Verifiable Oneness

Integration of Normative and Artificial Intelligence will be part of "KhaiPhong Technology" from at 1pm 23 September 2017.

Takeaway: Thanks to aggregate human efforts - recorded as early as 2600+ years - from many dedicated explorers searching for the true meaning of existence (of Who I Am) and practicality of the Living, together with modern science we can theoretically and empirically point out the existence of "Oneness / the source of all diversities" accesscible by any normal person commonly known as cultivable "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" that Gotama used as the prajna division of his Noble eightfold Path, the model to solve the identifiable Issue of Dukkha, from Suffering Dukkha (dukkha-dukkha, vipaninama-dukkha, sankhara-dukkha) to Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha[D32.1]: (1) Dependent Nature of Existence, (2) Complex Eco-System, (3) Practical Implication.

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We exist in Space-Time where a 'self' or 'identity' is a fictional concept to represent the continuity of the person's Quality of the Consciousness, mostly driven by bundles of patterns in five entanglements (forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness). It is rational to recognize one's Realities and do something about it due to Freewill / Volition / Sankhara and cultivable quality of the carry-on Consciousness, measurable as Compassion-Prajna. The states of one's being - the Normative Persona - continuously change according to Volition in response to external and internal signals. The driving force of Volition at different depths of Integration - Prajna - between Instinct, Brain Intelligence and wider perspective of ComPassion/Love is a part of Living in all entities having a sense of an Agent. The higher in evolving scale the more an Intelligent Agent can be Aware at the "sources" that drive the Volition - via Freewill - either toward Sufferings due to Ignorance or Worthy Existence due to Prajna, a manifestation of the State (Right Mindfulness) and Stock (accumulated Inner Peace) of present Consciousness in wider perspective of Inter-Realm[R20] Dependent Nature.

Prajna - Right Action - or Ignorance veiled by not seeing 'Thing As It Is' (Tathagata) (Table 2) drives the momentary direction of the consciousness. Birth and Death are parts of the natural cycle to be naturally reborn and rejuvenated for the Continuity of the Consciousness whose qualities drive the formation of other four bundles (forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses) as theoretically explained in the Buddhist Consciousness-Only[D35]. Therefore, qualities of the Consciousness measurable via Scientific Facts such as [ ComPassion, Detachment-Born, HonNhien, Prajna ] determine present and future qualities of one's life within their constraints according to the Realm natural laws.

1. Dependent Nature of Existence

In the same Space-Time, there are different Realms of Existence. Spirit realms may not have the same physical form structure of C-H-O-N as human, but similar structure of Consciousness and Energy (forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness), having the same aspiration for some happiness - mitigating unnecessary sufferings with innumerable desires and driving forces[R20]. Similarly, animals have different realms from human, but the same physical C-H-O-N signature, confined Consciousness and Energy. The same flower is seen differently by persons and bees that lead to different volitions to create parts of the Complex Dependent Nature of the Present Moment. In this sense, each stream of consciousness having a sense of an agent has its own world subjected to the same natural laws of the constrained realm, dynamically interacting with other subjective and objective worlds in the same (Ecosystem) and/or different realms (larger set of Ecosystems) to be parts of the Present Moment of the Whole.

Each realm is governed by its own natural laws which are not isolated but interdependent that the higher (consciousness) realm can influence its own living and the environments of lower realms. Examples are 'man on the climate changes' and 'extinction of species'. Qualities of the Consciousness change in different realms to be appropriate to the Realm's governing environment. Within each highly evolving realm such as mankind, there are wide range of qualities leading to different behaviors for either evolution or degeneration according to Scientific Facts. Two relevant forces in one's Continuity of the Consciousness are one's own Qualities and Worthy Relationships to determine one's next moment of environment where the next moment can be at Present or life-after-life according to Action-Reaction, Likes-attract-Likes, and external influence from one's relationships in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles.

Having a wider perspective in Continuity of the Consciousness with full appreciation of one's noble Inner Circle and circles of inner circles, one can optimize Evolution Path along the Selected Space-Time and major Event, while being a focused part of the Whole to make it happened in the Friendly and Compassionate [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings of one's Worthy Existence. This is expressed in verse by the Buddhist Teacher (Phật Thầy) at Tây An[D19] 'Understand the Wonderful Creative Cycle. Knowing the Universe, West and East' (Rõ thấu tuần huờn Cơ Máy tạo. Am tường vũ trụ khắp Tây Đông or from Soyen Shaku in 1893 World Parliament of Religions[R6] "God not in the world is the false God and the World not in God is unreality".

It has been mathematically proven in optimization theory, used in launching a rocket to its target that the optimization in any instant moment will lead to the overall optimization of the trajectory where unexpected winds and storms (of karmic forces) are unavoidable. That means by staying with Actuality in seeing 'Thing As It Is' from Right Mindfulness[D12] (Prajna), one can instantaneously adjust the Unworthy (imagination) into the Right in the Change Dynamics of the Present Moment. This approach (partially credited to HuiNeng) to the 'Truth' of 'Thing As It Is' is based on Beyond-Thought (Vô Tướng) at the Observed, No-Mark (Vô Vết) on one's Substance once the action completed, and Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ) as one's Fundamental Principle for the manifestation of Prajna (Right Mindfulness). The practical Actuality is enhanced by modern technology to bring one's Instinct and Brain Intelligence together via AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Advanced Analytics: [ Instinct - Data - Intelligence ].

In this wholesome practicality for a wider perspective of one's Continuity of the Consciousness, one can cultivate even in Sleeping and Dreaming with connected Inner Circle due to the Consciousness (Chit), running along and capable to observe these states 'As It Is'. It is the Wholesome since the driving force not only directly targeted the pressing Issue of the Present Moment, taking into account the unavoidable constraint of current life time, but also a Vision or Insight of what will lie ahead. In the example of the rocket, the space traveller optimizes required solutions of the present issues toward the destination at the space station (current life time) and preparation for the next few steps (with one's Inner Circle) in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. Part of this preparation may be the assigned tasks at the Present Moment if one can be silent enough to sense it.

One's stream of Consciousness can be Transformed to lighter higher ground in wider perspective of ComPassion and Prajna, or Sucked into an Abyss of Sufferings due to heavier, narrower scope of Greed and Ignorance[D30]. The quality of the Consciousness does not depend on your profession - including religious leaders of all organized religions - but on the stock of your Good Heart. That is why most "claimed religious leaders" in all organized religions - including Buddhism - have more issues than others due to Not being able to be "At Home" to start from the "Right Understanding" and "Right Motivation" of their Quality of the Consciousness due to the "Masks" they are wearing. Note that you are fully responsible for your actions and the environment you are a part. Have some Reflection and do something for your Realities which can be known via signals from your senses and the state of your being if you are able to know 'Who You Are'. If you do not know who you are how can you claim to be a spiritual leader and/or qualified by the one who has his/her own issue, even deeper than yours[R18.2], [R15], [R13.1].

Knowing this Dependent Nature and the Change Dynamics of different attributes, the 'Right Living / Effort' along the Time dimension has much wider perspective for the Present Moment, 24-hours-a-day of this life, in-between, different realms life-after-life in Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings of Right Effort in Right Mindfulness[D12] of simultaneously arising signals from [ the body, feelings, mind, mental qualities ] and [ relationships with the surroundings ] beyond Present Moment of human realm having supports from one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles.

The Dependent Nature (originally known as Dependent Condition or Impermanence) is the foundation of Budh Dharma discovered by Gotama in his Quest for the meaning of Worthy Existence. Impermanence (Vô Thường) is scientifically proven in the second law of thermodynamics due to the generation of entropy of existence. It is significantly enhanced to differentiate the Dependent Nature (Paratantra) of 'Thing As It Is' from Imagination Nature (Parikalpita) by having the infusion of the Perfected Nature (Parinispanna) from 'outside the box'. There are different trails (mechanisms) or switches to flip from activities to Higher Consciousness to draw its source and power into relative activities in Verifiable Emptiness[D25] from Transcendental Consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness and Unity to directly experience the 'Essence of the Right Living / Effort'.

The Dependent Nature explored by most Buddhists - executed by Buddhist communities of monks and nuns - in the past 2500+ years does not have these higher Consciousness Switches and misses an important ingredient namely the Common Vibration of Energy (ComPassion)[R16] which is the foundation of 'all goodness' in the wider perspective of One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One. It has been adjusted in Mahayana but knowing it or not sabotaged by the third esoteric force to enslave the whole Gotama Sangha at the conditioned thought level of Bodhisattva and Bodhicitta to pull one into a subtler trap of egoistic utopia of Bodhisattva and Bodhicitta at conditioned thought - not in actual living - which are Not Relevant to practical Living. Being stuck at the Word / Concept of Nirvana and PariNirvana, Soyen Shaku[R6] could not satisfactorily and directly answer in his "Reply to a Christian Critic" which depends on Aspiration using Faith that one can personally experience the switch irrespective if that is a Right or Wrong switch like "opium" to keep one "high".

The switch can be described and mathematically represented as an "empty of the contents" for whatever the contents are on the duality plane of conflicting events to the TRUTH plane of "Oneness / Conscience / Prajna / Wisdom" perpendicular to the duality plane to clearly see Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position for a Right Effort using Prajna Dialectic rather than Hegelian Dialectic of a confused mind. The switch can be either moving deeper on the vertical plane through different Signed Posts known by Gotama or higher via Aspiration using faith, music, dancing, painting, calligraphy, etc known by Jesus and many mystics, artists, etc. The switch to Inner Peace is a right switch if and only if it is built on a solid foundation [ Compassion >< Detachment-Born >< Right Inner Peace ] for a manifestation of Prajna in a Right Effort

To correct this Issue, we use Soyen Shaku's own statement "God [Dharmakaya / Oneness] not in the world is the false God [Dharmakaya / Oneness] and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Oneness] is unreality" and recorded Gotama's statements[D42] to ask Buddhist Communities officially correct two major traps designed to sabotage Gotama's discoveries in the two major branches of Buddhism: Momentary Nirvana rather than Theravada Nirvana then PariNirvana, and Natural Purification[D26] via Gotama's signed posts of Right Inner Peace rather than voluminous treatises in "meditation on Emptiness" at thought level of "monks and scholars" knowing nothing about the "Oneness / Dharmakaya / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Perfected Nature / Consciousness of the consciousness / Self Nature" which will be known and personally verified by many at different depths as actually known by Gotama when he was a child driven by tremendous Compassion for all beings and HonNhien (Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity).

Referring to the relationships at the focused point (Figure 2), without the wider space of ComPassion, there cannot be any infusion of the Perfected Nature to see 'Thing As It Is'. Saying differently, without ComPassion there is no Prajna for a Right Mindfulness[D12] and Right Inner Peace[D13]. Right Mindfulness practised by most Buddhists has no outside-the-box infusion from either the Perfected Nature of Consciousness-Only or the Ultimate (Wider) Truth of Nagarjuna since it has no accumulated Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi) in the first place. This ComPassion (more than Empathy) is now scientifically proven in Neuroscience.

Here is the key difference between Prajna (Trí Huệ) and Brain Intelligence (Trí Tuệ). Prajna integrates Intelligence with Instinct (the sixth sense) and ComPassionate Vibration (the seventh sense) that injects the unique relevant part of the Present Moment relevant to the Issue that may not be there known by Instinct and/or Intelligence which are both conditioned. We can say that Instinct and Brain Intelligence drive the 'Doing' in all activities while ComPassion and Prajna are manifestations of invisible Sunyata, injecting the wider perspective of 'Being' into the 'Doing'. Observable attributes of this process are Beyond-Thought at the Observed, No-Mark on one's Substance once the action completed, Detachment-Born as one's Fundamental Principle for manifestation of Right Mindfulness (Prajna) to see and act according to 'Thing As It Is'. Prajna brings something very fresh to the conditioned existence to raise its conditioned space to the next level. It is consistent with XuanZang's Consciousness of the consciousness[D19.3]. When one looses ComPassion, one first looses the wider perspective of existence, but the 'conditioned' intelligence is still there at one's conditioned level of the consciousness, and continues for some reincarnations but at gradual degenerated states. Hope you can see the importance of the Source, which is ComPassion (Higher Consciousness), and nurture its root. We say Prajna is the flower on ComPassion tree deep rooted in the invisible Sunyata, injecting the two visible aspects of 'Being' into 'Living' ('Doing' in all activities).

The difference between Prajna and Intelligence leads to the fundamental difference between Right Mindfulness[D12] from KhaiPhong [Beyond-Thought, No-Mark, Detachment-Born, Samadhi-Prajna] with Right Mindfulness taught by all members of Buddhist Sangha in Anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing)[D23] and other Samatha-Vipassana training[D19.3] up to 2017 which are totally within conditioned box. Force all claimed meditation masters of Buddhist Samatha-Vipassana to verify their process from Thought to Beyond Thought and its net effects back to the Thought process as the challenge using the picture of an international meditation master of Samatha-Vipassana on the duality of Buddhism by Katalin Mund[D19.3]. Where is the 'Gateway-to-Oneness' Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict from Buddhist meditation that has been making tremendous noises at conditioned thought in the entire history of the Buddhist Sangha?

We restate HuiNeng definition of meditation as a measurable stick against all 'meditations' claimed by all organized religions, claimed meditation masters and enlighten monks. Its outcome is simply that 'Verifiable Emptiness' - empty of the contents - is the sine-qua-non or corollary of Right Mindfulness[D12].

The Right Mindfulness from KhaiPhong is 'outside-the-box', taking the infusion of the 'Perfected Nature'[D35] (the 'Ultimate Wider Truth'[D34], 'the Kingdom of God'[Luke 17:21], the Self Nature[R5], the Awareness of Self Awareness[D19.3]) into the Dependent Nature to see and act according to 'Thing As It Is'. It rides on all opportunities, especially the optimum moments of (PrajnaTIP in) 'Kindness', to naturally flow into (gambhiram - flowing depth - thông sâu) different depths of Inner Peace in actually experiencing Prajna (in the Heart Sutra[R2]).

The Lesson Learned in 'Dependent Nature' is that ComPassion is the common thread to link all natural existences together. This ComPassion can be cultivated with Right Mindfulness[D12] in Kindness which generates Real/Actual Merit to smooth one's evolution path via Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes toward [ Kindness >< ComPassion >< Signature ] life-after-life.

It may be worthy for our evolving Ontological Systems to roughly touch at the similarity and difference between the Observable Inner Peace beyond Sunyata Nothingness and physical phenomenon predicted by theoretical physics via mathematics as one moves in the space toward the vicinity of a absolute/mathematical "black-hole". Different depths of the Right Inner Peace[D13] have been roughly described by Gotama, and actually known by at least one student over 40+ years ago (possibly with other living students in our circle) who uses Buddhist Texts as a roadmap after facts, Not before. Our comparison of Sunyata Nothingness with a theoretical physical black hole is due to their similarity of the charming (pulling) force. Technically, Sunyata Nothingness is Not the mathematical / absolute singularity of the theoretical back-hole since one can go even beyond it to Unmoving Sunyata (momentary Nirvana) and back if the life force is still there.

Furthermore, out of the Sunyata Nothingness up to momentary Nirvana, there is a strong Purification[D26] and rejuvenation, a freshness to inject Detachment-Born to daily activities. This normative experience is now consistent with the latest theoretical framework where both General Relativity and Quantum theory are operational and correct. There could be no absolute mathematical singularity at the core of the black hole since quantum effect around the black hole cause space-time to fluctuate wildly for a sharp boundary surface to exist. In that fluctuation, light and energy find its way to spit out in new form of reborn and rejuvenation which can be subjectively experience in the "Verifiable Emptiness".

In the Space, one is not subjected to the earth gravitational force. Toward the vicinity of the black-hole, Space and Time start to be curved. The space traveler can see at the same time its back and front at the point known as the Schwarzschild radius where the event horizon splits into 2: the horizon and the anti-horizon. There is no darkness as implied in the 'word' black-hole, and lights from both sides hit the observer. One never reaches at the point of mathematical / absolute Singularity and be able to come out of it.

In visible Inner Peace, one enters the "Gateway-to-Oneness of Transcendental Consciousness free from Duality of conflicts similar to the Space free from gravitational force, then goes beyond thought - 'Transcend Inner Peace'[D25] - at 'Expanding Space' (curved space to infinity) since a thought of 'infinite' is not 'infinite'; the sense of body boundary disappeared. One experiences 'Expanding Consciousness' where there is no sense of Time (curved time). It is then the True Emptiness at Sunyata Nothingness, but one's consciousness (Chit - Awareness of the Awaken - Real Awareness) can be aware of it; that is why it is Wonderful. Gotama identified two attributes after 'Sunyata Nothingness' that we call (1) 'the border line between conditioned and unconditioned', described by Gotama as 'Neither Perception nor Non Perception', and (2) 'Unmoving Sunyata' or called by Gotama the 'Cessation of Dukkha' - Nirvana - at the Present Moment. After that momentary glimpse, short or long depending on the present conditions of the practitioner, relative existence is there and Dukkha is kicked in. Gotama and three other students do not see 'infinite light'. That Unconditioned Consciousness is a much subtler energy than the energy at gross level of Sound and Light, similar to "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" induced by physical means as in Tantric Penetration, very much different from the 'Right Inner Peace / Samma-Samadhi'.

In observing the reincarnation processes of many in different realms, more than one living students do see the appeared lights to the 'stream of consciousness having a sense of an agent - soul'. The appearing light may be a phenomenon immediately after death where the stream of consciousness leave the current realm (physical form in the case of human) or symmetrically as a pulling force for reincarnation to different existence, constraint and bounded by the destination realm. So the 'light' as theoretically seen by a space traveler at Schwarzschild radius is at the gross level of knowable experience, similar to the sexual 'Bliss' compared to Inner Peace (Samadhi) known by a Good Samaritan at the moment of PrajnaTIP in Kindness (mettā - tâm từ) and Compassion (karuṇā - tâm bi).

Esoterically and most importantly, there are two forms of consciousness evolution: (1) the lower form of consciousness evolution completely regulated by natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes where the senses of community sharing (Kindness and Compassion) are dominant driving forces to Higher Consciousness, and (2) the higher form of consciousness starting from humanity, selected and regulated by higher beings - commonly known as Buddhas, Gods, Allah at middle and higher realms - to assure proper management of "Volitional Consciousness" toward "Easier and Happier existence". In the past cycle - around 64,000 man years - that selection and regulation had been corrupted, overriding natural laws with the consciousness technologies from various fractions of competing dark forces, manifested in all organized religions and utopia of "isms".

The corruption have been cleaned up and reorganized to assure Transparency and Accountability where all souls / agents / identities have equal opportunities for evolution and development, just like the meaning of Humanity and its Human Right as defined in this human world. Animals and lower forms are also used as natural mechanism to naturally neutralize extreme destructive energies in higher beings driven by Greed, Anger, Ignorance. If the souls / agents / identities have reasonably good Inner Circle and circles of inner circles, they will be watched and intentionally help having right conditions for faster consciousness evolution. Therefore, besides one's own Quality of the Consciousness, one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles are the two most important factors in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. Kindness and Compassion - not divisional organized religions cheating and stealing followers from one another - are "rational and right way" to create and generate Kind and Compassion Communities where one is always a part according to natural laws. It is formally stated:

Kindness and Compassion once favourably developed in any community, that community can act as a single intelligent unit for a common cause, benefiting all involved parties

— Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4]

This Kindness and Compassion Transcendental Inner Peace, especially together with the power of PrajnaTIP in Kindness is also similar but different due to different conditions from 'Inner Peace' beyond the 'Gateway-to-Oneness' to Equanimity (used by Gotama as the base of Mindfulness and its settled experience loosening the Grip of Binding Word/Image). The same effects in 'Purity' loosening the Grip of Clinging Thought, 'Expanding Space' and 'Expanding Consciousness' to loose the grips of general 'Grasp-er / Grasped', and Unity ('Sunyata Nothingness', 'Border line of conditioned and unconditioned', and 'Unmoving Sunyata'). The difference is due to different conditions leading to different Depths of Transcendental Inner Peace. It is Not as linear as exclusively known in Buddhist text, but dynamic and directly flowing in exactly as described in the Heart Sutra[R2]: [in the flowing depth of the Wisdom sees the five skandhas of the past to be Empty Of Essence] - [thông sâu theo dòng Bát Nhã Siêu Việt nhìn lại năm uẩn đã qua đều thấy Không Có Tự Tánh] - [gambhiram Prajnaparamitacaryam caramano vyavalokayati sma panca skandha tasma Svabhavasunyan pasyati sma].

Scientifically, humanity has collaboratively allocated tremendous resources (beyond ability of any single country) to understand the structure of the Cosmos since 'Visible Matter' makes up only 5% while 'Dark Matter' 23% and 'Dark Energy' 72%. It is called 'Dark' since we cannot see but know its existence via gravitational influence. Similarly, Sunyata is called invisible since we can deduct its existence through the manifestation of ComPassion and Prajna where Emptiness is a force for naturally reborn and rejuvenation. For every matter, there is a counter-part anti-matter. Similarly, for every 'deep stress - unnecessary and outdated mark' due to Ignorance there is a counter force of Inner Peace and Awareness to dig it out. Since the Quality of Consciousness directly affects the Quality of Present Living of all persons, of being a Good Person (fully responsible for one's action and the environment one a part), there may now be the time for world-wide collaborative efforts in the Science of Consciousness.

When matter and antimatter come into contact, they annihilate each other and releasing a lot of pure energy calculable via e = m*c². For example 1 kg of matter + 1 Kg of antimatter release an equivalence of 43 millions tons of dynamites. The terms 'Dark Matter' and 'Antimatter' do not carry any ethical connotation making a fuss by all organized religions, just 'Thing As it Is'.

Similarly, when the force of Inner Peace touches a stress, the natural finer level of breath is bounced back that sometimes releases the stress; the practitioner has a light feeling like a 'release of gas'. Without the power of Right Mindfulness, the Grasper of that light feeling comes in and one looses the Natural HonNhien; one's Transcendental Inner Peace (meditation) becomes mechanical and has No Effect as one used to have. Similarly in the Consciousness Simulation where one uses Right Mindfulness pounding on the most dominant hurdle to use Prajna dissolving that karmic force as the advice[D21] from Gotama, one may have a Sudden Release of tremendous force from the core of one's Inner Self. This is commonly known as a 'Sudden Awaken - Satori'. The burden of the dominant karmic force effortlessly disappears without one's notice.

One caveat is that the "stress" touched by the diving force of inner peace can also be a "can-of-worms" psychological issue that one either used different means of "counter-thrusts" commonly and superficially called "mindfulness" used in modern therapy to push the issue to a dark corner so one can go on with the pressing present life. Whatever the "type of stress", the mother nature tells one that it is the time to properly do something for it via Prajna in one's Continuity of the Consciousness to dissolve the stress. When the past can of worms is released one may need community and professional help. For that safety reason, the required facilities must be available before proper technologies can be released.

Further more, without the persistent quality of the Right Mindfulness the Grasp-er is already there to boost its trophy of achievement and the real outside-the-box is lost. Now look at the boosting 'Right Mindfulness' of all Buddhist monks and claimed meditation masters to see the 'goods' they are trying to sell from what they do not know nor have in making a very 'unworthy living' in imaginary rituals destroying the credibility of Gotama contributions to humanity. Please see the power of Right Mindfulness[D12] on the Quality of one's Worthy Existence. Addicted Desire such as Excessive Sex, Fears, Phobia, Uncontrollable Urge, Offending and Undesirable Patterns, etc are properly managed and possible wiped out by Prajna if one works on it.

The outcome from this minimum allocated resource has direct impact on the quality of human Quality Existence where participants can contribute in 'One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One'. The Movement strategic target is to build on established tremendous efforts, started by Buddha Gotama in Right relationships versus Master-Slave relationships in over 2500 years ago, value-added from different angles and technologies by many others that we connect the 'dots' together with deliverable solutions mapped out in this book.

We use Gotama's classification in the 9 states of Right Samadhi - reorganised into Six Signed Posts for clearly defined statistically measurable attributes - as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to express a strategic target to collaborate with Buddhist Sangha and interested parties. As pointed out by Krishnamurti in his entire life dedication, one has to deal with Actualities, minimizing the divergence between 'Actuality' and one's 'Reality', to be an integrated person. Scientific KPIs and Verifiable Emptiness[D25] are parts of the Actuality. Gotama's classification of 'Right Inner Peace' are based on observable attributes and supported by at least the writer.

It has been pointed out by one young lad supported by another (the two never read any Buddhist Text), and fully agreed by the writer who uses the classification to directly verify his Actual Experience against the Gotama classification that the appropriate classification may not be 9 but the three distinct states of significant changed phases (scientific dialogue for practical Living? - that is our intention in the Clusters of Open Innovation for PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light, PrajnaTIP in Kindness, Cultivable Prajna in Activity, and in Sadhana):

  1. the 'Transcendental Consciousness' within conditioned existence corresponding to the first four observable attributes of Gotama's Right Samadhi: Detachment-Born, Tranquility gateway to Oneness, Equanimity loosening the grips of 'Binding Word/Image', Purity loosening the grips of 'Clinging Thought'.

  2. the 'Cosmic Consciousness - Beyond Thought' where there is 'No Thought' but there is an Awareness of the Awaken, corresponding to Gotama's Infinite Space and Infinite Consciousness that we call Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness.

  3. the 'Unity' corresponding to the student revised descriptions of Gotama into 'Sunyata Nothingness', 'Border line between Conditioned and Unconditioned', 'Unmoving Sunyata'. The word 'Unity' is used to show the neutral scientific fact where both visible (Unmoving described by HuiNeng in his self introduction) and invisible (Sunyata) is One.

These classifications will be significantly drilled down in the proposed Global Collaboration of "VerifiableEmptiness"[D7]. The 'Beyond Thought' corresponding to Gotama's Infinite Space and Infinite Consciousness is Not suddenly and statically 'Infinite' as logical deduction from Buddhist monks who are totally bounded at 'Thought'. It is exactly as described by science about a space traveler moving toward the black-hole: the space and time start to be curved and one experiences the 'Expanding Space' and 'Expanding Consciousness'. One may have to generate required energy for this Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness to widen the boundary by just a natural effortless 'Intent'.

That Awareness has different depths where the clinging force is fading away which is different from commonly used static 'Pure Awareness'. This scientific fact is expressed as:

Here Sariputra, form is Sunyata Sunyata is form, form is not different from Sunyata Sunyata is not different from form, form equals Sunyata Sunyata equals form. The same for feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness.

— Prajnaparamita Hridaya[R2] - Bát Nhã Tâm Kinh

The transcending of the conditioned boundary commonly known as breaking the 'crust of sesame seed for its oil' in the 'enlighten' (Sudden Awaken) song of Tilopa[D39]. The description can be personally verified when one transcends the Observed then the Observer[R14.1] to reach Cosmic Consciousness and Unity.

From then on, there are different depths at different issues. It is 'Awaken' then 'Awakening' in life-after-life and realm-after-realm, not a kind of easy 'Enlighten' as boosted by Buddhist monks, imitating from their counter part Roman Catholic Church. Esoterically, that is a hurdle many advanced students still have to go through in their 'Learning and Doing'[R5.3], [R5.4] where we are parts in a symbolic thousands Heads, Arms, Eyes of a living ecosystem in Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings where one is a part of the Whole - the Whole in One.

Another significant factor is an Esoteric Connection that one's esoteric teacher will be there to make happened the precious experience if one's True Heart is devoted to the ComPassion for others to benefit One and the Whole. Do Not Miss this Noble Teacher-Student relationship which is very private - bastardized by all organized religions - beyond all 'isms' to have lasting Value in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. The bottom line is that one is more than the physical and energy observable bodies, and the Consciousness can enable that direct experience right at the Present Moment for one's wider perspective in one's Continuity of the Consciousness whose Quality has direct impact on one's Quality Existence life after life. Once knowing something 'Beyond Thought', one can operate in the relative world of 'Thought' and competing forces of Conflicts with a smile since the Inner Conflicts have been minimized, loosening the grips of 'Binding Word/Image', 'Clinging Thought', and general 'Grasp-er/Grasped'.

The lightness of mental state and stock is the clearest indicator of the Quality of the Consciousness according to scientific facts of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes that lead to the Quality of one's Present Moment and Future Abode that are happening in Actual Living in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. That is why [ Kindness >< ComPassion >< Signature ] is the foundation of all Goodness far beyond all 'isms' of organized religions at 'Binding Word/Image', 'Clinging Thought', and general 'Grasp-er/Grasped' that we actually know in observing, dealing, and helping many others through their astral bodies, applicable to both the living and the dead.

To appreciate the power of this lightness via 'Beyond Thought - Vô Tướng', 'No-Mark - Vô Vết', 'Detachment-Born - Vô Trụ', and 'Prajna - Bát Nhã', use your Buddha Nature to observe your Consciousness and see how one is slaved to 'Binding Word/Image', 'Clinging Thought', and general 'Grasp-er/Grasped' No Matter who you are: Pope, Religious Leaders, King/Queen, President, Rich/Poor, monk/priest, Guru/Master, God / Bodhisattva / Buddha, etc.

The practical bottom line in direct experiencing the 'Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict' of Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi) is the Purification of the Senses where the six sense consciousnesses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind) are naturally purified and separated from the 5 entanglements (form, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness) so one can Mindfully see the 'source of thought'. We make a distinction about (1) consciousness conditioned on the physical structure of the mind (brain of the six senses), (2) consciousness in the 5 entanglements, and (3) the reachable consciousness outside one's conditioned realm called unconditioned by the Awareness that can be beyond thought transcending the observer. That deeper layer 3 of reachable consciousness is conditioned (from wider set of Dependent Nature) and can be affected by the interference from higher more subtle realm that we lump together as the 'Esoteric Circle'. We know some of our actual experiences are not 100% our own effort and present ability. That is the importance of Right Relationships in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles that everyone can cultivate in 'One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One'.

Therefore, Nirvana (Table 1) is a snap shot at the mountain top in the ninth observable attribute of Right Samadhi at the Present Moment that Gotama had that experience when he was a child. Later, he was too focused on the Inner Quest for the Right Living of a Worthy Existence, and fell back for 6 years within the box of Inner Conflicts - Outer Conflicts in concentration. Right Samadhi (inner Peace - ability to be one with the object in Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict) can be easily achieved with Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ) and HonNhien (Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity). There are definitely different depths to 'Transcend Inner Peace'[D25]; they are conditioned and bounded in the physical and energy realm one is in. In the Right Inner Circle, one's authentic Teacher plays a significant role on one's 'Learning and Doing' in one's Continuity of the Consciousness that is far beyond one's life time.

From the first Detachment-Born to the ninth Unmoving Sunyata, there are different depths at different Intensity to Purify[D26] the senses for separating the sense consciousness out of the past 5 entanglements (form, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness). After that instantaneous Unmoving Sunyata, the conditions of relative existence kicks in, and one gets back to Dukkha but with a little difference in quality to be Aware (beyond thought) of the arisen nine observable attributes of Right Samadhi to alternate between Silence and Activities just like to dye cloth and dry it in the Sun to enable the Silence solidify itself in daily activities. Therefore, awaken (satori) at different depths of Sunyata - even at the deepest depth of Unmoving Sunyata or cessation of Dukkha - is only the awaken at one instant moment. The 'Sudden' is required to

  1. biologically kick-start the wiring process for synchronization between left and right brain,

  2. revitalize the dormant wiring if it is already there due to past accumulated efforts,

  3. register the event as a signature in the storehouse (eighth) consciousness to assure that it is not a one-shot affair.

The combination of innumerable dormant karmic forces together with momentary extinction (cessation) in Nirvana logically make happened the appearance of the Unmoving Sunyata. This logical deduction is similar to the logical hypothesis that there is no thought beyond the Purity of Right Samadhi to form one's theoretical model to be personally tested and verified by each person. One can go one step further to logically see that if there is no thought in Expanding Space (since a thought of Expanding is Not Expanding), there must be a consciousness to know that Expanding State. That Consciousness, called Awareness of the Awaken or Consciousness of the consciousness, is far beyond what HuiNeng exposed in his foundation for Zen Sudden School[R5], [R5.1], [R5.2].

One needs a 'Sudden Awaken' to directly experience the transcendental 'Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict', then continuously 'Awakening' life-after-life to build the required Foundation to 'Transcend Inner Peace'[D25] going beyond thought to directly experience the Essence of the Right Living / Effort far beyond all 'isms' to enslave one into its binding 'Word/Image' and clinging 'Thought'.

Back to the foundation of Zen Sudden School:

Learned Audience, it has been the tradition of our school to take 'Idea-lessness' as our object, 'Non-objectivity' as our basis, and 'Non-attachment' as our fundamental principle. 'Idea-lessness' means not to be carried away by any particular idea in the exercise of the mental faculty. 'Non-objectivity' means not to be absorbed by objects when in contact with objects. 'Non-attachment' is the characteristic of our Essence of Mind.

Based on what (scientific facts - pieces of Truth) picked up by HuiNeng and the mess-up by Buddhist Zen tradition, we value-add HuiNeng discoveries into the Four Seals of the Consciousness from the angle of KhaiPhong (practical daily activities):

Beyond Thought' (Vô Tướng), 'No-Mark' (Vô Vết), 'Detachment-Born' (Vô Trụ) and Samadhi-Prajna (Định-Tuệ)

They are the signed posts to describe observable attributes of the manifested HonNhien on the foundation of Detachment-Born of Dhyana, and embedded in all observable attributes of Right Inner Peace[D13]. The content of this 'Detachment-Born' (Vô Trụ) implies the scientific contents of the second (Impermanence) and third (Empty / Not-Self) Seals of Budh Dharma as described by Gotama. The manifestation of that inside 'Detachment-Born' is the observable HonNhien according to KhaiPhong.

'Beyond Thought' (Vô Tướng) is the target at any observed Object to imply both the fourth 'Purity' and the fifth 'Expanding Space' of Right Samadhi in seeing 'Thing As It Is'. Here is the quote from HuiNeng understanding of 'Thing-As-It-Is'

What is "Wu-Nien", no-thought-ness? Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind free from stain and attachment, this is no-thought-ness.

— Page 126 in The Zen doctrine of no-mind[R5.1]

Is it Gotama's Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm) in action? It takes that long from Gotama identified Right Mindfulness to actually describe its attributes in daily activities that HuiNeng called wu-nien - no-thought-ness or 'Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind free from stain and attachment'. We call this 'Beyond Thought' at the Observed and make it happened to most persons via 'purification of the senses' with Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi) from Transcendental Consciousness (Detachment-Born, Tranquility, Equanimity, Purity), Cosmic Consciousness (Expanding Consciousness, Expanding Consciousness), and Unity (Sunyata Nothingness, Border line between conditioned and unconditioned, momentary Nirvana). We combine both the snapshots from HuiNeng [ Samadhi-Prajna - Wu-Nien ] and Gotama Mindfulness - Prajna with discovered Transcendental Inner Peace (TIP) to inject modern scientific understanding of the dynamic Nature of Things to scientifically demonstrate the dynamic Dependent Nature and the hidden Emptiness where humanity can play a significant role since that hidden potentiality of Prajna is within the reach of almost every person to be fully responsible for one's action and the environment one a part.

Up to 2017 the writer has not known any religious leader from all organized religions, monk/nun - based on their expositions especially in explaining Mahayana texts - know this no-thought-ness (wu-nien) and able to expose it to the mass. Krishnamurti knew this 'wu-nien' and called 'Intensity of Attention' or an ability to 'Totally Listen'. This is a challenge for all claimed meditation masters, Buddhist monks/nuns, and real seekers to actually understand and know the Right Mindfulness[D9] (Chánh Niệm) of Gotama's Noble eightfold Path which is the State of Prajna to see 'Thing As It Is' where Samadhi-Prajna is manifested at that present moment.

Back to the above simplest 'Thing As It Is' that the Consciousness can come from a 'thought / feeling / perception' which is conditioned or from an 'Awareness Beyond Thought' such as 'kindness' so you know the existence of this 'wu-nien' that we call 'Beyond Thought': a thought / image / word of 'Love' is not 'Love', but there is a 'Love' one can directly be Aware of. We hope to make the direct experience of "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" personally known by most persons, riding on the person's accumulated lasting values and natural charming power of Sunyata Nothingness. This in turn deepens the awareness of finer consciousness of Right Inner Peace to activate the long road of Sudden Awaken then Awakening in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. One is naturally responsible for one's actions and the environment one a part.

'Beyond Thought' at the Observed to contrast with HuiNeng wu-nien (no-thought-ness) is to put a signed post on the ground for personal verification that at the Intensity-of-Attention point, one can totally listen to the surrounding without any preconceived thought. Krishnamurti spent a major portion of his life to show this point; unfortunately to most listeners, it is only at word level when they are out of his Compassionate energy. His job was probably just to introduce the possibility for the deliverable technologies coming from much more qualified persons. Hope you can see the power of Real Experience that No Word and Thought can describe. A scientific process to speed up the infusion of higher consciousness is now available to personally experience the Natural Purification of the senses via Verifiable Emptiness, all the way up to Gotama Nirvana.

This road block will be changed based on our researched work on the PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light to accumulate required foundation from Transcendental Consciousness, then in Kindness since it is you who mindfully generate the Action (some time with esoteric assistance if it comes from the deepest part of your True Heart to Share your Goodness for the benefits of Others which is a natural law of ComPassion) in a scientific process, personally verified and researched for 40+ years together with joint contributions of few identified as personally knowing the Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict having thousands years of fruitful Learning and Doing in their specialties. Here are seven components with appropriate technologies and conditions to be statistically evaluated using pharmaceutical processes of "Drug Discovery and Evaluation" to scientifically produce practical results:

  1. PrajnaTIP in Sound

  2. Samadhi

  3. Aspiration

  4. ComPassion

  5. Detachment-Born / Emptiness

  6. Effort

  7. PrajnaTIP in Kindness

These are components with appropriate cultivable technologies to enable most people switching from stressful conflicting and confusing events on the duality plane to empty all contents for [reborn / rejuvenation] Freshness to see Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position for a Right Effort, using Prajna Dialectic of the "Wise" rather than Hegelian Dialectic of a confused mind. Please see the significance of these technical switches - dreamed by Krishnamurti due to his innate Intensity-of-Attention but not yet deliverable - from noisy chatting mind to utterly silent states, known by dedicated explorers. One component alone is not enough in Making Life Easier and Happier.

It is similar to discoveries in organic chemistry where relevant components are dynamically interacted in targeting wide varieties of cures for different pains. Our discoveries of technologies behind PrajnaTIP in Sound and PrajnaTIP in Kindness are the most significant to glue other generalities, accidentally discovered by others such as Right Samadhi by Gotama, Aspiration by Jesus, ComPassion by esoteric Avalokiteshvara, Detachment-Born by HuiNeng and measurable Right Effort using Nagarjuna normative evaluation of {Right}, (Wrong}, {graded degrees of Right and Wrong}, {not applicable} in applying modern technologies for the fourth industrial revolution. The PrajnaTIP in Sound based on Shurangama Sutra[D31] is opening the door to debunk esoteric impostor who is incapable to deliver the described while enabling other components such as Right Samadhi, Aspiration, ComPassion, Detachment-Born, Right Effort and PrajnaTIP in Kindness actually verifiable by many to effortlessly wipe out criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4], bullying humanity for many thousands years in masters-slaves relationships.

On the duality plane of stressful and conflicting events, the switches between stressful events to higher plane of [ Oneness / Prajna / Conscience / Wisdom ] for directly perceiving Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position of a Right Effort can be further specific to different types of people - Rational, Emotional, Introvert, Extrovert - based on psychology clinical searches such as Myers–Briggs Type Indicator. Most people are in the mixing of these types depending on the facing events and one's state of the being at that time. With the implementations of the above vertical switches, many more will be in the fifth type of conscious living, able to sense the source and motivation of one's thought to properly manage one's realities. This is the fifth type unknown by current psychology. These cultivable vertical switches will definitely open many doors for further discoveries in clinical researches and treatments when combined with machine learning from mass data of user activities and relationships.

Since all must be based on Thing-As-It-Is of underlying natural laws according to the Dependent Nature of Existence, please ask yourself why the Hindu Siddhi via Transcendental Meditation (TM)©® popularized in 1960's - 1970's failed[D48], why reincarnated monks[R13] and claimed Buddhist meditation mastersPlum Village do not even know the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict", and why 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha still has defect in understanding and realizing Gotama's Emptiness and Nirvana[R12], [R14.1].

2. Complex Eco-System

There exist Scientific Evidences to show a possible path of innumerable Ecosystems, generating and intertwining together from Sound / Light Vibrations which may be started from a 'Big Bang' or continuous parallel universes with various 'Big Bangs' in continuous cycle of creation, maintenance and destruction forces. These Ecosystems from microscopic atom to macroscopic - beyond the solar system and our universe - have similar patterns, governed by natural laws. As Humanity, we exist right in the middle of these wonders having Normative Consciousness / Intelligence at both individual and aggregate Intelligence, halfway of the journey between atom and the Universe.

Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts are part of individual vibrations which affect the mass consciousness of the surroundings and matters which have direct impacts on the quality of one's Living. The opening of Dhammapala 'Mind precedes all knowables, mind's their chief, mind-made are they - Ý dẫn đầu các pháp, ý làm chủ, ý tạo' may be the actual mechanism of evolution in the entire cosmos where innumerable forms of entities having a sense of an agent are the manifestations of Thought Patterns. In modern (Internet) Communications and Collaborations, the impact of Normative Economics driven by Right Understanding (of Thing As It Is) and Right Motivation (from Prajna) is significant, quickly to affect one's Right Effort and change the environment one a part.

Mind has been explored at different angles and depths through out 2500+ years of Buddhist history. After the above meaning of Mind - including both the sixth sense in Instinct and seventh sense in Vibration - Buddhist Consciousness-Only[D35] can now be understood in this modern time that everything is Consciousness[R7], inanimate and animate. A living organism - having a sense of a normative agent - has a centralized part to orchestrate individual intelligence and efforts of other parts that make up the aggregate of an individual agent. Hence, even within a living agent, there must be some harmonious environment where each element is fully responsible for its actions to be a part of the Whole and the Whole Living Organism affects its vitality.

The living agent (organism) interacts with other agents of its kind and the surrounding environment. The same harmony and responsibility are applicable. In the Evolution of a Living Organism, we logically show the interdependent of the three or four layers of the individual stream of Consciousness: physical layer, energy / astral layer, the core consciousness. There is a consistent framework between scientific evolution theory which study the evolution of species at different physical forms corresponding to different 'qualities of the consciousness'. If we see consciousness from the core as the Intelligent driving force due to having a sense of an agent, we can reverse the evolution of species from evolution of the consciousness that create the physical layer as its vessel for the consciousness manifestation. The implication of this reversed direction - which in our research is the Right side up - has direct impact on the quality of one's existence and the environment one a part.

There are sufficient evidences to physically demonstrate Brain creates Thought and Thought generates physical connections to change the Brain. When we include other elements that change the Thought such as forms / feelings / perceptions / impulses / consciousness, we have a definition of Mind, comprising of accumulated embedded marks in one's complex bundle of patterns (Instinct), Brain Intelligence and something outside the conditioned box - relevant to the present situation affected by Volition / Freewill / Sankhara of all involved parties - in sensing the Dependent Nature of the Agent existence, called Compassion Vibration and Prajna: [ Mind - Brain ]. That "Sensing of the Dependent Nature" directly comes from the ability to have a momentary Complete Silence of all internal disturbances to directly catch the vibrations relevant to the Issue and the appropriate solution at the present moment. It is similar to the patterns from flock of activities (birds) detectable in AI via Big-Data[R21], [R21.1], [R21.2], plus more to strategically affect the movements in both patterns and behaviours. The solution and scientific processes have already been laid out in Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2].

As a highly developed human being, one can move from the Imaginary Nature causing Sufferings toward the Dependent Nature of Thing As It Is with an infusion of the Perfected Nature from wider aspects of Existence. To further stress the importance of the 'Perfected Nature' and bring the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict into the 'Doing/Living', HuiNeng talked the 'No-Mind'[R5.1] which is a state of Mind that goes Beyond-Thought at the Observed (i.e. no veil of preconceived embedded patterns), No-Mark once the action completed, and Detachment-Born as the Fundamental Principle for the manifestation of Right Mindfulness or state of Prajna. This level of depth is the Real Secret to be an Integrated Person to fully realize one's Potential from the Wholesome Mind which includes both brain Intelligence, Instinct of sixth sense and Vibration from seventh sense.

In that sense, we define Wholesome Mind being our Brain Intelligence and Instinct in ‘Doing/Living’, having the connection to and injection of Compassion Vibration and Prajna (Wisdom) from ‘Being’ of its potentiality. This Wholesome Mind is cultivable and our target for the 'How' and the 'What' to 'Know Oneself'. It has been proved that the Mind (Instinct, Brain Intelligence, ComPassion, Prajna) uses the physical neurons to partially create itself. We need to know not only the signals from the senses but also the State of our Beings to optimally know How to make a decision, How to create Value, and How to make that created solution sustainable in appropriate ecosystem of sustainable Created Values.

Reincarnation is that recreation process according to Likes-attract-Likes and Actions-Reactions with possible external influence for a new utility vessel in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. Within the current body and mind defined as [ Instinct, Brain Intelligence, ComPassion, Prajna ], each component of the body and mind has its own function and intelligence orchestrated by some form of central agency having a sense of an agent to be a Vibrant living organism. Reverse engineering of this observation is the tool parts of our target to enable the Science of Consciousness - riding on precious discovered pieces of truth plus scientific 'What' and 'How' to directly access one's potentiality - injecting its Natural Purification to direct innumerable manifestations of the tools toward the 'Right' in the Essence of the Right Living, away from the 'Wrong' driven by Ignorance. Typical examples are the 'Right Effort' and the Wrong Effort', the Right Inner Peace and the Wrong Inner Peace, the Faith beyond Thought versus the conditioned-thought divisional Prayers.

Due to the Dependent Nature, that Living Organism interacts with other Living Organisms in a community, a region, a country and the World to form a larger aggregate ecosystem of sustainable Created Values orchestrated by an agreed Management System driven by stakeholders where one's action has some effects on the Whole and the Whole in One's interest. One's Continuity of the Consciousness - whose quality has direct impact on one's present moment and future existence - dictates the full responsibility of one's actions and the environment. That responsibility is manifested via the Volition - Freewill - Sankhara (Table 2) either driven by Ignorance toward Sufferings or Prajna toward a Purity-Tranquility of existence.

Buddhist Consciousness-Only theory[D35] has been developed to explore the evolution of Consciousness in a Living Organism having a sense of an agent. That evolution has reached not only from [ Consciousness to Sound / Light to Forms ], but also from 'Form' back to 'Consciousness' [ Forms to Consciousness ] in a Worthy Existence at either Higher Consciousness capable of abstract thinking as in you and me in Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness to be more beneficial for the Evolution of the Individual (One) and the Whole, or Miserable at lower Consciousness constraint in required physical forms and life span for the Nature (if required) neutralizing the degenerated destructive energy of '[ Greed - Anger - Ignorance ]' and/or forcing the 'self' to further evolve in its Expanding Happiness (Good Person) and less Sufferings (Right Living / Effort).

In Consciousness-Only, everything is consciousness: the Observer, the Observed, the state of observation and beyond. From the angle of individual stream of consciousness, having a sense of a highly developed agent such as a person, there are Three Natures: the Imaginary Nature due to Ignorance, the Dependent Nature of Thing As It Is where distorted view is a part, and the Perfected Nature. That individual stream of consciousness - called Normative Persona - is also applicable to the aggregate (such as family, association, organization, company, community, country, world) where individual is a constituent and/or stakeholder.

In Figure 1, the evolution from Sound / Light to Forms of Consciousness having a sense of an Agent is represented as the Dependent Origination of a Community Living. In that Community Sharing. one can learn from Observations and Implementations, building on top of the community Body of Knowledge. That Learning and Doing enables a person more Awareness of one's Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes, or Karma (the total effect of a person's actions during the successive phases of the person's existence).

Consciousness-Only shows the correct causal direction from Mind (brain Intelligence, bundles of patterns in Instinct, and something beyond due to the Dependent Nature of Consciousness called ComPassion and Prajna) that creates physical brain in continuous reincarnations according to natural laws of Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction for its manifestations, and brain having the infusion of something outside-the-box in the development of the Wholesome Mind [ Mind - Brain ]. Viewing from this perspective, it is the Quality of the Consciousness that really counts in the Quality of Worthy Existence of any individual stream of consciousness. In this wider perspective and with some honesty in Self/Selfless Awareness, one can see both the 'easy' evolution and degeneration of the consciousness - called by Buddhist as samsara - and can make wise normative economics of available resources to What Count[R23].

Hence, Living is a 'Thing As It Is' or a mathematical axiom for further exploration of the 'self'. Searching for a meaning of Living implies an ability of the 'self' having an inner feeling, acting as a guide to the Right or Unworthy of one's behavior. That visible ethical aspect is commonly known as Conscience. Behind any visible relative existence, there is an invisible counterpart or the foundation of the visible such as (1) the visible iceberg and its underneath, (2) matter / anti-matter and dark matter, (3) form / energy and Consciousness, (4) ComPassion-Prajna and Sunyata (to be defined next for further engineering exploration). So, what is the invisible part to be the foundation of 'Conscience'? Most important is whether 'Conscience' can be scientifically cultivable to drive one's behavior toward the direction of 'Right Action' and 'Right Living / Effort'. This question has not been addressed in western philosophy and religions.

Buddha Gotama Inner Quest (the Right Thing to do, nagging feeling, fear, phobia, pain, issue, etc) implicitly takes 'Living' as a mathematical axiom where the Buddha Nature or the innate 'Budh' (the 'know' of Right and Unworthy relevant to one's Present Moment) comprising of both the invisible (Sunyata) and visible (ComPassion-Prajna) parts is the Corollary of the Living. Buddha Nature is a sine qua none of Living; without that intelligence, there is no Living.

In connecting the dots of different pieces of Truth picked up by dedicated explorers for an Engineering Roadmap, we need precise Definition of Terms which is called 'Taxonomy' in Ontology to share common understanding across people and machines without misconception from any party. Taxonomy / Definition / Classification is the science of defining groups on the basis of shared characteristics and giving names to those groups. Ontology is the study of the nature of being, becoming, existence, or reality, as well as the basic categories of being and their relations. For this purpose, we equate the visible Conscience to Prajna to show it is scientifically cultivable, transcending 'Binding Word/Image' and 'Clinging Thought' framed / conditioned in all 'isms' and cultures. Its visible Qualities [ ComPassion, Detachment-Born, HonNhien, Prajna ] have direct impact on the Quality of one's present and future Worthy Existence. Sunyata is the invisible part of the Buddha Nature, embracing Emptiness for rejuvenation or recycle of the manifested plus something more, whose manifestation is ComPassion-Prajna at an Intensity of Attention point, effortlessly generated from an Inner Quest.

Therefore, on top of insensible scientific facts, describing physical and mental phenomena of Ecosystems, each person is basically a Living Ecosystem having a centralized Volition / Freewill driven either by Ignorance toward Sufferings or Conscience (technically defined as Prajna). Using Table 2, we show in Agent of Changes[D10] and Self/Selfless Awareness that one can start from Present Moment a cultivable scientific process of the 'Right Effort' that has immediate impact on the Present and Future Worthy Existence in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. Relevant 'Inner Quest' naturally provides Right Motivation beyond conditioned 'Image/Word' and 'Thought' enforced in cultures, religions, and all 'isms'. The momentary 'Volition / Freewill' is the source directing the person's Living Organism toward either Purity-Tranquillity of Existence driven by Prajna / Conscience or Sufferings driven by Ignorance.

Consciousness is a form of energy which cannot be destroyed (according to conservation of energy and mass) but can be transformed from Sufferings at heavier level of Consciousness to Purity-Tranquility at lighter and expanding level of Consciousness[D30]. The quality of that Consciousness once free from inertia of current mental and physical forms will find its own abode according to Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction. The bottom line is the Quality of one's Consciousness whose state and 'accumulated stock' have direct impact on the Quality of one's Present and Future Living where one is always a part of the Living Whole.

Referring to Figure 1, when one is more Aware of the 'self' and 'surroundings', one is more aware of innumerable karmic forces (the total effect of a person's actions and conduct) to be pulled and pushed in different directions. Part of that Awareness is the recognition of the gap between what one sees (believes, thinks, feels, perceives) as one's Reality and its Actuality (Thing As It Is). The divergence between Reality and Actuality generates Inner Conflicts and Outer Conflicts versus Inner Order and Outer Order from one's innate Buddha Nature[D32.1]. Look inside and see the Reality of one's existence no matter who you are and/or claimed to be.

Due to the innate Buddha Nature, one can drive the living consciousness either toward a direction of higher level / lighter existence in expanding Space and Consciousness, or to a lower level / heavier consciousness of Sufferings due to Ignorance. One has evolved to a high level of ethical Volition / Sankhara / Freewill either driven by Ignorance (myopic view) or Prajna (Conscience) for an Action with its consequences. There is Only Action and its Consequences affecting one's Quality of the Consciousness. The Volition drives the individual toward a direction where one is fully responsible for one's Inside Order and Outside Order[D30].

These lighter or heavier existences[D30] are called Realms governing by different natural laws, appropriate for the living conditions of the Realm. Within each realm such as human realm, there are wide ranges of different qualities that affect the Quality of Living in the current reincarnation. Just look around and decide the qualities you want to be a part of your Inner Circle and circles of inner circles. The driving force of one's momentary Volition come either from Ignorance or Prajna (Table 2).

Due to innumerable karmic forces, one is rendered like a float in a wave or environment one is in. The Engineering Approach to the Science of Consciousness is to enable an accumulated body of proven knowledge, tested by empirical verification as reproducible scientific facts or 'Things as They Are'. Participants can start from the trail(s) most appropriate to their present moments and leave something for others about to enter the trail(s) more enjoyable and easier in their 'Learning and Doing'.

Intensity-of-Attention - as illustrated in Figure 2 - is essential for exploring Self'Selfless Awareness in wider scope. The State to see and act according to 'Thing As It Is' is Right Mindfulness[D12], an extension of Buddhist Right Mindfulness. The Stock to sense something Beyond, outside the boxes (Patches B and C), for an innovative approach to the current issue (Patch A), is the accumulated Right Inner Peace[D13] or 'Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict' at different depths: Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity. These technical aspects draw required ingredients from thousands years of Buddhist investigations via contributions of many into an Engineering Theoretical Framework, ready for practical implementations and personal verification.

The Right Inner Peace is Samma-Samadhi in the Buddhist Noble eightfold Path, measurable and actually demonstrated by Buddha Gotama in recorded nine states of samadhi[D28], [D29]: Detachment-Born, Tranquility, Equanimity, Purity (categorized as Transcendental Consciousness), Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness (categorized as Cosmic Consciousness), Sunyata Nothingness, Border line between conditioned and unconditioned, Unmoving Sunyata (categorized as Unity).

Transcendental Inner Peace (TIP) or Samadhi has been provided by Hindu tradition via different techniques, by Christian and Muslim traditions via Faith, by Essene / Sufi Traditions through swirling, etc. But not being aware the motivation at the source of thought, the Grasp-er - scientifically known as the left brain - is already there to Grasp the Inner Peace (the Grasped) that drives one further into Inner Conflicts - Outer Conflicts due to the divergence between one's Reality and Actuality.

Over thousands years ago, HuiNeng defined[R5], [R5.2] 'to be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana, and to attain Inner Peace is Samadhi in his well-known dhyana-samadhi that very few of his followers can know. He qualified all Budh Counselors: 'Without Inner Peace (Samadhi) there is no Meditation (Dhyana)' and Gotama qualified all practitioners: 'Without Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ), there is no Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi - Chánh Định)'. If you claim to be a Buddhist and/or Budh Counselor, see your Reality and find out whether you know Meditation (Dhyana) that you have been making noises in thousands years, and qualified by HuiNeng plus whether your experience of Inner Peace is the Right Inner Peace qualified by Gotama. Most of Buddhist monks and nuns in 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha are not qualified by either HuiNeng and/or Gotama, effectively making them professional scam artists[R18.4] violating one of their most fundamental ethical rule "Not Lying - Musà vàdà veramanì - Tránh xa sự nói dối" selling what he/she does not know nor have. All KhaiPhong Counselors must be qualified by both HuiNeng and Gotama in exploring the Signed Posts of Right Inner Peace. Hope you can be front-line soldiers to make happened noble Buddhist discoveries for your own benefits and benefits of humanity.

We will logically show below that

  1. It is even more important than the 'flashy' meditation / pure love states sold by professional scam artists in all organized religions, one needs to Know Oneself in sensing the signals from the senses, and the 'State' of one's being to have an appropriate action relevant to the present moment and optimized in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. This is the process to activate one's Awakening to be at home with oneself, minimizing unnecessary Inner Conflict - Outer Conflicts. Most claimed religious leaders are "Slaves" to their senses - do not know the signals from their senses and the State of their beings.

  2. Out of the seven (7) methods seriously known by humanity to enter the Gateway-to-Oneness for experiencing Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict as pieces of Truth or scientific facts, the one qualified in Detachment-Born by Gotama, then further specifically described by HuiNeng as Samadhi-Prajna that we generalize and make it as an extension of Gotama Right Mindfulness in the Dependent Nature of one and the surrounding is the Correct and Highest trail[D9].

    It is Correct since it demands the understanding of the Essence of the Right Living / Effort according to Natural Laws. It is the Highest since it is the shortest path to the Verifiable Emptiness for rejuvenation plus deeper merging into Wisdom (Prajna), moving toward Equanimity to loosen the grips of binding Word/Image, Purity to loosen the grips of clinging Thought, beyond to Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness, toward the Unity of Sunyata Nothingness and Gotama momentary Nirvana or HuiNeng Unmoving Sunyata.

This will be changed due to available living students knowing the importance of Awakening process in the Right Understanding and Right Motivation at the beginning of Gotama Noble eightfold Path, plus intimate accumulated knowledge and actual experience in Consciousness and Sound / Light technologies, and the tidal shift in cosmic consciousness that 70,000,000 to 500,000,000 (1% to 7% human population) people will know that Right Inner Peace as known by Gotama and HuiNeng.

Within the Buddhist target, the six consciousness corresponding to six organs (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind) filtered by five entanglements (forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness), the Consciousness-Only[D35] identifies the seventh consciousness responsible for the stability of the 'self' and the eighth or storehouse consciousness responsible for the State and the Stock of the Quality of one's Consciousness which has immediate impact on the Quality of one's present and future Worthy Existence.

At the end of one's life cycle, the physical form ceases to function and is recycled as the recycle of millions cells at any moment of one's existence, but noticeable only in a longer period such as 10 years. Once the physical form ceases to function, the eighth consciousness finds its new abode according to Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction for a new cycle in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, with or without external assistances. The external assistance comes from Higher Esoteric Circle that is currently orchestrating the new cycle in both human realm and the degenerated higher realms (God / Allah / Bodhisattva / Buddha) previously running the Human realm.

The seventh consciousness now has its scientific support known as the left brain classifying the received signals into past patterns and/or projecting them into the future. This may be the required stability for proper evolution[R9]. The right brain receives wider scope of signals. Part of this wider scope is the Vibration from the Heart[R7], sending strong signals to the brain commonly known as Intelligence of the Unconscious and Mind (Instinct, Brain Intelligence, ComPassion, Prajna), or concretely for further investigations as intelligence of the sixth (from Instinct) and seventh (from Vibrations) senses. This demonstrates an ability of a normal person to be outside the boxes as represented in Patch C of Figure 2 due to a switch from stressful and confusing events to a higher plane of Oneness exposed by the seven cultivable components above: PrajnaTIP in Sound, Samadhi, Aspiration, ComPassion, Detachment-Born, Right Effort, and PrajnaTIP in Kindness. This outside the box is on top of the accumulated conditioned structures of the Instinct and Brain Intelligence, relevant to all vibrations of concerned parties affecting the outcome of the Issue. It logically shows why "Kindness" and "Compassion" form a solid foundation of lasting value since they train one an ability to sense the invisibles and/or do something. In that "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" one can sense both the potentialities and dangers relevant to the present Issue.

Cultivating technologies of Right Inner Peace[D13] in the Engineering Roadmap will deliver this precious experience with 'Right Mindfulness' for most persons to properly manage one's Reality. The cultivation loosens the Grips of the Grasp-er and the Grasped that all divisional organized religions bind one to their doctrines with subtle means such as addicted Prayers and Miracles, false claim of Redeemer, of forever Amitabha-Amitayus Pure Land, of one-life then waiting for master-slaves Judgement Day from the false claim of the Forever God or One-and-Only Allah, etc.

There is a synchronization between left brain and right brain; one's Awareness and/or attitude (Right Understanding and Right Motivation from Prajna division of Noble Path) can change the physical structure of the brain and its Consciousness. Therefore the brain carries with it the Stock and State which are momentarily changed in a very dynamic environment of Learning and Doing from Actual Life experiences.

The Consciousness-Only theory postulates the Continuity of the Consciousness in its storehouse from both the current physical self and when the 'self' reaches the end of its life cycle. Therefore, any carry-on quality requires significant impact on the eighth consciousness. If relying only in self effort, that significant impact and a possible revolutionary can only happen at the Intensity-of-Attention point where it is the energy of attention[R6.1] to take one outside the box of conditioned thinking to directly know the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict at different depths of Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity.

One most important factor - not yet mentioned in the consciousness-theory - is the mechanic of that change which is instantaneous at the point of momentary Verifiable Emptiness. This shows the upside-down of the whole left-brain 'gradual' approach - implemented by all organized religions and 'Sudden Zen' where most are faked - at below the conditioned thought. Bodhidharma / HuiNeng zen sudden awaken then awakening - without faked zen monks - will be revitalized with Sound / Light and Consciousness technologies to make one's life Easier and Happier in daily activities to drive all forms of aggregates (family, organization, business, community, country, the World) toward a Right direction where everyone can play.

The Inner Quest for a solution of the most dominant Issue naturally provides that focused point which is possible but hard (since most do not know what one needs and who one is). Only few individuals naturally have, due to the long-time (in thousands years of) built-in Inner Quest. The situation will be changed with the Science of Consciousness proven technologies that one can ride on to naturally cultivate the Conscious Living via Inner Quests of Relevant Issues to jump from different things according to one's Reality.

Besides self-effort, there are other technologies more applicable to the mass, riding on the relationships between '[ Consciousness > Sound / Light > Forms ]' and/or '[ Consciousness to Energy to Forms ]' to move in reverse order from Forms of Personal Physical Body back to the Consciousness with or without the injection of Cosmic Consciousness to the forms to induce a certain Consciousness State: '[ Forms to Consciousness ]' which is the only way to be outside the box, by-passing all conditioned and tainted senses.

There are many proven useful techniques such as Yoga, Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung[R11], Sufi Swirling, that can be further developed into concrete meditation according to our scientific definition: [ 'without Transcendental Inner Peace (TIP) there is no meditation, without Detachment-Born there is No Right Inner Peace' ] or [ 'Verifiable Emptiness is the sine-qua-non or corollary of Right Meditation' ] so one can momentarily be free from attachments and influences of outer objects to view 'Thing As it Is'.

The technologies (PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light, in Kindness, Cultivable Prajna in Activity and in Saddhana) in An Engineering Roadmap[D14] are proven and deliverable by living students, having thousands years of Learning and Doing from their Inner Quests. Cultivable Prajna in Activity and in Sadhana embrace certified techniques of dedicated partners that can bring Transcendental and Cosmic Consciousness to relative existence. PrajnaTIP In Sound / Light and in Kindness can be Clusters of Open Innovation Network (COIN) for wider impacts via Internet with required supporting infrastructures driven by qualified stakeholders to handle edge cases while deepening the sustainable technologies for future generations. There are needs to study the effects of directly knowing the Right Inner Peace on the practitioners' physical and mental health.

The vibration on one's Buddha Nature (embracing both the invisible Sunyata and the visible / manifest-able ComPassion-Prajna) is the most relevant to effortlessly transform one's miserable state of conflicts in duality (such as an 'Infinite-Thought Bodhisattva' in Buddhist Saddharma-pundarika, fear, uncontrollable urge, excessive desire, etc) to 'Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict' at different depths. Direct experiencing these depths [Transcendental Consciousness (Detachment-Born, Tranquility, Equanimity, Purity), Cosmic Consciousness (Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness), Unity (Sunyata Nothingness, Border line between conditioned and unconditioned, Unmoving Sunyata)] naturally Purify the senses, separating the consciousness of the senses from the five entanglements (form, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness) to facilitate the inner Stability for seeing 'Thing As it Is' (Right Mindfulness). One can naturally sense the motivation and the source of thought; that is how Right Mindfulness can check and enable all karmic forces manageable as asserted by Gotama in his answer to Ajita's Questions[D21].

Since Consciousness can be expanding while personal energy and physical forms are limited, constrained and conditioned at the time of joining between the storehouse of Consciousness and the built-up of physical structure for the manifestation of the Consciousness, the expanding in wider scope of Consciousness or the narrowing of Ignorance have a time delay in future reincarnation. Having the Right Mindfulness for seeing 'Thing As It Is' one can discover from the bird view:

  1. ComPassion in Dependent Nature or a wider perspective of Empathy is a Lasting Value since the Common Vibration of Energy called ComPassion is a corollary of Dependent Nature of all Living Ecosystems. With Right Mindfulness[D12], ComPassion can be concentrated from Kindness to become a part of one's Signature, not to be lost in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. This technology will be delivered via PrajnaTIP in Kindness to implement the process '[ Kindness >< ComPassion >< Signature ]'. ComPassion is the Foundation of all lasting Values from a bird view of Who I Am and the Essence of Right Living / Effort. It naturally arises from being a Good (kindness) Person according to natural laws, not from the conditioned and indoctrinated religions, customs, cultures.

  2. The constant Right Mindfulness from Detachment-Born and Beyond Thought[D12] is alive right at the source of each pulse of Thought to check and render all karmic forces manageable, and dissolve the most dominant one to enhance the Quality of Present Living. This technology will be delivered with (2.1) PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light to leverage the charming power of Sunyata Nothingness to effortlessly pull infinite thoughts at the surface to different depths of Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict for rejuvenation via HonNhien (Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity), and (2.2) PrajnaTIP in Activity to directly experience different states of the Consciousness as actually known by Buddha Gotama when he was a child. In the light of innumerable visible and invisible clinging forces on one's Consciousness, Right Mindfulness[D12] to be Aware right from the Source and Motivation of each thought is a reachable ability worthy of one's Right Effort to render all karmic forces manageable and dissolve the dominant one for a Worthy Existence.

  3. One is a Living Ecosystem interacting with other Ecosystems. With concentrated Right Mindfulness capable to sense the source at each pulse of Thought checking and rendering all karmic forces manageable, one is a part of a sweeping Change of Consciousness Revolution to ride on this Tidal Wave either in (3.1) the natural Change of the Cosmos and/or (3.2) the availability of highly developed living students capable to channel the Cosmic Energy to enable one's easy experience of a Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict such as in 'Natural Levitation', in 'Sudden Awakening', or even in sex from proper Tantra of self respect and respect other, consistent with Issues discovered by Gotama[R14]. This technology will be delivered at the Right Time in what we lump together as Cultivable Prajna in Sadhana. It is an intelligent bird view of Who I Am and the Essence of the Right Living / Effort from observing the struggling in competitions and influences throughout many thousands years of Sufferings, of the Unworthy and the Right of organized religions.

Everyone can (1) optimize one's relative existence in one's Normative Economics of scare resources from one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles, (2) deeply integrate at different depths of the Consciousness to know one's Continuity of the Consciousness, and (3) navigate one's Worthy Existence to be a part of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings in the Friendly and Compassionate [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] Culture of One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One.

The 'Quality of the Consciousness' is one's Reality being pulled and pushed by innumerable conflicting forces of one's entanglements. See for yourself no matter who you are and/or claim to be whether you are (1) at Home with yourself, (2) Happy and know exactly who you are and what you want from this Present Life and/or few steps ahead, (3) able to naturally 'Empty' all required energy and emotion having 'No-Mark' on your Substance once the action completed. The Quest to disentangle these entanglements has led to different pieces of Truths picked up by dedicated explorers. Connecting these pieces together, we have enough critical ingredients to form an Engineering Roadmap that everyone can learn and contribute something on the trail one has passed. The critical ingredients are:

  1. Conscience or Prajna exists in everyone to know the Right and the Unworthy, relevant to one's present moment. This ethical sense will take one's Kindness (being a Good Person) into Compassion which is the foundation for other attributes of lasting values: Generosity, Ethics, Patience, Energetic, Right Inner Peace, Prajna. When one looses the Generosity / Kindness, the ethical sense will be lost and the Quality of one's Consciousness starts to be degenerated.

  2. There is Action and its Consequences according to Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes so one is responsible for one's Inner Conflicts and Outer Conflicts. The right Action (outside order) comes from the Right Mindfulness (inside Order) to see 'Thing As It Is'.

  3. Riding on the current State (Right Mindfulness) and Stock (accumulated Right Inner Peace) of one's Quality of the Consciousness (Prajna), one can look at the Actualities and correct one's Realities (the perceptions filtered by entanglements) closer to Actualities to minimize Inner Conflicts and Outer Conflicts for a more Harmonious and Worthy Existence in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles. This direct and dynamic approach can be further enhanced using modern technologies of '[ Instinct - Data - Intelligence ]' implemented by our Computational Knowledge Engine. It is in opposite to static approach taken by Buddha Gotama and Krishnamurti of logically pointing out the Wrongs so the beyond-thought Rights (pieces of Truth) can be logically shown. Here we do not need to show at the thought level, but to Live - dynamically adjusting the Unworthy to the Right - and its feedback that have direct impact on one's Continuity of the Consciousness. There is no need to convince anyone, just the opportunities for everyone to use his/her Buddha Nature and the invisible / helping hand of economics to efficiently allocate scare resources in the Friendly and Compassionate [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] Culture of One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One.

  4. Due to innumerable forces of entanglements and long past evolution, there are current dominant issues. But there are also different versions of carry-on lasting values in one's Stock. Knowing more about oneself, one can manage the current dominant issue and make happened the dormant qualities not yet appeared. That knowing more about oneself to see 'Thing As It Is' is a scientific process to cultivate Prajna in one's daily activities from PrivateHub through all states of existence: Waking, Sleeping, Dreaming, and Consciousness of the Awaken.

  5. Thanks to the Engineering Roadmap, one does not need to start from square one to get the Lessons Learned from different pieces of 'Truth' which are always there as scientific facts conducive to Worthy Living whether or not there exists the explorer who first picked it up in one's Inner Quest, and its 'Execution'. Thousands years of exclusive right given to Infallible Gate Keepers causing billions lives of unnecessary sufferings can be avoided with a 'light of wisdom'.

  6. From the 'Engineering Roadmap', there are proven processes hard earned by many dedicated students and other explorers in their implementations, either Right or Unworthy, with hard evidences that one can learn by critically and scientifically look at the consequences.

  7. Hard evidences and proven processes are in the cultivation of Prajna (Conscience) at an Intensity-of-Attention from Self/Selfless Awareness with its manifestations via Right Mindfulness[D12] as its State to see 'Thing-As-It-Is', and Right Inner Peace[D13] to change its Stock to directly experience the 'Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict' at different depths of deliverable Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity via the Sound / Light and Consciousness technologies.

    These scientific facts are so significant and important that we do not hesitate to say at the bottom line of billions lives in extreme Sufferings - traceable from [ Christianity > Islam > Knights Templar Banking (from both exoteric and esoteric teaching) > Secret Societies > the New World Order ] - that most involved parties in the entire Roman Catholic Church and its opposing (conflicting) forces in all forms do not know nor have 'Love' since when you describe the 'Love' and/or expose the Heart to show off your love, the 'Love' is not there. Period!

    Going one step further to the claimed Unconditioned Love, challenge all its deliverable Actuality or just a concept since the manifestation of Unconditioned is Conditioned. 'Unconditioned Love' can only be there if and only if there is Beyond-Thought at the observed, No-Mark on one's Substance when the action completed, Detachment-Born as the Fundamental Principle for the manifestation of Right Mindfulness of 'Thing As It Is'. These qualities are observable and achievable to be your performance yard sticks.

    Similarly, the 'sophisticated system of Buddhist meditation on Emptiness' plus complex training in Bodhisattva and Bodhicitta[R14] are attempts to frame the 'Truth Beyond Thought' into its 'within the box' of conditioned thinking since 'Self' is the owner of the Thought, contrary to Gotama's Not-Self or Empty right from his second sermon. The outcome is that in 2500+ years of Buddhist communities of monks and nuns, most do not know nor have 'Emptiness', 'Bodhisattva', 'Bodhicitta', similar to 'Love' from their counterparts in Roman Catholic Church. They turn upside down the Budh Dharma, beyond Thought as discovered by Gotama, in all practices of all Buddhist sects from all countries despite what Gotama carefully set right from the beginning the difference between 'Exploring Truth' (scientific facts) and 'Doctrinal Truth' (belief and rituals) of the past that have nothing to do with his 'Inner Quest' and his Discoveries as Noble Gifts to Humanity.

We briefly explore the ingredients picked up by dedicated explorers in the Chapter 'Truth and Organized Religions', and learned lessons of the Rights in the Wrong Hands to frame the 'Truth at Beyond-Thought' inside its own conditioned boxes of 'Binding Word/Image' and 'Clinging Thought' called organized religions and 'isms' for a narrow scope of Personal Glorification and its surrounding organizations of Master-Slave relationships. The tendency of the Grasp-er and the Grasped is there most of the time since 'self' is the Owner of the Thought ('cogito ergo sum - je pense donc je suis').

We must use Thought and Word to describe and point the direction of the Actuality, of 'Thing-As-It-Is'. Scientific facts are the rescues since their theoretical bodies of knowledge are always verified against empirical observations to be modified and/or corrected to be applicable in different conditions for more precision and wider applications. It is not 'one size fits all' in the centralized Faith (which is 'Binding Word/Image', 'Clinging Thought', addicted to 'Grasp-er / Grasped') of monotheism, and/or centralized Power of unaccountable dictator and/or a group of leaders.

Due to the Dependent Nature of Existence, one gets together - either through karmic (binding / clinging) forces due to Likes-attract-Likes and/or Action-Reaction or rational choices - into an aggregate such as family, communities, countries, and the World where clubs, associations, organizations, companies, businesses, etc, are modern forms.

Each aggregate can be its own Vibrant living organism or an ecosystem with sustainable created Values, driven by accountable stakeholders for the benefits of all concerned parties. 'Vibrant' is a state of Inner Awareness of its needs, its unique comparative advantages, and its 'Created Values', plus How-To interact with Outer Awareness of the environment it is a part.

The group Collective Intelligence of any aggregate ecosystem has been evolved in Learning and Doing throughout human history: Confucius social structure from [ Outer Order > Inner Order ], Christian and Muslim beliefs of [ Outer Peace > Inner Peace ], Physical science from [ Brain > Mind ], and Utopia from Outside 'isms' such as communism to shape individual Inside 'Reality / Actuality'.

Throughout many dark periods, humanity has learned not only the need of Collective Intelligence, but also the dark sides driven by Greed and Ignorance in criminals and scam artists wearing the masks of 'The Son of God', the Infallible, the Gate Keeper, Secret Society - plus negativity of zero sum game driven by basic Instinct - messing their own lives in a wider perspective of one's Continuity of the Consciousness, and driving billions others - directly and/or indirectly connected to their hallucinations - toward unnecessary Sufferings. Scientific Knowledge, Democratic process, Social Activism, Civil Society, etc, are evolving best-of-breed tools to counteract various dark forces.

Buddhist Consciousness-Only reverses the direction of physical science from [Brain > Mind] into Mind - defined as embedded patterns of Instinct, Brain Intelligence and something more due to the Dependent Nature of Existence called ComPassion (common vibration of energy) and Prajna - that re-creates Brain for the manifestation of its Quality: [Mind - Brain].

With available technologies via Consciousness and Sound / Light, it enables and facilitates the entrances in gateway to Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict at different depths - similar to theoretical wormholes to be further explored below - to short-cut the movement from one layer of consciousness to different layers of the consciousness for wider perspective of Thing As It Is together with a Freshness of rejuvenation and natural Purification[D26] of the senses. It establishes (1) Inner Order for outer Order contrary to the Confucius Social Order system, (2) Inner Peace to Outer Peace contrary to the Christian and Islam faith systems, (3) shorten the gap between one's Reality and Actuality toward No Conflict Inside for No Conflict Outside contrary to all 'isms' at Word and Thought level.

That re-creation can happen while the Mind in its existing vessel comprising of three or four layers of consciousness - physical layer, energy / astral layer, carry-on consciousness layer - and definitely happen at the end of the life cycle of the outer physical layer according to Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction.

Since everything is Consciousness; it cannot be destroyed but transformed. The reincarnation is only the continuity of the consciousness in different form and/or realm according to natural laws of evolution, similar to self - an identity to represent the continuity of the consciousness in its existing physical vessel - which is constantly changing, driven by one's normative decision (Ignorance or Prajna) via Volition / Freewill to make things happened.

In that sense, we can say 'Evolution of the Species' may be driven by 'Evolution of the Consciousness', and through natural laws 'Quality of the Consciousness' finds its own abode appropriate to its 'State of the Being', called the Samsara Cycle of Evolution and Degeneration. Due to the Intelligence of the innate Budh (Buddha Nature) - the ability to know the Right and Unworthy relevant to one's present moment (one's state of being) and its Volition / Freewill - together with a tidal shift of the cosmic cycle, it is easier to access Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict Higher Consciousness to enable the infusion of wider perspective in the Essence of the Right Living to see Thing As It Is for an optimal state.

The higher states of Consciousness are called 'Verifiable Emptiness'. 'Emptiness' is defined as states where gross attributes are naturally dissolved / disappeared in the finer states for a Freshness / Naturally Reborn / Rejuvenation toward Sunyata Nothingness and Unmoving Sunyata, called by Gotama the Nirvana - an achievable / verifiable state within a human vessel. Figure 1 summarizes the states that evolution of species can break its barrier to higher verifiable states and signed posts of the consciousness: Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, and Unity.

Scientifically, evolution of species can be thought as evolution of forms and energy toward more innovations and manifestations where duality in Conventional Truth is there for changes and transformations. Forms are evolved into more complex and 'self' intelligence in wider perspective to easily see the Dependent Nature - Paratantra of existence. Energy in embedded sophisticated forms becomes more efficient and intelligence in its self-maintaining and generation (such as food and exercises, etc). In this duality, there is always a level of conflict due to transformation, hence all manifested existences - operated in conditioned called sankhara dukkha - must have its life cycle of beginning and the end or changes called viparinama dukkha for 'naturally reborn' and/or 'regeneration'.

Breaking its barrier or crust of 'self' - where the owner of thought in all utopia and divisional organized religions is the 'self' - into different depths of Verifiable Emptiness[D25], [D28], [D29] one can directly experience the Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict commonly known as 'Love'. Those who do know and/or have love do not have sufficient "state" and "stock" of Prajna called "Mindfulness" and pegged by Gotama at "Equanimity"[D28] to consciously Know its processes and underlying natural laws via Right Mindfulness to deepen the cultivation of this lasting value, and be exploited by the criminals and other utopia of social orders such as Communist systems driving billions lives into an Abyss unnecessary Sufferings.

Within the "Mind", we distinguish the 'Instinct' or an ability to sense the underlying signals of past recognizable behaviors with out-side-the-box Vibration from ComPassion and Prajna that are Fresh and Relevant to the Present Moment. Since Instinct comes from past conditioned existence, it may be the result of both unnecessary and outdated Marks and/or Insight, commonly known as the Righteous Heart or the Conscience in the Right Thing to do. This demonstrates that the Quality of the Consciousness - aka the Righteous Heart and Conscience - can be cultivable via accessing Higher Consciousness in continuous Learning and Doing.

Our main thesis is that we are at the Golden Era of the Consciousness Evolution to revert the causal directions of the dark period based on the simple fact of 'Basic Living' - As It Is - having (1) an ability to Know the 'Right' and 'Unworthy' relevant to one's present moment, and (2) the 'Freewill / Volition / Sankhara' to make things happened for the benefits of One and the environment one a part. We invite everyone being a part to build your own DIY Private Cloud of your Inner Circle and circles of inner circles where you will evolve together via natural laws of 'Likes-attract-Likes' and 'Action-Reaction'.

3. Practical Implication

By discovering and applying natural laws underlying the manifestations of Oneness - such as Compassion-Prajna - in diversities of duality, and the reborn-rejuvenation outside conditioned existence of conflicting duality for a Fresh Existence (Being) in a Living, we optimally complete our evolution from consciousness to form and from form back to consciousness, Making Life Easier and Happier in a longer View of Continuity of the identifiable Consciousness.

In the "Nature of Things" and "A Light out of Darkness" we theoretically show (1) how conflicting duality and utopia of all isms where organized religions are parts can be absorbed into "Oneness / Sunyata", having statistically measurable Effort in the Right or Wrong direction of Wisdom / Prajna of the Right Understanding and Right Motivation from Gotama's Noble eightfold Path, and (2) the cultivable Prajna / Conscience is mathematically perpendicular to the cross-cut duality planes of all intelligent realms such as humanity, Gods, Allah, Buddhas lumped together as the middle and higher realms that we can esoterically sense. The higher/deeper one can switch from conflicting duality to the Prajna dimension, the wider one can see "Thing-As-It-Is" and the strategic position relevant to one's "Intensity-of-Attention" for an Effortless Right Action (Wei-Wu-Wei) to make things happened toward a Right Direction of What Count[R23]. The theoretical solution will be delivered as epistemic objectives at the right place and right time by currently identified living students.

'Right Living / Effort' as proposed by the Buddha is deepening the Noble eightfold Path[D36], making "Prajna" a starting and the ultimate Perfection in all living activities. Prajna is technically  the Wholesome Integration of Instinct, Intelligence, and wider perspective of ComPassion from the Heart for 'the Right Thing to do' which embraces involved parties in the Totality of Existence, outside the boxes of all local involved parties. Without ComPassion there cannot be Prajna. ComPassion, on the other hand, is sustainable by Ethics according to natural Laws. It is the manifestation from Dhyana (Thiền, Zen, Chan) through frequent Reflections (Bhavana), Clarity and Insight enforced at different depths with Effortless Right Samadhi (Chánh Định) to deepen the seeing 'Thing As It Is' moving through different depths of Prajna to its Perfection (Paramita). Without "Transcendental Inner Peace©®" in dissolution the appearances, the Effort and Living are crowded with tainted senses and unnecessary burdens of outdated Marks to have sufficient Clarity and Insight in seeing "Thing-As-It-Is" for a Right Effort.

Stated differently, without directly experiencing transcendental dissolution for Natural Purification[D26] and Emptying Unnecessary Contents as personally confirmed by Gotama[D25]. Buddhist Samatha and Vipassana are deducted means of the "Blinds touching Elephant", having No Transcendental Absorption explicitly described in Gotama nine stages of Samadhi[D28], [D29]. Samatha is not Samadhi and Vipassana is not Prajna due to inability to deliver required "emptying the contents / Emptiness" observable, testable and verifiable in Gotama's Mindfulness-Prajna and HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna.

To nail down the ending of professional scam artists[R18.4] in 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha in their claimed "Sila > Samadhi > Panna / Giới (Sila) là nền móng vững chắc để ngôi nhà thiền định (samadhi) và trí tuệ (panna) được xây dựng hoàn mỹ / [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna ] - a body of By-Laws in Buddhist Sangha", we roughly touch the above seven (7) transcendental switches, precisely describing verifiable qualities of the transcendental [ Inner Peace / Samadhi ] in each switch that we encourage qualified dedicated explorers joining our group to deepen and widen practical applications for humanity while waiting for further scientific research that no [ monks / priests / nuns ] in their claimed religious leaders can touch.

Using HuiNeng definition of Dhyana-Samadhi - "to be free from attachment to all outer objects is Dhyana, and to attain Inner Peace is Samadhi", an ability to be with Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict[D32.1] - we prove above all saboteurs riding on Gotama's credibility to cheat the world for a very unworthy living do not know nor have "Empty of the Contents / Natural Purification[D26]" in the Right Inner Peace[D13], failed by both HuiNeng and Gotama as Buddhists. Mathematically, one has to be out of the duality plane of conflicting events where all of their blah blah blah on "chánh niệm (right mindfulness), giới (sila), thiền định (samadhi), trí tuệ (panna) are deductions of the blinds touching elephant in their inner conflicts outer conflicts, unable to produce the aesthetic transcendental state of consciousness in their 2500+ years of international cheating. By delivering Gotama's real mindfulness[D21], samadhi[D28], [D29], and prajna/panna[D27] we will effortlessly wipe out those sabotaging his discoveries in the past 2500+ years, and prove that he is not cheating humanity as done by his Buddhist Sangha. Please force all monks/nuns claiming to know Gotama's mindfulness, samadhi, and prajna expose their understanding on the Internet wall so they must stand on their own feet that they are not professional scam artists[R18.4].

All organisations need a body of by-laws to orderly operate on the duality plane of conflicting events. Buddhist cunning intelligence in using binding word and clinging thought - rather than liberating them for humanity as personally known and deliverable by Gotama - will not be able to compete with the Roman Catholic Church and Islam, and definitely be outrun by Communist in their enforcing Confucius Institute with Rule of Law and Rule by Law cheating game. Once "rules of the game" have been established and people are wise enough, those joining the community for mutual benefits must pay a heavy price in both materials and trust if found breaking the agreed rules for egoistic "I win you loose" gain.

In delivering aesthetic transcendental states of consciousness briefly touched below, we introduce the innate quality of humanitas Compassion and Wisdom (Prajna) to solidify the human rights since person is more than a biological thing. Implementations of these technical switches from stressful confusing events of Relative Truth on the duality plane will raise the mass consciousness up where Prajna Dialectic from utter Silence to see Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position for a Right Effort will effortlessly wipe out not only religious criminals and professional scam artists but also cunning elites attempting to cheat people. The above five types of people combining with following seven vertical switches give us thirty five (35) specialised vertical technologies to be above all conflicting events on the duality plane of Relative Truth. Changes will be inevitable for a new Golden Era of humanity.

  1. The PrajnaTIP in Sound is a technical switch riding on the charming power of verifiable "Sunyata Nothingness" - similar to a physical black hole - naturally dissolving all contents of a chatting mind to different depths of transcendental consciousness, actually experiencing Gotama's Not-Self in cosmic consciousness moving toward the unity of Unmoving Sunyata known by Gotama, Sariputta, and HuiNeng. It will be known by many as an epistemic objective. The practical aspects of this switch are (1) enabling most people know the "Right inner Peace / Samma-Samadhi" refined from Hindu's Samadhi (Inner Peace) to the "Right" of "Detachment-Born", (2) activating the Natural Purification[D26] of the senses to verify Gotama's advice to Ajita's Questions[D21], (3) helping people going through and shorten Gotama's six years of hard learning to actually know the Hindu's Samadhi of Oneness for further discovery of Fourfold Truth and Eightfold Path via HonNhien mind so they have sufficient state and stock of Prajna to explore the next six switches based on their innate comparative advantages.

    In that vertical experience of the consciousness switch - having sufficient state and stock of Prajna - one will have sufficient foundation to deepen and widen specialised domain one is interested in. The "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" - implementations of Gotama's Eightfold Path - of major well-defined events such as as a Growing Child, Right Effort in growing up, Marriage, Parenting, etc, are relevant tasks faced by most people. The author is amazing with invisible orchestration from [ Oneness in the Changing (viparinama-dukkha) and Conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) Existence (Dukkha) / Tùy duyên Bất biến Bất biến Tùy duyên ]. For example, via a casual conversation with a lady in our health club, the writer learned that she was preparing a very serious dialogue about parenting to a large audience from an angle of a retired teacher. Within few minutes, we come to the need of higher vertical consciousness - out of the stressful and conflicting events on the duality plane - to see Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to push the relevant event toward a right direction. Her driving force comes from lasting value in the Bible. She is immediately interested in our explorations of the vertical switches and the writer looks for both positive and negative feedback. Similarly, via the page views we know many elites from different countries interested in the book contents.

  2. The Samadhi is a Scientific Fact achievable through two roads: (2.1) the common road of Concentration forcing the mind to stay with the target which is very painful and egoistic discovered by Hindu, or (2.2) the Natural Effortless approach based on the charming power of innate attributes (ComPassion, Detachment-Born, HonNhien, Prajna) of the Buddha Nature, cultivable through Meditation (Dhyana) for 'the Right Thing to do', riding on the natural 'charming power' of rejuvenation in Emptiness. The second approach is the Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi) discovered by Gotama via "Detachment-Born" which can be at the peak to enable that "Wonderful / Fresh / HonNhien" Mind appear / Ưng vô sở trụ nhi sinh kỳ tâm" discovered by HuiNeng to instantly manifest all "Right Inner Peaces" known by Gotama that we use as measurable Signed Posts to gradually turn Gotama's personal experiences into epistemic objectives. That "Detachment-Born" has different depths and widths. It has been scammed and polluted by Buddhist Sangha in 2500+ years of the blinds touching elephant[D19.3]. There must be "Beyond Thought" of no-conflict Thing-As-It-Is dukkha[D32.1] at the state of inner peace and after for Natural Purification[D26] due to Detachment-Born.

    Also in our health club, the writer meets another kind and energetic lady who naturally helps others. In observing her sitting position at the pool side in very serene mode among noisy school kids, the writer started conversation when we were together in a hot tub: you do any form of meditation in your sitting position? No, I just sit and let my mind blank for relaxation after swimming. The writer invites her reading his book and she accepts it.

  3. Aspiration via different means such as faith, music, dancing, painting, calligraphy, etc, is well-known to humanity in its own evolution in "Making Life Easier and Happier". Faith is known by Jesus and many mystics as a mechanism according to natural law to raise one up above the stressful and conflicting events on the duality plane for a natural aesthetic state with possibility in performing extra-ordinary tasks, commonly known as miracles. This surge of energy such as natural levitation is well-known in Hindu's siddhi. The bottom line is "Then What?"

    Similar to Gotama's aesthetic experience when he was a child sitting under the shade of a tree with a HonNhien mind of tremendous compassion for all struggling beings as the condition of underlying natural laws, the extra-ordinary experience just happened and quickly disappeared until (1) a wiring has established as an innate quality which takes a very long time in life after life - as the case of Krishnamurti - with high probability of fallen in the crack we esoterically know from the esoteric collapse of Illuminati New World Order, or (2) a scientific discovery with sufficient tools to unravel the underlying natural law as in Gotama's discovery of the Fourfold Truth and Eightfold Path.

    With a technical switch from PrajnaTIP in Sound, one's state and stock of Prajna will be the base to reverse engineer actual aesthetic experiences via aspiration with whatever mean for discovering underlying natural laws to produce the highly elevated experiences and their practical results. Scientific investigation will prevent the honest one being exploited in the case of Jesus, and/or egoistic imagination by many claimed masters[D48] of the craft.

    Again from a health club, the writer knows a French Canadian who had a brain damage in a car accident when he was a soldier 20 years ago. He was recovering using Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung while teaching others Chi-Kung and Tai-Chi in a Chinese Buddhist temple. He was naturally attracted to the writer with attention to whatever the writer said. In observing his lotus cross-leg sitting in a hot tub and steam room, we started a friendly conversation. He said he is learning Buddhist meditation with a Buddhist monk and nun in the temple. The writer asked him observing both the monk and nun and see if they can quietly sit in a serene mode as he does from any place at any time. He said "you are right and I know it", yet I like to be in the temple and do whatever I can since I already retire and have sufficient fund for a decent living. At one time, in a change room with only two he asked if the writer care to listen to a mix of classical and modern music. He then took out his harmonica - longer than the usual with more range of notes - and play. Listening to his beautiful symphony the writer said the instrument and his musical techniques are only tools for expressing what actually flowing from the heart as he completely looses himself in the music. He said he knows that. We agreed that he needs to bring that kind of symphony flowing directly from the heart to his Buddhist Temple.

    Similar stories the writer gets from his friends such as a friend's father who is a poet in mainland China, a friend's mother who knew the stopping of outer breath and currently friend of a retired general in China's air force who is a critique in modern Chinese and Western approaches, many naturally attracted friends to the point that one person said your parents or grand parents must come from China because I felt very close to you. Many Japaneses said "you look and behave more like a Japanese than a Vietnamese". The writer can feel these relationships, extended to thousands years. He never takes advantages of these good relations and happy that they are very well-off in society. Same stories naturally flows from middle-east friends.

  4. Similar to Emptiness, ComPassion is Beyond-Thought. Please force those lecturing meditation on Emptiness, Bodhisattva, Bodhicitta or Love describe their experiences from the words "Emptiness, Bodhisattva, Bodhicitta, Love" to the actual state of "Emptiness, Bodhisattva, Bodhicitta, Love". These actual states of ComPassion have different depths and widths.

    Again, the technical switch from PrajnaTIP in Sound provides the base of Alertness and Awareness to the point of knowing the driving force behind each thought that no Buddhist Vipassana can touch so one can properly manage one's realities exactly as advised by Gotama in Ajita's Questions[D21]: "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them and by [Prajna / Wisdom], they are dissolved".

    With this clear observation of one's thoughts right in activities and relationships, one may discover something of underlying natural law to enable the process cultivable. For example, from PrajnaTIP in Kindness we will demonstrate it is the best training of "transcendental" mindfulness that the entire history of Buddhist Sangha in 2500+ years missed due to the "big mouths" of so many professional scam artists in its Buddhist Sangha, not knowing yet claimed to know not seeing yet claimed to see[D19.3].

  5. Both Detachment-Born / Emptiness are actual states of consciousness, different from the concept or thought behind these words. Since all manifestations are conditioned (sankhara-dukkha), one should be able to describe if one actually knows them. So what is the associated attribute and underlying process of "Detachment-Born" to enable that "Wonderful / Fresh / HonNhien" Mind appear / Ưng vô sở trụ nhi sinh kỳ tâm" discovered by HuiNeng. Knowing the underlying process we can make it cultivable for an outcome of the required Detachment-Born associated with different binding and clinging forces.

    The practical aspects of "Detachment-Born / Emptiness" are the freshness for concentrated power in action, and rejuvenation once the action is completed, observable in daily activities and relationships. Please insist the deliverable "Detachment-Born / Emptiness", not the description (from the blinds touching elephant).

  6. The qualities of one's inner consciousness manifest themselves through one's outside activities and relationships whose hard facts of their consequences are measurable for one's normative judgement in four different sets {R} {W}, {R,W} {} where R = right, W = wrong and {} = empty set of subjective value of the Effort to dynamically adjust one's effort and allocation of required resources under any instant moment.

    Once the understanding of other vertical switches is complete we can model their processes specialised for different types of actor with measurable hard facts of the actor's plans of activities, and possible relevant suggestions from machine learning trained with the actor actual data in contrast to the "Big Data" shared by others in the community shared resources. Thus Right Effort is another vertical switch to enable one combine both normative and artificial intelligence in seeing Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position of Prajna Dialectic in a conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) and changing (viparinama-dukkha) world (dukkha-dukkha).

    We see this vertical switch is a necessary tool - self sustainable by its very strategic position - and required infrastructure of the new Era of Consciousness evolution.

  7. The reason why many sincere people having Kindness / Compassion from all religions and cultures cannot recognise that precious moment of PrajnaTIP in Kindness is due to the fact that they do not have required 'Intensity of Attention' and transcendental Mindfulness to make that precious Awareness recognised. Cultivation from the above vertical switches provides these requirements.

    At the instant of "Kindness / Compassion", one's common vibration of energy create the direct links of energy similar to physical worm-holes for direct feedback among all involved individual containers of Consciousness. There is a transcendental mindfulness which is co-created within all involved parties. The practicality of this "transcendental mindfulness" is the foundation for one's Alertness and Awareness of the driving force behind each thought to properly manage one's reality, exactly as Gotama's advice in Ajita's Questions[D21].

    The common vibration of energy being Aware of what going on, and ability of direct links of energy similar to physical worm-holes are Thing-As-It-Is Actualities known and being exploring by at least three living students in our group to prepare for the Right Place and Right Time of the new Golden Era in humanity. This ability enables conscious living person to sense what the counter part actually needs and/or faces possible dangers to either neutralise the adverse effects and/or help him/her further developed in the right direction according to natural laws. We look for many more people capable to help one and the surroundings toward a conscious living according to natural laws, transcending all conflicting events of all isms on the duality plane of existence in Making Life Easier and Happier.

To appreciate the economics of deep and wide applications of 'the Essence of the Right Effort / Living', here is Gotama's advice at different cultivable depths of 'Knowing Oneself' in managing one's realities:

Whatever the streams [binding clinging forces] are in the World, it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna, they are dissolved

— Answer to Ajita's Questions[D21]

let's look at everyone, from newly born to death bed. One is pulled and pushed by incessant activities whose driving forces one may be aware of only at the gross sense level, completely in the dark of the actual driving motives: phobia, fear, sex appeal, hoarding, fame, money, power, excessive addiction in almost everything including sex, politics, sports, gossips, etc. That is to be a slave to the senses - that almost all religious leaders are the slaves to grandeur of the self, without knowing their state of beings - using the senses to understand more about oneself and the meaning of one's existence. Rather than flowing with the Living / Effort, using whatever available such as money, power, charming, sex appeal, entertainments, etc, as tools to accomplish 'the Right Thing to do' from one's 'True Heart', one is addicted and/or slaved to these tools that one cannot carry on and loose sign of a Worthy Existence of Real Merits and Lasting Values in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. The burdens of tools and emotions are hanging long after their actions completed, not only with the pains but also with successes and happiness.  

Talking about the Essence of the Right Living / Effort we touch right at the core of human endeavour exploring in all cultures, religions, social orders, political and economic theories that make up the current social fabrics. Here is the revolutionary role of an Integrated Education of Middle Path driven by Prajna of the "Right Thing to do" toward an Integrated Person being able to look at the current situation from outside-the-box to have a wider perspective of lasting Values in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, and use whatever available tools and resources at one's disposal for 'the Right Thing to do' relevant to one's Present Moment.

The Change in Consciousness of the Cosmos in its new Era will enable easier access to Higher Consciousness for many to Understand and Act according to the Essence of the Right Living / Effort with Clarity and Insight without the need of thousands years of pounding on the same Intensity of Attention to be outside the box. We propose the Lasting Values in the Four Seals of the Consciousness (Budh Dharma) or the Tao (Table 1.1) depending on what angle one is looking at the Totality: [ ComPassion, Detachment-Born, HonNhien, Prajna ] from AwakeningBudh Movement, [ Beyond-Thought, No-Mark, Detachment-Born, Samadhi-Prajna ] from KhaiPhong Technology, [ Dukkha, Impermanence, Not-Self, Nirvana ] from Buddha Gotama. The technologies for experiencing outside-the-box in Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness and Unity are in PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light, in Kindness, Cultivable Prajna in Activity, and in Sadhana.

To share this common understanding of the Lasting Values and the deliverable technologies for personal verifications of these described concepts, we ride on modern approach in large scale AI using evolving ontologies to be communicated across people and computers making happened Intelligence Integration in multi-agent ecosystem from human (Normative Persona with its Persona Graph) and computer (Digital Identities) perspective. It is a system of evolving technologies since there have been many ontological systems developed and standardized since 1970's. We only need to add in this specialized domain which is a part of our custom Computational Knowledge Engine to make life of the user and/or organization Easier and Happier.

In the distribution of Wealth and Power, humanity driven by the innate Buddha Nature has moved from feudal systems of centralized both Power and Wealth having the claimed divine power (in the Confucius 'Son of God') of the King, to the recognition of the ugliness in the Grasp-er and the Grasped of the king to shift the divinity to some recognized explorer who happened to pick up some pieces of Truth, having lasting Value perceived by the mass. That is just shifting personal glorification destroying both masters and followers, different from Aspiration in recognizing the Dependent Nature of existence and one's uniqueness as a part of the Whole. The issue of the Grasp-er and the Grasped is there in the mass and in the accomplished explorer(s) at different degrees in the cheating game of Power and Wealth driven by hallucination (ignorance) of the Worthy Living to veil the original Insight into the natural law of happier and higher/wider perception of realities.

Typical example is the case of Jesus in his very short time of spreading the 'Wrong Inner Peace' of the subtler and more binding master-slave relationships to destroy both the slaves and the master in thousands years of clinging (karmic) forces. Impostors and saboteurs[R18], [R18.1], [R18.2] are more than ready to twist whatever pieces of Truth into centralized organized religions to perpetuate the master-slave relationships to justify their roles of leaderships. One can trace out the history of [ Christianity > Islam > Knights Templar Banking (from both exoteric and esoteric teaching) > Secret Societies > the New World Order ] to see the struggling power among the 'right and wrong' disputes of involved parties serving the master-slave relationships driving billions lives into an Abyss of Sufferings. In addition, look at the life of Jesus as recorded in the Christian Bible and the Muslim Koran to see how the fanatic mistake of one-way 'Faith that moves the mountain'[Mathew 17:20] to be exploited by esoteric and exoteric forces for their own agendas. There is something beyond both Right and Wrong leading to the Nature of Thing As It Is that one can discover driving forces according to natural laws in "Making Life Easier and Happier".

Due to the Dependent Nature beyond human realm, there are external esoteric influences with competing agendas to further direct the secret societies to subtler controls in Wealth and Power via Finance, Military, Politics, Food Productions, etc. The same Inner Quests and Driving Forces in the esoteric realms are manifested in human realm where most involved parties have not recognized the fundamental process of the Creator and the Created starting right at the Volition (Sankhara / Freewill), driven either by Ignorance or Prajna in the mid of conditioned living to more understand oneself and the Essence of the Right Living / Effort for some Clarity and Insight of Worthy Existence.

Riding on the centralized power, the first few top layers of the esoteric slaves amass their wealth through various means such as legal factional reserve of the banking system, manipulating the world events through Fear and Response to drive their master-slave agenda. But the innate Buddha Nature is within everyone from the mass, having the sense of Rightness and Unworthiness in one's action and consequence. The democratic process of Right Relationships has been evolving, together with personal endeavours riding on unique Comparative Advantages to personally and legitimately earn their real Wealth. The fact is that Wealth can create Wealth for sustainable benefits of the Whole, raising the living standard for the poor and with an Integrated Education where "Knowing Oneself" is at the core, not indoctrinated Education of the past organized religions and/or attempted by the 'New World Order' of just technical knowledge serving as 'smart slaves', more and more people will have a sense of Worthy Existence - fully responsible for one's actions and the environments one a part - contributing to the Lasting Values for the benefits of One and Others in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

With a flick of KhaiPhong, the light of Awareness starts to shine and dispel the darkness of master-slave relationships. Among those privileges in the groups of Ethical Wealth having more than what they can comfortably live for their current and many generations to come, there are few consciously living persons reflecting on the Essence of the Right Living / Effort and the current distribution of Wealth where one percent (1%) can control more than fifty percent (50%) of the World Wealth. Out of those in that one percent fraction, there are few assisted by esoteric forces with or without Secret Societies control even a higher portion of World Wealth preparing for the battle of ideologies, disregarding tremendous Sufferings as in the Crusaders and Jihads. The sense of responsibility whether from one's Real Conscience and/or Ignorance is there to make their Wealth perpetuated either in the control of their families of many generations to come and/or in a Transparent Management and Accountable Finance directed to certain targets of Lasting Values and/or both.

Looking at a deeper layer of one's Action and Reaction, one realizes the sticky clinging and binding forces that drive one away from knowing more about oneself. Would it be possible to empty 'unnecessary contents' in thousands other things not Relevant to the Present Moment? Would it be nice if one can do whatever one interests in - including entertainments - while making a required legitimate living / effort and a difference for oneself and others in a Right Direction and What Count[R23] that one wants to be a part? For those having more than what physically needed, one can use that extra surplus that one cannot carry on beyond a life time for generating the Lasting Values as Signatures in one's Quality of the Consciousness wherever one happens to be, and helping the Inner Circle and circles of inner circles that will be part of one's existence via Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction.

For those whose wealth either coming from illegitimate sources of mafia and gang tactics, or from cunning manipulations of World Affairs in 100+ years in preparation of esoteric "show-down", you can be assured that you are Now Free from these dark esoteric forces, trying to control humanity under masters-slaves relationships. It is better to be Good Samaritans - creating sustainable solutions via "Food - Health - Education" to enable everyone in the driver seat of their destiny, fully responsible for their actions and the environments they are parts. Good Deeds will balance past karmic forces via Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes to smooth your evolution path along with your Inner Circle and circles of inner circles that you help to generate based on your most dominant interest and/or issue. We can be your strategic partners to make the solution for your interest/issue happened. Besides specialized mundane ComParative Advantages, we can bring to the table those having outside-the-box Right Mindfulness of HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna to partially help the Right Understanding and Right Motivation for a Right Effort in your dominant interest and/or issue.

That Signature is the ComPassion together with Wisdom to generate sustainable opportunities and potentialities for others moving in the Right direction that one wishes to be a part. The extra capital - together with one's expertise - can be a seed to enable the committed [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] sustain the opportunity and potentiality for more surplus value in creating other opportunities relevant to the Present Living far beyond one's life time cycle. That is the financial and management model we use to kick-start KhaiPhong where 60% come from stakeholders of [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] to drive the opportunity, while 40% in [ Not-for-Profit / New sustainable opportunities and potentialities ], similar to the financial model of 1/3 for the cost, 1/3 for consumption, and 1/3 for the [ Not-for-Profit / New sustainable opportunities ] as proposed by Buddha Gotama 2500+ years ago.

The model is based on committed Hearts of stakeholders, strongly believed in the viability and sustainability of the project, committed 100% of their efforts (Mind) as a team to engage in the project selected battle to achieve the target as a mean for more meaningful opportunities where personal reward is based on both personal and group performance, directed by positive and normative Invisible / Helping Hand of Economics. This is basically an extension of individual Inner Order to a Group vibrant Living Organism or an ecosystem with sustainable Created Values, trying to model as closely as a vibrant ecosystem in the wild approaching the Golden Mean of Divine Ratio.

3.1 Golden Mean

Both the Gotama ratio ( 2 ) and the 60%/40% ratio ( 1.5 ) are in fact menbers of the Fibonacci sequence ratios of the current (driving force) to the previous (intended surplus value), approaching the Phi Golden Mean of Divine proportion according to Natural Laws. If the activity represents real efforts of stakeholders to create Surplus Value for the conceivable target / vision / mission, the ratio is the organization structure to bring relevant components together to make things happened. Our proposed ratio of stakeholders moves from 1.5 toward 1.61803399 of Φ (Phi) via the Not-for-Profit Volunteers and Donors - driven by the 40% Surplus Value dedicated to new Normative Potentialities - directed from ComPassion and Prajna. Hence, the "Not-for-Profit Volunteers and Donors" are invisible adjusting factors to spell out the relevance of the driving forces.

Golden Mean Ratio and Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, ...

... Φ (Phi)
... 1.61803399

Since people are the driving forces to create the World and - in aggregate - shape up the environment leading either toward Sufferings or 'Easier and Happier Life' where they are parts in their Continuity of the Consciousness, it is absolutely necessary to explore both the similarities and differences of 'Thing As It Is' in physical manifestations and their driving forces. Applying these understandings, it is possible to logically prove and empirically verify that the 'As It Is' - under modern Clusters of Open Innovation - can naturally ride on scientific facts discovered in Learning and Doing from both Physical World such as the dynamic adjustments toward the Golden Mean Ratio, and Consciousness Realm such as the injection of 'Being' - from wider perspective of Compassion and Prajna - into 'Living' or 'Doing', driven by Instinct and Brain Intelligence toward The Essence of the Right Living / Effort. This possibility is commonly known as the Invisible / Helping Hand of Normative and Positive Economics.

Applying the four Seals (Table 1.1) at different angles of the Consciousness as the targets similar to the Golden Mean Ratio, we can informationally extend the Computational Knowledge Engine - the cloud version of feedback and analysis to assist [ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ] of Right Effort or Wrong Effort - to 'Know Oneself', consciously moving toward the targets to align one's Quality of the Consciousness toward the Natural Laws of 'Thing As It Is', similar to the graphing of Fibonacci sequence ratios. The application is even wider and deeper in all field of human efforts if we take a new approach in learning Math where complex mathematical formulation and simulation is the job of cloud computing while (1) problem identification, (2) a proposed solution, and (3) interpretation of the proposed solution and simulations are the human job, directed by the normative sense of What Count[R23].

Once you have your 'Heart' and 'Mind' settled on the potentiality of this 'Soft Power', you can make a good living based on your [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] to facilitate others achieving their potentialities as you know 'How' that your 'Soft Power' Vision may last even beyond your life time. Here Cluster of Open Innovation (COIN) plays a role in recognizing the need of equal opportunity and transparency versus the need of orderly development and major risky-investments required in a wider Vision.

The spread of that 'Soft Power' or to 'Know Oneself' extends to community, country, the World and Beyond to change oneself and the surroundings in the Normative Economics of [ Inner Order >< Outer Order ] in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. The driving force of [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] naturally solve both the efficient and ethical questions of macro economics where resources naturally flow to the most productive driving forces to generate Wealth and Happiness for others while the 'Hearts' of stakeholders (investors, employees, friends and supporters) automatically direct them toward the Friendly and Compassionate Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings.

Under the aggregate demand and supply curve, there exists a Surplus Value from production to consumption. Distribution of this Aggregate Surplus Value has been struggled throughout the entire human history, trying different 'isms' inside the conditioned box of thinking for the optimization of both individual and the Whole as a community vibrant Living Organism of opportunities and happiness, in wider perspective of one's Continuity of the Consciousness. There is no utopia in the proposed model, just 'Thing As It Is' - dynamically adjusting the Imagination into the optimum "Dependent Nature" of existence. We will scientifically prove that the Solution is in deepening and widening the reversed order of 'The Art of War' by "Having No War" in the first place, based on lasting values in pieces of Truth picked by great explorers[D9] to enable one know more about oneself and the environment one a part to choose the battle in one's wider perspective of existence:

  1. Feudal system in the hand of one person or a controlling family, plus power sharing with the privileges to lead others. This model failed due to the Grasp-er and the Grasped of the nick name 'self' as the head of absolute power.

  2. Claimed divinity power in the 'King of the Kings - the Redeemer' within the box of conceptual thinking of the cheaters to market what they do not know nor have as executed in the entire history of the Roman Catholic Church having divisional esoteric assistance to amass its wealth.

  3. Capitalism driven in a Myopic View of one life time existence from the indoctrination of the above cheaters and cunning intelligence of master-slave relationships. Esoteric assistance and manipulations enforce the masters-slaves relationships with Greed and Fear in different secret societies where selected few are recruited.

  4. Communism to redistribute the Wealth and Power back to the people who actually provide sweat (human resources), but in the control of a violent dictator or a few having all kinds of Grasp-er and Grasped, eloquent in the art of rhetoric having nothing to do with actual Living while engaging in cunning intelligence and violence of black societies. People have no concrete incentive in personal efforts and aspirations from innovative human capital.

  5. Ethical distribution of Wealth and Power in the cheating game of Divinity and higher Laws, having esoteric influence and organization who have the same issues of Not Knowing Oneself and the Essence of the Right Living as many others.

  6. The new World Order (NWO) of legal laws and resources controlled by a few and enforced by one World government to hide the ignorance of master-slave relationships that destroy both the slaves and the masters having esoteric influences with different agendas.

  7. Neo-communism with or without esoteric agendas in the form of black societies attracted people through Utopia/Greed and Violence as forms of enforcing control and/or family lineage having master-slave esoteric support to carry out their divisional myopic agenda. There is no outside-the-box in the Change Dynamics of the 'Thing As it Is'.

The Numbers 4, 5 and 7 to ethically redistribute the wealth and power back to the people are very significant to former communist countries such as Vietnam, China, former part of the Soviet Union, and Islam countries practically exploring the 'Beyond-Thought' substance of Being, moving from the dictatorship and feudal systems to market economy in the Normative Social Direction where bribery and official corruptions are major issues to destroy what are actually owned by the country without any sustainable value-add to opportunities and potentialities in the actual living of the people.

The number 6 from selected groups driven by the three esoteric forces is also significant since the selected persons - despite past esoteric influences - still have their own Conscience and Not 100% controlled by the collapsed dark forces. We think they all know the responsibility of one's action and its consequences in thousands years of Consciousness-Evolution to have appropriate action in the distributions of Wealth.

That appropriate action boils down to two simple things based on the natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes:

  1. the Quality of one's Consciousness, and

  2. the Inner Circle and circles of inner circles one wishes to be a part now and in the future in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

Applying the above proposed financial and management model, one rides on natural laws in the Invisible / Helping Hand of Positive and Normative Economics with tremendous power to mobilize human/capital resources, and distributed diversities to make things happened. It is for the benefits of One and the Whole to optimize the resources one cannot carry on in longer views of one's Continuity of the Consciousness in the Friendly and Compassionate [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings .

It is applicable to both Individual and Group structures ranging from personal microeconomics to national macroeconomics to Global economy within one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles where one's priority and comparative advantages change with time to fit into appropriate level of one's Actuality, to be useful and productive at any one's instant Present Moment. In that sense, the same model and pattern are applicable where individual Living Organism is extended to be responsible and part of a community vibrant ecosystems with sustainable Created Values, whether that community is a family, a club, a work group, a professional association, a region, a country, or the World.

Sweat and Capital are human and capital resources to make things concretely happened for the benefits of One and the Whole riding on proven process of Inner Order to Outer Order of a vibrant Living Organism due to Right Relationships in one's Continuity of the Consciousness: Dependent Nature, Transparency, Accountability, Modern Technology, Invisible / Helping Hand of Economics, Best Governance, Lasting Values according to Natural Laws. That 'Right Relationship' is based on the two fundamental laws of 'Thing As It Is': (1) Dependent Nature where one is only a part of the Whole and the Whole in One manifested via visible ComPassion, and (2) Reflection to PrajnaTIP to actually know the first part far beyond thought to inject the Prajna (Wisdom) of 'Being' into the 'Doing' of all activities. In that way, capital is an accepted mean of Exchange between parties, whether that accepted mean of exchange is US dollar, Euro, gold, etc.

Many have looked at 'In God We Trust' on US dollar as a form of deceit that may result in military action to wipe out the debts of actual hard-earned resources. In the Right Relationship, intelligence - for Transparency, Accountability, Modern Technology, Invisible / Helping Hand of Economics, Best Governance - is a part of one's Awareness to know more about oneself and the environment one a part to be fully responsible for the 'ethical' community living organism. Thousands years of imposter / saboteur / cheater darkness is effortlessly wiped out under the light of Awareness from Compassion and Prajna. There is no blind and binding/clinging 'Faith that moves the mountain'[Mathew 17:20] but Trust at the bottom-line actual deliver-ability of worthy Right Relationships in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles.

It is an Actual Possibility when one realizes that every Effort which is cultivable is a step either closer to the 'Right Living / Effort' driven by 'Prajna' or 'Sufferings' driven by 'Ignorance'(Table 2). This revolutionary solution is based on outside-the-box deep Awareness of accountability in one's action and the environment one a part at the lowest factor of individual Volition / Freewill that drives one's actions whose aggregates make up the aggregate accountable and transparent culture on top of legal and social aspects to externally enforce the transparency and accountability in the functional system.

The possible outcome is in Higher Consciousness having wider perspective of a Worthy Existence embedded in all involved parties to be fully responsible for one's action and the environment one a part. There are innumerable activities and innumerable personal patterns, so there are innumerable deep and wide applications that may be sustainable even beyond one's life time once the process of being outside the boxes, freely accessing Higher Consciousness, is available and easily reproducible by most persons, similar to applications of electricity once electricity is affordable and readily available.

To 'Know Oneself' involves the scientific 'How' and the reproducible 'What' equipped with 'Consciousness Switches' to directly access higher "Transcendental Consciousness" (Detachment-Born, Tranquility, Equanimity, Purity), "Cosmic Consciousness" (Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness) and "Unity" (Sunyata Nothingness, Border line of conditioned and unconditioned, momentary Nirvana) as shown in Table 4: Achievable Attributes in daily Activities with (1) PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light and Aspiration, (2) PrajnaTIP in Kindness and deeper Stability in Sunyata, (3) Cultivable Prajna in Activity of Expanding Space beyond binding Word/Image and clinging Thought.