / Light and other technologies riding on natural laws for heavy lifting - not available to past contributors, but now deliverable to the mass from identified living students; each brings to the table many thousands years of his/her specializations.

  3. The Good Person (Samaritan - Tu Nhân) and Buddhist Cultivation (Học Phật) from the Buddhist Teacher (Phật Thầy) at Tây An are "Not the Two Processes" - via duality - as misunderstood in 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha between (3.1) Transcendental and Emptiness[R14.1], (3.2) Samadhi and Prajna as pointed out by HuiNeng in Dhyana/Samadhi - Samadhi-Prajna, (3.3) Perfected Nature and Dependent Nature in Consciousness-Only, (3.4) Ultimate (Wider) Truth and Conventional Truth in Nagarjuna Madhyamaka, (3.5) Ethical Codes (not Gotama's Virtue) > Concentration (not Gotama's Samadhi) > Prajna (far from and not Gotama's Right Understanding and Right Motivation) as advocated by Buddhist Sangha in all sects from all countries in its upside-down implementations of Gotama's discoveries, (3.6) Upside down divisional aspects of Gotama's Noble Path[D44] turning the dynamic "Learning and Doing" of Prajna into the passive "prajna" as consequence of Buddhist ethical codes leading to the consequence that most monks and nuns are completely strangers[D18] to "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict".

  4. It is One Process / Method - named by Gotama as Eightfold Path, not eight serial paths - dynamically and simultaneously affecting one another in all activities and states (awaken, sleep, dream, and transcendental meditation) of one's existence. This one process and its correct driving force from Prajna to activate one's Buddha Nature will be augmented in a formal custom Knowledge Engine to make life easier and happier and enable each one being an Agent of Changes to change oneself and the environment one a part in the culture of [ Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital ] to drive both productions and services (GDP) toward What Count[R23] and ethical distribution of income (GNP) via Sharing and sustainable activities, invisibly and efficiently achieving the normative Gross National Happiness (GNH).

  5. This "Good Person" stream of consciousness - via different digital identities - interacts with other streams of consciousness to form an aggregate stream of consciousness of its Inner Circle and circles of inner circles where a formal aggregate (such as a business, an organization, a region, an industry, etc) is just another identifiable stream of consciousness having specialized behaviours and patterns, modeled as a container unit and securely interacting with other container units in secure private spaces guarded at specialized "wormholes".

  6. This flock of container units - once favourably developed via Kindness and Compassion in any community - can act as a single intelligent unit for a common cause, benefiting all involved parties as asserted and proven by Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4] in the Vietnamese Lý / Trần Khai Phóng. It means "knowing more about oneself" in any specialized topic can be accumulated as the knowledge base of the aggregate. Individual - a container unit - can come and go, but the knowledge base can be accumulated much more details than the observable cultural behaviour patterns.

  7. The "Alertness" and "Awareness" coming from "Verifiable Emptiness" and the "state" and "stock" of the Prajna are brought to the front line with an Insight from Trần Thái Tông[R7.3]: "Chỉ sai hữu niệm quên vô niệm - Wrongly grasp a conditioned thought and miss the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict — the 'Right Effort' turns into 'Wrong Effort'" as a part of a formal measurable feedback to dynamically change the state and stock of the identifiable consciousness.

If you are a legitimate Buddhist monk/nun, see for yourself if you can actually know and live with that Simplicity and Real Power - far beyond conditioned-thought indoctrinated theories - of the Sangha's Right Mindfulness and Right Inner Peace from the Noble Path. It is not worthwhile to wear a mask of a religious leader to destroy yourself and others since you do not have any mask to hide from the Nature. Buddhist Sangha has missed the practicality of the Noble Path for so long due to the upside-down of Gotama's discoveries resulting in not knowing the "Right Understanding" and "Right Motivation" of the Noble Path and the process from current state of Dukkha to possible "Cessation of Dukkha or Nirvana" right at the present moment. If you do not know the Noble eightfold Path, how can you claim to be a Buddhist teacher, cheating others into your "Abyss of Darkness"? The Sangha is only one's period of life style, may or may not be appropriate now for one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

But The Quarrel At Kosambi[D43], its aftermath and 'current messy state' partially generated by esoteric sabotage - pulling the Dharma toward the sheer non-sense rituals - need to be significantly reformed. Part of this effort is to directly address the claimed Highest Buddhist Masters[R13.1] and claimed Buddhist doctrines within the current Buddhist Sanghas in different forms[R14], [R14.1], [R13], [R12], [R5.3], [R5.4]. The suggested Engineering Roadmap - a part to turn Trúc Lâm motto into a reality - may be an effortless way to weed out potential impostors and saboteurs.

The reform needs more than the total consistent system of [ Dukkha (Khổ), Impermanence (Vô Thường), Not-Self (Empty / Vô Ngã), momentary Nirvana (Niết Bàn) ] but enabling these reproducible scientific facts tabulated in Table 1.1 - the Four Seals of the Consciousness - being Innate in most members of the Sangha to assure Direct Access to the Source of one's Buddha Nature, then 'Transcend Inner Peace'[D19.1] going beyond Transcendental Consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness (Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness) and Unity (Unmoving Sunyata, Borderline between conditioned and unconditioned, and Nirvana) to directly experience the Essence of the Right Living / Effort, far from Buddhist utopia of Bodhisattva and Bodhicitta which have nothing to do with actual living qualities of Bodhisattva and Bodhicitta.

We solve the same Issue (Dukkha) identified by Gotama from practical KhaiPhong in daily activities of the Present Moment (Beyond-Thought, No-Mark, Detachment-Born, Right Mindfulness) and from the high above View of KhaiPhong in one's Continuity of the Consciousness (ComPassion, Detachment-Born, HonNhien, Prajna) (Table 1.1), turning "Suffering Dukkha" into "Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha"[D32.1], from wrong effort into Right Effort. In ontological system, these are the descriptions of the ['Being' / 'Onto' / 'Thing As It Is'] from different angles than that of Gotama's Inner Quest. Most - including monks/nuns of Buddhist Sangha - do not have the Inner Quest coming from the real Pains (Dukkha) in the trail explored by Gotama, hence very few can actually know and live with Gotama's four seals: Dukkha (Khổ), Impermanence (Vô Thường), Not-Self (Vô Ngã), Nirvana (Niết Bàn). The description is Not the described. Gotama's Inner Quest is much higher than Dukkha toward a Worthy Existence since he was a Prince and at the prime youth, having no Sufferings as his dominant Issue. Please see the required "Intensity of Attention", not very superficial "concentrations / meditations" not transcending anything to be qualified by HuiNeng as Dhyana-Samadhi (thiền định) and/or by Gotama Mindfulness in Transcendental Consciousness (Tứ thiền định).

One's Inner Quest either coming from real Pains as the case of Gotama, and/or from 'the Right Thing to do', 'a nagging feeling', 'a dominant Issue' such as fear, phobia, uncontrollable urge, etc, will effortlessly generate required Intensity-of-Attention to dig deeper into the Four Seals of the Consciousness from different angles. The KhaiPhong actualizes the Right Mindfulness[D9] and AwakeningBudh makes happened Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi)[D10] to infuse something beyond in relative existence.

Gotama must use logical thinking to present his scientific discoveries since that is the only tool everyone has at his time. In Gotama logical system, he implicitly assumes Living as a mathematical axiom and the innate Buddha Nature, an ability to know the Right and the Unworthy relevant to one's Present Moment, is the Living corollary. From there, the Fourfold Truth is logically presented. Since the Four scientific facts are empirically verified by the living Gotama, members of Buddhist Sangha need to actually verify them, beyond Thought in Actual Living, not at the theoretical construction of the mind. We now have available technologies for most people verifying scientific facts (pieces of Truth) as discovered by Gotama, Jesus, Nagarjuna, Asanga, XuanZang, HuiNeng, Krishnamurti.

Another significant contribution is the HonNhien from a friend who like Krishnamurti using the Vacant Mind to investigate what actually going on in one's mind without being conditioned from any religious doctrines. In casual discussions about Buddhist practices at the time we formed the Prajna Pagoda in 1979 (Calgary Canada), the friend surprised the writer with the description of using brown colour to smooth the mind for a good sleep and that 'the Mindfulness of Breathing and Awareness / Concentration' from the well known Buddhist Monk Thích Nhất Hạnh of Làng Mai - Plum Village will make the mind retarded as actually warned by HuiNeng over thousands years ago. The word 'HonNhien' came from that person when we together investigated the observable attributes of actually knowing the 'Emptiness', rejuvenated from all stresses of living which the 'real' Jesus described using a symbol of a 'child'.

We combine HuiNeng's clarifications on dhyana-samadhi and generalized Samadhi-Prajna with Gotama 'Right' qualification into a scientific fact that [ 'Verifiable Emptiness' is the sine-qua-non or corollary of Right Meditation ][D9]. Please use these qualifications to rate all types of meditations and all spiritual techniques from all organized religions and cultures to see the power of scientific discoveries and the deep dedications of many Great Explorers.

One is like a float in the current Wave that one can optimize the worthy existence with Right Mindfulness[D12] to see and act according to 'Thing As It Is' having stability deeply anchored in the Right Inner Peace[D13]. Continuity of the Consciousness whose quality directly affects one's quality of existence is not any more a theory but verifiable and cultivable, otherwise what make you different from others and very likely different from yourself 20 - 30 years ago in both physical and mental make-ups. That is also the functional programming to momentarily change one's pattern (program) and behaviour (data) toward a Right Direction of What Count[R23], changing both productions and services (GDP) and ethical distributions of income (GNP) toward Gross National Happiness (GNH).

2. Vajrayana and Tantra

Nagarjuna's assertion on the 'Purity of the Original Mind[R12]' is a logical deduction from an intelligent person poking into the 'Buddha Nature' that he called the Ultimate (unconditioned) Truth running along the Conventional Truth. The logical deduction was poking at deeper level by Asanga and Vasubandhu in their Three Natures: the Imaginary Nature (Parikalpita), the Dependent Nature (Paratantra), and the Perfected Nature (Parinispanna) since the Dependent Nature 'As It Is' can only happen to be different from the Imaginary Nature when and only when there is the infusion of the Perfected Nature which is Nagarjuna's Ultimate (Wider) Truth. Vasubandhu provided deeper analysis in his investigation of the five entanglements and Self-Selfless Awareness (Tự Tri)[D19.1]. The analysis was formalized in Dharmapala-XuanZang theoretical model of cognitive science that 'Consciousness of self-consciousness is Self Consciousness'[D19.3] that both Shen-Hsiu and HuiNeng tried to describe in the contest. These assertions are still in theory, need to be deliverable and empirically verifiable for most people to prove its Values which are the targets in the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong


We use Set theory and Dharmapala-XuanZang theoretical model to logically show that HuiNeng description is consistent with Gotama's description of the ninth stage of absorption in the "cessation of perception and feeling", and consistent with accepted Mahayana literature. It is important to pass the gateway to "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" to know both one's Issues of "Tainted Mind" and the Solution to Naturally Purify unnecessary burdens of outdated Marks for a "NO-Mind-Enclosure / Completely Open Mind" in daily activities of a Right Effort via Right Understanding and Right Motivation in the Prajna division of Gotama's Noble eight-fold Path. HuiNeng solution of "Beyond-Thought (Vô Tướng) at the Observed, No-Mark (Vô Vết) once action completed, Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ) as one's basis for the manifestation of Samadhi-Prajna (Định-Tuệ) will lead to a Right Effort at different depth of Right Understanding and Right Motivation. It is not any more a description of his realization but can be realizable and verifiable by most practitioners when there are discoveries of natural laws for heavy lifting to facilitate the deeper processes in Consciousness of self-consciousness described by Gotama as signed posts of his Verifiable Emptiness[D25].

Buddhist Vajrayana takes this dynamic Perfected Nature of "Not-Self" and the Dependent Nature / Imaginary Nature of (self) as analysed by Dharmapala-XuanZang[D19.3] theoretical model of cognitive science into a permanent static state of snap shots of [Dharmakaya (Truth body / manifested God or Allah), Sambhogakaya (Enjoyment body), and Nirmanakaya(Manifestation body)], and assign these imaginary permanent states to the reincarnated Gurus, different version but similar to the claimed Infallible Priests guaranteed by the Redeemer, the only Son of the manifested Creator God in Christianity. Please see below how Dharmakaya / manifested God or Allah is measurable based on the manifested outcome of the Dependent Nature to prove relative existence of all manifested parts.

Many impostors and saboteurs have subtly and intentionally sabotaged Gotama's discoveries to drive the seed of Right Relationships back to master-slave established in their feudal systems. They skip the required "Detachment-Born - Vô Trụ" before jumping into any technology for accessing the power of consciousness, turning themselves into slaves of the "Grasp-er and the Grasped" from self hallucination. Followings are major typical case studies to "expose the dark sides of Wrong Efforts driven by Grasper and the Grasped in "Wrong Inner Peace" leading to "Suffering Dukkha" in Vajrayana and Tantra. This wrong Samadhi / Inner Peace - similar to "Faith that can move the mountain[Matthew 17:20]" rather than Faith as a tool then drop it when not required - leads to more desires to enforce the hallucinated "Self", different from Gotama's Righ Inner Peace dissolving gross appearances toward "Sunyata Nothingness" and the momentary "End of Suffering Dukkha" for reborn and rejuvenation.

  1. The Vajrayana Highest Buddhist Masters"[R13.1] - in the twelve brief points contained in their Book - stated in a tone of "cheap sale person not any more applicable in modern time":

    The only one who possesses Buddha-dharma that causes a disciple to attain enlightenment and liberation within two hours. It is the fastest Buddha-dharma practice whereby a disciple can enter and leave a Buddha-land at will.

  2. In a more intellectual approach, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche[R13], a recognized third reincarnation (1961 - ?) of the founder of Khyentse lineage of Tibetan Buddhism from the first reincarnation Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo (1820–1892) and the second incarnation renowned lama Dzongsar Khyentse Chokyi Lodro (1893–1959) has been totally dedicated to the Buddhist Inner Quest for a traceable long time, currently well educated and very active in the direction of Worthy Existence according to Scientific Facts discovered from Budh Dharma. He puts forward his understanding 'Buddhism in a Nutshell: The Four Seals of Dharma'

    • 'All Emotions are Painful' is the description of 'Dukkha': 'Certain emotions, such as aggression or jealousy, we naturally regard as pain. But what about love and affection, kindness and devotion, those nice, light and lovely emotions? We don’t think of them as painful; nevertheless, they imply duality, and this means that, in the end, they are a source of pain'.

    • 'Nirvana is Beyond Extremes' is the author's description of the fourth Seal: 'Nirvana is achieved when you remove everything that was artificial and obscuring'.

    This shows the monk has not known the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" exposed by the Father of Zen Bodhidharma[D32.1]. He does not know (1) the difference between "Suffering Dukkha" and "Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha", (2) the Tranquillity of Right Samadhi precisely defined in Lankavatara Sutra[D32], (3) Gotama Noble eightfold Path for Testing and Personally Verifying the "cessation of suffering-dukkha", and (4) the meaning of Nirvana[D32] via "Thing-As-It-Is in Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict". The statement 'All Emotions are Painful' indicates that he does not know from HuiNeng Beyond Thought (Vô Tướng) at the observed, No-Mark (Vô Vết) once action is completed, Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ) as one's basis to the manifestation of Prajna (Bát Nhã), hence unable to have "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" from Gotama's Prajna division of Noble eightfold Path. The monk - like most people from all countries, in all organized religions and cultures - is totally 'within-the-box' bounded by 'Word/Image' and 'Thought'at conflicting Duality. His 'Nirvana is Beyond Extremes' is the fallacy of "the Blinds touching Elephant". This shows the Reality of Buddhist Sangha world wide as presented in "Buddhism implies Dualism"[D19.3]

  3. Last but not least, here is Chögyam Trungpa[R15] - a claimed Buddhist meditation master and holder of both the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages, the eleventh Trungpa tülku, a tertön, supreme abbot of the Surmang monasteries, scholar, teacher, poet, artist, and originator of a radical re-presentation of Shambhala vision. Please see (1) his dialogue with Krishnamurti in exposing the propagandas of organized religions[R6.2], (2) this case study of Wrong Effort into a sex addict to be further elaborated in Kalachakra (Thời Luân) below. Krishnamurti did all hard works for a new Era of AwakeningBudh Movement.

There is the fundamental trap set up by the third esoteric dark force to divert Gotama's "gifts to humanity" into their master-slave relationships, turning 'Thing As It Is' from Gotama's discoveries - which demand clearly defined classifications (taxonomy), its assumption and driving model in an Ontological System - into the descriptions at abstract word level to enslave the whole Buddhist Sangha in their container box of utopia. Most monks and nuns spend their time and efforts in reciting, ritual devotion, debating and boosting their conditioned-thought traditions to enjoy the grandeur of self while making a very unworthy living on the rituals they do not know nor have since self is the owner of the thought[R14]. They go against Gotama's Not-Self right in the second discourse to kick-start the Buddhist Dharma, far away from transcending the Observer to actually know the Not-Self in the Essence of the Right Living / Effort.

To be concrete, let's see the fundamental premise of the "claimed Buddha in Tantric practice": (Tantra: page157)[R14] "... because Buddha’s Tantric instructions on how to transform attachment into the spiritual path are the quick method for abandoning attachment!". It defines (Tantra: page 199) "Mahamudra is the union of great bliss and emptiness" and explains the Theravada 'Nirvana' (Tantra: page 204) with Je Tsongkhapa teachings on the Highest Yoga Tantra at a gross interaction between Physical and Energy for addicted Bliss in faked Emptiness: "... (Tantra: page 205) As the drop ... finally flows down to the tip of the sex organ, the practitioner experiences spontaneous great bliss – the great bliss of completion stage [Copulation]. Because the downward voiding wind is reversed, the drop is not released at this point but flows up again through the central channel, causing the practitioner to experience even greater bliss. For such a practitioner, the drops are never released and so they flow up and down the central channel for a very long time, giving rise to unceasing bliss ... (Tantra: page 210) to generate the bliss that possesses two special qualities we need to gather and dissolve our inner winds within our central channel. Penetrating another’s body means relying upon an action mudra, or consort, and engaging in sexual intercourse."

2.1 Vajrayana-Tantra Challenges

Here are the challenges for all claimed practitioners of Vajrayana-Tantra to demonstrate otherwise, either logically and/or empirically:

  1. The technique by-passes the Detachment-Born - not at conditioned-thought level as done in the preliminary step in all Buddhist traditions but right in the action - so the Grasp-er of 'the Bliss' is already there to turn the practitioners into sex addicts for both male and female practitioners!

  2. The use of thought to move the 'sexual juice' upward and circulate around can transform part of the sexual energy to create some 'expanding' light happiness (not expanding space and expanding consciousness) since the gross feeling of happiness is still there, not yet at the utter Silence of Purity Verifiable Emptiness. Those who know the circulation of Chi/Prana around the body can use thought to circulate the Chi/Prana to induce this experience without the need of copulation. The practitioner knows well the danger of thought at the tip of the sex organ and is advised not to think of it to prevent the danger that the circulated energy may activate the lower part of sexual chakra.

  3. The transformation will never be 100% as proven by first law of thermodynamics so the claimed 100% transformation of sexual juice in Tibetan Kalachakra (Thời Luân) and the addicted unceasing bliss is False! A very advanced living student personally knew this technique with both human and esoteric consorts unknown by most tantric masters. He stopped the exploration, even thought he immediately experienced the 'light and expanding happiness' of not ejaculation. At the point of natural ejaculation, he heard a 'soundless' voice 'it is only that and will inflate your ego!'.

    The copulation[R14] is required for "Dissolution in Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict at the orgasm". This kind of "Dissolution" has "No Insight" into the Emptiness, but addicted to the senses rather than "Naturally Purifying the Senses". Due to natural law in "Empty of the Content" whether that content is "Sexual Drive, Uncontrollable Urge of all kinds, Releasing of Physical Energy, and/or Stresses" - similar to releasing of gas in the body known by all - a feeling of lightness happened. It is the "Wrong Inner Peace" in the case of Vajrayana-Tantra to glorify the mystery of attached senses in their rituals to enforce masters-slaves relationships rather than the high art of courtship - self respect and respect the other - making life easier and happier while solving the necessary conditions of physical / spiritual laws just like the art of cooking and wineries. The enforced attachment is 180-degree opposite to the true spiritual inward movement discovered by many great explorers where Gotama and Jesus were parts since it has "No Detachment-Born" rated by Gotama at the entry level of his first absorption.

    In KhaiPhong, "Detachment-Born" will be scholastically and scientifically exposed (different from superficial Buddhist exposition of Detachment) as the required preparation to avoid the biological trap of SatChitAnanda - Worthy, Consciousness, Bliss causing the failure of Transcendental Meditation in the 1960's 1970's periods[D48] - before PrajnaTIP in Sound well-known in Buddhist Shurangama Sutra[D31] being exposed. In that PrajnaTIP using Sound / Light technology, many will actually experience the "empty of the content / stresses" due to the charming of the "Nothingness or Gotama's seventh absorption" to personally verify the scientific process of the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2]: "Here Sariputra, (1) form is Sunyata Sunyata is form (2) form is not different from Sunyata Sunyata is not different from form (3) form equals Sunyata Sunyata equals form"[R7.5]. Yes, you will be able to "normatively verify" the described process and know the release of stresses and/or "outdated marks", but "Not Addicted to the Aesthetic States" of reversing the process from form to consciousness, accessible by most people in democratizing Gotama's Verifiable Emptiness[D25].

    That is why the entire teaching of the Dalai Lama XIV[R14.1] is conflicting, jumping from sex addiction in "Dissolution" - dressed up in the name of Peace - to "Meditation on Emptiness" at thought level, incapable to pass the Gateway-to-Oneness discovered by Gotama. His "teaching on Buddhist Madhyamaka" in the entire life time has "No Fragrance of Oneness in Nagarjuna 'Ultimate (Wider) Truth'" and totally at conflicting duality[D19.3]. His rational arguments are at indoctrinated ignorant thinking level, incapable to touch "the Nature of Thing-As-It-Is" in unambiguously demonstrated Buddhist Oneness and its scientific challenge to all seekers. For "Meditation on Emptiness" we mathematically and scientifically prove that a conditioned thought (darkness) cannot destroy and/or see other conditioned darkness As It Is. Where is the Oneness in Gotama's nine stages[D19.1] of Verifiable Emptiness?

    We challenge the Dalai Lama XIV, the claimed Dharma King Gyalwang Drukpa XII, all claimed meditation teachers and masters - no matter how many reincarnations you can trace out[R13] - and all scholars specializing in Buddhist Madhyamaka and Consciousness-Only to tell the world if they actually know the "Thing-As-It-Is" on the path from Madhyamaka Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth or from Consciousness-Only Perfected Nature back to the Relative Truth to change their Imaginary Nature closer to the Dependent Nature as explained in Taming The Ox. This is the time for those who know forming circles to effortlessly wipe out all Buddhist professional scam artists[R18.4] to revitalize Gotama's discoveries as a precious Gift to Humanity.

    We want to put this observation on the Internet wall so humanity can see the Truth behind The Dalai Lama XIV's "dissolution and meditation on emptiness".

    This has to be done since the Dalai Lama XIV continues to spread the false doctrine (Teaching in Dharamsala, HP, India from September 7 to 10 2015 and Kalachakra in Bodhgaya, Bihar, India from January 14 to 25 2016) perpetuating the cheating at international level, riding on Gotama's credibility to enslave humanity in their rituals. The same acid test as explained in Taming The Ox - to stand on one's own feet, sharing actual experience in "Thing-As-It-Is" from Conventional Truth to aesthetic state of "There is no god but Allah" or "The kingdom of God is within"[Luke 17:21] - is applicable everywhere to wipe out religious criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] messing up their own lives and the lives of others. The "description" is not the "described"; the actual "DESCRIBED" is beyond word/image at Gotama qualified Mindfulness or "Equanimity", and beyond conditioned thought at "Purity" level.

    Many years later, the student was forced to overcome the biggest hurdle of sexual drive. It is not 'easy' to drop this 'outdated mark' including the entanglements with past partners in both human and esoteric realms. He used the Simulation Technology to re-expose the past clinging events under the light of Prajna and 'Drop' the residual clinging forces via the power of Mindfulness and Prajna as advised by Gotama[D21]. Note that a clinging force cannot be destroyed by another conditioned thought due to the "Self"[R6.2]. It can only be properly managed with Right Mindfulness, and only Prajna can take it off which demands at certain level of state and stock as clearly explained by Krishnamurti[R6.2] of the Inner Order at the utmost Purity state demanded in the Heart Sutra[R2]. The state and stock of Prajna can be cultivable, discovered through the path from "Prajna" back to the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" via Gotama's Verifiable Emptiness[D19.1]. It has to be the light outside the darkness as actually advised by Gotama in Ajita's questions which go right to the root of modern mental health. We later heard story from an esoteric friend to prove that the Gods / Buddhas in higher realms also leak.

  4. We define Emptiness as the State where gross attributes perceived in the shallow stage are naturally dissolved in the deeper stages. This definition puts the highest Tantric 'Bliss and Emptiness' even below the level of Tranquillity Verifiable Emptiness qualified by Gotama and actually described by HuiNeng as the Samadhi-Prajna of Right Mindfulness where its experience will gradually loosen the grips of binding Word/Image which is far beyond all Vajrayana-Tantra literature that enslave practitioners to Word/Image rather than use Word/Image to point to something beyond in Worthy Living. It is definitely far away from Purity Verifiable Emptiness where clinging thought is loosen its grips.

  5. The highest practitioner of Vajrayana-Tantra can enter the Gateway-to-Oneness at the beginning of transcending the Observed[R14.1], but Not the Observer, passing beyond the utter silence of "Purity. It has the same addicted pattern, but far below the transcendental states produced in Christian and Muslim esoteric circles, using aspiration from the Heart with Faith and Swirling.

  6. The highest Vajrayana-Tantra either enslaves practitioners to sex addiction and/or confused philosophers at conditioned thoughts, knowing Nothing about the actual Emptiness discovered by Gotama when one seriously investigates the Dukkha, actually discovers as part of one's innate consciousness the Impermanence and the Emptiness to verify Gotama's Nirvana (Table 1). Its practitioners definitely do not know Beyond-Thought at the Observed, No-Mark on one's Substance once action completed, and Detachment-Born as one's basis for the manifestation of Samadhi-Prajna (Right Mindfulness) to see and act according to 'Thing As It Is'.

The third esoteric dark force has successfully messed up Gotama's discoveries[R14] with the descriptions of what they have stolen from others by first learning a bit at the surface, eliminating the resisting author(s), then skilfully wrapping the 'described' up with word/image and cunning thoughts using the processes and technologies at the superficial level as its trade secrets wrapped over with mystic veils to attract Greedy and Egoistic monks to enforce its extreme hallucination of the 'self'. The same technique is imitated by boosting monks (and all other religious leaders). Due to the Continuity of the Consciousness - the Highest Yoga Tantra deathless about the mental continuum of each and every living being (Tantra: page 185) - many well-known Buddhas and Bodhisattavas are degenerated to the point, not fit to be a person so the nature can neutralize their steaming energy of Greeds and Ignorance. They Must relearn the Essence of the Right Living / Effort.

One can live at the Present Moment according to KhaiPhong Technology of [ Kindness, ComPassion, Joy, Detachment-Born ] in Learning and Doing while cultivating Worthy Relationships and required merits without perpetuating the religious Gate Keepers in their own international cheating clubs. Only the bottom line at the Present Moment relevant to one's existence can count[R23]. The most one can help oneself and others is generating required facilities, environments and opportunities - called PrajnaLand representing both the required infrastructures and cultural aspects - so everyone can be a part to Change oneself and the surroundings of dynamic relationships. That is what we together can do in the Friendly and Compassionate [ Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital ] Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings that may last beyond one's life time.

2.2 Drukpa

Tilopa[D39], [R7] debunks Buddhist training based on "Mindfulness of breathing" and "The Great Frames of Reference", but in agreement with the "Diamond Sutra". We said a "correct natural process" has not been developed since (1) the fundamental issues in Buddhist Samatha and Vipassana have not been naturally solved with a transcendental power to directly access different depths of Verifiable Emptiness, then use that power to observe "Thing-As-It-Is" the "Process of Inner Transformation", (2) the developed processes such as the "Six Yogas of Naropa" and Tantra Kalachakra are Not Effortless, Natural, and Safe. It may require thousands years more from many contributions of dedicated explorers. The answer is now available - from 2017 with PrajnaTIPs which provide "Transcendental Inner Peace" to replace Buddhist Samatha, and "Prajna Cultivation or Process of Inner Transformation" to replace Buddhist Vipassana - riding on the learned mistake from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi[D48] and hard work on Public Relation (PR) contributed by Krishnamurti[R6.2].

Esoterically the writer feels Naropa[D39] might be reincarnated as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to start the Transcendental Meditation©® movement in 1960s - 1970s having supports from his teacher (possible reincarnation of Tilopa, Guru Dev Shankaracharya Brahmananda Saraswati) and The Beatles. If that was the case, Naropa might learn something "Transcendental" - outside the box in dissolving the appearances toward Sunyata Nothingness - from his teacher. Whatever he had discovered by himself in Vajrayana-Tantra such as the "Six Yogas of Naropa" proved that his 'SatChitAnanda' (Sat = Worthy Existence, Chit = Consciousness, Ananda = Bliss) still needs to be revised into 'Emptiness', 'Nothingness'[D48] based on further reflection of 30+ years after "an unworthy sex scandal to say something at the bottom line of Vajrayana-Tantra sex addiction". 'SatChitAnanda' turns into 'SatChitSunyata' when all appearances are dissolved into Sunyata Nothingness then Unmoving Sunyata or "the End of Suffering Dukkha".

Tilopa-Naropa lineage such as the Drukpa - riding on their credibility, polluted by degenerated and unscientific Vajrayana, Tantra and Pure Land to fool the mass toward masters-slaves relationships - had some esoteric supports from the past dark forces to spread something totally different from Gotama scientific process to sabotage his Noble contributions. Their invoked powers including Vajradhara Buddha (Phật Kim Cang Tát Đoả)[R13.1], Amitabha Buddha (Phật A Di Đà)[R5.4] are degenerated and effectively out since 2014. They all do not Know the "Not-Self" in transcending the Observer in their tradition of enforcing masters-slaves relationships, reincarnated according to their Qualities for the Nature neutralizing their addictions in strong stimulants of the senses, grasping power, and cunning behaviours.

The modern Drukpa - under the leadership of Gyalwang Drukpa - can be "scientifically tested" just like one can detect all criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] wearing the masks of religious leaders by subjecting them to the spiritual process of "Taming The Ox" whether they actually know their trails of diving in to utter Silence of "Purity" for an Insight into the Emptiness and the quality of "No Mind Enclosure" on the way out facing daily activities as described in the Heart Sutra[R2] or at the minimum in Krishnamurti Right Effort. The scientific process involves the two following "acid tests" in questions 1 and 2, plus the two other challenges based on question 3 so the World may learn something very concrete and practical from Lý / Trần Opening and Expanding (KhaiPhong) in "Highest Potentiality" according to Human Nature (Nhân Bản) with "Maximum Practicality". The questions were submitted to Gyalwang Drukpa XII, 12 hours before the direct questions-answers period in 14/04/2014 at 9.45 GMT+7. The questions were not posted nor answered but we did hear in this period the statement from Gyalwang Drukpa XII "Buddhism is Not a religion, but the Management of Life" which is the gut of KhaiPhong Technology to scientifically value-add on the 2500+ years of Buddhist actual discoveries, plus proven "technologies" from other organized religions' "cream of the creams" to start the Science of Consciousness in "Making Life Easier and Happier".

Gyalwang Drukpa XII was bounded by Word/Image and Thought introduced by Vajrayana, Tantra and Pure Land, Shamelessly Boosting his effective praying rituals for the dead of the past Vietnamese internal conflicts, "Liberating" the soldiers karmic burdens with his Wisdom, "Purifying" the unfortunates with his Compassion, and then sending them all to Amitabha Pure Land with his Power. Their shamelessly hallucinated acts - after seven years of blah blah blah in colluding with Vietnamese professional scam artists to fool the country at National level - are negative factors to prevent Vietnamese people approaching proven Vạn Hạnh / Lý Công Uẩn Sudden-Breakthrough[R7.1] (Đột Phá) with the Process Insight from Trần Thái Tông[R7.3] "Right Effort and Wrong Effort" actualized by Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4] which will be soon materialized since humanity is at the Right Time of the new Golden-Age cycle much talked about toward the end of 2012.

I like to know if your spreading and practice of the Buddha Dharma consistent and/or expansion with following quotes from Tilopa-Naropa Mahamudra-Upadesa[D39]. Please explain what do you understand about the "quotes" and your technologies and/or solution roadmap for the answers of the questions.

  1. "The real vow of samaya is broken by thinking in terms of precepts"

    Question: Is this "Beyond-Thought" also the solution for 1000's years of chasm between the two most important contributions in Buddhist history, the Nagarjuna Relative Truth / Ultimate (Wider) Truth and the Asanga Dependent Nature / Perfected Nature? If so then "How" to prove that the bitter chasm in the past was due to the ignorance and boosting of all scholars / claimed masters of the two schools who were like Naropa - a Dean of prestigious Nalada University - before learning something from Tilopa?

  2. "The followers of Tantra, [Vajrayana, Pure Land], the Prajnaparamita, The Vinaya, the Sutras, and other religions [ i.e All Rituals and Isms ] - All these, by their texts and philosophical dogmas, Will not see the luminous mahamudra"

    Question: What do you actually experience "the luminous mahamudra" and how that assertion to be reconciled with your claim as the "Dharma King (Pháp Vuong), Wisdom, Compassion and Power"? How is your understanding of the Mahamudra related to the nine meditation stages of Gotama as exposed and recorded in "Verifiable Emptiness" (Cula-sunnata Sutta - MN 121)?

  3. "When trees grow leaves and branches, If you cut the roots, the many leaves and branches wither. Likewise, if you cut the root of mind, The various mental activities will subside"

    Question: What is your solution which is also the solution for Gotama's assertion "Karma flows as a stream. Whatever the streams are in the World, it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna, they are dissolved"? The positive side of the solution is "the Right Understanding and Right Motivation for a Right Effort in Gotama's Noble eightfold Path". Please lay out your road map so we can shed light on the scientific processes of Opening and Expanding (KhaiPhong) according to Human Nature (Nhân Bản).

The science of the consciousness will introduce scientific processes to actualize "the Opening and Expanding (KhaiPhong) according to Human Nature (Nhân Bản)" pioneered by Lý / Trần to turn Gotama discoveries into effective tools of life management via "Right Understanding and Right Motivation for a Right Effort" in all activities of all life styles.

The first question is the challenge to the entire Buddhist communities of monks and nuns in their upside down of Gotama Noble eightfold Path to sabotage his noble contributions to Humanity: (1) [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ] and/or (2) [ "from the cessation of ignorance, volitional activities (Sankhara) cease; from the cessation of volitional activities, consciousness ceases" ] which is a hallucination since everything is Consciousness. In the second question, the word "luminous mahamudra" demonstrated that Tilopa had not reached the Purity state of utter Silence, ready for transcending the self into Infinite Space and Infinite Consciousness toward the Sunyata Nothingness and Unmoving Nirvana, the eye of storm in all creations and activities. Ask yourself "Why". The answer was actually demonstrated by HuiNeng 1000+ years ago that he did not need to repeat from Gotama and/or any one to thoroughly explain the laws of nature according to the Science of Consciousness deeper than any past or present scholar, while further added Values to Gotama's initial discoveries. Under the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong, many can value-add and bring something to the table to prove that Gotama is not cheating humanity as done by most of his monks.

What Gyalwang has Not Recognized - since it is even beyond Tilopa and Naropa - is that the Kindness (mettā - tâm từ) and Compassion (karuṇā - tâm bi) cannot be cultivated at indoctrinated conditioned Word/Image and Thought level since a conditioned at Word/Image and Thought is only the description of something "real" from the "Oneness, Unchanged, Unborn" waiting for actual realization uniquely relevant and manifested through each individual. It is naturally there when there is Prajna where Samadhi-Prajna / Right Mindfulness is effective tool as asserted by Gotama and many great explorers. The state and stock of "Prajna" must be cultivated in actual living. Knowing its scientific process, we can create the Right Conditions to make it happened. Just like water flowing by itself, but knowing discovered natural laws we can use the power of water in "Making Life Easier and Happier". The power of consciousness will be exposed via scientific processes to ride on natural laws for heavy lifting.

Hope you can see the Continuity of the Consciousness and how long it would take with contributions from many dedicated real explorers to pave the Path for something significant to be happened at the Right Time. The Science of Consciousness will establish a solid foundation for everyone's Unique Contribution so others do not need to start from square one while effortlessly weeding out criminals and professional scam artists trying to perpetuate the darkness of masters-slaves relationships, contrary to the laws of Human Nature (Nhân Bản) and its Human Right that they have been parts in thousands years of professional cheating clubs.

We will revitalize the Mahamudra-Upadesa process with proper "Sound" technology from Avalokiteshvara when the time is Right by contrasting (1) the recorded Sound technology in Shurangama Sutra[D31] with (2) the recorded process from Mahamudra-Upadesa, (3) Gotama signed posts in Buddhist recorded nine stages of meditation[D28], [D29], and (4) the Heart Sutra[R2] to enable 1% - 7% human population having direct experience in the Gateway-to-Oneness Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict at higher concentration that many already know via Kindness and Compassion at lighter degree. Since the Kindness and Compasion are "so light", one is not addicted nor having sufficient Right Mindfulness / Samadhi-Prajna that religious criminals and scam artists have been using their "Big Mouths" at lip services with their indoctrinated Word/Image and Thought, messing up billions lives of others in thousands years of human dark periods.

The "Sound / Light" technologies we introduce is just an initial touch at the surface of available Ancient Hidden Technologies which have been veiled by the dark esoteric forces 60,000+ man years to enslave humanity and others to serve their egoistic Greed, Ignorance and Pride. These dark forces were so clever to lock one's Highest Potentiality into imaginary binding Word/Image and Clinging Thought which have nothing to do with Actuality of the Living. Their criminal and scam servants - through frictional creations of organized religions, politicians in all isms and banking systems - rob the Maximum Practicality of thriving communities via cheating and selling what they do not have nor know while forcing people serving them as masters. Physically, it has been demonstrated that Sound can levitate things, boil water, generate Sacred Geometry in harmonious / aesthetic forms conducive to Higher Living, and a possibility of Free Energy for the World. More power then Sound / Light is the Consciousness Technologies via "Mind / Thought" from the deep layer of Samadhi-Prajna that can travel faster than light, create Vortex Portal for teleportation. Esoterically, through the vibration of the Heart, one can channel cosmic energy to help people and the environment one a part. If the Drukpa does not have the road map nor the know-how then Join Us to make the Right time sooner.

2.3 Dalai Lama XIV

Let's look at (1) "Nagarjuna Madhyamaka and the Fourfold Truth", (2) the "Dissolution and Meditation on Emptiness", and (3) "Kalachakra" advocated by the Dalai Lama XIV. (1) In "My Own Words - An Introduction to My Teachings and Philosophy" he wrote:

In order to understand these four [noble] truths, it is necessary to recognize that they are rooted in two other truths - namely relative and absolute truths. At the level or relative truth, this and that, I and other ... each seems to have an independent existence of its own. But from the view point of absolute truth, every object and every being is found to exist only in dependence on other existing entities.

With this perception comes the understanding of the ultimate mode of existence - namely, the complete absence of independent or inherent isolated existence of anything whatsoever. This ultimate nature of phenomena is called emptiness, ... "

A condition in Relative Truth cannot break its perception "self" to know something outside the box of 'Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict' called Absolute / Ultimate (Wider) Truth since this "Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Emptiness" is on the plane of TRUTH from the perspective of all involved parties called [ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience ], perpendicular to the duality plane of the event. It must come from Intensity of Attention to be beyond thought as discovered by Krishnamurti[R6.2] to have an "Insight into the Emptiness" messed up by Buddhist professional scam artists[R18.4] claiming to know what they do not know and to see what they do not see[D19.3]. The higher/deeper one can be on this plane of TRUTH the wider perspective one can see the event As-It-Is and strategic position to change/influence the event toward What Count[R23]. If one has that experience, one can describe the optimum condition for that experience. Since the manifestation of the Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Emptiness in relative Truth is conditioned, one should be able to describe the outcomes of this manifestation[D28], [D29] and other "Watch Out", not falling in the cracks of self hallucination. The process has been described by Gotama in his "Verifiable Emptiness"[D17] and the Heart Sutra[R2] in the "flowing depth of Prajna". No one in the entire history of Buddhist Sangha can see this integrated Thing-As-It-Is according to natural laws of Dependent Nature.

Depending on achievable depth in "Insight into the Emptiness", the outcomes from "Dependent Nature" of manifested existence via all activities can be measurable based on hard facts either as (1) pure Imagination leading to Suffering Dukkha, (2) the degree of normative Right in Plan >< Execution >< Feedback from facts to measure the outcome of "Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha", and (3) the lasting value according to Natural Laws applicable to anywhere any time, Making Life Easier and Happier. Applying fact-based measurable conditioned existence, we effortlessly wipe out Buddhist scam process of [Dharmakaya (Truth body / manifested God or Allah), Sambhogakaya (Enjoyment body), and Nirmanakaya (Manifestation body)] claimed by / assigned to any professional scam artist in master-slaves relationships since one is only a part of the Whole - whether that one is a Buddha, Gotama, Jesus, Christ, Allah - and there is only a probability in the outcome of any event as asserted and scientifically verifiable in Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra[R7].

Please see the sabotage of the third esoteric force to turn the entire Buddhist Sangha created by Gotama upside-down, 180-degree in opposite direction of actual living to know Dukkha and its solution Nirvana via transcending both the Observed to actually know Impermanence and the Observer to actually know the Not-Self. It bypasses Gotama's Verifiable Emptiness[D19.1] that is Beyond Though, "Thing As It Is in Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" via the Noble eightfold Path into a conditioned-thought. It has not - up to 2017 - delivered the conditions leading from Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth, nor able to describe the outcome of touching the Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Oneness then getting back to the Relative Truth of Duality. This shows the Reality of the Dalai Lama and his "Wrong Effort" in selling what he does not know nor have. He - just like many other scholars and monks not passing the Gateway-to-Oneness - continues to perpetuate thousands years of bitter chasm between the two significant angles (Madhyamaka and Consciousness-Only) discovered by / transmitted to real explorers. This third esoteric force stole the technologies of Sound / Light and Consciousness from others in the higher realms that they only know at the surface. We can prove this statement in contrasting the Verifiable Emptiness described by Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva in Shurangana Sutra[D31] - not yet deliverable - against Gotama recorded Verifiable Emptiness[D28], [D29] that he personally proved at different locations[D25].

First, the Fourfold Truth is verifiable fact, not logically possible based on "the Blinds touching Elephant" about Relative Truth and Ultimate (Wider) Truth of Nagarjuna Madhyamaka as exposed by the Dalai Lama[R12] where the Noble eightfold Path is Gotama's model/process to verify his discoveries. It is observable, testable and achievable from Dukkha to Nirvana (Table 1), relevant to actual daily living as the outcome of Gotama's Inner Quest for a Worthy Existence. Second, Gotama's solutions for moving from Dukkha to Nirvana - Impermanence and Not-Self known as the second and third Seals of the Consciousness - are do-able actual processes to personally verify the 'Emptiness' in the Essence of the Right Effort. The process activates one's Wholesome Mind and revitalize one's natural Mirror System where beyond-thought Awareness is available to know the source of thought or signals from the senses, together with the state of one's being to properly manage one's realities and/or normatively allocate available resources to What Count[R23].

Nagarjuna's Ultimate and Relative/Conventional Truths are only the description of what he had a glimpse of 'Thing As It Is' in Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict. He had not discovered the actual mechanic behind the process, similar to the "Intensity of Attention" picked up by Krisnamurti without scientifically knowing it is the mechanism to solve 1000+ years of Buddhist Chasm between Madynamaka and Consciousness-Only, between dynamic interactions of Not-Self and Self, between "Huu Niem / Vo Niem in Gotala's "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" or HuiNeng "Samadhi-Prajna", leading toward Right Effort[R7.3] or Wrong Effort. His glimpse about 'Insight of Emptiness' does not come from the thought of negating the self - at conditioned thought as understood by the Dalai Lama XIV - but from his Intensity of Attention, recently picked up by Krishnamurti[R6.2].

The entire Buddhist Sangha is tricked into the mental exercise of imaginary utopia while neglecting the practical actualities such as the 'Verifiable Emptiness'[D17] for naturally reborn and rejuvenation, being slaves to those skill in stealing practical technologies from others and wrapping them up in Word / Image / Thought to sell what they do not know nor have in both human realm as organized religions and in higher realm as the High Priest, the One and Only, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of embodied Compassion and Wisdom.

The real living takes different stance against the meditation on Emptiness as recorded in the highest Tantra[R14.1] by providing actionable technologies to deliver Emptiness at different depths to the practitioner - Not the concept and/or description of Emptiness from those who do not know nor have as evidenced in many Buddhist Mahayana texts coming from an esoteric dark force[D8]. Force all scholars, monks / nuns, and Buddhists deliver the described - such as Emptiness, ComPassion, Prajna, Right Mindfulness, Right Inner Peace, etc - not the description of what they do not know nor have. Same thing is applicable to 'Love' - repeated at word/image levels in the entire history of the Roman Catholic Church - that most, including popes and priests, do not know nor have 'Love'.

(2) The Dalai Lama 'In My Own Words'[R14.1] Chapter 10 - Understanding Emptiness, page 163

But as we are concerned here with tantric practices, the appearance of the object is recommended to be withdrawn.

We can start this practice in either of two ways: We can first dissolve all appearances and then meditate on emptiness, or first meditate on emptiness and then dissolve all appearances of the objects".

The suggested technique is (1) identifying what is negated, (2) reflecting whether an independent self exists ..., things are said to exist only nominally. There is no objective reality.

Understanding Emptiness, pages 163, 165, and 167

Without entering the gateway to "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" - having Detachment-Born as the required preparation step, Emptiness (the State where gross attributes perceived in the shallow stage are naturally dissolved in the deeper stages) is Not There. We prove without any doubt that the Dalai Lama XIV has not passed even the Gateway-to-Oneness. What he talks about Emptiness is only the description of his "[ indoctrinated conditioned thinking / the Known / Binding Word-Image and Clinging Thought / Sở Tri Chướng ]". Note that the state of mind in entering the "Gateway to Oneness" is conditioned and appropriate conditions for that sudden breakthrough are changing so even one is not stable one still can describe that Sudden Breakthrough due to the know-how of actual experience. We, therefore, challenge the Dalai Lama XIV to describe his actual experience - even at the sudden breakthrough known as Krishnamurti's Intensity of Attention - in moving from Nagarjuna Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth to expose whether he is or is not a professional scam artist[R18.4]. No one in the entire history of Buddhist Sangha has clearly defined this state which will be delivered to the mass in daily living environment.

Applying HuiNeng's qualification for a meditation (dhyana): 'to be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana, and to attain Inner Peace is Samadhi', meditation on the emptiness is Not meditation since it does not have the embedded Transcendental State. The Dissolution of appearances and Insight into the Emptiness is one process, not two separate processes as taught in tantric practices. Esoterically, the meditation on emptiness in the Highest Tantra is a transmission from an esoteric dark force in higher realms that they only had a glimpse at the surface, stolen from others and used their skillful words to paint a picture according to their imaginations. This pattern is applicable to most monks / nuns and claimed enlighten masters[R5.3], [R5.4], [R13.1]. We can prove this statement by mathematically touching the main implementations of this One Process - between dissolution of appearances and Emptiness - on the plane of TRUTH perpendicular to the plane of duality of the event, while waiting for the Right Time of proper implementations.

Let's have a peak into Avalokiteshvara technology, not only at the Sound level as asked by the Infinite-Thought Bodhisattva in Saddharma-pandarika for a switching button from noisy activities to utter Silence but at a deeper level of ComPassion in the invisible Sunyata and its "Mind / Consciousness" Technologies. It turns out that this is an integrating technology, connecting the two reversed directions to Emptiness - the direction from Verifiable Emptiness enabling the natural force does the heavy lifting (PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light) and the direction of the Ultimate (Wider) Truth - transcending outer phenomena - not at the thought level of 'meditation in Emptiness and/or nihilism of Not-Self' But by the released built-up physical and mental energy (Cultivable Prajna in Activity)[R14.1]. With deeper and sufficient accumulation of the Right Inner Peace in both directions to Emptiness, the technology - PrajnaTIP in Kindness - is an empirical verification of the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] in daily living activities. It is Transcendental in Emptiness for natural Fresh and Rejuvenation of 'HonNhien', far beyond the thought level within the conditioned box of an esoteric dark force. Only through the depth of Sunyata, the power of "Mind / Consciousness" can make things happened for easier and happier life, worthy of one's existence.

Vajrayana usually relies on various Tantric techniques and commentaries / treatises. Tantra is defined as an inner realization that functions to prevent ordinary appearances and conceptions, forcefully into a state of "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict". Ritual is a major part of Vajrayana and Tantra. There is nothing wrong with "Ritual" since it is an intimate part of any organizational culture. What wrong are "cheating rituals" from criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] of organized religions in their tracked records of thousands years and billions lives in unnecessary sufferings, selling what they do not know, nor have to enslave the victims for their hidden agendas that harm themselves and the aggregate communities. It is absolutely necessary to separate the mean from the target so the mean can be dropped and managed under invisible / helping hand of economics, while the target can be enhanced by discovering related natural laws that everyone can be a part.

(3) Dalai Lama XIV is a reputable practitioner of Vajrayana and Tantra. It is unfortunate for a leading monk wearing Buddhist robe and spending devoted life not in cultivating the Quality of Consciousness to actually know Gotama Verifiable Emptiness[D25], then explain to the World and/or enable others experience this reproducible Truth (Thing As It Is) that there is No Chasm between the two most significant Buddhist contributions - Nagarjuna Madhyamaka and Asanga Consciousness-Only - generated by claimed monks and egoistic scholars who had not passed the gateway to "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict". Using set theory and Krishnamurti contribution to the Humanity Nature of Mind and his solution to the Psychological Suffering[R6.3], we logically explain consistent Thing-As-It-Is between Madhyamaka and Consciousness-Only in Self / Not-Self Awareness. It is a part of required certification in "Taming The Ox" for the process of implementation that all qualified Budh Counselors must personally testify and verify their "trails" as what Gotama and Krishnamurti did in their contributions to Humanity.

Here is the "claim of the Dalai Lama XIV" - besides his claim as a reincarnation of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva that we prove her significant degeneration below in her esoteric role with the dark force Lucifer known through the Illuminati New World Order (NWO) to hight light the importance in working of the natural laws - on the efficiency of the Kalachakra ritual as officially recorded in a Kalachakra Initiation:

The initiation to the Kalachakra is one of the most important… because it takes everything into account, the body and the human mind, and the whole external aspect – cosmic and astrological. We firmly believe in its power to reduce conflict and we believe it is capable of creating… peace of spirit and therefore peace in the world" - “Quán đảnh Thời Luân là một trong những điểm đạo quan trọng nhất … vì chúng ta sẽ vận dụng được tất cả các yếu tố như thân và tâm của con người bên trong, cùng với toàn thể môi trường bên ngoài gồm có vũ trụ và thiên văn. Chúng ta có niềm tin vững chắc rằng đại lễ Thời Luân có năng lực giúp giảm thiểu các xung đột và chúng ta cũng tin tưởng rằng Thời Luân còn có khả năng kiến tạo niềm an lạc tinh thần, và qua đó, mang lại hòa bình cho thế giới.” - the Dalai Lama in Levenson’s “The Dalai Lama, A Biography page 229? (I cannot find the exact words as quoted from the official sources)”

organized in Leh, Ladakh, J&K State, India from July 3 – 14, 2014

Versus the working of Natural laws in Making Life Easier and Happier - Paccha-bhumika Sutta: [Brahmans] of the Western Land[D30]:

Suppose a man were to throw a large boulder into a deep lake of water, and a great crowd of people, gathering & congregating, would pray, [saying,] 'Rise up, O boulder! Come floating up,' What do you think: would that boulder ... rise up, or come float to the shore?

Suppose a man were to throw a jar of ghee/oil into a deep water, where it would break. There the jar-fragments would go down, while the ghee/oil would come up. Then a great crowd of people would pray, ... 'Sink, O ghee/oil! Go down, O ghee/oil!' What do you think: would that ghee/oil, because of the prayers, praise of that great crowd of people sink, submerge, or go down?

— SN 42.6 PTS: S iv 311 CDB ii 1336 translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Contrasting the indoctrinated view of Kalachakra organized in Leh, Ladakh, India from July 3 – 14, 2014 to perpetuate Buddhist esoteric masters-slaves relationships in humanity versus the recorded statement 2500+ years ago by Gotama[D30] we demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt the need of understanding and implementations of discovered natural laws in Making Life Easier and Happier. In this 21st century, all elementary students know and can personally explore the power of submarines in further discovering the under-water world. Similarly, here is the Engineering Roadmap of the "Command Centre", bringing to the table all your activities and motivations plus relationships and measurable hard facts at both positive and normative values for rational decisions of What Count[R23], knowing more about You[R10].

Following are the challenges to the Dalai Lama XIV, persistently clinging to the rejuvenation via a mudra [wisdom young/virgin girls] and on his "public claim" to perpetuate the ritual of what he does not know nor have but addicted to - driven by sexual desire - as the above challenges to all claimed practitioners of Vajrayana-Tantra to demonstrate otherwise.

  1. The claim of Kalachakra (Thời Luân) unceasing bliss is False as Proven above.

  2. The understanding and verifiable processes of the Dalai Lama - and of all Buddhists under all traditions and from all countries - must be presented as thesis standing on their actual experience since Emptiness cannot be known in "the meditation of Emptiness at thought level" as taught in voluminous Buddhist "holy" texts. This is what Gotama did in his 45+ years in spreading his Noble discoveries.

  3. Use the practicality of one's innate Buddha Nature - common sense - to contrast side-by-side the claimed thousands years of Buddhism in undisrupted lineages with scholastically proven recorded texts of stories told by Gotama to highlight the Buddha's Practicality against all established cheating rituals with their philosophical dogmas that the esoteric dark forces and their armies of professional scam artists have used to sabotage his precious gifts to humanity.

    We then use discovered technologies in the challenge #2 underlying the glimpse of Buddhist Emptiness as scientific value-adds on the theoretical foundation where discoveries from Gotama and other dedicated explorers up to 2017 can serve as initial technical contributions.

  4. The Outer Wheel of Time in Kalachakra involves only the physical movements of the sun and stars for Greedy Exploitation, not at the wider perspective in Conscious level of intelligent beings having teleportation and inter-realm communication that can explore natural laws in Making Life Easier and Happier toward a "Right Worthy Existence" of "What Count" in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

  5. The Inner Wheel of Time in Kalachakra involves defective understanding of "channels and winds" that we scientifically prove above its false claim of 100% transformation of sexual juice, proven by first and second laws of thermodynamics. We challenge all Tibetan gurus - including the Dalai Lama XIV - to either logically and/or empirically prove otherwise.

  6. The Other Wheel of Time from Kalachakra is an esoteric scam process to enslave its victims in rituals of initiations similar to the demonic and sexual rituals of secret societies well-known in Illuminati New World Order where the criminal bloody Roman Catholic Church[R18.3], [R18.4] is a part in 2000+ years of its history[R20.3], [R20.4].

    It is nowhere near the Inner Circle and circles of inner circles in one's Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings that one is more than ready for the opportunities to Help Others and can count on in one's need in a long path of Consciousness Evolution.

The first Kalachakra claim is far below the Aspiration from the Heart through addicted Faith from Christianity and Islam. Its practice for "rejuvenation of an old man/woman via copulation and sucking energy from a young sex counterpart" is an addiction to the senses, 180-degree in opposite direction from Gotama's "Detachment-Born" of Right Inner Peace. Leaving aside the politics of Kalachakra and the claimed Vajradhara of the Dorje Highest Buddhist Masters[R13.1] between China and Tibet, the practice is an "immoral and criminal exploitation" coming from a feudal system to serve the privileged classes of cheating organized religions and rulers in their masters-slaves relationships. Practically and scientifically, it is far below the "Rejuvenation" via "Transcendental Inner Peace" - extracted from Shurangama Sound technology[D31] - riding on natural laws for heavy lifting to be introduced at the right time.

On the second challenge, we received reported quote from the Dalai Lama XIV on this final day:

It is not enough to repeatedly perform rituals. It is important to study. I recently witnessed a seminar and debate on the Perfection of Wisdom teachings at Likir Monastery ...".

We welcome this "opening door" and invite all taking the trail of Tibetan Buddhism to address these challenges. The reported News is "seemingly an official response" by the Dalai Lama XIV to our challenges, made known to him more than one month before the scheduled ritual. There is no such thing as "a debate of the Perfection of Wisdom [Emptiness]" but scientific exploration at both theoretical and empirical verification as our challenge in "Taming the Ox", publicly directed to the Dalai Lama XIV and all those claimed to teach Nagarjuna Madhyamaka, Asanga Consciousness-Only, as well as scholars and dedicated explorers in Christian Unconditioned Love and Islam Devotion to Allah.

In the third challenge, the Dalai Lama responded:

there are different views as to when the Buddha first gave the Kalachakra Empowerment. Buton Rinchen Drub stated that he gave it twelve months after his enlightenment in the third month of the year. Taktsang Lotsawa and Khedrup Norsang Gyatso on the other hand, also great Kalachakra scholars, state that he gave it in the year before his passing away.

Here is an opening door to detect the real explorer and "impostors" via scientific investigations at both theoretical and empirical verification that through the manifestation of Illuminati NWO, many know the influences in all organized religions by the esoteric dark forces. Your personal valuation is inevitable without waiting for a verdict from claimed monks and scholars not passing Gotama gateway to "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict". This "practicality and Prajna / Wisdom" can be directly and scientifically contrast with the claimed three Kalachakra (the Wheel of Time) in its esoteric scam process of degenerated dark forces.

The fourth challenge on the outer wheel of Kalachakra is about observable physical stars which cannot be comparable with modern telescopes and its understanding of the Universe, versus the Science of Consciousness in inter-realm communications and collaborations. This is similar to the earth with its physical components and evolution where Consciousness and Intelligence are embedded in all intelligent beings. Humanity plays a very unique role for the benefits of One and the environment in its Right or Wrong Effort. Similarly, there are other intelligent beings out there and in different realms of Consciousness Evolution that we esoterically know and that one can have inter-realm Inner Circle and circles of inner circles in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, well-known in the degenerated Wrong Efforts in Illuminati New World Order driving secret societies and criminal organized religions.

The Inner Wheel - fifth challenge - is primitive and boosting in its claim of sexual transformation, incomparable to one's Consciousness container where Gotama / HuiNeng Right Mindfulness and Prajna can be Aware at the source of Thought or at Volition / Free Will / Sankhara level to properly manage one's Realities with possibility to wipe out outdated Marks in "Opening and Expanding - KhaiPhong" according to Human Nature. This is our "acid test" to the Dalai Lama XIV and all explorers claimed to teach / understand HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna, Asanga Consciousness-Only, Nagarjuna Madhyamaka, the (real) Jesus Good Samaritan and Unconditioned Love, Gotama Right Mindfulness and Prajna in his advice to Ajita's questions.

With the selfish motivation at its source in the sixth challenge, the professional scam artists wrapped their darkness of Greed and sexual addiction with the mysterious "Emptiness and Compassion" at Word level of complex imagination processes that they do not know nor have to fool the world and themselves in thousands years. They have no power nor sincerity from the True Hearts to influence the aggregate (World) Peace with the individual peaceful contributions. Most recently in 2011, they fooled the Transcendental Meditation whose process has some solid scientific foundation to let them play the politics of blah blah blah to perpetuate the darkness of rituals on humanity. This army of professional scam artists can instantaneously become front line soldiers of Conscious Living if they take the Path of the True Heart, having minimum honesty to turn away from the ignorance of outdated Marks with the light of Prajna at their own individual level, innate within the Buddha Nature.

Only on the Path of the True Heart with minimum honesty to be "At Home" without undue influences from not valid public opinions, Tibetan monks and nuns can shift their efforts to discover the technologies riding on Natural laws for heavy lifting - similar to the Transcendental Meditation - to personally verify the Nagarjuna Inside-Out from Relative Truth to Ultimate (Wider) Truth with insight into the Emptiness. Same thing is applicable to Asanga Outside-In for the infusion of the Perfected Nature to drive the Imaginary Nature toward the Dependent Nature "As It Is". The two processes - inside out and outside in - are known as the "Opening and Expanding / KhaiPhong" according to Human nature where natural laws can be discovered to deepen and widen the scientific processes for clearing "Outdated and Tainted Marks" distorting the sense consciousnesses. When most people can accept "Thing As It Is" according to Human Nature where sex is a part for majority to be properly managed, the reincarnation of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi may be ready again with his lineage - as sensed by the writer - to continue his contributions, especially the revitalization of Ayurveda and Natural levitation from the Hindu discoveries to humanity.

Here is the final note in the above quote from the Dalai Lama XIV "The main focus of tantric practice is the completion stage (Copulation), but what we really have to concentrate on is developing the awakening mind of bodhichitta and our understanding of emptiness. To realise the higher stages, we have to build on a firm basis".

See for yourself "the Reality of the awakening mind of bodhichitta and the Dalai Lama XIV's understanding of the emptiness" in conditioned thinking with no freshness whatsoever from the Oneness that most monks in the entire history of Buddhist Sangha cannot touch.

His entire teaching on "the awakening mind of bodhichitta and meditation on emptiness" is not only at conditioned thought "but Also in Grasping" of what he does not know nor have, totally contrary to the first stage of Gotama's Right Inner Peace, imitating the degeneration of all isms attempting to enslave humanity. That is why he knows nothing about the "Gateway to Oneness", the second stage of Gotama's Right Inner Peace before reaching the Gotama's qualified Mindfulness.

Grasping is the key hurdle to most intelligent beings due to the preservation of the "Self" for its worthy existence. Remember "Self" is the owner of the thought: 'Cogito Ergo Sum' - 'Je pense donc je suis' - 'I think, therefore I am'. The "Then What" will force all scholars of Nagarjuna Madhyamaka and Asanga Consciousness-Only to actually know the Ultimate (Wider) Truth and/or Perfected Nature. It is commonly known as "Greed" that narrows down one's scope of worthy existence in the zero-sum game, pushing and pulling one and the environment where the one plays a significant role in opposite direction of "The Essence of the Right Living", generating unnecessary sufferings for one and others. For example, one of the driving force under the New World Order is to force Humanity toward its Fascism all under the control of the Lucifer without any hesitation to wipe out billions people under its population control and the "disciplined normality" of who has the right to live.

See for yourself the importance of "Kindness and Compassion" in a wider perspective of [ 1 + 1 > 2 ] that one must have from the true Heart beyond all philosophies and religions. Now let's contrast the Dalai Lama XIV "awakening mind of bodhichitta and meditation on the emptiness" with Shen-Hsiu gradual cultivation "This body is the Bodhi-tree, The mind is like a mirror bright; Take heed to keep it always clean And let not dust collect upon it" you can immediately see the presence of "Detachment-Born" (qualified from Gotama's first Jhana) and natural "Intensity of Attention" (discovered by Krishnamurti, 180-degree different from fixation in any utopia / word / image / thought of an ism) in Shen-Hsiu versus the Dalai Lama understanding of Madhyamaka Relative Truth and Ultimate (Wider) Truth at conditioned and grasping thinking in this entire life time. Only with "Detachment-Born and Effortless Intensity of Attention" the gradual cultivation can break the crust of self to enter the "Gateway to Oneness" for a sudden Awaken then Awakening.

The more one grasps the less space/room one has to be Aware of something beyond - outside the box - to really know Who One Is in both strength and weakness in one's continuous Learning and Doing since only at the presence one can change one's Quality of the Consciousness in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. That is why "Detachment-Born" and "Empty of the contents" are pre-qualified by natural laws ("Transcendental Relaxation") before entering the "Gateway-to-Oneness". The contrast spells out the significant Insight from the first king of Vietnamese Trần dynasty Trần Thái Tông[R7.3] together with its scientific implementation from Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4] between the razor-sharp Right Effort and Wrong Effort (hữu niệm / vô niệm) that most people / priests / monks / nuns cannot touch.

The Dalai Lama is not qualified by HuiNeng as a Budh Counselor since he knows nothing about Transcendental State of Dissolution. Just like most of his peers and claimed infallible leaders from other organized religions, incapable to differentiate between "Grasping in Concentration and Rituals" via indoctrination in Word/Image and Thought versus "Intensity of Attention" discovered by Krishnamurti, capable to "Dissolve the content" whatever the content it is - exactly as stated in the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] - for required rejuvenation and freshness commonly known as Gotama's Verifiable Emptiness, Jesus's Kingdom of God from within, Nagarjuna's Ultimate (Wider) Truth, Asanga's Perfected Nature, XuanZang's Consciousness of the Consciousness, and HuiNeng's Self-Nature.

That is the Truth behind The Dalai Lama XIV's "dissolution and meditation on emptiness".

It is even more significant if we investigate Thing-As-It-Is according to the working of natural laws in Consciousness contributed by Buddhist Consciousness-Only. Due to pattern attachment clinging to the seventh consciousness, rituals gently indoctrinate one deeper into the narrow scope of perception, dull one's Alertness (whatever level of mindfulness boosted by Buddhist monks / nuns) and Awareness - called the State and Stock of Prajna - to induce degeneration in one's Quality of the Consciousness, exactly as explained by Gotama according to the laws of nature[D30]. That is the Truth behind frequent Karl Marx quote about "Religions", and the Plain Truth from Jesus's Parable of the Good Samaritan[R16].

In "Taming The Ox" we lay out required contents of scientific thesis so everyone actually passing the above trails can contribute. So do the contributions of others trails toward the Gateway-to-Oneness: Christian Faith, Islam Faith and Swirling, Chi/Prajna Kung-Fu, Transcendental Meditation and Natural Levitation, Gotama Tranquillity second stage of Right Samadhi. In this community Public Hall - especially with introductions of innovative consciousness technologies riding on natural laws for heavy lifting - the role of "Verifiable Emptiness"[D7] in the difference between Gotama's Mindfulness and Prajna for managing one's outdated Marks will be bubbled up, "Making Life Easier and Happier" in one's present and wider-perspective Worthy Existence.

The essence of the matter is that one's Mind - at its current state - has both tainted outdated Marks and aspiration/inspiration to expand its Consciousness that the dark forces trying to control the mind through binding Word/Image and clinging Thought in spreading their divisional influences as known under all isms and organized religions. The actual solution has been discovered 2500+ years ago through "Detachment-Born" and Natural Purification via "Verifiable Emptiness[D7]", and value-added by many such as Lý / Trần KhaiPhong / Opening and Expanding according to Human Nature (Nhân Bản) in daily activities from all life styles under all cultures. We now not only have correct Path - the Path of the True Heart - but also scientific technologies riding on natural laws for heavy-lifting toward Lasting Values according to Human Nature which recognizes the differences among people, but there is no difference in having the Right and Aspiration for some happiness, avoiding unnecessary sufferings.

There are evidences of esoteric influences and using human realm as a place to compete against one another[R20], [R20.3], [R20.4]. Hindu, Buddhist Vajrayana-Tantra, Pure Land, Christian, Muslim came from this influence in a more or less Master-Slave relationships. Through the orchestration of the Higher Esoteric Circle, the AwakeningBudh Movement found its new soil in Human Realm. Gotama started this movement with Right Relationship of Self Respect and Respect Others since the 'Buddha Nature' is innate in everyone. Dhyana (Thiền, Zen, Chan) and its variations in both Theravada and Mahayana are unique to Gotama while others (Pure Land, Vajrayana and Tantra) are adapted from middle realms to human realm. In directly contrasting scientific facts picked up by Gotama against current practices of all Buddhist sects in all countries we show subtle sabotages to change 'Thing As It Is' beyond Thought from Gotama's discoveries into within-the-box master-slave relationships of 'self - personal glorification' rejected right from Gotama's second Sermon on "Not-Self".

The technique of esoteric saboteurs is the same as that used in monotheism in binding the mass (slaves) to clinging 'Word / Image / Thought' enforced in Fear such as 'Word was GodJohn1:1 (Amitabha's Vows or the power of Vajrayana's Rituals). The approach strongly activates the Belief Engine of the left brain in the False Positive[R9] of what they - claimed [Buddha / Bodhisattva / God] - said is Real when it is Not. We will use the inter-realm communication via channeling for Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva - similar to Channeling[R20], [R20.1], [R20.2] commonly known as Extra-Terrestrials (ET) and spacecraft - personally witnessed by many to show both esoteric and exoteric criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] messing up their own lives and the lives of billions peoples in unnecessary sufferings.

3. Pure Land and Meditation

Buddhist Pure Land devoted to Amitabha Amitayus Buddha[D37], the Buddha of Infinite Light and Infinite Life, has taken the same theology as the monotheism without going into the extreme of forceful implementation that 'It Is The Only Way'; there is No Other Way as in Christian / Muslim. Many advocates of Buddhist Pure Land believe that Amitabha Pure Land is a Space having no Sufferings, living Forever until becoming a Buddha. One should rely on the Amitabha Buddha's 48 vows, made it possible for all who call upon him to be reborn into this land, undergoing instruction by him in the Dharma and ultimately become Bodhisattvas and Buddhas. From there, these same bodhisattvas and buddhas return to our world to help yet more people. In Amitabha Pure Land, one can listen to water, winds, birds, etc, singing the Dharma of Impermanence and Sunyata, the connected two Seals formulated by Gotama in logical process to solve the stated Issue Dukkha toward the solution of Nirvana that together form the Four Seals of Buddhist Dharma to qualify a 'Buddhist' according to Gotama.

See for yourself how 'cunning mind' can turn the 'Right' into the 'Wrong' ('promised Right' at painted word and thought) to exploit others in the master-slave relationship rather than the Right Relationships of Gotama or more specifically the natural relationship of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings. Adopting that theology (paradise in monotheism god, having all desired satisfied), Amitabha Pure Land subtly sabotages Gotama's Discoveries and contradicts itself with a qualified Buddhist - defined as a Good Person consciously manifesting the Four Seals of Budh Dharmna or simply exploring the proven scientific knowledge. Amitabha Pure Land is wholeheartedly supported by professional scam monks / nuns asserting on what they do not know nor personally verified in a hope that they can gain the status of gatekeepers that Roman Catholic Priests have enjoyed for thousands years. They basically violate Gotama ethical codes "Not Lying - Musà vàdà veramanì - Tránh xa sự nói dối".

  1. The core foundation of Budh Dharma is the Dependent Nature of existence. Any manifested phenomenon such as Amitabha Buddha, his Bodhisattvas, Pure Land together with all manifested objective and subjective worlds in Amitabha Buddha Pure Land have the beginning and the end. Living 'Forever' (Infinite Life - Amitāyus) as the claimed Absolute / Forever God in monotheism is contradictory to the Budh Dharma and Inconsistent with scientific knowledge, proven in the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the generation of entropy of all manifested things. This point is also logically proven by Buddhist Nagarjuna that the manifestation of 'Unconditioned' in conditioned existence is conditioned, and besides Living, there is No other Absolute.

  2. Prajna to see and act according to "Thing As It Is (Tathagata)" can only manifest in Actual Living beyond thought. Listening to the Dharma in either from Pure Land and/or directly from Amitabha Buddha, his Bodhisattvas, etc, is at the Thought Level, subjected to the conditioned boxes of all involved parties. Thought without Actual Living for Performance Review is only a theory having No Empirical Verification, and easy to be hallucinated since it is totally within the box of the conditioned. Listening to the Dharma without the Perfected Nature (Parinishpanna) and its role in making a difference between the Imaginary Nature (Parikalpita) and the Dependent Nature (Paratantra), that within-the-box listening is pure imagination, never going outside the box of conditioned existence. It is a form of religious indoctrination, a hard-earned lesson in human dark period, far below the Beyond Word and Thought (Vô Tướng).

  3. Due to Dukkha - under both "Suffering Dukkha" and "Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha" from "Wrong Effort and "Right Effort", one always needs some source of Aspiration and Share that source of Aspiration with others. Using Faith and Sound of "Amitabha / Jesus / Buddha / God / Allah" can directly enter the state of Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict to infuse the Natural Purification into a "Transcendental Inner Peace". It is the target of "Natural Purification" from Oneness that counts, not the mean taking one to the target. Without the Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ) which implies No-Mark (Vô Vết), one can be easily hallucinated as the case of religious fanatics of human past records, scientifically proven by Consciousness-Only[D35] in the seventh consciousness of the Grasp-er (Grahaka) and the Grasped (Grahya) or the serial process of the left brain, and empirically verifiable at the Right Time with deliverable solutions via [ ComPassion, Detachment-Born, HonNhien, Prajna ] from KhaiPhong Technology.

  4. "Natural Purification" cannot come from indoctrinated habit of praying and/or praying and using the calming beads at conflicting duality level as advocated by criminals and professional scam artists from all organized religions, nor from meditation on "Emptiness / the "Holy Name of Amitabha / Jesus / Buddha / God / Allah" at thought. It only comes from "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict / The Kingdom of God" where gross attributes are naturally dissolved at deeper state moving toward "Sunyata Nothingness" where all appearances are dissolved in the Emptiness as described by Gotama, HuiNeng, the Heart Sutra[R2]. Hence, "praying is a private matter and there is No Gatekeepers playing the role of Messengers and Tax Collectors".

  5. Where is the Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ) of the first observable attribute of Right Samadhi that one can cultivate Right Now, loosening the Grips of binding words including 'Amitabha Pure Land' as analyzed by Vasubandhu[D19.1] in his 'structure of word' in the Equanimity of Right Samadhi, loosening the Grips of clinging thoughts including the thought of being reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha at the Purity of Right Samadhi, being beyond all conditioned thoughts in Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness, and Sunyata Nothingness right at the Present Moment to be delivered by KhaiPhong Technology.

  6. Using the two attributes of Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm)[D12] (1) Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ), (2) Awareness beyond thought (Vô Tướng), as actually recorded from Gotama, one can immediately see the issues of Pure Land theorists[R5.4]: (1) advocating Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ), yet the whole life is toward the Grasp-er (Grahaka) and the Grasped (Grahya) of Amitabha Pure Land, the source of all Sufferings as proven by Buddhists Asanga and Vasubandhu Consciousness-Only[D35] that all modern persons can logically understand, (2) no Awareness Beyond Thought (Vô Tướng) whatsoever in within-the-box conditioned Teaching.

  7. There is no need to bind oneself to the words Amitabha and thought of being reborn in Pure Land to be Detachment-Born and Emptiness in the future while one devotes all efforts to the opposite direction of Detachment-Born and Emptiness at the Present Moment. This kind of nonsense from religious fanatics and confused philosophers has been mathematically proven in optimization theory, used in launching a rocket to its target that the optimization in any instant moment will lead to the overall optimization of the trajectory where unexpected winds and storms (of karmic forces) are unavoidable. No common-sense person falls into this childish trap of religious fanatics.

  8. To expose both esoteric and exoteric criminals / professional scam artists, let's contrast Amitabha Amitayus's Vows and Operation against the well-known Christ Hoax[R18.4] set up by the Roman Catholic Church[R18.3] through its claimed "Redeemer" to raise up both the soul and body of its followers. Both schools assert the preferential treatment solely based on faith (sola fide) and not the "works of natural laws"[R17.1]; the first operation is carried out by Avalokiteshvara Boshisattva instead of the claimed Infallible Pope[R18], [R18.1], [R18.2],. This was exactly suggested by an Archbishop during the voting process of the present Pope Francis that God should give the "infallibility right" to an angel - just like Amitabha's process - so it can last a little longer. Tracing Illuminati movement and its secret societies to debunk the Catholic Christ Hoax, the Lucifer movement claimed to (1) assist the human discovery of evolution, scientifically presented as a viable alternative to the creation theory; (2) instigate the proof of reincarnation and continuity of the consciousness instead of one life and waiting for the judgement day of the claimed creator; (3) raise one's soul - not the physical rotten dead body - to be part (forever slave) of its group.

    Lucifer has partially and convincingly debunked the Catholic Christ Hoax. But due to Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes, the Lucifer and involved parties (Amitabha-Amitayus and Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva were active parts) have been significantly degenerated to learn their own lessons according to natural laws. This is similar to the thesis of capitalism and anti-thesis of communism; both are driven by "Greed and Personal Glorification". All manifestations and duality need the "Synthesis" for Rejuvenation and Reborn from the "Oneness / Unity", adaptable to the changing (viparinama-dukkha) and conditioned (sankhara-dukka) existence. That is why once the "dissolving via empty of the contents" for the "natural purification" of the senses are known by the mass, innovations for "breakthroughs" in all conditioned and changing manifestations will happen in domains touched by these agents of changes.

    We request those who knew the Vietnamese Channeling for Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva and her Associates make public what you witnessed and think about Inter-Realm Communications and Collaborations. It is very important to sort out the Actualities of Inter-Realm Dependent Nature in the Essence of Right Living and the past masters-slaves relationships, executed by both esoteric and exoteric criminals and professional scam artists in major organized religions whose tracked records have been publicly and widely exposed by Human Conscience via Internet.

    To drive Home the importance of discovering natural laws in Making Life Easier and Happier versus cheating rituals to enslave humanity for thousands years, here is the claimed reincarnation of Avalokiteshvarta Bodhisattva through the Dalai Lama XIV in his claimed efficiency of the Tibetan Kalachakra ritual versus Gotama's "the works of natural laws"[D30]. See for yourself exoteric criminals and professional scam artists - being slaved to their esoteric masters - wearing the masks of religious leaders messing up their own lives and the lives of billions people in the past dark human history.

    The Dalai Lama XIV together with other religious leaders all talk about Peace / Love / Compassion from the sources of their boiling Inner Conflict - Outer Conflict, cheating humanity for many thousands years. Their "Virtues" are conflicting "inside" within their own sects and denominations, and "outside" in destroying others since they are all grasping the changing (viparinama-dukkha) and conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) manifestations without touching the "Oneness - the source of all manifestations - known by all organized religions only at Word/Image and conditioned Thought. Is it the time to "revitalize" the proven discoveries of many great explorers and the working of natural laws about this Oneness ?.

Praying to 'Amitabha' has been deeply conditioned as in the counterparts Christian Sacraments (Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, Death, Holy Communion, Holy Orders, Reconciliation). Pure Land theorists argue in their conditioned box that listening to the 'Self Nature' Amitabha can help one recognize one's 'Self Nature'. This is absurd! One can just listen to one's 'Buddha Nature', and if possible help others who may have their own issues exactly as all of us, recognized and driven by the 'Buddha Nature' having a sense of an Agent to have 'Right Relationships' among 'Worthy Guests / Friends' in their own Inner Circles and circles of inner circles. The Sound of "Amitabha / Jesus / Allah" can be dissolved into the "Oneness / the Kingdom of God from Within" to deliver what all organized religions known only at the description of Word / Image anf Thought levels[R7.5].

One of the biggest Fear is the Fear of Death. Amitabha Pure Land - imitating the Christ Hoax[R18.4] and Redeemer from criminal Roman Catholic Church[R18.3] - enforces different heavy brick wall of faith[R7.5] (Sola Fide different from the fanatic Christians and Muslims) to eliminate all diversities of living (which is impossible, going against natural laws of evolution embedded in each [ Buddha Nature / Conscience ] knowing the Right and Wrong relevant to actual living. The "Faith Only / Sola Fide" has been the source of outer conflicts of wars and violence, further enforcing the inner narrow faith to the dictator of one religion, one military force, one bank and one government, reducing humanity to "things / Pavlov dogs" in specialized forces. Esoterically, this extreme dark force - well known in the preparation of Illuminati New World Order - has been foiled. Its top degenerated leaders where Amitabha Buddha was a part came to the end of their destructive and cheating cycle to continue their identified streams of consciousness to be Awaken according to natural laws[D30] of Right Effort toward Value of the values in What Count[R23].

Would it be wise to know more about oneself now, to live more consciously and pay enough attention to the two most important things that are always with you no matter what happens: (1) the Quality of your Consciousness measurable by attributes of your Innate Buddha Nature "ComPassion and Prajna" revealed themselves via Detachment-Born and the depth of  HonNhien Mind, (2) Worthy Relationships in your Inner Circle and circles of inner circles that you can cultivate Right Now. Instead of talking about external Pure Land, one can investigate the Utter Silence in inner Purity that both Gotama and the Heart Sutra[R2] assert as the state whose cultivation will lead to "Completely Open Mind / No Mind Enclosure" that transcends beyond errors in activities.

Without the Right Inner Peace[D13] from Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness and Unity, Buddhist 2500+ years in Mindfulness of Breathing - Anapanasati[D23] - cannot deliver the Right Mindfulness[D12] as a 'State' of Prajna to see 'Thing As It Is'. One cannot take a conditioned darkness (concentration) to clearly see or destroy another conditioned darkness (infinite thought). One needs an outside-the-box of Right Inner Peace to naturally and effortlessly disentangle one's conditioned entanglements[D26]. Mindfulness is actually pegged by Gotama at the Equanimity third jhana[D28] upward. Therefore without Detachment-Born and passing the Gateway-to-Oneness Tranquillity level, there is no Mindfulness.

The 'Mindfulness' - sati in Pali and smriti in Sanskrit - means 'retention', 'recollection', or 'alertness'. It is the whole-body-and-mind awareness of the Present Moment that we graphically represent as ComPassion (common vibration of energy) circles around the visible (Prajna) and invisible (Sunyata) encountered points of 'Self-Selfless Awareness[D8]' shown in Figure 2. Mindfulness training at the Observer and Observed level such as "Concentration on Breathing"[D23] is Not the Right Mindfulness. It destroys the integrating factor of the Mind (Instinct, Brain Intelligence, ComPassion, Prajna) by narrowing the scope to the breath without providing the transcendental state for gross attributes naturally dissolved in the Emptiness as actually described by Gotama in his Verifiable Emptiness in the nine (9) signed posts of Right Inner Peace to naturally Purify the senses[D26]. See for yourself what kinds of Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm) taught by Buddhist communities of monks and nuns from all sects in all countries in the past 2500+ years up to 2017, not having "Detachment-Born" in the preparation first stage, nor the Gateway-to-Oneness tranquillity stage, and definitely not the Equanimity stage to naturally loosen the grips of binding Word/Image.

Via KhaiPhong Technology, one can personally verify that the 'Equanimity' Right Inner Peace loosens the Grips of 'Binding Word', contrary to the assertion in the bible[John 1:1] 'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God'. The 'Purity' Right Inner Peace loosens the Grips of 'Clinging Thought', contrary to the well-known 'Cogito ergo sum' (French: 'Je pense donc je suis'; English: 'I think, therefore I am'). Word and Thought are used for expression; the 'description' is not 'the described' just like 'Love', 'Emptiness', 'ComPassion', 'Prajna', 'Sunyata'. To see 'Thing As It Is' one needs naturally beyond 'Word' and 'Thought', not being a 'Pavlov dog' as roughly touched thousands years ago in Self Awareness by Vasubandhu[D19.1], Awareness of Self Awareness (Consciousness of the consciousness)[D19.3] by Dharmapala-XuanZang, and making clear that the description is not the described by Krishnamurti.

Here is a quote from a qualified manual of 'Mindfulness of Breathing'[D23]:

The term anapanasati does not mean, as is general interpreted, mindfulness established on in and out breathing. Actually it means mindfulness established on an object all the time with each in and out breath: initially one establishes mindfulness on the breathing itself, then on different kinds of feeling, different states of mind, then the characteristic of impermanence ... and finally on relinquishment, which is the ultimate objective of the practice.

The conclusion 'Actually it means mindfulness established on an object all the time with each in and out breath' is the main culprit of the defect to render the Buddhist Dharma stagnant pointed out by HuiNeng thousands years ago that no one up to 2017 is able to revitalize its right-side-up. The road-map of proven scientific solutions is in KhaiPhong Technology that everyone can be a part in Learning and Doing where we will deliver appropriate technologies for heavy lifting to actually verify Gotama's Fourfold Truth in his first discourse and "Emptiness" in his second discourse which are applicable to all life styles and in all realms of existence via wider views from HuiNeng and from the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2].

Samatha means concentration, the Buddhist practice in calming the mind, most commonly through mindfulness of breathing[D23]. Therefore, the ultimate objective of Samatha is the dissolution of the appearances (breathing, feeling, states of mind, etc). That is why "Gateway-to-Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" is completely stranger to most monks and nuns. Technologies from PrajnaTIPs naturally and effortlessly deliver "calming the mind" that we call "Transcendental Inner Peace" to reach Gotama Purity stage then "Transcend Inner Peace (TIP)" to personally know Gotama's Not-Self all the way up to momentary Nirvana. This can be done riding on the natural laws and optimum conditions for heavy lifting. "Transcendental Inner Peace" delivers the ultimate objective of Buddhist Samatha right from starting point to deepen required "Detachment-Born" on the way of diving in to naturally Purify accumulated stresses. It is qualified by HuiNeng Dhyana-Samadhi (thiền định / meditation). We use "Awareness" instead of meditation to firstly avoid the word heavily corrupted by Buddhist monks and meditation masters not passing even the Gateway-to-Oneness, and secondly indicate that "Natural Awareness" is the beginning of "Natural Purification" in different depths of dissolution of appearances (or Insight into the Emptiness) toward "Sunyata Nothingness".

Satipaṭṭhana is the Pali word for the Buddhist concept of the foundations of mindfulness[D24] which are fundamental techniques in Buddhist Vipassana or Insight Meditation:

  1. There is the case where a monk remains focused on the body in and of itself - ardent, aware, and mindful - putting away greed and distress with reference to the world.

  2. He remains focused on feelings in and of themselves - ardent, aware, and mindful - putting away greed and distress with reference to the world.

  3. He remains focused on the mind in and of itself - ardent, aware, and mindful - putting away greed and distress with reference to the world.

  4. He remains focused on mental qualities in and of themselves - ardent, aware, and mindful - putting away greed and distress with reference to the world.

Similar to Mindfulness of breathing, the word "focused, ardent, alert, and mindful" lead practitioner toward "binding the mind to the presence" which is "Very Painful and Impossible" since at any moment there are interactions of innumerable signals SIMULTANEOUSLY arising from [the body, feelings, mind, and mental qualities] but also from [the Dependent Nature of One and the Whole 'As It Is']. This "binding the mind to the presence" is obviously a hallucination from those not passing even the Gateway-to-Oneness when the Observer and Observed viewed from wider perspective of KhaiPhong as two aggregates: (1) ministry of foreign affairs (Observer) and (2) its on-going national security (Observed). The Vipassana practice renders one useless in modern living and in the market place where outcome of any issue is affected by intentional efforts of all involved parties in complex and dynamic interactions among "moves" and "counter-moves" of involved parties. It is Impossible to precisely know all minute influences, exactly as the dialogue between Gotama and Subhuti in The Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra - Diamond Sutra that "the past mind cannot be grasped, neither can the present mind or the future mind (Section 18)".

The statement is a challenge to all claimed Buddhist meditation masters teaching 'Mindfulness of Breathing, Samatha and Vipassana' to prove otherwise. Concentration - especially "those going against natural flow of Thing As It Is such as breathing, drinking, eating, walking advocated by many professional scam artists knowing nothing about Gateway-to-Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict having no transcendental states as their Mindfulness - is "Not Awareness" which is Natural Intensity-of-Attention, easily generated in solving one's Real Inner Quest as the case of Gotama 2500+ years ago. Concentration generates Inner Conflicts in using one conditioned thought violently suppressing other conditioned thoughts, feelings, mind and mental qualities. The Inner Conflicts project themselves into Outer Conflicts that demand more concentrations and suppressions to make the Mind Worn-Out, Retarded, having faster destruction of religious fanatics rather than Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ) and HonNhien of Rejuvenation for the manifestation of the Natural Attention

Concentration CANNOT be a part of Right Inner Peace (Chánh Định) which must have Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ) and guidance from Prajna (Bát Nhã). Right Inner Peace translated as 'Right Concentration' points to the upside-down of Buddhist Dharma executed by Buddhist communities of monks and nuns, totally inside the box of binding Word and clinging Thought of the past 2500+ years. Concerned Buddhists need to take action to educate the mass about Buddhist Dharma, totally messed up by Buddhist Sangha.

HuiNeng[R5], [R5.2] agreed with this assertion: 'Learned Audience, some teachers of meditation instruct their disciples to keep a watch on their mind for tranquillity [retarded Being], so that it will cease from activity. Henceforth the disciples give up all exertion of mind. Ignorant persons become insane from having too much confidence in such instruction. Such cases are not rare, and it is a great mistake to teach others to do this'. He offered a different approach based on his innate Samadhi-Prajna, called Wu-Nien[R5]. but not yet delivered a reproducible process for others to Verify his assertion.

Similarly, Tilopa in his Mahamudra-Upadesa[D39] - "When trees grow leaves and branches, If you cut the roots, the many leaves and branches wither. Likewise, if you cut the root of mind, The various mental activities will subside" - debunks Buddhist training based on "Mindfulness of breathing - Anapanasati "[D23] and "The Great Frames of Reference - MahaSatipatthana Sutta"[D24], but in agreement with the "Diamond Sutra - Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra"[R7] and zen's "Riding The Ox" - Figure 6 - where one can let the mind running out most of its "steam" in opposite direction then effortlessly guide it back to the Right Effort. Again, a "correct natural process" has not been developed as we prove in Vajrayana and Tantra, that the "claimed consciousness technologies" in highest Tantra[R14], [R14.1] are false, opposite to the fundamental "Detachment-Born" and "No Mind Enclosure" discovered by Gotama, seconded by HuiNeng and asserted in the Heart Sutra[R2], leading to master-slave relationship exploited by claimed Highest Buddhist Masters[R13.1] and professional scam artists[R15] that Buddhist communities of monks and nuns need to tidy up in their dedicated life styles.

Tranquillity is defined in Lankavatara Sutra[D32] as the 'Gateway-to-Oneness'. Most students of KhaiPhong Technology can personally testify that it is the 'Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict', a slight happiness easily solidified from acts of 'Kindness' and 'Compassion'. Once passing the 'Gateway to Oneness' to Equanimity, the binding Word/Image loosens its grip while the Purity will loosen the grip of clinging Thought. We say[D13] 'Mindfulness of breathing - Anapanasati'[D23] is the "Build Issue" to search for a neutral easiest method, enabling everyone knowing more about oneself. Gotama lost 6 years of tremendous 'determination and concentration' (Inner Conflicts - Outer Conflicts) in different forms of 'Concentration'. Thanks to a recall of Natural Effortless experience of the nine observable attributes of Right Inner Peace (Chánh Định) when he was a child, he dropped the hard practices and discovered the Fourfold Truth as Scientific Fact. This "Natural Effortless Experience" is the "Transcendental Inner Peace", an outcomes of different discovered technologies to ride on natural laws for heavy lifting and scientific reproducibility.

There is No Concentration in Anapanasati if one already has the mind of Naturally Effortless Right Inner Peace (Chánh Định). In this case Mindfulness of 'Detachment-Born - Vô Trụ' and 'Beyond Thought - Vô Tướng' is natural and there is no need for the 'Mindfulness of breathing - Anapanasati' since breathing is a natural process. One may need only 1 or 2 deep breaths for the 'Intensity-of-Attention' Point to direct the 'mind' to both the visible and invisible encounters as shown in FIGURE 2. Any monk having some success with Anapanasati must stress the Detachment-Born, not Concentration. This is the Right Understanding and Right Motivation of the Noble eightfold Path. Ask yourself what is the driving force for this "Right"; is it the "No Mind Enclosure" as instructed in the Heart Sutra[R2]?

You do not need voluminous Buddhist "meditation on emptiness" at conditioned thought to have this "Mindfulness" if you already have thousands of years on the Right Path. That is why Gotama had it when he was a child but did not trust his reality. Thanks to the natural early experience when he was a child under the shade of a tree, he changed his course and discovered the Fourfold Truth. HuiNeng had it, but still needed 15+ years for deeper actual experience before the Right Time to appear. Yongjia Xuanjue (Vĩnh Gia Huyền Giác)[R5.3] can only "smell it" - discover the footprints - but due to esoteric indoctrinated mark of a "Buddhist Monk" totally miss the "Right" trail of Fourfold Truth"" and "Emptiness". Many even worse, after thousands more years of persistent search under conditioned thoughts of "blah blah blah" in being Buddhist teachers, totally abandon the Noble eightfold Path and Emptiness to join the esoteric scam artists[R5.4]. Krishnamurti had it under the young pepper tree, and thanks to that natural experience he courageously said "No" to master-slaves relationships without any concern of how he would make a "Living" after the official announcement.

Hope you can see the lasting Value of the pieces of Truth in your Continuity of the Consciousness, exploited so long by esoteric dark forces in the human history. We esoterically know these leaders under Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, etc - after learning their hard lessons in thousands years of degeneration - determined to change the course for the benefits of one and others. That is how we are so confident that the New Era has been started where everyone can play a role most relevant to one's dominant interest. With hard works from previous real explorers such as Gotama, Jesus, Nagarjuna, Asanga, XuanZang, HuiNeng, etc, we can benefit from their "trials and errors" and start from where they left. What they have not done and delivered is the "How" to access this "Verifiable Emptiness" (Kingdom of God from within, Ultimate (Wider) Truth, Perfected Nature, Consciousness of the consciousness, SamadhiPrajna) or an on/off switch from activities to utter Silence as envisioned by Krishnamurti via natural laws for heavy lifting. Most people cannot "empty the content" and know nothing about gateway to "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict", including most claimed meditation masters of Samatha and Vipassana such as the well-known one pictured in the reference[D19.3] or the claimed enlighten monk.

Applying the definition of 'Tranquillity'(page 85)[D32] in Lankavatara Sutra as the 'Gateway-to-Oneness', we define Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm) as the outcome "state" of Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi - Chánh Định) for an Awareness of [ simultaneously arising signals from the body, feelings, mind, and mental qualities ] extended to the [ Dependent Nature of the present states of one's Relationships with the World 'As It Is' ]. It is a state of being Aware of the momentary 'Sweet Spot' shown in Figure 3. Scientifically, it is the state of accumulated stock from "Right Inner Peace" that Gotama used his "Right Mindfulness" to observe and describe what he actually knew in "Cula-suññata Sutta: The Lesser Discourse on Emptiness" (MN 121)[D25]. It is what HuiNeng call Sanadhi-Prajna (Định-Tuệ).

Discovering natural laws for Heavy Lifting in the Right Inner Peace - known by Gotama as "Verifiable Emptiness"[D7] - is a scientific approach to deliver what great explorers assert based on their accumulated "state" and "stock" of Prajna. PrajnaTIPs are the answers to ride on Natural Laws for accessing different depths of "Right inner Peace" in Transcendental Consciousness, then "Transcend Inner Peace (TIP)" to Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity that Buddhist Samatha cannot touch. On the way out of this "Insight into the Emptiness / Dissolution of appearances" the "Alertness" and "Awareness" as outcomes of its "Natural Purification" clearly see "Thing As It Is" (the target of Buddhist Vipassana) the "Process of Inner Transformation (PIT) or Prajna Cultivation" via "No Mind Enclosure" from the Heart Sutra[R2] - far beyond Buddhist Vipassana - coming from the utter Silence, capable to sense the core Issue and possible solution of the "Observed" one has attention upon. Therefore, "Process of Inner Transformation (PIT) or Prajna Cultivation" is the replacement of Buddhist Vipassana for required innate power from "Transcendental Inner Peace" in wider and direct sense of energy layers and energy connections in complex issue[R7.5]. Thus, PrajnaTIPs - the science behind both Transcendental Inner Peace and Prajna Cultivation - are easier ways riding on natural laws for Heavy Lifting to break out the stagnant Buddhist Samatha and Vipassana, reaching their theoretical targets.

Implementing HuiNeng correction to the snapshot nature of Budh Dharma, one evaluates the Actual Outcome against the targeted signed posts [ Beyond Thought (Vô Tướng), No-Mark (Vô Vết), Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ), Dhyana/Prajna (Right Mindfulness) ] with or without hard data in the feedback of the Plan and Execution of the target directed by Mindfulness. In that evaluation, one can tell whether one's action is driven by Prajna, the manifestation of Inner Peace via the Heart Sutra[R2] "No Mind Enclosure / Tâm Không Chướng Ngai", or by Ignorance driven by "Tainted Mind / Tâm Chướng Ngai", and adjust accordingly. ICT (Information Communication Technology) can facilitate this reflective evaluation process in Making Life Easier and Happier.

Even the Inner Peace is there, Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm) alerts one whether it is a Right Inner Peace having embedded Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ) or an addicted Samadhi of Clinging and Craving. Having sufficient Right Mindfulness, Holy and Dirty Tricks will be effortlessly washed out. Clarity from Inner Peace alone is not enough, Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm) also alerts whether there is any Insight outside the box to assure the Right Inner Peace (Chánh Định) is relevant in the Right Direction. Many logically think 'Inner Peace' is just any inner peace which is Not the case due to its condition. This 'Inner Peace' - Transcendental Inner Peace (TIP) - is deepening its fine experience toward 'Nothingness' having 'No-Mark - Vô Vết' on one's substance once the action is completed to rejuvenate the wear and tear of relative existence, different from 'Bliss/Trance' in sexual bliss and directional 'Faith' driving toward Sufferings and Addictions.

Many ride on the word 'Bliss' used by few qualified know-ers of this 'Inner Peace'[D48], including Buddhist monks on 'Bliss and Emptiness' or 'the Third Truth can be viewed as the 'Bliss Truth' (Diệu đế thứ ba có thể được gọi là Lạc đế - Làng Mai). Similarly, many see 'Faith' as 'The Root of All Evils or The God Delusion' delivered by divisional organized religions, intolerable within the same sect and fanatically eliminate other sects (over 300) in the name of Peace and Harmony. The required Right conditions must have 'Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ)' and directed by 'Prajna / Bát Nhã'. Practically, one can check whether the Vision or Plan is in the Right Direction according to one's Prajna which is the beginning and the Ultimate (Perfection/Paramita) driving force of one's activities.

Using graphical representation via Set Theory of the Mindfulness in the 'Transcendental Mind' (Figure 2), Prajna is precisely defined as the driving force (Table 2) of Volition (Sankhara) for a Right Effort / Action, or immediate outcome, of 'Clarity' from all involved attributes at the encountered point plus the 'Insight' from beyond to see 'Thing As It Is' in a wider perspective of Worthy Existence. The Right Effort / Action driven by Prajna available in each person to do something for the 'real Pain', not sitting there to philosophize whether it can overcome all Sufferings of confused philosophers causing Inner Conflicts and Outer Conflicts due to the divergence between what one sees (Reality) against one's Actuality (Thing As It is).

The KhaiPhong "Alertness" coming from stable wired stability of the Mind making the "sixth - seventh senses / Instinct - Prajna" cultivable, and "Awareness" coming from the "stock" of Prajna influenced via momentary "Kindness and Compassion" (for increasing) or "hallucinated self" (to cause reducing) are very much different from cultivation in Buddhist Vipassana. It is the scientific process clearly described in the Heart Sutra[R2] that requires an utter Silence from Purity stage for a "No Mind Enclosure" to sense relevant vibrations of influences on the Issue one directs the attention upon, capable to catch the "Pulse" of the Issue and the possible best solution at the right time and right place. It first upgrades one's "state and stock" of Prajna to the level of Mindfulness as required at Equanimity level by Gotama to personally verify the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" - not at the conceptual level as taught in all organized religions yet killing one another within and outside the same religion - then deepen one's experiences in advanced techniques on the solid "Foundation of Kindness and Compassion" in "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings"

You do/see "Thing-As-It-Is" (Insight Meditation) at different depths of Samadhi-Prajna / Right Mindfulness in daily activities to "Know More About Yourself" from the innate power of your "Mindfulness" and "Prajna" to (1) clear out dominant outdated Marks of the senses, (2) Recognize the driving force of your Volition / Freewill / Sankhara to properly manage your Realities, (3) further Expand your Consciousness of the consciousness, and sharpening whatever the Sixth - Seventh Senses you have in your Continuity of the Consciousness. You deepen your "state" and "stock" of Prajna based on whatever most relevant at the present moment. It is exactly as Gotama's advice from Ajita's questions[D21].

Whatever the streams [binding clinging forces] are in the World, it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna, they are dissolved

— Answer to Ajita's Questions

Due to ineffective methods of delivering the implementations of Gotama's discoveries, his picked-up Truths value-added by few dedicated and persistent explorers are veiled for completely opposite master-slaves relationships taking place. Let's glance through other alternatives hopping in the darkness of conditioned existence without any transcendental outcome to dissolve the appearances in "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict". We specifically talk about "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is" from "No Mind Enclosure" at different depths of the state and stock of Prajna in contrast with "Inner Conflicts - Outer Conflicts" to No Exit outlet in the narrow scope of "Self" no matter how large one wants to expand the boundary of "Self" since it always has a centre.

Loving-Kindness is commonly talking about, but mostly from an angle of creating one image / utopia to be against other considered as negative attributes. A conditioned darkness cannot destroy and/or see other conditioned darkness As It Is. There must be a Light from outside both conditioned darknesses. Almost all "Loving-Kindness" meditation up to 2017 start from conditioned thought of the "Blind teaching the Blinds". That "Light" is an ability to flow into the state created by genuine Kindness or Compassion. That Light is PrajnaTIP in Kindness. It requires a certain level of being able to dissolve appearances to utter Silence of Purity for a "No Mind Enclosure" as described in the Heat Sutra[R2] to sense and be with the vibrations at the moment of Kindness or Compassion. Most of Buddhist teachers of "Loving Kindnerss" cannot even pass the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is nor having Mindfulness qualified by Gotama[D28]

Walking meditation is another technique advocated by those knowing nothing about Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict, not qualified by Gotama as having Mindfulness. Yet spreading their "conditioned level of retarding and binding the mind" either to a breath[D23] and/or feeling[D24]. It is still a conditioned within conditioned existence. A deep walking Awareness can be achieved via activating one's wholesome energy (Mind, Body, Aspiration) to a higher level and/or effortlessly merging into the environment. Again, it requires a very high level of one's state and stock of Prajna which all boil down to "Verifiable Emptiness" at different depths.

How is the Buddhist Zen Koan whose target is to let one realize the futility in the duality of conditioned in seeing other conditioned as usually done in life - in the entire history of Buddhist Sangha up to 2017 - and in other organized religions via their "theologies". Our suggested "Zen Koan" - a new practical approach leading to possible scientific discoveries - is using Gotama's discoveries in his Fourfold Truth as the testing ground that uses his model in the Noble eightfold Path as the driving force to "Personally Verify" the four seals in all daily activities: Dukkha - Impermanence - Not-Self - Nirvana. In this verification you actually know face-to-face the Sunyata and verify the Koan "Therefore, in Sunyata there is not ... dukkha-sammudaya-nirodha-marga / Cho nên, trong Sunyata ... không khổ tập diệt đạo".

You do not see - up to 2017 - any explanation of "Koan" in this way, so does the explanation of the Heart Sutra[R2] from a verifiable angle, outside the conditioned box, to rub its "elbow" with Gotama's recorded "Verifiable Emptiness"[D7]. You will be a driving force to turn zen / meditation masters and hallucinated Buddhist monks unemployed. The zen "koan" is Not for stopping the thinking nor for anything "Absolutely Useless" such as "the clap of one hand" proudly advocated by those not even passing the "Detachment-Born from binding Image / Word and/or clinging Thought", but for rational thinking / reflecting / observing from what going on in the Nature of Thing-As-It-Is to discover Natural Laws for heavy lifting.

That is the "Koan" from Gotama's Fourfold Truth and his driving model in the Noble eightfold Path that most of his monks / nuns cannot even touch. The rational thinking can possibly reach the pinnacle of Beyond Thought - known by Krishnamurti as "Intensity of Attention" - actually demonstrated by Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4] and one of his generals helping to defeat the Mongol invasions in the 13th century. With discovered natural laws for heavy lifting, the trails will be much smoother, enjoyable and applicable to more people where Faith to reach 'the kingdom of God within you'[Luke 17:21] can be personally used as "Aspiration" and dropped to get out the messy states of all divisional organized religions up until 2017.

Similarly, you can immediately see the defects in Zen's most popular 'Ten Ox-herding Pictures'[R1] - graphical representations of a cultivating process according to Buddhist Zen tradition. As proven above, it is very hard for a conditioned darkness with innumerable "Inner Conflict - Outer Conflicts" see the darkness of Buddhist monks making a living on what he does not know nor have in (1) Searching for the Ox, (2) Seeing the Traces, (3) Seeing the Ox, (4) Catching the Ox, (5) Taming the Ox, (6) Riding the Ox, (7) At Home - Ox Forgotten. That is why up to 2017, very few (including Buddhist monks and nuns) can experience (8) Nothingness - Transcending both Ox and Man, (9) The Source - Returning to the Origin, (10) AwakeningBudh - pointing out the Right Effort / Optimum Solution right in the mid of Issue / Conflict / Dukkha: (1) [ "Dependent Nature traceable to Oneness Oneness in the Dependent Nature / Tùy duyên Bất biến Bất biến Tùy duyên" ], (2) Nirvana in the mid of Dukkha. It is the secret of the first king of Trần dynasty "Chỉ sai hữu niệm quên vô niệm - Wrongly grasp a conditioned thought and miss the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict, the "Right Effort" turns into "Wrong Effort".

We correct the 'Ten Ox-herding Pictures' into the seven-fold dynamic process of "Learning and Doing" according to Gotama's Noble eightfold Path: (1) At Home on the foundation of Kindness and Compassion, (2) Right Effort, (3) Taming The Ox, (4) Riding The Ox, (5) Nothingness, (6) The Source, (7) AwakeningBudh. Since the Buddha Nature - an ability to know what is most appropriate and unworthy relevant to one's present moment - is innate in everyone, the "Learning and Doing" must come from the "Light" at current Right Understanding and Right Motivation (the Prajna division of the Noble eight Path) of one's cultivable state and stock of Prajna. By looking at the end result, one can know more about oneself - true to one's Heart - in both strength and weakness, then share the trail one has passed with the community as well as learning from others. The process will be much easier and enhanced with discovered natural laws for heavy lifting to different depths of Gotama's Verifiable Emptiness[D7] and Artificial Intelligence for feedback and recommendations what most relevant at one's Present Moment. This is the culture of "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings" to effortlessly wipe out religious criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4].

3.1 Seung Sahn

Most Zen monks and nuns advocate "emptying the mind" at conditioned thought; a thought of "Emptying" is not empty and they violate a serious offense against the fundamental Gotama's ethical code of "Not Lying - Musà vàdà veramanì - Tránh xa sự nói dối". They yearn for "Nirvana" which is again a conceptual utopia hallucinated by those not even passing the gateway to "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" as an enlightenment which is claimed to reach PariNirvana at the end of one's lifetime. This claim was done 2500+ years ago by those having no actual experience in Gotama's "Verifiable Emptiness" nor qualified by Gotama as having Mindfulness[D28].

Another major Issue of claimed Zen masters - just like other claimed Buddhist masters such as those in Vajrayana, Tantra, Samatha and Vipassana Meditation and Pure Land - is the theoretical understanding of "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" at the invisible Sunyata and clinging to that theoretical understanding of "Oneness" to be useless in the practical Living. Here is a case study of a claimed "Zen Master":

Seung Sahn in "Wanting Enlightenment Is a Big Mistake" made two fundamental pillars as his "Zen enlightenment teaching"

  1. HuiNeng[R5.2], page 68 contradicted himself with an assertion that "The self-nature is originally pure / neither produced nor destroyed / complete in itself / without movement - Tự tánh vốn tự thanh tịnh / chẳng sanh diệt / tự đầy đủ / chẳng lay động " then "The self-nature can produce the ten thousands dharmas / tự tánh sanh ra muôn pháp".

  2. "Don't Know Zen" or "Open your mouth is a mistake / Mở miệng ra là sai lầm".

The first one indicated that Seung Sahn has not passed the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict", actually knowing the "dissolution of appearances" as described in Gotama second and third jhanas[D28] to be qualified as the one having Mindfulness according to Gotama[D28]. He knows nothing on the path of flowing into the Ultimate (Wider) Truth of "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" described in the Heart Sutra[R2]: (1) "Here form is Sunyata, Sunyata is form, form is not different from Sunyata, Sunyata is not different from form, ...", (2) "Here all dharmas indicate Sunyata, not arising not suppressed not tainted not pure not deficient not complete", (3) "Therefore, in Sunyata there is not form not feeling ... not dukkha-sammudaya-nirodha-marga". He knows nothing about the "Natural Purification" on the way out "dwelling in no mind enclosure" to clearly see the "Pulse" of the Issue one has attention upon for a Right Effort.

The second one shows that he cannot stand on his own feet to describe what he actually knows since he is a professional scam artist[R18.4] cheating others for a very unworthy living. You can use your innate Buddha Nature to help expose these professional scam artists who have been blah blah blah for so long to create their own international cheating clubs.

Only the outcomes of one's activities (efforts) indicate the state and the stock of one's manifested Prajna. It is similar to Buddhist claimed "Mindfulness of Breathing"[D23] and "The Great Frame of Reference"[D24] as the direct path for the purification of beings, for the overcoming of sorrow and lamentation, for the disappearance of pain and distress, ... without beneficial impact on "the Quality of the Consciousness"[R7]. It is Not Relevant to talk about our true/ultimate identity which is "Consciousness", the beginning and the ending of everything - a Not-Self - which is only a thought construct having nothing to do with actual living that we - as intelligent living entities - bring to the table. Same thing is applicable to the absolute concept of Buddhist Sunyata, Ultimate (Wider) Truth, Perfected Nature which no one knows. But we can talk about the state and stock of Prajna in decision making of "the Right Thing to do", the manifestation of Sunyata in each activity and effort where the feedback from Effort / Activity outcome can be measurable whether it comes from Prajna or Ignorance.

Here we talk about you, an identifiable stream of consciousness, fully responsible for its actions and the environments where it is a part in its continuity and evolution of the Consciousness. There is a normative sense[R23] in this evolution where one is a responsible 'author/creator' to make up the whole or reaping the consequences of its volitional action to wake up its innate Buddha Nature to learn the Essence of the Right Effort. One has the Freewill to choose a lifestyle and fully responsible for one's Right or Wrong Efforts. Therefore, as long as people do not feed these "criminals and professional scam artists" according to their claimed gatekeepers, masters, enlighten beings, etc, but ask "Then What", they will be effortlessly regulated by invisible / helping hand of economics and the laws of nature.

What is the significance of this approach versus the commonly known "Thinking Process" when you have an issue to solve? The KhaiPhong is to let all inner disturbances Silent at its utmost Purity to activate your "Alertness" and "Awareness" from the state and stock of your Prajna to directly sense the core of its Issue and Optimum Strategy (Right Understanding) from the direct perception of "The Right Thing to Do" and your "Unique Comparative Advantages" (Right Motivation), then the Brain Intelligence comes in for the "Right Way to Do" at the present Sweet Spot. The "Then What" of evidenced-based measurable outcomes together with Balanced Scorecard designed for the target can eliminate many unavoidable errors. This "direct perception of the Right Thing to Do" from Samadhi-Prajna / Right Mindfulness is Gotama's "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" or HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna of the Noble eightfold Path to direct one's efforts towards What Count[R23]. Therefore, faked Zen masters and those advocating the shut down of Thinking Process on the spiritual development Is Dead Wrong, useless in the present living of their worthy existence. Do not let them messing up their lives and your or other people's lives.

Similarly, Reflections - Bhavana - from Other Institutional Religions can be evaluated based on whether the outcome can reach Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity as illustrated in Figure 1 while clearly making a separation from the mean and the target using modern tools such as Ontological Systems. The mean can be dropped, not committing the same mistake of religious violence of the past. The target can be enhanced and/or combined for higher and/or more efficient level of Consciousness

The outcome of Reflections can only reach Transcendental Consciousness and Beyond if and only if "the Intensity of Attention" can break the "Self" boundary to merge into the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" to be Dhyana / Thiền qualified by both Gotama at the Equanimity (passing the gateway to Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is)[D28] and HuiNeng rated at different depths of Right Inner Peace (Samadhi). That "intensity of attention" can come from different conditions such as (1) Compassion, (2) Faith, (3) Compassion and Faith, (4) Highest Tantric Penetration, (5) innate state and stock of Prajna, (6) PrajnaTIPs.

Looking at these discovered processes one can see how precious and difficult it is to reach Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict and why (1) Kindness and Compassion is the foundation and the lasting value of higher evolution[R7], (2) Kindness and Compassion once favourably developed in any community, that community can act as a single intelligent unit for a common cause[R7.4]. The "Highest Tantric Penetration" should be used with "extreme caution" since it enters the Oneness from a very difficult angle of "Detachment-Born" to fall in the crack of sex addict. "Faith that can move the mountain[Matthew 17:20]" can only achieved by Jesus due to his innate ability of many thousands years. Please look at Martin Luther and his extreme personal endeavours before giving up the required personal Faith to reach 'the kingdom of God within you'[Luke 17:21] and dedicated his effort to expose the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church to sabotage Jesus discoveries. Similarly, the entire Buddhist communities of monks and nuns - up to 2017 typified by Yongjia Xuanjue (Vĩnh Gia Huyền Giác)[R5.3] and Chin Kung (Tịnh Không)[R5.4] - has gone astray due to two subtly abused concepts driven by "logical" self: (1) Owner of the Thought versus Not-Self and (2) Destruction of Ignorance at conditioned conceptual level. The solution boils down to the "Right Inner Peace / Samma Samadhi", accessible through signed posts of Gotama's "Verifiable Emptiness".

Possible solution has been logically pointed out in "Break-Through of the Vicious Circle : (1) directly diving into Verifiable Emptiness[D7] at different depths for rejuvenation, and dissolution of stresses and outdated Marks having Alertness and Awareness of "Thing As It Is" augmented with hard data and discrepancy between one's Reality versus Actuality, (2) accessing infinite power of cosmic consciousness with either one's own effort and/or external assistance from an advanced counselor to overcome negative forces. These two mechanisms are parts of the tools to manage one's Realities. Only one's own Prajna can dissolved / naturally drop the karmic forces.

KhaiPhong facilitates these remedies using the combination of advanced technologies in [ Instinct - Data - Intelligence ] with Science of Consciousness. It enables the power of Consciousness easily accessible by most people: Transcendental Consciousness of Equanimity to naturally loosen the grips of 'Binding Word/Image', of Purity to loosen the grips of 'Clinging Thought', Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness to loosen the general Grasp-er and the Grasped of all kinds. Experiencing the Transcendental and Cosmic Consciousness will naturally purify the senses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body. mind), separating their consciousnesses from the entanglements (form, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness) to properly see 'Thing As It Is'.

One uses personal experience in Prajna to shed light and deepen the experience of the razor-sharp "Right Understanding and Right Motivation for a Right Effort - HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna as the foundation to be an integrated Person in one's continuous Learning and Doing in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. Madhyamaka school calls itself the 'Middle Path', using logic to expose the unconditioned called Ultimate (Wider) Truth and the manifestation of the unconditioned in the conditioned existence is conditioned. Nagarjuna and probably few others have this once-and-a-while actual experience due to the Intensity-of-Attention at the focused point. Most are completely within the box, knowing nothing about this 'Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict' which is the attribute of Gotama's Inner Peace at different depths once one passes the Tranquillity gateway to Oneness, deeper into Equanimity, Purity and beyond. Here is Nagarjuna's Two Truths that most will be able to personally experience and verify in KhaiPhong Technology:

The Buddha's teaching of the Dharma is based entirely on the two truths - the truth of worldly convention and the ultimate (wider) truth.

Those who do not understand the distinction between the two truths do not understand the Buddha's profound teaching.

Without a basis in the conventional truth the truth of the ultimate cannot be taught; without understanding the ultimate (wider) truth, nirvana will not be attained.

— Source: page 105[D34])

Please carefully read the last verse and contrast it with the first part of Trúc Lâm motto that we aspire to make it into a Guiding Light for Humanity in the new Budh Era:

  1. Without Actual Living, there cannot be Right Cultivation and without Buddhist Cultivation based on the innate Buddha Nature the Living may go astray;

  2. The Buddha Nature is innate in everyone.

The scientific process to turn the Trúc Lâm motto into an Actuality comprises of:

  1. Directly targeting the True Heart of one's Buddha Nature to be 'At Home' - Figure 7 - as represented in the Ox-Herding Pictures.

  2. Directly experiencing different depths of Right Inner Peace to naturally Purify one's senses and the entanglements to start activating the Right Mindfulness and Prajna[D21] for proper management of daily activities. This is the exploration of 'Verifiable Emptiness' - Figure 8 - as represented in state 8 of the Ox-Herding Pictures.

  3. Being a more integrated person in one's continuous Learning and Doing to unite Buddhist Madhyamaka and Consciousness-Only into a sustainable Science of Consciousness, assuring deeper and constant flow from the invisible Source - Sunyata - to the visible manifestations of ComPassion and Prajna. This is the exploration in synchronization of Left and Right Brain of a wholesome existence, directly accessing the Source of Living - invisible Sunyata - as represented in Figure 9 of the Ox-Herding Pictures.

  4. Making happened the Right Relationships driven and measurable by the seven (7) principles governing all organizations / environments to be part of one's extended vibrant Living Organism: (1) Dependent Nature, (2) Transparency, (3) Accountability, (4) Modern Technology, (5) Invisible / Helping Hand of Economics, (6) Best Governance, (7) Lasting Values according to Natural Laws. It is the Friendly and Compassionate [ Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital ] Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings, represented in Figure 10 of the Ox-Herding Pictures.

The Science of Consciousness in expanding human potential outside its confined and conditioned box is definitely the next evolutionary wave in "Making Life Easier and Happier". It will naturally have its own Space and sustainable when it delivers the Transcendental Inner Peace to the mass, enabling most normal persons having personal experience of Right Inner Peace as actually known by Buddha Gotama when he was a child: Detachment-Born for the Right Samadhi, Tranquility gateway to Oneness, Equanimity to loosen the grips of binding 'Word/Image', and Purity of utter Silence to loosen the Grips of Clinging Thought ready to 'Transcend Inner Peace'[D28] to actually have a bird view about the Essence of the Right Living / Effort in moving into Cosmic Consciousness (Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness) and Unity (Sunyata Nothingness, Borderline between conditioned and unconditioned, momentary Nirvana)[D29].

The side effects of this delivery are

  1. Helping many having actual experience on different trails of Inner Peace (Samadhi) due to their long past accumulated efforts recognize the same signed posts and the danger of the Grasp-er and the Grasped of the left brain to have a wider view of Right Living / Effort, not falling into the hallucination of the Chosen One to drive oneself and many others to further sufferings due to the selected techniques of Fear and Greed,

  2. Facilitating the process of more understanding oneself, fully responsible for one's actions and the environment one a part no matter what current situation, and seeing the dignity of one and other existences having some worthy contribution to the Whole in "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings",

  3. Weeding out opportunists enslaving humanity in master-slave relationships using the binding 'Word/Image' and clinging 'Thought' in the name of Social Order, organized religions, and 'isms' of utopia to crush and prevent the Self-Selfless Awareness for a revolutionary change of Inner Peace to Outer Peace, innate in intelligent beings.